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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, July 31, 2006 7:33 PM

argh..my finger the nail bend upwards while playing..
so scary loh..den i quickly bend inwards
den after a while..it bleeding loh..
so pain sia..
now still got a little pain.
aniwae..2dae had much fun den the others dae
first time saw keith bei sia dao(got scared)..
his face so funny loh..
haix..went to kcf after sch with michelle,sharon,min ning and ting hui
den i bought the wow meal...shroom de..
den the shroom not ready ma..
so had to wait
den a while later..
i go pei sharon buy and also shun pian take my shroom and cheese fries
i take le...den wait for sharon to buy..
when returning to the seat..
saw another shroom burger thr..
michelle sae tat she tot is mine de..
so she sae to the assistance sae is mine de..
den we laugh loh..
haix..went to 840 later..

Evon's xD

Friday, July 28, 2006 11:24 PM

erm...these two daes,ting hui bring her hamster to sch..
she was a animal lover..
anqi wanna borrow home the hamster yesterdae..
2dae she return back le..
quite fun..
so cute loh the hamster...
min ning hoh...
must sae her nehx..she is lyk wan to make everyone injured den she happy lyk tat
at the 840 there...
the hamster drop on the playground by min ning
den the hamster the nose bleeding...
ke lian loh..the hamster lyk stun stun de..

nth much to write le...
choir was okiie loh..
let us early go home...
the national day de theme song tis year...
veri nice loh..
u all must go listen..

Evon's xD

Thursday, July 27, 2006 7:10 PM

2dae i feel lyk 2e3 de ppl all siao de..
cus 2dae dunno wat happened
i late 2dae ma..
den i tot im the only 2e3 ppl
den got another batch..
den saw herman,eugene,weijing,sam and alan also late
6 ppl loh..
aniwae tis is my 1st time late in tis year
funny hoh??..
den sit sit sit...i den took out my magazine to read
the hone decor...the house they decorate..
super de nice loh..

den sci lesson...went to the lab to do thoery
den suddenly pris gone siao siao
keep jumping here and there..
den lyk saeing 'cap cap'..
i tot she lyk just kidding de..
den cher ask her to stop le..den she keep doing the same thing..
den sae 'daddy, i wan milk milk' to the cher
den i was lyk so the..
den ask poh ling for milk also
after tat, we brought her up to the class..
she keep acting..
i dun tink she got pocessed loh..
den sing yee scared until cry..
haix...pris, dun even do tat again!!!!

2dae got the math thingy
the behind so dAmn the difficult...
haix..went to 840...
to find michelle them..
haix...went to 7-11 to buy sweets for tml..
guess how many i bought??
i bought 10 packets...
siao hoh...

Evon's xD

7:52 AM

yesterdae haf oral...actually i dun haf de..
den the cher sae since 2dae release at 1.15pm..
so will be adding 5 more ppl..
sianx loh..
wait so long de..
erm..the oral quite diff..i tink i will fail ba..

2dae in class so fun...
mdm low nv come ma..
i go and throw flour at keith's hair..
den wei jing pour at alexx's hair also
all white sia..
2dae at sci..
i tink i wanna siao le..
cus i went to sleep ma..
after tat,i wake up
den dunno why i suddenly lyk so sad loh..
den keith sae my face black black..

hope to see ghosts..

Evon's xD

Tuesday, July 25, 2006 7:27 PM

2dae damn the suay sia..
hp spoil...ear kanna hit by min ning
and its bleeding..
now dun haf spare de hp..
actually haf de..
my father loh..
his hp also spoil
den use the onli spare phone..
now haf to lend from others..
dunno they haf ma..sianx
haix..y so suay de..
2dae was an unlucky dae for me..
haix...si bei suai loh..
den 2dae cry in choir ma..haix..
dunno why lehx..suddenly cry..

Evon's xD

Monday, July 24, 2006 7:29 PM

yesterdae tuition ma..
den our topic is y do u tink the taxi fare increase?
den dunno talk talk talk..
talk until oil to religous to spirit den to ghost stories
so funny loh..
heard alot of ghost stories..
cher ask me tat do u wan to see ghost?
i sae YES loh..
cus nv see be4..
Do u believe in ghost?
my ans is no until i realli saw a ghost loh
tonite 11pm the gate of the ghost is opening..
sae by my frend
aniwae i wanna go to the red house and OCH..
but can't go in cus got police thr

2dae so funny loh..
amos kanna molest by jia wei
tat time is tat jia wei wanna talk to me den turn around
den amos standing thr..
tink tat jia wei also dunno loh
den touch his butt...so funny
den wei jing sit behind me loh...so suay de
keep kicking my chair
idiot loh he..den the who came in and called our names for the math thingy
den call dunno lyk me ar..he den laugh
after tat..the cher also called his name..
damn funny loh..we laughed him back..
amos,sam,weijing sae i own them sweets..
i was lyk how come i own so mani things...
was quite a momerable dae to me ba...
miss my hong deng

Evon's xD

Saturday, July 22, 2006 9:01 PM

morning went to the swimming complex to swim
its my first time went thr to swim
erm..there seems nth change only that there is no food stall
and the toilet had change and make larger..
den the another pool haf two slides
i nv went there
i went to the deep pool to swim loh
veri long nv swim le..
haix..after tat went to watch movie with ting and weiying
so funny loh we all...and i also go take the photo
we watch the 'the re-cycle'
erm..quite a nice movie..
its also my first time to see the movie with so few ppl
lyk only 11 ppl nia plus we also
haix..den wait for my mum's call
until wanna sleep thr loh
just den jocelyn and joanne scared me and i wake up le..
den went to downstairs de party..
i make two names
tat is raymond and evon..
lame hoh?

Evon's xD

Friday, July 21, 2006 10:57 PM

2dae my frend told me tat she saw him
haix..hai me miss him liao
cus actually can forget him de..haix..
den sch was fine loh..only until choir time
the cher fcuk loh..
lyk we cannot use the i-hub
sae wat got course at 2.30pm
so wat??..tat time only 1.30pm nia..
den keep scolding us tat whr is the chairs..
is lyk cannot put back the chairs de..scold until lyk tat
so pro ritex..go find a stable room for choir la..
den we won't snatch i-hub with u all le..
is not our fault loh...
actually we got a room de loh..tats is ava room
den the modern dance go and snatch away..
is okie de loh..
but wats now??..
got a i-hub for us de
den need to let the graduation class to study
is lyk wat the ???
now need use a warm classroom..

Evon's xD

10:46 PM

2dae ms tan cry loh..
dunno wat happened sia..
i got stm..
cry until veri de ke lian loh..
hope tml ms cheong would scold us
den ms arita came to relief our math lesson
cus mr tan nv come..
we veri guai loh..
all tuck shirt in..
so nerd de
den ms cheong nv came to sch tink go the other sch oral ba
den ask jian hong to help write xi zi
cus im busying doing the notice board
wa..his hardwriting much lyk mine de
den tml buying him pringles loh..
den took alot of pics loh...gonna upload le

Evon's xD

Monday, July 17, 2006 5:49 PM

2dae so funny..
our class spread tat ting en lian keith
so funny sia...hahax
den amos told me tat i own him 1 packet of sweets
i was wondering why i own him loh..
haix...nvm la..see him ke lian
tml will buy for him de..
sianx..keith so funny de loh..
keep acting naive de..
den 2dae ting told him tat she got his msn le..
den tell me tat i betray him loh..tell ting his msn
so funny loh..can't stop laughing
sae himself shuai..
PUI loh...

hou lai...i heard from thing is bluff him de..the msn thingy
they hai me de loh...haix..
must state clearly loh
haix..sat gonna go out..
looking for the dae..

Evon's xD

Thursday, July 13, 2006 8:47 PM

wa...actually write finish le sia...dunno wat happen loh
all my words disappear
lazy to write again sia..
2dae geo is the funniest
cus doing group work den go out the class and do ma
wei ying, min ning, keith, yi chong and wei jing in my group ma
den we 5 ppl playing with the cards...
ke lian de wei jing help us do all the works
den after tat, mrs oh came to us after teaching 2e6 de geo ba
mrs oh den teach us some geo things
alan ans mrs oh Q ma..den sae reseviour..
he pronouce wrong ma..
so funny loh..
sam den saw ppl in our class...
he sae "why got ppl in our class one?"
mrs oh hears tat loh..and sae "Can u re-play and sae it in the proper sentence?"
something lyk tat la..
we haf such a gd laugh..
den the 1st Q mrs oh asked..
duo jie so smart sia..the 1st one to ans

2dae keith so funny...
he bian chong ming le..
bring 1 pen to sch..
scared me take his pencil box again..

2dae went to kfc to eat with michelle..
we talk alot of things loh
hope she feel better..
and also be ease from those kind of ppl..
so wish her gd luck ba..

Evon's xD

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 9:54 PM

geo damn de sianx loh...
ms tan wan make me sleep liao tat
den next time i wan sleep i can call her to help me..
den mdm tang came to our class to see us during math lesson
she sae tat we are guai loh..

so funny sia..
den d&t le..
cher last time gif us the two products den wan us to tell the diff.
we do the wire cutter...sumting lyk tat la..
group by group go up talk abt their products
i tink eugene de voice too soft la.
can't even hear him when i still sitting in front loh...
cher den told us to sit in front of him..
den i move up...keith sit beside me ma..
i go and scatch him..
wa..i scatch he a bit nia..de red thingy so long
den keep scatching him loh..so ke lian..hahax
den the test i so shiok loh..
24/25 sia..can't believe it loh..cus i saw weiying de..
lyk the correct de loh...but den she got lesser than me..
so weird de..haix..

2dae i kept keith the pencil box again...
ting den use the chance to ask him wanna go out with us to watch movie
den we still write I.O.U sia..
so funny...den ting took his pb and return him
i took his correction tape..cus spoilt le ma
i help him to make hao le...see i so pro...hahax

napfa begins...so scary sia..

sit up --> 39
standing board jump --> 170 (almost A sia)
sit and reach -->44
shutter run --> 10.8
pull up --> 29

me damn malu loh..
i fall down at the shutter run cus dunno why my ankle there suddenly lyk no strenght lyk tat de
den fall down at the end of the run..
den cher sae me tat i use my head to took the time loh..
i nv thought of tat de lehx..
i wan re-test my standing broadjump..
cus not gd de..

Evon's xD

Monday, July 10, 2006 8:21 PM

2dae went to 840 again...
actually dun wan go de loh..
den pei michelle go there..
aniwae actually deon(dunno spell correct ma) quite shuai de loh
but he waste it in his attitude...
cus dicussing with sharon when walking back home with her
she ask me hu i lyk
but i also asking myself tat i lyk hu...??
i think either is *ahem or *ahem or *ahem loh...
i noe i lame...pei seh..cannot sae out loh
haf a great talk with sharon

but i sae the truth la..i dun quite lyk sharon de..
sharon if u are reading...im sorrie..
no offence de..

sch are diff from term 1 and 2 le..
chers all change liao
not so use to it..
sae the truth..the new chers dunno how to control the class de..

Evon's xD

Saturday, July 01, 2006 8:53 PM

haix...dunno wat to blog now
cus so long nv blog le ma..
erm..starting sch is quite okiie ba
but den chers all change le..
all become man de..some sissy de loh..
yesterday so fun loh
the cher performed for us cus youth day ma..
so fun de loh..the first time
den the last part so funny
i laugh until so tired
mdm punitham so cute when shes on the cap
it was so memorable for me..
won't forget de..

den 2dae went to watch superman returns..
the superman damn the shaui loh
walao..the show veri nice..u can go watch it..
so de shuai loh
haix..wish hes younger den..

Evon's xD