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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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No song lyrics. Sorry.


Thursday, August 31, 2006 6:05 PM

these two days keep walking under the rain..
cus of the cip..no choice ma..hahax..
i tink i gonna sick liao..

erm..yesterdae de assembly was talking abt NO DRUG ABUSE
erm..the guy shows us a batch of photo of a boy abuse drug
and was being cane..erm..i tink 6 strokes ba..
the pic was kinda of er xin loh..
the guy sae tat..the caning was lyk thr will be medical doctor thr to check tat the boy still can be cane..
if the doc sae the boy's health still can take it..
then will be cane until he cannot ta han(cannot take it) liao..
i won't be abusing drug de..
heng loh..im a girl not boy..
if boy ar..i will gone siao de..

mr chaw show us a side show of friendship..
it was damn touching and the pics in thr is damn cute
wanting him to sent me ba..
den jiang lao shi wrote a phase on the board..
its said, "if u FAIL to PLAN, u PLAN to FAIL"
erm..will consider the phase in my mind..

2dae me quite sad loh..
cus of the computer...
i cannot switch on the cpu only..
the monitor still can switch on..
i scared tat the memory i stall in..
will disappeared..
if realli disappeared ar..
i will gone crazy..

2dae is cher's day celebration..
tis year de cher concert is the super best concert in my whole life..
i lyk it very much..
thanx to those who help in this concert...THANX THANX
i tink i lyk the is the hip hop de..
super super nice loh..
maybe one of the band we had..
and the awards to the chers..
of cus the SONGS they had put..

erm..oh ya...the big breakfast we had in the morning..
was the funniest thing..
we had this pics of 2e3...
all the pics are took by ms cheong..
den..my pics in thr was damn ugly loh..
those pics was funny..cus of the effect..
after abt half an hour ba..
we cut the cake..
den eat..
i take the cream and make at ms cheong's face..
den everyone start making each other with cakes..
the most kanna is keith loh by min ning..
den i make lots of ppl..
weijing idoit de loh..
nv make him..den he make me with the nutella..
haix..aniway was having quite fun loh..

after the sch...me,weiying,min ning and sharon went to sell the badges and the book..
den all the badges sell finish le ma..
left the book..
den went to this unit..0864
she help me buy the book loh..
so gd de..
hahax..is we heng loh..

went back to pcs..
saw lots of ppl we hadn't see for 1 yr le
erm..saw my ex ex-en lian de ren..
he look lyk an idoit when u keep looking at him..
heng tat i dun lyk him liao..
den saw quite alot of chio bu loh..
all bacome chio liao only me haven..haix..
mr kiew ar..
still lyk old times lyk tat..keep firting with girls..
he was popular with girls loh..
haix..but sumtimes he talking will hurt a person..but he dunno..
gtg le..

~ [ evon ] ~
lyk him 4eva

Evon's xD

Wednesday, August 30, 2006 8:05 PM

yesterdae went cip with 2e2..
our class dunno why being forfeit by the 3e4 de one of the leader..
den we didn't even do once..
den the other class do lyk 3,4 times le loh...

went to the orchard to make balloons for the child care childen..
to do for the charity,YMCA..
den we 2e3 de ppl dunno how to do the balloon ma..
heng loh..got jing chee..
den do until siao loh..
michelle ar..pump the balloon half way burst in the room
damn loud loh..
i almost cannot hear for abt 1-2 mins lyk tat..
the girl thr lyk shock tio lyk tat..
lyk going to cry but never loh..
so brave they all..
den i veri tired nv go tuition le..
cus actually mrt is faster than taking 65 to tam inter..
we took bus ma..
sit until the butt so hot while our body cold cold de..

2dae also went to do cip..
but different de loh..
cher give us 10 or 20 badges and 2 books of recipe book..
den i took 20 badges and 1 recipe book..
sold finish with huiji,weiying,min ning,shermeen, hong hoon, keith, yichong, weijing and sharon..
i was de 2nd to sell finish..
weijing bian tai de..
1st to sell finish...but his book haven sold finish nia..
i also...hahax..cus the book too ex liao..
nobody wanna buy..
too much fun with hui ji,keith and yi chong..

erm..learnt lots of experience during the process of selling things..
1. Please help to buy for the charity.
2. Please don't ignore the person who is knocking your door.
3. Answer these people with respect.
4. Teach your dogs not to bark ao loudly because the people who are knocking your door will be very scared and stress.

wanna thanx those who help us buy the badges.

~ [ evon ] ~
is tat real??

Evon's xD

Sunday, August 27, 2006 10:13 PM

wat i learnt from the leadership program..

i learnt tat every one had different characters.
as for me,
the nagative
- bad-tempered
- treat frends very badly
- communicate with frends very lousy

as for positive
- fast learner
- good in math (should be ba)

i tink those for is reading my blog.
You should now be figuring whats is ur positive and nagative of your own.

Nobody in the world is perfect.
Everyone will have their nagative side.
Thats is what everyone hate the person because of the nagative side.
i think that everyone should know whats is their nagative side and try to improve it.
i am now improving myself but, somehow, was difficult to do it.
but i will try my best loh.
However, i need people to tell me whats my nagative side, if not i will not be able to improve.

Please tell me whats my nagative side that i should be improving by clicking the link below and post your comments.Thanx lots.=p

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Friday, August 25, 2006 6:46 PM

wednesday de pc..
so fun loh..
erm...we dun haf the assembly but haf the "make the different 2" de leadership program
this is the 2nd time we had it..
the first time..is the coach leanna..who look lyk pris..
den this time..look lyk sam loh..
so funny..den still got the 3rd time..
dunno will look lyk who loh..
den i sae maybe is weijing..
got a coach monkey to teach us loh..
bad hoh me..
play the games the coach let us..
so fun..
den we lose ma..need do four-feet on duojie
den we sae y dun one for all and all for one..
all come out to do the four feet..
the four-feet is to pour the power on the hair to look old..
duojie kanna the most..
i kanna a little bit ba..
i look at the coach hair was lyk is fake de loh..
den i told sam..
sam sae "my hair is zhen cai shi liao de"..which means his hair is real de..

erm..2dae choir damn damn the...haix..
ask us to copy down the rulessss...
so lame loh..still need to extent the time longer..
shi+ loh..
haix..erm..the new song damn the bian tai ba..
me and min ning so funny loh..
den ting sms me ma..
den i cannot see ma..if i take out...the phone will be conficated
so let it vebrate till i siao liao..

haix..2dae at sch..mdm low nv come..so happy sia..
can do the heart thingy for cherz..
erm..den was surprise tat got 1 ppl ask me tat i lyk wei jing ar..
pui loh..i lyk him..
10 millions yr gone or even he is the last man in the world...I NEVER WILL LIKE HIM DE..
but i feel tat i fallen in with someone...
not wei jing ar..

~ [ evon ] ~
waiting for him

Evon's xD

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 6:32 PM

just come back from choir..
got 1 new comer..
named chang hui...is a boy ar..
actually hes in band..i tink he tranfer in ba..
haix..got scolded by zhan jie..

after tat,sang a new song called 'ohye musica'
erm..quite nice loh..
maybe sang in next year de syf ba..
if we sang gd enough

2dae LS...jiang lao shi show us a movie..
called "dui bu qi, lao shi" (im sorry, teacher.)
erm..watched until half way stop..
this movie is abt a cher(veri gd loh,i lyk her) teaches the A class swooped with the cher(veri bad de,i dun lyk him) in F class...
the show quite nice..
i tink is recommanded for the cher and the students...

2dae lit so funny..
got the TA2 ma..
den after tat, the sze enn slept ma..
when cher woke him up cus wanna collect the paper..
he dooled on the paper..
so funny loh...hahax..
den need copy to another test paper..

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Monday, August 21, 2006 7:25 PM

2dae sci lesson so fun..
we folding stars and hearts in class ma..
den jia wei sae something lyk "wei shen me nan sheng dui zhe xie you xin qu?"
in eng is something lyk "why do boys lyk to fold these type of things?"
den wei jing sae "u sure i'm boy ma?"
so funny loh
den we keep using this phase thoughtout the whole day..

math period..so anxious loh..
i got the 2nd highest..45/50
weekiat got the 1st..47/50
i got 1 question veri veri careless loh
if not i got the same as wee kiat liao..

erm..d&t not much to sae..
geo...haix..just pass the paper..
heng loh..got 18/35
den cherie got the highest..33/35..
gd loh..haix..

2dae got cip...go the sungel bulo(i tink i spell wrong ar)
erm..was kind of excited ba..
den reached thr at the entrance..was so smelly..
had to go to the room called "threatertte"
so werid loh..the name of the room..
den got 1 instructor tells us wats the rulex..
he talk damn the lame loh..

he sae the got the mangrove snake ar..dunno wats the name liao..
sae was the most poisonous thr..
forgot it..was damn long..lazy to type liao..
erm..after tat went to put our bags in the locker..
den walk to the muddy thr to plant the mangrove..
den my hp receive 2 welcome message to malaysia
thr damn the muddy..
is lyk..ur shoe can struck thr 4eva lyk tat de..
den saw sea cockroaches, baby crab...

after giving the instruction on how to plant the mangrove..
the steps is:
1. Gently knock around the pot with a wood.
2. Press on top of the mud soil. Then, pour it down and take out the thingy inside without spoilt the plant and the soil...
3. Put the thingy inside the hole,which the people had done for you,gently.(the hole haf water de)
4. Push the soil(around the hole) into the hole.
5. Use the bamboo stick,put near the plant so to support the plant.
6. Use the green string,(aka crystal) to tie the plant so the plant won't wash away.

when on the way back...me and min ning ran back..
while running, we saw a lizard ba..ran right across under our nose
hahax..den near the entrance liao..
so many de flies thr sia..dunno wats tat..

haix..gtg sleep le..dun miss me ar..

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Sunday, August 20, 2006 7:56 PM

haPpiiE biRthDae t0 ADRIANO!!!

tinking tat who is best cher in jyss
i tink is mr. chaw ba..
he was kinda bully by us..
ke lian loh..

he was lyk so so gd to us..
den we were lyk taking advantage of him
lyk not listening to him while he was teaching..
sad arh..
den mr. chaw was kinda sad of is form class,1n3

he sae tat during the test ar...i tink sci ba
den got 1 student from his class..
took 1 extra copy..
den gif it to 1 of the students in 1n2..
den the 1n2 de test was after recess..maybe they gif it during recess ba..

mr. chaw de eyes watery de..

i decided to study hard in sci ba...
but somehow was kind of cannot..

Evon's xD

Friday, August 18, 2006 7:38 PM

haPpiiE beLatEd biRthDae to mR jAe!!!
erm..yesterdae din blog..
got back sci paper..got 31.5
actually is 32.5 de loh..
but stupid keith..hai wo lose 1 mark..
cus of the mistake..nvm la..
i honest de..

eng paper i forgot le..
chinese got 43/50 marks..
pro ar..

den ms tan realli is cry baby sia..
yesterday cry again..
is lyk wat the loh..
is not our fault actually de loh..
if she noe how to control our class de..den we won't lyk tat liao

the first time she cry..i understand
but this time we din even lyk shout loh..
erm..can sae we din co-operate ba..
but at least we got clap with her..
i remember tat time she sae tat 2e6 is worst then us loh..
but she din cry..
den wat happened..cry during our class..
is tat our fault??
ya..i agree tat the first time is our fault...
but tis time lehx...
we din even lyk scream at her or shout at her..

haix..hack care her la...sianx..
erm..2dae went to the old folks home at 400+ thr..
was kind of excited ba
erm..me make alot of mistakes sia..
den keep laughing..
can't help it..

math TA 2dae..
erm..can sae easy ba??..
but i lose 1 mark cus i din do 1 Question..
gtg liao..

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Wednesday, August 16, 2006 6:39 PM

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Evon's xD

5:45 PM

just learn how to fold star le..
so happiie..

erm..2dae leg damn pain..
walk a little bit pain until siao..
must walk slowly loh..

2dae d&t..
make the egg protector ma..
so funny sia loh..
our egg crack liao...the content leak out..
tat idoit keith go and kick my chair away..
hai wo almost fall down..
but nv la..cus i hold on the table..
heng loh..

erm...sci test TA2..
quite difficult..
can't even do the MCQ loh
so sad sia..
hope dun fail..
bless me ba!!

~ [ evon ] ~
everyone stay chio~

Evon's xD

Monday, August 14, 2006 5:02 PM

first ting

happiie belated birthdae to hong hoon
happiiE beLatEd biRthDae to wEi yIng(my la0 goNg)


hApPiie birThdAe t0 kAi wEi

tot 2dae got photo taking so yesterdae went to cut hair loh
den u noe wat..they cancelled it sia..
was kanna embarrasses loh..
dun wan sae..
u sure laugh me de

aniwae 2dae geo test..
was damn the diff. loh
i tink i will fail again sia..
hope won't ba..

den told myself not to talk to him
but i also find myself talk to him..

now i got 1 shuai ge in VJC de choir...
wanna noe his name loh..
but i got no frends in VJC..
so sad..haix

Evon's xD

Saturday, August 12, 2006 7:38 PM

yesterday went to victoria hall to watch the concert by vjc and more..
they sing damn the nice loh..
can we ever beat them??
den saw 1 guy in vjc damn the shuai..
my shuai ge..
when he smile was like so cute loh...
haix..i dunno his name..
wanna find out his name loh..
erm..haf a nice day yesterdae..

2dae went out to celebrate wei ying b'dae..
was quite fun loh..
was a suay dae for me,michelle,weiying and honghoon
so funny sia..
okiie le..

hope tat can buy my phone asap..
god bless me..
(im a budist)

Evon's xD

Thursday, August 10, 2006 7:29 PM

wa...just now near my house thr got huge beehives...
wa piang..i was lyk stun loh..
so u tink the owner of the house damn scared?..
i dun tink so loh..
cus they still using the camera to photo it..

of cus i also take some pics loh..
pls relax and sit back..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Evon's xD

Tuesday, August 08, 2006 7:06 PM

2dae is the national celebration..
me in the morning haf the choir performance..
sing the 'moments of magic' & 'my island home'
i lyk the 1n2 & 2n1 de performance...
expectionally the 2n1...
they dance so nice loh..
haix..but den is not they win..
is the 2e1 + some class..
forgot which class le..

den i went down to help our stall..
selling veri gd loh..
had to ask cher to run two times..
cus no supply le..
our business so gd..
hope we had the most money in the sch ba..
so fun sia..
the ice-cream float is the most famous de..
everyone wanna buy..

erm...this year de gift is the box of colour pens..
not realli can imagine tat they will gif tis type de loh..
tml going 800+ to celebrate in the morning..
forgot whr le..
den after tat should be going ah ma's house ba..

Evon's xD

Monday, August 07, 2006 7:26 PM

i remember wat firdae wanna add on le..
tat time ar..while on the way home from cca
with min ning ma..
at the central park thr..de clock...
i saw my pri.2 cher..
she REMEMBER me loh..
cus she hello to me ma..den i hello back

2dae art lesson so fun..
cher nv come ma..
den the relief cher always tell us to lower down the volume
den cher got gif us homework to do
me,wei ying,min ning,hong hoon,yi chong,wee kiat and keith
talking together ma..
den keith keep throwing the bottle cap to me..den aim wrong
haiz...den i aim his butt..
den we all quite crazy ba..
wei ying keep laughing..
erm..after tat haf the national day celebration rehearsal
sian loh..at 4pm start..

morning sibei angry loh..
2nd time le loh..
piang sia..

tml national day celebration le..
our class selling bandung with grassjelly..
ice-cream float..
so support us at 2e3 stall!!!

Evon's xD

Saturday, August 05, 2006 11:55 PM

quite a big no. of ppl going to buy together for the national thingy
around 14 ppl..nv plus cher..
2dae went to jiang lao shi de house..
actually dun haf de...
is just go out to buy things for national day celebration de..
den buy finish went to put the bags of things to ms cheong's car..
ms cheong actually forgot whr her car was..
lucky cherie remembers..
during the buying..
was so funny loh..cher ask us not to call her cher..
but den we keep calling her cher..
we reminded each other to call her aunty or da jie or da jie da or mammy
so funny loh..
saw mr sim also..

went to pastamania to eat after putting the things
eat until veri full..
den went to the playground thr to play..
i think min ning,pris and gerald all siao de..
just eat finish...den go play the round thingy ar..
haix...den went down to the first floor..
asking where to go..
went to cher's house..but need to separate to 2 group..
den me,min ning,wei ying,honghoon,joelle,hui yi wait for the 2nd round..
den we 4 person + pamm..went to noeprint shop..
they have just installed two more machines..
we tried the CRASH...
erm..kind of siao siao de..
cus dunno how to do ma..
den go MRT meet gerald,joelle and hui yi to pasir ris
erm..a huge group..
can't squeeze in cher's car..
but we did it loh...
we watched the "the exorises(dunno how to spell)"
to me not realli scary la..
but the show is damn the vulgarties..
den play TABOO..
min ning toks so funny loh..
having a much fun today..
will always remember!!

Evon's xD

Friday, August 04, 2006 10:21 PM

2dae was much happier day ba..
i was so guai 2dae during math lesson
cus i got d0 the Q ma..
den lit was the funniest lesson
cus cher ask us to do role play..
den my group consist of me,hui ji,weiling,hui ji,jia hao and herman..
den jia hao actually is macbeth de..
den i exchange with him..
i was the banquo..
so stupid loh..
the Q ask was show how u feel when u find out macbeth's assasin kill ur wife and ur children
den me and hui ji act as the assasins..
den herman be banquo's son..
so funny loh..
we use the broom as weapons...
den we two dunno when come in..
den i tot we going chiong le..so i told hui ji to chiong
the moment we chiong in..
jia hao bang his fist on the table.
scared me loh..
den jia hao bang the whiteboard also..
herman tio scared dao..den we chiong in and kill him..
den keep laughing while killing in process...
damn funny loh..

eng lesson,TA...cher sae got 2ppl fail their compre..
dunno whether is me anot..
haix..its summary TA..
damn difficult sia..i dunno how to do..
but aniwae did do finish loh..
den went down..
wan to scare keith de..
but den cannot scared him liao..
he become smart tis time..
cus i scared him TWICE le..

Evon's xD

Thursday, August 03, 2006 5:46 PM

2dae my class so...erm...dunno how sae lehx
2dae feel damn tired and kind of sad ba..
den nv talk to ppl..
erm..eng TA..quite easy ba..
den almost fall asleep..
sci lesson...is the same tingy loh...
1 word to describe...NOISEY
den geo period...we do group work
den we do the drawings de..wei jing draw until so funny
but i nv laugh loh..haiz
music lesson is the most chim de..
cus got quarrel..
hui li,ching mei and pohling quarrel with gerald

y do ppl lyks to quarrel??
is tat fun??
so below is some advice to u all who had just quarrel with ur frends
dun always use ur eyes to see things around u
see with ur heart!!follow ur heart..
is lyk quarrel fer wat..
if they disturb u..just tell them nicely la..
if not gif them warning be4 u get angry

just lyk me..forgive to forget..
(cus i got stm)
remember no one in the world is perfect..
somebody will somehow make mistake..don't they??
u also will make mistake de..don't u agreed????
so y not try and forgive the person and be frends again
its better to be frend den enemy ritez??
tink twice be4 u do anithing..
wateva u do..it will definity affect ppl around u..

just saw tis phase..
tis is my words to u all out thr
if one day u feel like crying -- call me.
I dont promise that i will make u laugh, but i can cry with u.
If one day u want to run away-- dont be afraid to call me.
I dont promise to ask u to stop...but i can run with u.
If one day u dont want to listen to anyone --call me.
I promise to be there for u but also promise to remain quiet.
But one day if u call... and there is no anwser.....
come fast to see me.
Perhaps i need you.

Evon's xD

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 7:13 PM

2dae me, min ning and ting hui siao le
cus 2dae ting hui de hamster died becus no oxygen to breathe..
den we three help to bury it..
so ke lian loh..
decorate till veri nice loh..
got the photo..
maybe next time den put the pic ba..

2dae at sch..sang the national theme song..tis yr de
so nice sia..we choir sang to the whole sch
damn pei seh...
den went back to class..
i tink i should not slack liao
but i can't control loh..
haix..must CHANGE!!!
nth much happened ba

erm..just tinking tat if nv ever had meet him..
wat will happened to me..haix..
miss him lots..let me see him ba!!!
wish me gd luck ba..=p

Evon's xD

6:10 AM

yesterdae haf to retake the 2.4km run..
so sianx de..den run to the side gate thr..
not open sia..haix..wait for the guard to open it loh..
den cher sae we run 3 rounds jiu can le..
den will add 2.37 to the time u take..
me so happie sia..12.07sec...
den joelle fall down..tat keith hoh..
go and laugh her sia..must 'pomp' him..
den hui ji nose bleeding..
so many ppl injured loh.....
haiz..took keith de money..
haben return yet.
erm..choir cheese pie de loh,,
hate choir 4eva..

den i was so stm..
forgot to bring alot of things loh..
tink so relax myself abit liao..
GEo the test fail until siao siao..
erm..went tuition
kinda difficult..
teach until veri chim loh..

Evon's xD