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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 1:44 PM

took from a blog...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

these too!!quite funny loh..
but poor boy..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Evon's xD

9:04 AM

yesterdae was post-ing my blog..
but when i publish it..it LAG
den need close..
dunno y it become so laggy

aniwae yesterdae go cycle with 9 ppl..
dar you ps again..
haix..nvm la..
i was of cus sad loh..
den tombang wei ying loh..

went cycle to aloha loyang...
argh...tired loh..
butt pain..
den buy drinks from the cheers.....
went to pasir ris park to play
first at the swing..
den at the side thr got the (ai yo..i dunno wats tat call)
aniwae..alan sits on it...travel ma..den i tink he wan get down
his pants spilt...
was so funny loh..
heng is tat he is boy...if gal malu liao..

went to so-called merry-go-round...
min ning kanna rolled in the middle..
tat one i tried be4..
was pain loh..
cus can't control de ma..
den i went to the pyramid thr climb..
wootx...im the first..
but i was the last to go down..

den we three dumbs went to cycle to toilet..
den cycle saw no one thr..
argh..they went to another toilet..
aniwae went beach played after tat..
alan was going down the water..
so brave..
awhile later...the tide was getting higher..
den they went to washed their feets..
went back to tampines de spp...
sat at the fitness corner..
den to the playground played blindmice..
all gone back..

we three dumbs again..
went mac to eat our diner..
we so pathetic loh..
we three sharing 1 servage....
den went to rental shop to see wat movie to watch during chalet..
i tink we choose almost all is scary movies de..
ani gd movie to recommand??..

~ [ evon ] ~
7 daes more..
wo hen xiang dar

Evon's xD

Sunday, October 29, 2006 6:54 PM

im rotting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rotting dao brain le.........
i miss lotts of ppl..
- of cus my dar
-ting ting
-jiang mama
-the laughter of 2e3`06..
-almost all 2e3`06 de ppl loh...
~ [ evon ] ~
dar..i miss u lottsss
wo hen xiang ni

Evon's xD

Saturday, October 28, 2006 10:51 PM


i siao liao..
i sianx dao i go IRON the poker card...
cus wet wet ma..
cus realli realli nth to do loh..

wat can i do..

~ [ evon ] ~
now siao le..holidae how to survive??

Evon's xD

9:04 PM

just went out with my mum to watch rob-b-hood..
going out with her was so sianx de...
but the movie was nice...
so touching..

erm..den come back help mum do somting loh..
be4 i can play com..
tml hope tat can go out ba..

~ [ evon ] ~
wo ai ni dar..

Evon's xD

Friday, October 27, 2006 9:28 PM

2dae is the first dae of the hoildae..
was damn sianx...
sianx ar..
den mum call me wake up tot i got sch..
den told her no sch 2dae den went back to sleep..=)
haix...just couldn't xi guan..

i just couldn't get dar..
whr on the earth is he..
haix..nvm la..

weiling and michelle just came to my house to do the video..
haix..was tired..
den tot the video disappear le..
but in the end haf loh..
but still redo..

aniwae..after they gone home..
went down to eat with my parents..
den kanna scalded by the kuay cham de soup...
nearly cry out...
pain sia..
but i ren loh..
den went home red red le..
now feeling so hot thr nia..

den here am i blogging...

~ [ evon ] ~
pain in process

Evon's xD

Thursday, October 26, 2006 9:17 PM

2dae last dae of sch...was sad..
i will MISS u guys thr...
although next yr can't be in the same class..
but i will miss u all de..

miss 2e3`06.
miss ms cheong.
miss all the cher who teached 2e3`06.
miss u GUYS,2E3`06.

realli realli realli miss...
but still got chalet...
cherish it ba..

cher show us she make de video for 2E3`06
still give each of us the disc..
ms cheong rawkz..
i love her...
aniwae...went played..

my first time i saw dar angry..
realli lehx..
i nv nv ever saw him angry be4 de..
dar,must learn to forgive and forget..
cheer up ba...
shen qi dui sheng ti bu hao de..
tis sentence veri familar hoh..=D..

den went home...
blogging now...=p

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Wednesday, October 25, 2006 10:34 PM


2dae was a busy dae for me,maybe for others too?
went to sch...saw quite alot of the ppl pon sch loh....
cus veri less ppl..
haix..played dai dee again loh...
went choir practice at 8.30am...haix...
actually dun feel lyk going to the street fest de loh..
den sharon keep asking me to go..
so go loh..

i realli realli hate choir...maybe since tat guy be the chairman ba..
he idiot sia...haix...
den sing sing until 12pm...around thr..
after tat...went to eat kfc with sharon,sam wong and vanassa..
gonna skip these....to the performance..
argh...went tm by bus..
lyk used 8 buses to fetch abt 6 cca[s] ba..
take escalater(spell wrong le)...was lyk jam tio loh..
human jam..hahax..
aniwae...ate the food they had prepared for us..but i didn't eat loh..

took 1 time de rehearsal..
den the REAL thing start le..
was damn anxious ba..
sae the wu shu quite nice sia..
just den realise tat we are so so de so-called lan..
i did my best on the stage and sang veri loud..
gonna no VOICE le..
however...heard from my mum tat we sang lyk no sound de..
so sad loh..cus we did our best le ma...

the most most not happie with de is...
the dunno who loh...
i tink cus going to rain le ma..
den ask the chinese dance de move in..after tat,
our bags kanna moved..
wa piang loh...was lyk i nearly cannot find back my things..
sharon,sam chua and krystal de bag gone...
den find here find thr...still cannot find it..
after awhile...i turn my head and saw sharon de bag loh..
go and take den gif sharon..saw krystal and sam de bag also
see im so SMART...

hahax..aniwae..listened to the band den was rainging after they all finished..
so heng loh..hahax..
erm...went to find michelle..
but weiying,min ning and me went to ntuc to buy sweets..
michelle they all were doing the things.....
watched them do loh..
soon...they went off...
den we went buy food...
so surprised sia...
min ning treated us so many things..
hahax..den i guess isit she gonna die....of cus choy loh..
den something happened..
tat make us laugh until siao...

won't forget 2dae ba..
tml last day le...
i dunwan...
hope tat i won't cry loh...
will try control....

~ [ evon ] ~
last day le...i dun wan..

Evon's xD

Tuesday, October 24, 2006 7:47 PM

just come back from 868..
went to meet weiying,hh,yc and alan at the playground loh..
be4 tat...
got sectional at wanny's house...
the house quite big loh..
i was late to meet sharon and sam chua..

aniwae walked to sharon's blk thr...
den walked to wanny's house...
craps alot with them..
so lucky sia we all..
we saw krystal coming out from her dad's car..
ai yo..we so thick skin sia..
ask her dad to sent us to the condo thr..
her dad so gd..
thanx to krystal's dad!!!..

erm...was at wanny's house thr le..
sharon wanted to try to call her using the device..
was damn damn slow...maybe the thingy dun lyk her...
just den rebacca come out..
so funny sia..
we was the first to be thr..
waited for them quite long ba..
only 9 ppl....only one sec 1 de..
so cham sia...

did warm up...den sang wonderful wonderful world..
den sheedle-de..den its time to sae gd bye..
sang alot of time..
aniwae went to tm after tat..
walk walk walk...
as i sae earlier..
went to 868 loh....
played dai dee...
den was here to blog..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

~ [ evon ] ~

i will miss 2e3`06 de

Evon's xD

10:32 AM

left 2 daes le...
i dun wan so fast sch holidae...
cus 2e3`06 will be seprated into different class next year...
i dun wan....
i will miss all of u de........
sob sob...

holidae come...gonna rot at home le...

tml cleaning tables le...
remember to bring all ur rags and detergent worx...
sob sob...

aniwae...my kor had come back from thai...
kanna tio alot of mosqitoes bite...
den yao me to help him appeal the medicine.....

the day i change my blogskin...
de day i will change my url le.....
so be prepare to relink me...

~ [ evon ] ~
2e3`06 RAWKS MY WORLD...

Evon's xD

Monday, October 23, 2006 11:02 PM


argh...shit sia..i tpye all the things suddenly all gone!!!!!....
i hate it...
nvm..i will do a summary out of it..

oh ya...i remember...
was kanna scolding by ms arinta
cus lyk somthing dun respect her loh..
sae cannot laugh..
wateva sia..

early of sch..8am went to the stupid choir practice..
i hate choir!!!
i was tinking tat i lyk choose the wrong cca liao..
i hope tat i won't regret sia..
but now i feeling abit regret liao
si ms tan la..
keep scolding us..
is lyk is her fault loh..
play the piano so damn the slow..
still sae us dunno how to sing..
i HATE HER!!!!!~~~~~
mr chew was funny when he was conducting
keep laughing..
i did alot of mistakes..

den went back to class..cannot find the others..
yuan lai at the dnt..
den scared tio me..
was watching the bruce almighty..
went for recess after tat..

watch im not stupid too at the hall..
i was lyk going to drop my tears...
but dunno suddenly..
cannot drop liao..
den the movie was touching loh...
is worth to watch again...
so lame! cool man! wateva!
it was funny after all..

took my class photo from sing yee...
argh...was damn the not nice..
i mean myself nia...
i tink i choose the wrong pic liao...
haix..wateva sia..already choose liao..
so no choice le..

went to eat with sharon, huiji, weiling and min ning..
crap with them loh
den went to find dar, yi chong and alan at the swing thr..
the guys tot of scare us ba..they go hide at the 2nd floor..
so lame loh..
after tat...
smell somthing stinky..
it was lyk dog shit ba..
den ask hu step on dog shit..
all busy looking at their shoe inculding me..
alan got the shit...
suay ba..
i almost vomited it out..

was soon raining after alan went home to have a change..
den was lyk still got the smell loh..
den went to 873...but change mind to 868..
played dai dee loh..

went home...wanting to do it..
but still dare not loh..

i hate "him"
i dun tink i wanna sae it here ba..

hahax..my summary so long sia..
aniwae...gd nite everyone..
haf a sweet dreams ba...

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Sunday, October 22, 2006 9:46 PM

since i so sianx..
decided to post again..
my kor just come back from thai..
he gd loh..nv buy me things..
bully me..


~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

6:23 PM


2dae nv talk to my mum the whole dae..
not a single words...
hate her sia..

slept the whole afternoon..
den watch tv..
here i blog here loh..

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Saturday, October 21, 2006 3:31 PM

haPpiiE biRthDae t0 dA cHi0 bu, chOon kiAt!!!
erm..just noe tat my dar got blog le..hahax..
was gonna link him sooner..
nth to do 2dae..
2dae was indian de light festival...
realli nth to post sia..hahax..
wanna watch death note lehx..
~ [ evon ] ~
i wan watch death note!!!!

Evon's xD

Friday, October 20, 2006 6:04 PM

woots..my 200 post le..

just heard tat my cousin tio retain..
haix..he ar..dunno wat to sae abt him..
ask him work harder..he sae dun wan..
aniwae..gd luck to him le..

erm..2dae sch was alright..
nth much happened ba..
haf fun playing with huiji,weiying,min ning,keith,yc,alan and sze enn..
playing daidee..
den dunno suddenly mr liaw come in..den i just sit down..
den we five,(huiji,weiying,min ning,yc and me) kanna caught by him..
suay loh..
the others nth happened..
the cards kanna confiscate nia..

den played uno..
since cannot play poker...
but we nv gamble..
i guai de loh..
was kanna surprise tat..
our class de pc spoilt loh..
during mr tan period..
at first we dunno sia..
den is cher told us den we noe

ms hidaya period liao..
played murderer and police with her..
was funny loh..
den went down for recess..
mummy bully me loh..
take my piggy..
dun wan return me..

mummy so bad de...
aniwae...got back the piggy when she is sleeping..wahhaaha..
i so pro sia..
den did nth special..
actually wan pon choir de..
but nv in the end loh..
i was GUAI de..
stupid junior of my cca..
hai me sae vulgur words..is i repeat him..
oh..i was stupid

last night kanna kick down from bed by my mum..
dunno how she kick me down de...
den her both legs put on my shoulder thr..
my injured shoulder lehx..
den i told my mum
me: mummy ar..bu yao zai ti wo le..wo yi jin zuo tou wu lu le..
mummy: oh..(smile den wake up and shift away)
so stupid sia..

~ [ evon ] ~
hope will same class as him dar ba..

Evon's xD

Thursday, October 19, 2006 9:00 PM

2dae did the online streaming..
i hope tat i won't regret of wat i had choose ba..

1st choice - 3e4
2nd choice - 3e6
3rd choice - 3e5
4th choice - 3e3
5th choice - 3e2
6th choice - 3e1

ask alot of ppl tat which class they going..
quite alot wanted to go 3e4 and 3e6 ba..
i scared tat i will go 3e5...
hope won't..
duo jie so funny sia..
i forgot who he asking..
duo jie: which school u going??
someone: u tot PSLE ar..going wat school..

damn funny loh..hahax..
aniwae sch was alright..
no teaching..release early 2dae..1.15pm..

did something happie during recess..
veri veri happie..
erm..den went to 866 thr de playground thr play..
fall down alot of times sia..
now my shoulder lyk injured liao..
difficult to move here move thr..

now den noe tat keith de mother veri li hai sia..

~ [ evon ] ~
- argh...pain!!

Evon's xD

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 10:55 PM

1 month le...so fast sia..
cannot go out..so sad..
haix..was hao qi for tml..

tml choosing class liao
dunno wat class to choose..

~ [ evon ] ~
-1 month le..

Evon's xD

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 8:50 PM

haPpiiE biRthDae t0 mY senior, j0shUa!!!

these few days was sad becus of the results..
maybe can't get top 10 le..
my phone is flying off further and further...

hais...hope tat can ba..

was woke up by the dreams i dreamed last night..
1st is his head kanna bleeding..dunno wat happened..
2nd is i tink lyk having shopping with dunno who le..forgot liao..

haix..was scared tio..
den went to sch..
was sad sia...saw my overall results..
still lose to dar..
haix..lose to him so mani subjects..
nvm la..he did well..
at sch..hear the principal talks was damn bored..
feel lyk sleeping throughout..
but cannot..den crap with DUMB@SS and DUMBASS..
went off to choir..
be4 tat..
went to look for qin ai de jiang ma ma..
but can't find..
wanna ask her wat is my class position..
now veri confused..

aniwae..also got happy things happened yesterdae...
i got a new papa le..hahax..
grats to them..
was happie for them ba..

~ [ evon ] ~
pls let me in top 10 ba..

Evon's xD

Monday, October 16, 2006 8:50 PM

was damn damn sad abt my results..
i flunk my science, geography and lit..
sianx...dun tink i can get top 10 le..
my classmates all so pro de..
haix..maybe can't get the phone le
dun talk abt result le..
if not i will siao

erm..after sch..went alan's house de corridor..
played cards awhile
den went down meet michelle and hui ji..
to sunplaza park to play swing and talked..
after tat..yc and wy went home..
went to library after tat..
argh..michelle sae-ing she veri clever
cus she found the 'i believe you' de book..
manage to finish the book in the bus..
but still dun understand it..
argh...im so stupid..

haix..pei michelle take 293 go home..
see. i so gd de..
erm..was here blogging after eating my diner..

now tinking tat ar..
zhen de you hen duo ren xiang yao qi si wo lehx...

~ [ evon ] ~
--was surprised and happy
yet so sad..

Evon's xD

Sunday, October 15, 2006 4:16 PM

yesterdae night so weird sia..
got 1 tear suddenly drop from my eyes while sleeping..
weird ritex..
dunno why

morning was being pissed off by my mother..
tell her dun wan to go le.
she dun wan listen..
but in the end went out with her..

den was here blogging..nth to do..
getting more papers tml..

~ [ evon ] ~
thinking in process..

Evon's xD

Saturday, October 14, 2006 11:30 PM

wo tu ran hao xiang hui dao guo qu de wo men..
wo hao huai nian na shi de wo men..
zhen de zhen de hao xiang..
wo hen xiang kai kai xin xin de zhan zai ni mian qian..
ke shi..
mei dang wo kan jian ni zai ta mian qian zhe me kai xin..
wo chong lai mei kan jian ni zai wo mian qian zhe me kai xin guo..
wo zhen de zhen de hao shi wang ar..
zhen de zhen de..

wo hou lai you xiang le xiang..
wo cheng jin you ge ni kai xin guo ma??..
gen zi ji shou bie zai xiang le..
hai shi kai xin de hao ba..

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Friday, October 13, 2006 7:34 PM

haPpiiE biRthdAe t0 yI weI and KaMil!!!

now den realise tat when eating foods ar..
my mouth thr will pain..
dun feel lyk continue eating liao..
erm..2dae got back some papers..

- chinese de compo => 28/50
letter => 9.5/20
paper 2 => 50/70
- math paper 1 => 44/50
- eng de letter => 17/20

was kinda sad of the results ba..
lit cher nv come in..
so played dai dee..
den went out of the sch and kinda chase by mr. silva..
walked to the near blue sea de coffee shop thr..
eat two plain prata and ice milo..
poor shermeen..kinda cheated ba..

was sad ba..
see wat i dun wan to see..
went 840 played dai dee and blackjack
sianx...went to CP..
den went to another playground..
was dreaming ba..
walked to tm to meet my mum..
den was here to blog..

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

7:18 PM

yesterdae didn't blog..
so blogging 2dae..
waiting for weiling and michelle to arrive to my house..
den took bus to inter to wait fer keith and duo jie..as weijing had arrived liao..
took another bus to bedok to meet sam..
went into mac but didn' t eat sia..
we go up the steps to watch STAY ALIVE..
but they didn't have it
we decided to watch SILK
bought the tickets and went in..
was kinda dark inside..
when i went in tat time..
a chill wind blew at me..
i was chill up
the movie was sort of horror? but in the end was touching ba..
the boy de eyes damn white loh..
his mother de also..
duo jie keep saying michelle de head thr got the silk..
the silk means tat if u have it..u will be killed of stuggling or the stopping heart by the mother and son..
was funny throughout the movie..

after we took 69 back to tampines to have our kfc..
i tink i should skip the rest le ba..
was kinda lazy of typing..
erm..mich and weiling sent me home halfway as i tell them to go home..
went back cannot play com le..
cus my bro chiong-ing maple....
telling me to help him chiong..
dunno y suddenly he want to play..

~ [ evon ] ~
pissed of my mum..argh

Evon's xD

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 7:16 PM

2dae went to sch for post-exam activities..
in the morning..was damn tired..didn't realli wan to wake up..
but still wake up in the end..meet yi wei be4 going to sch..
walked the old same way..
mr silva was talking the discipline again..
sit until my legs numb liao..

he keep saeing the respect,respond become re-pect,re-pond...
but den i dunno which one is the correct de..

finally went to the parade square to play our inter-class competition..
argh..i was in the game..
sianx loh...
was losing to the two teams..
the judge baised de loh..
haix..not gd de...
me kanna hit by the ball..
den huiji sae my teeth bleeding..
dun care le..took the ball den pass..
argh...my mouth de top left thr de skin peel out ar..
at first was pain..after is weird weird de..
den keep moving the skin..
so fun sia..but disgusting..
saw the skin inside after making the outer skin out..
in order to see the inner skin..was bloody..

sam de tiny little hand kanna hurt..
the funniest is tat pamm the shoe dropped out..
so funny loh..

after tat..was talks all the way..

abt the BGR thingy..
michelle so funny loh..
i didn't realli listen to them..
was kinda attracted to the game we played..
after the BGR..was the frends 4eva..

erm..it was abt meeting more frends..

sch finish le..
went 300+ to slack and play..
i was lyk a tourist..

cus i dun even tink i went to 300+ thr be4...
but somehow i remember tat place be4
was lyk in dream or last time when i was small tat time ..
was fun and adventuring loh..

~ [ evon ] ~
happie kid..

Evon's xD

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 8:52 PM

2dae finally can relax le..
nv go sch cus the sec 3[s] de exam haven finish
so we had to stay at home..
was damn boring loh..
was out with wy,yc..
i was lyk a lightbulb
den we walk here walk there..
nth to do..
i tink we walk for 2 rounds from TM to CS..
den took neoprints again..
was kinda sad ba..

was damn the tired..
tml going sch le..

~ [ evon ] ~
results are the most scary thingy in the world..

Evon's xD

Monday, October 09, 2006 3:53 PM

last paper gone le..
can play till crazy liao..
but when taking the results maybe mood will180 degrees change le..
so everyone take the chance to be happie ba..
math paper was quite easy except some of the Q ba..

erm..ting ask me at mac..
ask tat wat subject u tink wil fail..
i tink i will fail 3 subjects ba..
lit,geo and sci..
these 3 i not veri confidents..

just went out with weiying,huiji,ting,weiling and alan..
to tm after eating mac..
erm..didn't tink of going anywhere..
so go tm walk walk shop shop..
den saw alot of jyss ppl..
me and weiling went to see our dream hp..
erm..hope i in the top 10 ba..
if not my hp will be gone in tat minute..
haix..den was playing with them..
so lame loh..

went cs to shop and walk..
finally decide to take neoprints ba..
with weiying and ting..
erm...quite nice loh..
lyk the love and peace tat one..so de nice..
den go bo huai pamm,michelle and pris de neoprints..
got my half head thr..
so de funny..
hope they won't mind ba..
the funniest is tat when walking out of the tm..
i saw my DAD!!..
was walking just beside him sia..
he didn't saw me..

later went home le..
talk alot with weiling and weiying..
all wei de..
den was here to blog..=p

~ [ evon ] ~
pa pa..
to take back my results..

Evon's xD

Saturday, October 07, 2006 6:32 PM

this morning wake up..
nth to do so watch tv....
den saw the PSI was damn the high..
the highest i saw was 128 ba..
den become 98 le..
but now i look outside was a covered with mist

not much to blog abt ba..
just went to tm with my mum and eva aunty with her daughter
her daughter was cute..
went mac to eat..
den to ntuc to buy chocolates..
mon can bring to sch eat le..
den to popular to buy files and refill for my pen..
went home, played awhile of audition..
did perfect x6..
cannot do perfect x7..
here i blog..

~ [ evon ] ~
31 more days

Evon's xD

Friday, October 06, 2006 9:06 PM

2dae the haze is veri BAD..
*watching outside my window..was blur
gonna have the LAST paper on mon
was happie ba..cus exam gonna finish le..
hope can do better..

2dae sci paper was quite difficult..
wrong le alot of questions liao..
maybe can pass ba..
math paper was okie..
but got 2-3marks gone..
cus i do wrong le..

after exam..had a discuss of the ans of the sci..
den went eat in the canteen..
went play swing..was so lame..
hahax..den went 840..
had a great fun??..
i dunno..but was happie of 1 thing..
but still is ppl help de..

~ [ evon ] ~
xiang zhe ta..

Evon's xD

Thursday, October 05, 2006 6:45 PM

was damn scare when reaching class..
cus i cut hair le ma..
the first one i saw is weiling..
she sae i cut hair ar..
den i walk in loh..
sam eek so loudly..
ugly mehx??..
den he laugh at me..
tot him le sure laugh at me de..
dun believe..

erm..2dae chinese paper 2..
quite easy ba..
hope pass..
did alot of writing..
geo die le...sure fail de..
forgot everyting loh..
hope tml de sci and math will be easy ba..
gd luck..

nth much to sae le..

~ [ evon ] ~
should i be zu dong dian??

Evon's xD

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 7:34 PM

argh..went to cut my hair just now..
damn the ugly sia..
so de short..
wanna cry..
but already cut le ma..no use..

2dae lit paper was damn difficult..
i dunno how to do the most of the questions loh..
i tink i will fail le..
cus they give alot of lines..but i wrote lyk only 2lines nia..

chinese paper..
letter quite difficult..
compo hai hao ba..
did the gong han and the dui bu qi, lao shi..
quite alot of ppl did de dui bu qi, lao shi one
hope pass ba..

2dae geo and chinese paper 2..
gd luck to me ba..

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 4:44 PM

go0d lUcK f0r EOY exam!!!

this week is the exam week le..
tml having lit and chinese paper..
gd luck for my friends and jyss pupils..

studying later ba..
still dun understand the passage of the paw paw..
2dae had quite fun with keith,weiying,yc,m&n,alan,hong hoon..
but still veri sad ba..
na qi ni de yong qi ba..

~ [ evon ] ~
the gal who hates exam..

Evon's xD

Monday, October 02, 2006 5:56 PM

2dae tested on our bridges..
watched on the others classmates de bridge...
quite alot can hold 30kg ba..
quite xin tong for my bridge when it breaks..
can only hold for 25kg only.

2dae got 2 extra periods..
didn't revise much..
cus veri sianx..
den the relief cher so de funny sia..
i writing letter ma..
den he sae he wanna help me pass..
i keep saying dun wan..

chalet kanna book by others le..
sian sia..den cher at the blog thr sae she book le..
so fast loh..

i scared tat i will fail my compo, lit, geo, sci, math....
cus got the feeling tat will fail lehx..
jia you ba..

~ [ evon ] ~
no mood in studying..

Evon's xD

Sunday, October 01, 2006 11:33 AM

peiseh..i tink some ppl may have problem seeing the chinese words ar..
so sorrie sia..

btw yesterdae early in the morning went to lit remedial
before tat..went to mac meet michelle,pamm,pris,sam,weijing,amos,keith and doujie
they all..
after tat...went to playground play a while..
they all play the swing..

den went to play bc..wei ying nose bleed again..
so suay sia..
lyk everyone bleeding lyk tat..
den play murderer..
went home to play computer loh..

its night time..
and also going 840 to meet michelle they all..
den went play candles at cp..

was having a great time 2dae..
was happie ba..
the most most hate is my leg pain..
dunno wat happened..
behind the knee cap thr..lyk zhong qi lai..
bending and straighting veri pain sia..
i tink play too much bc le..

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

10:47 AM

just now my frend sent me a webbie..
so went to take a look..
i tink is quite accurate ba..
copy some words from it..

┏━━┓我    ●╭○╮  我 ┏━━┓
┃天长┃想°☆ /█∨█\ ☆ 爱 ┃曾经┃
┃地久┃你    ∏  ∏   你 ┃拥有┃
┗━━┛  ㊣☆爱你一生☆㊣  ┗━━┛

找一个你爱聊的人结婚 , 因为当年龄大了以后,你会发觉喜欢聊天是一个人最大的优点。

erm..i recommand these ppl to go to this webbie to do:

the webbie is http://www.renmeng.com/love/

Evon's xD