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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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Thursday, November 30, 2006 5:28 PM

woke up at 7.45am.
gonna go to have our alto sectional at wanny mummy house!
met min ning and jennifer at food palace first.
but din see jennifer so went to sharon's block.
saw samantha there le. waiting for us.
decided to go up to have a look for sharon.
we din noe where is sharon's unit number..
but finally find her.

walked to tropical condo(should be ba, near springfield sec.)..
i was funny.. cause i saw ah ma and ah pei was walking towards the small gate.
before that, we saw choong han. so we called him to hold the door as to let we all in.
but it seems like he doesn't know wat we shouting.
so funny. =]

walked to wanny's block and up we go her house.
we were the first...
hui zhuang's poka(should be corret spelling ba?) is HORNY!!
and she tortured he. but poka was like a mop. =x

went off to the gym.
my first time going to gym.
was tired. excerise too much le. muscle ache.

so good to have you.
but sorrie to trouble you.

went off to tamp. inter.
ran to the bus stop again.. that time when leaving too. also ran there.
hoop to the bus.. and to catch my breathe..
so went to new york pizza to have our breakfast + lunch...
bought sotong head and spring`O..
no money le..

made a deal with sharon and samantha.
the deal is that same bag same pencil case and buy wat badge with our names.
lolx..but im gonna SAVE money for my dear handphone.
thats means no money for bag and pencil case!!


but von wan go out.
maybe not to spend money??
no money = no hp = no bag = no going out.

took neoprints.
was the best of the all???

the funniest is that i lent sam my comb.
guess what happened??
it breaks into half!.

**saw michelle mummiie, pamm and elaine..
they pretend never saw us man..
so baddy. =(

walked home pei sharon.
actually din wan to walk home de.
but sharon wan.
since i so good, i pei her walked home.
talked alot about the past.
how i wish to back in the past where to meet dar again.
the time i played with him, have fun with him, crapping around with him.

saw kim kim... the girl whom we dun like and tease her everytime in pri sch.
she change alot alot. =x.. still dun like her..=x
can't realli recongised her.
still remember that time we tease her by creating a virus called 'kim kim virus'.

then was realise we were so lame in primary school.

saw policemen at inter.
police: "We need to have a talk with you. Come."
surround a man.(look so alike of justin.=x)
i think that the man had stole something or what loh.

went home and blogged.

~ [ evon ] ~
miiss dar.
hope have miracle ba.
and my dreams come true.

Evon's xD

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 9:35 PM

updated. =D

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 4:45 PM

today was boring again. =(
actually todae meeting mich mummiie de.
but no news from her.

woke up by my mama's call.
ask me go out to eat.
but im sleeping.
so in the end never go out.
but mama bought mac for me.
she suddenly so good to me.

i tink i starting to like 'zhi dui ni you gan jue' le.
maybe becus the video.

later gonna go do yoga?!
can't believe huh?.

~ [ evon ] ~
when can i see u again dar?
hope another miracle come true.

Evon's xD

Monday, November 27, 2006 7:58 PM

escape themepark. 2e3`06. [not all]

dar come back le..=).
so happiie.

~ [ evon ] ~
miss ya, dar.

Evon's xD

5:17 PM

just come back from choir.
something happened.
shall not sae it.

mr ong leave us early as 'something happened'
he so angry.
and sick.
must take care, mr ong.

saw wei ying, wei ling, cherie, singyee, hong hoon, joelle and alan.

min ning was being called as 'zhan jie fu ren' or zhan jie's wife.
the funniest is wanny mummy was calling alto's to put 1 finger on the lip.
then min ning nv heard or what. She didn't put her finger on her lip ma.
So wanny mummy sae: "Zhan Jie."
We all started to laugh.
I dunno why i laughed until so long.

brenda they group sae is jonas lahx.
i sae: "No. In choir, is zhan jie. Outside, is jonas."
lolx...peiseh ar min ning.
sae in my blog. =)
hope u dun mind.

Went to A1 to have my strawberry chocolate.
quite nice. Try tiramisu chocolate.
Sharon and me had a pearl war with joshua.
at first, i aimed at wilbert's face.
Then, joshua's face.
hehex. my aiming is awesome.

Then to 840 de playground later.
To have a nice talk with sharon and min ning. =)
took photos.
Back home while it's raining.
chating with weiying.
told me that.

~*∞Doddy∞*~[15/9/06] says:
they say aries veri humour...
veri funi ..
aries girl lyk
funi guy and have to look "shuai"
cannt be too proud de guy
too skinny or too fat oso cannt.

- [ v0n ] - yong bu fang qi says:
am i funny?

I'm funny. hehex.

~ [ evon ] ~
is dar back?
i miss u.

Evon's xD

1:12 AM

lyk tis pic most..took by baddy weiling.

its weiling de ee orhx.

its singyee de guai tai.

later gonna go for choir le.
dunn miss me..

~ [ evon ] ~
dar todae coming back le ba.

Evon's xD

Sunday, November 26, 2006 10:09 PM

haPpiiE biRthdAe t0 wEi liNg!!!~~~

went out~
with mich and weiling.

wanted to go blue sea.
but nv open, A1 too..
so we go to cool house.
bought blueberry ice blended.
while mich bought passion fruit red tea and fries.

went find singyee and guai tai.
actually called singyee down to meet us de.
but in the end we went up to singyee's house.
before that, mich gave wei ling b'dae bash.
she gave her 5 on the same spot of the back..
weiling CRIED.
first time saw wei ling cried.
so nan de.
me and mich was laughing till mich cried too.

back to singyee part.
saw her dog outside her house.
mich was scared.
so called singyee out.
her dog keep chasing mich.

went to cherie's house without telling her tat we going.
back to the same dark corridor.
played the piano.
as i and mich dunno how to play.
we anyhow played.
then cherie played the canon D.
noe the front part nia.

cherie's mum had cooked us fries..
thanx cherie's mum.
then went back home.

michelle is baddy..she bully me.

looking forward to 8 dec.

~ [ evon ] ~
tml dar coming back le. =)
miss and love ya.

Evon's xD

Saturday, November 25, 2006 11:58 PM

wootx...tired tired tired.
just come back from escape.

had a bad bad weather.

meet 2e3 at small mac thr at 10am.
maybe i was late??
but i nv...cus i walk at tm..hahax...

nvm...weiling is late!!
took 3 and bus-ed down to downtown east.
was toking craps with them..
wanna call bao see whether she coming ma..
den took no. from mich.
i called the wrong no. sia...argh...so peisehx..

aniwae...reached escape le.
saw jiang mama...wanna gif her BOO de..but failed~
aniwae...jiang mama was cute loh...hahax...
money money money...so much...$84.
wootx...how i wish its mine...lolx..=x
we went in and the first ting is to sit the flipper..
was fun...sat the 2nd round.
not scary at all loh..
den went to rainbow...wootx...sat with weiling..-.-
she KEEP squeezing me...nvm..i squeezed her back...hahax..

went to wet and wild after tat..
partner with weiling again..
hahax...i sat infront...she sat behind.
keep spraying water at me...-.-
hahax..we didn't shout at all!!

after tat..went family coaster.
i was lyk my head gonna drop off from my body at the end thr loh.

went to haunted house to play..
maybe its my first time??
hahax...was damn dark inside nia...not scary.
2nd time went in was damn scary..dunno y..
maybe becus got kaiwei ba..lolx.

went to bomber boats.
queued until super super long.
huiji,weiying and min ning keep shoting me sia...
hai me so so wet
den went to take our ice cream...hehex..we are sots.
so cold still eat ice cream...
den went to eat at BK.
was FULL.
den pamm and michelle gave the cookies to weiling as it was her birthdae tml.(2 mins to her birthdae)

went back escape but it was raining.
so had to wait till the black clouds are gone.
finally its GONE...thanx goddness.
went to queue at flipper first...craps lots with kaiwei,weiling,michelle,pamm and shermeen.
damn funny..
went back to RAINBOW..
hehex..sat with WEILING again!!
hahax...den went to take photos of jiang mama.
den went pirate ship...sat the highest.
sat beside weiling again...lolx.
shermeen had the last game with us den went back.

shermeen had no expression when playing anithing.

i forget which one de pirate ship...
queue-ing tat time was damn damn funny...
kaiwei de sis...hahax...i laughed until siao..

blah blah blah~

was at night.
damn shuang.
sat the flipper..was at the top tat time.
wootx...the scenery was beautiful!!
was dark and the cresent moon was at the side.
i lyk tat...(the most)

kai wei sis was cute..but ke lian.

erm...went sat the toot-toot train.
hahax...so childish..=)

went off le...took photos.
gonna ask them sent me...hehe.
went to costa sand(tink so ba) to eat.
walked until MRT...jiang mama sae she had to go back le..
okie den...

i skipped my dinner..=)

haha...singyee de 'guai tai' kanna put in mich bag.
she didn't realise after we told her..
funny she.

sat MRT back to tamp.
omg...i found out tat i got EVIL LAUGHER
my laughing was scary...too bad..i can't change it
its my laugher aniwae.
walked to cherie's house..didn't noe tat she bian jia(moved house) le.
until she sae it...peiseh...my wire couldn't connect fast.

mich and me is crazy

i decided not to walk home and to take 293 with singyee and alan.
singyee ar..blur queen...forgot her wallet at cherie's bag..
and cherie had gone back home.
omg...we had to go to her house to take back.
outside the lift.
singyee: "wo wang ji she live on 12 floor or 11 floor."
i saw the corridor was dark.
me: "da dian hua gei cherie..and ask her."
we scared until....
den sae need to walk all the way and walk down.

OMG...was dark and i remembered it was lyk the haunted house..
me: "hao xiang haunted house leh singyee."
singyee screamed and ran.
i followed.

lolx..was scary sia..
asked cherie to pei wo men to the lift.
hahax...den went to meet alan at the bus stop.
he had waited for us so long..
peiseh ar...hahax..

bus came and board.
walked to the back.
i saw a guy so familar and was looking at us the direction..
after tat singyee told me..her kor was at the back..
no wonder tat guy so familar loh.

im the last to get down the bus and the last to reach home loh.
stupid sia...
i tot i saw my kor's room de light and the kitchen de light is on.
i sae got ppl at home le.
reached home..
the door was locked..so secure.
opened the door.
i supposed to get lights..
but didn't..omg..tink i saw wrong things liao.
was dark again...i hate DARK.
make me hair stand.

went bath den on com and here blogged.
i tink got fever le..hope dun haf ba.

dunno y am i hyper and crazy 2dae.

~ [ evon ] ~
hope dar had fun in malaysia.
is he sleeping now?
miss u le.

Evon's xD

9:47 AM

yesterdae night just could't sleep at all..
keep tossing around the bed for dunno how many hours..
using lots lots of ways to sleep..
just couldn't sleep at all!!

wootx...later gonna go escape..
its class outing..

hope dar haf fun in malaysia ba..=)

~ [ evon ] ~
missing u

Evon's xD

Friday, November 24, 2006 3:53 PM

watch tis..
was damn funny.

Evon's xD

1:23 PM

maybe should train my sense of direction..

my heart pain.
it's lyk thousands of needles poking into my heart.
wat happened??
i dunno.

dar going to malaysia 2dae or tml??
if tml, tink can't see him le.

~ [ evon ] ~
dun ever make broken promise to me.

Evon's xD

Thursday, November 23, 2006 11:01 PM


weiling ps me...lolx
sae gonna go out tml..
but cancel le..

tats mean tml i will gone mad at home!!

erm...let me tink 2dae did wat..
er...oh ya..
i just create a new drink.
milk + milo powder.
quite nice..
go try it ba....

oh ya..
tinking tat my mama is so so..ahem
i was a-chu-ing twice.
me: "you ren xiang wo le."
mama: "hahax..wo loh."
i was so -.-

~ [ evon ] ~
sianx..did i realli scare??

Evon's xD

2:55 PM


i was so so sianx...
just went down to have my lunch with my mama and daddy.
ate noodles..
the soup was so so HOT
den my she tou kanna burnt.

saw my pri. sch teacher, mdm lau..
i tink she nv saw me ba..
den saw VP, mr soon.
saw my pri. 5 music cher...omg..so long nv saw her le..
saw regina,sharon chua,desmond and johnathan.
saw some ppl but i forgot their name le..

dar 2dae come back le.=)

~ [ evon ] ~
yue lai yue kai jin.
wo yue lai yue pa.

Evon's xD

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 11:35 PM

my right waist pain again??
can't take it when walking,sitting and standing..
had to press it hard when walking.
hope tml won't pain le ba.

wondering wat dar doing now..

aniwae gonna go out soon..
but not tml.

im bored to death.

~ [ evon ] ~
haix..when is the pain gonna stop??

Evon's xD

12:22 PM


im so so so bored.
i wan go watch movie.
maybe tml going watch movie??
i dunno la...
oppx..is cancel.
so tml is FREE

2dae damn song.
cus now den i wake up.
yesterdae night halfway sms-ing with dar till i slept..
lolx...sorrie dar.
aniwae..wake up 2am.
saw sms.
den reply dar...
he haven sleep yet..
hope he got sleep ba.

maybe 2dae celebrating my kor b'dae ba..
cus tat dae hes busy so cannot celebrate..

erm...wat should i sae..
bored bored bored.
sian sian sian.

~ [ evon ] ~
looking forward to sat.

Evon's xD

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 3:20 PM

erm...hope i can remember all the awards ba...
let me think.

Most Talented Award - Cheryl
Singer Award - Yong Shuang
Most Beautiful Smile - Candy (brenda)
Most Funniest Award - Kai Wei
Most Fashionable Award - Vanessa
Most Noisest Award - F4 [brenda,pearline,amanda,elaine]
Most Compatible Award - Cheryl and Yan Zhi* (min ning and zhan jie)
Most Sexiest lip Award - Amanda Lim (joshua or how cher.[can't remember])
Most Quiet Award - Choong Han
Baby Face Award - Samantha Wong
Mother Goose Award - Wanny
Mr Choir - Yan Zhi (wilbert)
Ms Choir - Cheryl (jia na)

() - i choose de.

oh no..i tink i forgot some awards le...
actually the compatible award ritex...got 2 tie loh..
cheryl and yan zhi V.S min ning and zhan jie.
den they let the senoir choose whether who...
so cheryl and yan zhi won by 1 vote.

bleahx...was fun..
got alot of fun
i miss camp and peers support course.
i miss dar.
i miss my bed.
i miss my com.
i miss my nice foods.
i miss my friends.
i miss everyting.

lolx...ya rite..i miss everyting.

maybe dar is on his way to camp ba.
so funny sia..
me just camp finish.
den he got to go camp.
hope he had fun in camp.

~ [ evon ] ~
no comments

Evon's xD

Monday, November 20, 2006 6:24 PM

IM BACK!!!!!~~~~
got miss me??..=x

was feeling veri veri tired.
i tink im gonna sick.

lets talk abt my choir camp.

[18.11.2006] =)

was the first dae of camp.
actually be4 tat..
my kor's gf came our house to sleep..LOL.
aniwae...they slept together...=x
hahax...tats y i so late sleep(1.30am) cus wanna see his gf looks.
nv see be4...my kor keep saeing me fat..
but indeed im fat
aniwae..back to camp...hahax..
i find out tat my bag look so so de small..
tot tat did i forget to bring anything.
cus my bag is damn the small.
went to meet min ning at fp...den saw jennifer on the way.
saw their bag super big...expectionally min ning de..
erm..walked to sch de parade square.
first thing zhan jie sae is the rules..
blah blah blah..

saw my darling kaiwei...so long nv see her since sch end.
she had dye her hair brown?...
sort of having craps with her.
den all was divided into their own groups..
thr is 5 groups in total..
all was in their group le...me den realised tat im the only person doesn't haf the group..-.-
WAT THE ****!!!!!
they forgot me!!!
how can it be sia..
me lehx...how can forget abt me..sob sob..

they put me in group 5.
argh...i hate u(the one who forget my name).
aniwae...was in the group of loratta,sharon and how cher.
my group members consists of BRENDA,JIA LIN,HUI QI,KRYSTAL,WILBERT.
group name is RAIZEK.

so funny sia...only brenda thr supportive nia...
got one part damn funny...
how cher was saeing : "Raizek ooi!!!"
den i sae : "PUI!!!"
oppx...=x...i didn't mean it to pui de...
cus dunno got a mosqitoe go my lips thr...den i sae pui loh..

after tat..went to our quaters to put our bags..
den went to music room to sing..as it was a working camp.
we gonna SING for 6HOURS todae and TML!!!!
3rd gonna SING for 2HOURS..
i hate it..it was bored aniwae.
was cold in music room...almost freeze to death.

around 4.30pm...we gonna go for next activities..
veri fun loh..
our group played once nia...the other played twice!!!???
aniwae was fun..i didn't hit anione..
rebacca throw and kanna my left ear...pain sia..
is not counted...
we lost..
den went bath first.
the food sux..not nice de...
didn't eat..den went to parade square to slack time..


didn't sleep well...keep waking and sleeping,waking and sleeping
need to wake up by 6am..sot de loh..
did exercise..-.-
den slack until haf breakfast.
breakfast was the only delicous food of the 3 daes..
went for practises again..
freeze to death again...cus i nv bring jacket..argh.

after practises...we ha activities next..
called the HUMAN MONOPOLY.
it was somthing lyk napfa test lyk tat loh...
im so brave sia...
even though i noe wats animals they put in the boxes..
i still dare to put in my hands in it.
1 box is the mealworms,2nd is the frogs.
i proud of my group,RAIZEK.
even though we got 2nd in the end..we did our best.

we got this ceremony called the prize award ceremony.
was damn exciting and fun.
aniwae i lyk tis veri much ba...
maybe the next post shall sae abt the award..hahax..
wootx...min ning and zhan jie...
hahax.....gratx min ning....got xin fu le....=x.

after the ceremony.
we watched a movie called sister somthing de..
quite nice...is abt singing de..
den went to sleep...damn cold in the ava room...can't take it..
tink gonna sick liao.
now got flu le..

sleep until 4 plus am...
cus wanna go toilet..
had to go alone...dare not called ppl as they were sleeping so soundly.
i so brave sia...but hoh..
still scared...hahax..
ke pa lehx..si gen pan ye..
den went back sleep..
kanna a kick from kaiwei first..
den later on...is vanassa...lolx..


wake up at 7am..
den meet at basketball court...cause got exam going on.
played chop-chilli-chop-chilli-chop chop chop.
since not alot of ppl noe how to play..
we decided to play concentration...
but it didn't go long jiu break le.
so we played blow wing blow...
tis game is abt a person gonna stand in the circle..
middle person:"blow wind blow"
us(those who is sitting):"blow what??"
middle person:"blow those people who is wearing spect."(can be anything else)
den those ppl who is wearing spect will change their place around the circle..
the one who is the last standing is the one to become.
so fun..

went eat...need to go to dnt block thr eat...
me,kaiwei,jiana and ivy sat together and eat....
we four ate a total of 14 fishballs altogether..=x.

went for choir practise again..
did the choreo of sway..
den reflection of the camp...
den ms tan did a briefing of the NSYAA(somthing lyk tat)

den played with the balloons...
went tm with clarissa and vanassa..
saw bao at inter when im going back...
and now im here blogging..
peiseh is damn long..hahax....

gonna sick.
tired...maybe some sleep will help??

~ [ evon ] ~
wo miss dar.
wo zhen de hen pa.

Evon's xD

Saturday, November 18, 2006 12:27 AM

7hrs to camp..

and also

2dae 2nd month le.

~ [ evon ] ~
no feeling so well

Evon's xD

Friday, November 17, 2006 11:53 PM

2dae is happy while sad and of cus tired.
i tink im gonna faint le.
aniwae wake up early again..
den meet mich at fp de but in the end at bus-stop
walked to sch thr.
haix...called jiang mama out abt the class tee for kaiwei.
but somthing happened...shall skip it.
quite alot of ppl wanna change class..
maybe they dun lyk the class.
mr wong damn ke lian sia...
talked so much to a malay gal de daddiie??
den he(gal's daddiie) lyk keep argue-ing.
the feeling like gonna fight.

erm..went for the course thingy.
was the last dae..ya...was sad.
from tis course, i met alot alot of new friends..
such as cassandra,han jun,jing xin,yong keong,sabri,julianah,meutia,natalia,ernest and gary.
first activity is the circle thingy.
den 2nd is knots.
was kinda fun and funny.
we cheated..hahax..
aniwae we DID success..

after is lunch time..(oh no..is knots first or lunch..omg..my stm is getting worser)
aniwae...since stepha and mich sae the food is disgusting.
we decided to go for mac since we got 2hr15mins free time..
as the malays or muslim gonna to pray.
erm..after mac...go find their laogong.
omg, i was so so EXTRA
aniwae..i did siam.but in the end still cannot..
hahax..went tm for walk walk..so to waste time.
den went back to sch by walking..
my rib-cage thr suddenly very very pain....
dunno y pain..so long nv kanna le..
tot hao liao..aniwae..
was pain until quite sometimes..

lucky we are not late.
so we played game which is R[A].
called the HUMAN SNAKE
i was lyk stunned.
is lyk put ur right hand in between ur two legs..
den the person behind you used her/his left hand to hold on to ur right hand.
we were supposed to skin.
wat it mean is the last person will go under ur ass
the first time i heard was lyk...
my rib-cape pain again..
argh...can't take it..
but when i see those ppl who is still crawling.
den heard those encouragement.
i press harder to my pain tis time.

erm..gonna to the closure le.
was sad...hahax..
got tis friendship web thingy.
den we will throw the string to everyone and sae wat contributions they did.
den the leaf we supposed to write wat u wanna take home from tis course.

took photos.

went off with mich to find weiling.
den to do the thingy.
go the thingy finish le.
sat at the 842 de letterbox thr chit chat with mich,weiling,ruiling and ruo ning.
tok craps.
den ruiling and ruo ning go off first.
den weiling took pics of us..
took so many...go weiling blog to see our pics.
quite nice.
went home after tat..
tml gonna to camp le....

i tink im gonna faint and die.

~ [ evon ] ~
argh..hope to see dar tml..hehex.

Evon's xD

11:05 PM

yesterdae nv blog..
was tired to blog anything.
basically, yesterdae morning went out with my mum to tm.
eating breakfast at mac.
den went to cs de OP to buy clothes and pants.
bought alot..
wa..was about $60+
so ex..

den went home after tat.
erm...did wat ar.
i tink i forgot le..
oh ya...i went sleep.
den woke up by a phone call.
my mum disappeared...lolx..
aniwae played com.
nth much le ba..

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 10:17 PM

2dae morning went to the peers leadership course..
heng ar..at first not so boring not lyk mondae de..
the funniest part is when we are playing the artist,clay and model..
den when han chun was de clay..
he was supposed to be blindfolded
den was to listen artist's instructions to pose wat model is posing.
but the problem is tat HE DUNNO WHERE IS THE ELBOW??!!

den was near de end le..
played the last activities...
called the positive gifts.
lots of them sae im quiet.
den some sae im cute...??
den after dunno who ar..
jing xin sae, "VERY GD."(with two hands thumb-up)
cassadra, "....VERY GD."(with two hands thumb-up)
me "...VERY GD."(same as their action)
we keep saying very gd,very excellent??(sabri sae)...
so funny loh..

den someting happened...
suddenly feel lyk crying sia..

den later went with DUMB@SS and went to find DUMBASS
cus doing somting..
den stupid weiling....
give wat stupid ideas......
hai michelle dropped her things on the ROAD..
den me had to go pick up for u all..lolx..
i risked my life for u two le..

den when carring de thingy back to the path.
got hurt my hand..
skin peeled out nia....den pain.
got a bruise on my right kneecap thr.
y am i always get hurt de?????
pain ar

den was tired tired tired..
LUCKILY tml no need wake up so early...
gonna for choir camp le..
haix...y must be 18.!!!!!
i dun wan.....
i hate choir
choir ***

aniwae...morning near the food palace there..
got an accident..
wootx..de car bang until so nice sia..
the traffic post kanna bend..(bend until gonna dropped lyk tat)
den the traffic light and the green man/red man de thingy dropped from the post to the floor.
at first i didn't see it loh..
cus everytime i walked to the traffic light(for ppl de)..
i will watched the fornt there de traffic light(for cars de) see whether change to red le ma..
den was lyk so weird loh...no lights?red nor green nor orange??.
i tot i couldn't see properly loh..tot my eyesight become worse le..
den i saw the others traffic lights also not working..
after a moment..saw no cars den i cross..
saw ambulance.
cross half way den saw got accident.
i was slow.

~ [ evon ] ~
was so so tired tired tired..
however,i miss dar.
dreamed of u again.

Evon's xD

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 7:02 PM

omg..i tink i will lack of sleep le..
but now cannot sleep..
gonna go out later on.
tis week keep so late sleep den so early wake up....

2dae went for choir sectional early in the morning.
i WAS choosen for leading the warm-up with ivy.??
i was silly.

den went have our lunch at A1 with sharon,jennifer and min ning.
craps with them.
while walking back to sch.
we did something damn funny.
you yong de ren -.-
i was silly.

did warm up again with whole choir.
den go through the 3 songs tat we gonna SING in victoria concert hall later on.
was nerd.
wearing sch uniform with TIE!!!??
aniwae went thr by bus.
all my frends had change their hp.
sharon de hp nokia 5300..
joshua de hp sony ericsson w850i.
weiling de hp sony ericsson w850i.
how cher de hp sony ericsson k610i.
rui yang de nokia 6233.

seems tat w850i was gd.
but i dun wan.
heard tat k800i not veri gd.
but i not sure now.(whether wanna buy ma)
im confused.?

i tink some of de hp tat maybe i wan?
nokia 5330?
nokia 3250?
LG chocolate?
still confusing..
or maybe u have more sony ericsson or nokia to recommand?
recommand to me ba...thanx.=)

forgot to continue..
listened to lots of sch how they sang..
wa.all so gd sia..
when we are gonna on the stage.
i was so so so de scared and nevours.
when on the stage le.
i can hear MY OWN HEARTBEAT!!!
aniwae, i lyk pierce sec de goodbye.
veri nice.=)

went home and blogged..
later gonna go do somthing..
gonna out.

~ [ evon ] ~
i miss u

Evon's xD

9:06 AM

yesterdae saw a newspaper when we are told to fold aeroplane..
the guy very pro.
when he was 12, he goes into drug.
i forgot wat he did at the age of 14.
but at the age of 16, he did a armed robbery.
is lyk wat the. only 16 do this kind of thing le.
den he smoke 20 cigrate per day..
he was jail 5 years and 24 canes.
he yelled at the judge,"if i see u outside, i will beat you up."
is lyk he veri daring.

later gonna go for choir sectional le..haix..
not enough sleep.
den after tat, should be going to victoria concert hall.

mich mummy - who are u disappointed in???

~ [ evon ] ~
wo zhen de hen xiang dar

Evon's xD

Monday, November 13, 2006 10:02 PM


Evon's xD

Sunday, November 12, 2006 7:53 PM


can't get k800i 2dae....

i hate my dad.!!!!!!!
so selfish de..
i hate him
hate him......

von is no longer the past von le..
i doubt von is dead.
now de von can't even control herself..
ming ming sae dun cry le..
but it doesn't seems to listen...
tears just keep dropping,even im alright.
can i ever be the back the past von??

~ [ evon ] ~
cried for the whole evening..
feel lyk crying now..
can't control =(

Evon's xD

3:55 PM

2dae no exception...
wake up so early sia....
can't sleep again...
late night veri late den sleep..somehow still wake up early..

have a night mare last night...
i dun wan tis nightmare to be real..

den sms with dar..
after tat..watch tv..
den play com until now..
sianx loh..
maybe later gonna go out ba..

~ [ evon ] ~
hao xiang dar.

Evon's xD

12:16 AM

as in the early post..i sae tat going out with my mich mummy and daring laopo..
actually gonna go out the house le..
den my kor called..
ask me to help him send lyric to him....
lolx..told him i gtg out le..he dun care..wan me help him.
den zi hao help him le...
haix...sorrie mummy..had u to wait for me..
lolx...den went fp thr...saw mich mummy thr le..
she bought passion fruit red tea...
den went to buy newpapers..
guess wat??
wasted our money...lolx..
just to find jobs and looking for handphone..
argh...lolx...and the jobs aren't for us except for 1...
but full le...lolx..

must see my mum de boss how le...
hope faster haf work for us...

den was raining cats and dogs...wootx..was cold..
called DUMBASS come down...
guess wat again????
she still sleeping and sae its still early and is 2+ le..
sleeping lyk pig..

den was drenched.
just as wat mich and dumbass sae...
we from dry to wet, wet to dry..
bus-ed down to inter..
was cold~~~
tink gonna sick liao..

went to eat at LJS
den go see handphone..
k800i only $298..

den went buy present for sharon and joshua..
so long den buy...lolx..
im gonna bankrupt..
took 293 went back home..
buy food..

i so envious mich mummy and dumbass..
cus they can sleep until so so late..
i cannot de loh..i dunno y..
lyk the 3rd dae of the chalet..also the last dae..
i slept around 12am..
den the next morning..wake up 8. 30am..
lolx..im siao ritex..den cannot sleep back again...haix..

den yesterdae also 12am sleep..
den 2dae morning 8+am wake up...
sianx....i wan sleep longer!!!!
teach me how..lolx..sob sob

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Saturday, November 11, 2006 11:49 AM


later gonna go out with mich mummy to look for jobs..
dunno whether can find anot..
later calling wei ling out too...=)

stupid kors...
hai me go down twices...
they forgot to bring down things..
den call me to help them bring down..
gtg le!!!..

~ [ evon ] ~
can see dae ma??

Evon's xD

Friday, November 10, 2006 2:29 PM


if not im gonna die at home le..
anione wanna go out tml???

~ [ evon ] ~
i wan go out!!!

Evon's xD

11:08 AM

haPpiiE biRthdAe t0 du0 jiE!!!~~~
haPpiiE biRthDae t0 my koR!!!~~~
~ [ evon ] ~
wat to do??
can't see dar..miss him,,

Evon's xD

Thursday, November 09, 2006 10:09 PM

Its OVER...

3 days 2 nights so fast gone le..

haPpiiE biRthdAe to my mei,JOCELYN!!!~~~
haPpiiE bElaTed biRthDae to my mei,PUI MAN!!~~~

First Dae [7 nov]

went to meet dar, huiji,yichong and min ning at inter...
waited for them..
while waiting for dar..
got 2 gals dunno from which church...
came and ask me and huiji to do a survey...
it was abt BGR...
talking BGR became dunno wat abt god de..
wat is the link between BGR and believing in god???
den me and huiji sat thr and listening to them..
they asked alot of Questions..
and talk until so chim loh..dun even understand it..
sae wat do u believe god created humans being?..den do u believe in god?..

after tat..
dar come le...
bus-ed down to downtown east..
walked to aloha loyang...
bungalow 13 was so inside..quite scary thr..
reach thr le..realised tat no one is inside the bungalow..
called mich....they all at ntuc buying things...
den no choice....went to beach thr to slack.....
was kinda sian dao to bet the ship...lolx..

damn funny loh..
we all went to a room..
lyk kids room....got the balls thingy...
played with the balls..
lolx...i dunno wat happened loh..
only saw huiji,min ning and yi chong gone off the room..
cus i was at the slide thr rest..
den i was a lady and sae tat only 12 and below den can play the thingy..
she sae can sit thr and watched TV only..
dar pretend to watch the TV..
lolx...den i nodded my head..she went out..
saw choong han..
den walked to bungalow again
while walking..i saw tat every bungalows de fence thr..can climb in de..
cus veri short and got holes de..
den i sae tat we climb in loh..
hahax..realli..we climb in and opened the glass slide for choong han and yc..

was so funny..
den weijing called me..so surprised..
tell him tat we in the bungalow...
den soon jiang mama and others came in..
asked us how we got in..
amos's uncle brought pizzas to eat for dinner..
i ate 1 piece of pizza nia..
when i go and take 1 more...pizza finished le..lolx..
so din eat..
watched vcd..
i ton..nv sleep..
saw how they played the mahjong..
den noe how to play liao..

2nd Dae [8 nov]

around 5 plus..
went to beach to see the sunrise..
but din..lolx..
den mich they all came find us..
later mich weiling went back to chalet to call mac for breakfast.
mich nv order yc de food..in the end become sam din haf..
so mich and sam shared..
went bath..
played mahjong....
bbq time..
i ate a hotdog only..
no appetide ma..

was happy ba..=x
den help jiang mama took photos..
watched them played ps2
mich they all gif jiang mama vcd..
after tat..they took the cake and gif dj a surprised..
around 12am plus..
walked to beach...
was lyk a group of kids going outing lyk tat.
having nice time with dar..

sat at the rock thr...
see the sea,sky,star...
lolx..after went back to chalet..
argh..no place to sleep...lolx..
haix..i tink i having night walking??
lolx...i dunno..

finally i cna't tahan le..
i went to sleep...
i dunno how i get to the bed from the chairs..

3rd dae [9 nov]

woke up at around 8 plus cus my hp vibrate..
saw min ning beside me..
den walked out the room...
jiu ting dao sam saeing evon wake up le..
is lyk so peiseh loh..
den saw deborah in room 1..
went in and sat..talked to them..
get a call from sharon...
den went to the living room..
they were playing games..as they wanna finished up the foods..
hahax..i din play..
all jiu sae me wake up le ar..so embarrass loh
suddenly all go to room 4 to sleep and play..
den talked to dar..=)
all so funny loh...
gonna walked in, saw us den first reaction is sorrie sorrie..
jiu walked out.

den gerald damn funny loh..
everytime walked in jiu sae gd morning..
hahax...min ning wake up le..
sae gd morning to her..nv reply..
time to check out le..
went to downtown east de foodcourt to eat..
shared with mich..
den bus-ed down to inter..
down from the stadium thr..
walked to oppsite sch wait for pamm..
mich and pamm went home to put bag.
den we 4 went to the playground wait for them..
followed by min ning,huiji,pamm and mich reached..
played daidee again..lolx..i won.

went back le...
dar ps me..=(
nvm...cus he veri tired also..
so pei huiji wait for her bus....
den bus-ed home..
the first ting reached home is..
went to my bed and sleep..
damn tired..
den woke up and bath..
watched goong..den went eat..
here to blog le..
gonna sleep again..
gonna rot again le....

~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 9:21 AM


finally 7 nov le..
waiting for this dae veri long le..
cus 2e3`06 chalet ma..=)

will not blog tml..
so dun miss me..=D

gonna meet dar,yi chong and huiji later..

~ [ evon ] ~
how will the chalet lyk.?

Evon's xD

Monday, November 06, 2006 11:36 PM

erm...2dae go cca in the morning..
was tired...

re-sing the 3 songs again..
haix..den go through the yue liang dai biao wo de xin.
argh..i can't get the notes..
must pratices le..

stupid zhan jie...talk so many craps..
hai wo late to meet weiying and weiling..
haix..den tml got sectional..but i cannot go cus GOT CHALET!!!
finally we are released..
min ning wanna also...wootx..
more ppl le..but still 4..
den went to meet weiling...
den to my hse..
blah blah blah........

dao le wild wild wet..
went to top up funkey..
went in..wootx..
the person at the entrance talk super chim de loh..
can't understand wat she talking..hahax.
go locker thr...put our bags...
the man thr also talks veri chim...
can't understand...
den min ning went change clothes..
weiying accompany her..

went to the round round thingy to swim for 1 round..
jiu go to the slides thr played..
i lyk the yellow slide..wootx..
den went to sit ulah..(i tink spell wrong le)
the first time min ning so funny loh..
kanna splash by the water..
aniwae..go to the sky-riders later..
went up...need queue..
nvm..we are patient..
finally our turn le..
while waiting to go next..
the guard thr so funny loh..
ask us..
guard: "u 4 are friends??"
us: "ya. why lehx?"
guard: "cus u all wearing black shirt.."
us: "we cannot wear black shirt ar?"
guard: "veri obvious"
acutally i wanna sae..if obvious ar..den still ask for wat...lolx..
den dambass sae to me..
dambass: "den y are u wearing white colour?"
lolx..dambass u so lame..-.-

blah blah blah...

went played samsung..
argh..need queue again..
lolx..den queue loh..
weiying and min ning went up first..
den followed by us..
wa..we two are clumsy
lolx..went up le..
u noe wat the first word the guard sae..
guard: "u two again?"
us: "huh?"
guard: "just now u saw me"
i den looked to the sky-riders thr..the guard thr become gal..
we both laugh..
guard: "u two played how many times?"(pointing to the boat)
us: "1 times"..
den get ready loh..
our legs position was weird..
den the guard sae: "ur leg go abv her leg(referring me)...ur leg go below her leg(referring to weiling)"
lolx..was damn embarrassed..
was shiok

blah blah blah..

went to the kallang waves thr..
was kinda fun thr..
but kanna choke by the water..
lolx..keep drinking the water..
weiling sae: "we are the tsunami survivors"

alot of things happened..
lazy to tpye..=)

went to the spa thr..
wa...our shirts and shorts keep floating up..
cus the pockets keep got bubble de..

went back to ulah again..
dunno how many times we sat le..
went to change le..
den wanna eat thr de..
but den min ning cannot..
need go home le..
aniwae..we followed her go back tam inter..
as she dunno how to go back..
we were tired
i morning and lunch nv eat..

so at the bus was sleepy..
finally at tam inter..
went kfc to eat..
need queue again..
ask wei ling go queue up..=)
den sat awhile..
weiling sae she saw mich,pamm and ahem..
i called mich..sae we saw her..
mich: "oh..realli??i nv saw u all lehx.."
me: "cus u bai chi ma"(didn't mean it=)
she den came find us..

den they both gone le..
saw sam and his friends..
den sam hii to me or us..
i lyk pretend didn't hear lyk tat
den dunno wat happened la..
one by one of his friends kept looking at us..
den still laugh..
i dun lyk i dunno de ppl lyk tat de..
was lyk....
i can't get angry de...
cus i realli dunno how to get angry..
if i angry...also is pretend de..

aniwae went home after makan-ing..
wait for my bus again..
den ta-bao for my family loh..

~ [ evon ] ~
wootx..tml chalet le..
still haven pack
can see dar too..=)

Evon's xD

Sunday, November 05, 2006 8:00 PM


i wan sony ericsson k800i!!!!~~~~

my dad sae gonna pay $300..while i pay $48.
i hope he won't bluff loh..
but mostly will de..

haix..will do adults wanna bluff us de..
i dun understand loh..

nvm..pei my mum to tm..
eat burger again..
den accidently bite my tougue..
den bleed loh..
i bite so li hai mehx

den went to see my wanted phone k800i..
i wan!!!
im despo for k800i..

i tink i change blogskin le..=)

~ [ evon ] ~
tml so less..

Evon's xD

Saturday, November 04, 2006 6:52 PM

haPpiiE biRthdAe t0 miN nInG!!!~~~
just watch half way de qing wat da sheng..
aniwae..was funny..haax..
was so tired...haix
tot my kor gonna reformat de com..
but in the end never.
haix..i tink all my things all gone..
need download songs again..
need download msn..
download games..
alots of things to redownload..
i realli realli fail in my ownself
im a failure..
i feel so extra sometimes..
am i so extra???
~ [ evon ] ~

Evon's xD

5:09 PM

wake up early in the morning..
dunno y everytime so early wake up for..
was damn tired..
argh..im gonna pleased my mum to let me go
on mondae to www..
i haven tell her anithing yet..

first ting wake up do is...to eat..
hahax..damn hungry..
erm...see i so guai 2dae..

get clear up my cupboard..
wa..many things to clear up...
lots lots lots of books..
see i so guai...
aniwae my cupboard now so so tidy..
den the funniest is tat...
i FOUND a $10 in a small book...
dunno wat book is tat..some sort of guide book ba..
den i flip the book ba..saw money...
hahax..red de..
took out..i shouted..
is tis real de or fake de..
is real de..
wootx..got $10..xD

den clear finish le..
here to blog..

~ [ evon ] ~
michelle pls pls dun ps me..haix..
sob sob..

Evon's xD

Friday, November 03, 2006 10:01 PM

4 more daes...

aniwae went out 2dae early in the morning..
meet weiling,michelle,wei ying and yi chong...
sae weiling at the fp...wearing black shirt..
den saw 3 of them wearing BLACK shirt too..
me also wearing black shirt loh..
we will be a black gang for 1 dae..

so funny sia..
we wanna play flour but none of us bring flour..
den went to the nearest mama shop and buy..
went min ning house...
called her out and asked her to take a bottle of water out..
cus we didn't bring water...
me and weiying played with the flour..so funny loh..

skip skip skip

den waited for wei ling at fp..
so went walking to inter to take bus 3 to downtown east..
saw her and him again...
yesterdae saw they two..now saw again..
mich was INSANE...
hahax..keep laughing and laughing..
erm...shall skip all these..
den was kind of ps wei ling behind...

walk around the downtown east..
saw wild wild wet..
actually me and mich can buy the tickets le..hahax..
but the others not enough money..
so suddenly we lyk beggars lyk tat..
called jiang mama asked if she can come downtown east and lent us money..
but she was at the hospital..den cannot loh..
haix..finally went to the foodcourt and ate kuay cham..

went to dar's house thr....
meet him loh..
was kind of happie?..
den mich and wei ling walked so fast...
shall skip all these

walked to library and cool down loh...
den saw some RA books..
take some photos..
shall post it again next time..

walked home..
took a nap..
was damn tired tired tired..
pls dun fang ge zi..

michelle - cheer up my mummy...=)..dun care they...care me can le..=)..hahax

stupid "von" in shermeen's blog - dun anihow use my name la..tot use others ppl name can get away ar..**** off la..

~ [ evon ] ~
looking forward to mondae

Evon's xD

Thursday, November 02, 2006 10:16 PM

yesterdae had a late sleep..
cus was confence-ing with dumbass and dumb@ss..

2dae went for choir..
but be4 tat...
i meet weiling to return report book first..
den go choir..
i was late..
haha...peiseh ar weiling..

saw mich,wy and yc at the sch gate thr waiting for us..
den went in loh..
call jiang mama out..
den return report book and take the class tee..

den went for choir after tat..
was sian loh..
was kanna scolded by mr ong..
cus when we should be outside to practice..
we did do our jobs..
but it seems tat our soft scream tat make mr ong angry..
cus of tat dragonfly loh..
die le ma..den when going in the music room..
min ning go and step it..
i was lyk heard the crunchy crunchy sound..
it was disgusting loh..

aniwae was release late..
so go find mich they all loh..
play daidee den swing..
went to eat chicken rice....
den go see got wat movie to rent for chalet..

me and huji "steal" sam de thingy in his bag..
he didn't realise..
den in the end return him back loh..

went to sing yee house..
see mich,weiling,sam and alan play majiong..
i dunno how to play..
but know abit abit nia..
den gamble with weiling,huiji and michelle...
den later alan come tai ti michelle...
but in the end nv pay the money loh..

went home and blogged..

~ [ evon ] ~
woots...5 more daes..=)

Evon's xD