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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 9:55 PM

omg omg luh. i PASS my PHYSIC TEST. =] *cheers!!* kekes. got 12.5/20. was kind of surprise.

wells, was lazy to blog about todae. so just do a summary out of it. erm.... tml got hist test and emath test. haven study yet and dun wish to study too. =x lazy me. =] todae got amath test, i did do one question, hope pass ba.

got sweets sweet from dar. Actually, i got sweet de but nevermind la, got extra sweet.=] I WAN MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE SWEETSSSS. okie, im mad. =]

had assembly todae, was kind of bored. i did copy notes down. =] was kind of sad/happy. i dun wan sae le. shall shut up my mouth. =x

went back to class as to decor the class. wells, put palm prints on the walls. ITS BLOODY! not really that nice.

im just tired of everything.

Evon's xD

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 9:00 PM


i forgot something in my last post. Kaiwei is funny luh. As my last post, i did sae we were being pushed ritex?? Got this guy keep pushing kaiwei behind. Then, me and her sis keep going front cus the ppl behind keep pushing in front luh. Instead of pushing in front, kai wei was being pushed behind. We were laughing at her luh. hahas.

erm... todae i was NEARLY late again luh. no choice, dunno why nowadaes keep so late luh. i was being SCARED by hui ji in the morning. Cuase this few daes, i keep hearing got ppl call me ma. But when i turned and looked, no ones. maybe really got "ppl" call me or my ears got problem?? argh. =x

cher told me to tie my hair. wonder is it nice anot. But i dun wan to tie sia, cus i noe not nice-looking de. Wells, NO pe cus cher nv come so change and went up to class do emath assignment. blah blah blah.

english. Do correction. amath next, i wan change cher!!!! i can't take mdm teng teaching le. DID COMPAINT TO MISS ZALEHA BUT SHE CAN'T CUS MDM TENG IS THE HOD MATH. =X was feeling sleepy in class. Proceeded with mt. cher was super angry and showing AP luh. Cherie ask him how to pronounce this word, he sae "wo bu zhi dao, ni men zi ji zuo". And he sae he going change. BUt dunno real anot. Hope sooo.

Ended with emath. and guess what?? i sleep the whole 2 periods. =x lazy pig me. =]] but i was guai and did the ws before she asked us to do. =] hehes. Having headache. =[

went choir. Was LATE. =] lateness me. wells, mr ong let us early todae cus we were guai and fast. wait for kai wei to wait for azleena. So we saw this group of NPCC was running towards the gate. And guess what?? we were laughing after they went in cus we saw something really very funny luh. we were PREVENT. =x Went to take photos and went home.

was feeling cold after returning home.

my dream is improving. =]
gratx me. kekes.
lols. i noe im lame.

Evon's xD

Monday, January 29, 2007 10:29 PM

omg luh. i saw WUZUN. Wells, saw him but not that near. he soo shuai can. hahas. dar dun jealous arh. =x

wells, todae i was NEARLY late luh. Cherie too, was behind me. And got one cher late luh, nv go recovery room de. Not good luh. Unfair. wells, i 7.05 then wake out of my house, i did not wake up late but was searching for my socks around the world. just kidding, is my house. wells, wear two different types to school luh.

the dae begins with chinese, erm... did corrections and was crapping. kekes. =]] Social studies is next, the subject that will make me sleep sooooo fast. doing the essay. recess then chemistry, cher return test paper and i fail by half mark. sianx. got 7/15.

emath was next, cher keep telling us changing of periods of amath and emath. made us soooo confused. Proceed with amath, i dun like mdm teng. She very what luh, keep asking us to do those question that we dunno. i like ms arnita than her although she was kind of fierce. Can we request for herrr????

slack outside classroom and chatting. Then, physic. Cher was kind of sad and angry with us cuase we forget what is critical angle. junQuan was funny luh. head up still can sleep de luh. ppl poking him also dunno. eng went library.

After that, went up actually want find michelle de. End up eating dar's chicken pie and peiseh arh, u nv eat. dui bu qi. wells, while walking down, we were talking about pain anott cause before that i cut my tongue while eating piie den i sae pain luh. REALLY very pain. then, stay outside sch gate, saw kai wei, sharon and guo qiang. Was talking about the star diie yesterdae. So ke lian luhh. hais. its fate.

Then, mdm saleha drove out the school and we were distrating[wrong spelling] her. Followed by mr tan, I was scared by him sia. Cuase that time i walk to there ma, then head up, saw him inside a small car. I was like laughing sia. =.- Then take bus to TM. peiseh dar, ps u. Wait for michelle and ruo ning. Saw mrs quek, then talk to her in bus cuase find that she was lonely. Talked alot. wait for kaiwei's sis.

Went up to open plaze. Standing thr waiting for wuzun and ella. wells, ppl were pushing and squeezing luh. Hate that. Dun they understand instruction??? Took some photos but not clear. =]]] Saw WUZUNNN. then went eat at mac with kai wei and her sis. Went home and blogged!!

peiseh. =[[
will make up de.. [[=

Evon's xD

Sunday, January 28, 2007 12:55 PM

it terribblle and horrriblee!!!!

yesterdae night, went out to get the rental car my mum and kor rent in the morning. Wells, at first went to the wrong car park and the innocent i just follow them. we can't find the car luhh. Then, mum keep saying this car park is 717a but its not luhh. It 723a. Then my kor sae the car is at 727a. omg luhh.

I lead the way as both of them dunno where it is. IM CLEVER DE!!! wells, so went there, quite far. And guess what?? We wasted half an hour to find a car??!!!! isn't it pathetic??
The car we searching for an hour.
wells, my mum scared me. Got heart attack liao. kors' not bad luhh better then mums'. maybe soon i will get car phobia toooo.
I haven do my homeworksss yet. omg.
can u tell me why u sadd????
please tell me please.
i will wan to noe.

Evon's xD

Saturday, January 27, 2007 8:41 PM

omg omg luh.

I REALLY MISSSSS 2E3 AND CHILDHOOD OF MINE. i guess everyone will miisss their childhood time. I was brought back to 2e3 this evening. Was watching all the photos we had taken and the movies and videos. I MISSSS THEM. omg luh. im going crazy sooner or later.

i going to create a ablum, a photo ablum of 2e3. The funny ones, the ugly ones, the warm ones.

Wells, i was telling mum about buying the ablum. She told me she got. I went finding and did not search anything but saw three ablums. omg luh. It was my mum and dad de wedding photos. i saw their sweetness and love through the photos when i saw the photos which they kiss each other and the one they at the bed hugging each other and smiled to the camera. omg, i was smiling when looking those photos. But now, they are like so sweet as last time. Do ppl changed when they married or trying to tell us not to get married?? I hate those ppl saying they will love you but soon they won't.
Heard that 3e6 painted their classroom with baby blue,baby pink, apple green and purple. wonder is it nice. looking forward to mon.

Jia You michelle!! I will help u fulfill the dream and of cus mine tooo. [[=

Does the dream call sweet?? i dunno. im not saying michelle's dream.
theres something im going to do before my birthdae.
- go vivo city.
- buy wei xiao pasta VCD
- do the 2e3 photo ablum
- go 2e3 outing
- watch deathnote 1 & 2 [wells, i think finish le]
- watch The Night at museum [i think it finish tooo]
- **** ** **** **** ***** [ guess urself]

Wells, when i got more. i will post it. wakakas.

wells, was chating with wei ling in msn. And we were lame. See below de conversation.

von says:

Weiling says:

von says:

Weiling says:

von says:

Weiling says:

von says:
... zzz

Weiling says:
zzz ...

von says:

Weiling says:

von says:

'Weiling says:

von says:

Weiling says:

von says:
weiis. keke

Weiling says:
keke .siiew

von says:
lols. diputs ma i

Weiling says:
lols. u am stupid

von says:
wrong le la

Weiling says:
al el gnorw

von says:

Weiling says:

von says:

Weiling says:

von says:

Weiling says:

von says:
diputs si gniliew

Weiling says:
evon is stupid

von says:

Weiling says:

von says:
diputs si gniliew

Weiling says:

von says:

wonder hows u??

Evon's xD

Friday, January 26, 2007 6:21 PM

chairs phobia!!

indeed! chairs phobia. yesterdae damn malu sia. stupid chair, spoil by me?? Then, alan's chair drop on my leg. pain luh. argh.

And a happiie birThdaE shErmeeN!!!

wells, morning took shermeen's cake to school meet weiling at the side gate. Then, walk half-way, rain was pouring. was drenched. put at the noodles stall de fridge. THANX UNCLE!! =]] Wells, went back to class. Did the journal thingy, was about technology is a blessing, do u agree? i talk craps sia. Chem, and had test of symbols. I did learn okie. I wrote all 24 elements. =]] I think im the one of the 17 who flunked yesterdae test. Did file-ing. Stupid them, keep sae-ing feilunhai bad words. Baddy them.
Next was emath, nth special. wells, recess can't celebrate cus different recess from mich and min ning so can't. Had to celebrate after school.
wells, phy test which im going to fail for it. Was crapping again. They guess that mrs quek's da yi ma come.

After school, went down to the canteen and took the cake. Waiting shermeen to come down. Duo jie damn funny sia, sae while i cutting the cake to others: "give shuo xin po mei you gei shou xin gong" We all heard it luh. =x hahas. Left 1 big piece for jiang lao shi. =]]

wells, next, we were out from school. We were planning to pour water at shermeen so we help her take all her things and everyone had a bottle of cold water. Almost 7 ppl include me, michelle, wei ling, hui ji, ting ting, jasmine and pris poured her. She was damn wet luh. manage to take pic. =] below.

shermeen was wet due by the rain??

"watch my hair!" by shermeen.

"see how wet i got from them"
say cheese! =]]

Went back to school and was late for choir. Anyway, was before mr ong. =]] wells, i was off pitch again. =x Choir did a surprise birthdae party for amanda, pearlyn and how cher. wells, wish them happiie birthdae again. =]] took pics too. [[=
Amanda. [=
How cher. =x

Pearlyn. *behind is hui zhuang*

woot. quick quick my birthdae come come. =]] keke. went to the NTUC. Nothing much to buy nor see. So saw this packet of sweets. Guess what it is.

saw what im gonna sae if u smart enough. =]]
have a nice dae ba.
gogogo. jia you von!!

Evon's xD

Thursday, January 25, 2007 9:38 PM

wells, happiie birthdae amanda!

tml will be shermeen's. =]] kekes. we LOVE her.

walk in the rain this morning to school. Was sort of fun?? Half-way to school, yu jun shelter me. thanx! wells, went up to the hall and wait. I find my voice weird weird de. The day started with chinese, cher keep sae-ing "ji zhong". In english is "concentrade". So, the whole chinese, we keep sae-ing "yao ji zhong!". Was debating about whether students should have an idol. Of cus, i sae i will!! So do u guys agree?

wells, recess time. And was celebrating amanda's birthdae. amanda lao le yi shui. =x Went up to class, and walked around. Saw 4e4 classroom, damn nice luh. They even PAINT the DUSTIN! Then, eng is next. Did the compre. Went ava room to have history, was paying attention to what they are teaching. Im guai!! Wells, amath next. Ms arnita, maybe i beginning to like her teaching. Her teaching was damn CLEAR and make me understand easier than mdm teng. Hope she be our amath cher. =]] Actually, she is good and she paised my xiao wu gui cute. =]] Lunch time, saw dar was copying jc de math. hahas. copy won't wrong, ya?

Mr tan was not here. And the last 10 mins, this mr lee the 2nd vp who everyone dun like him. He talk talk talk, never really listen to him cus was studing for chem test. DUN LIKE HIM. shoo~~~

The day ended with miss zaleha, I think i will flunk my test again. =x hope not and most likely will. tml still got physic and chem test. now studing for phy.

kekes. i had sweet dream. =]]
and finally, talk to u.
a happy happy day.
shall we continue??

Evon's xD

7:36 AM


i had another sweet dream. =]] And when i woke up i find my eyes watery. Isit too emo??
wells, i dunno. Or maybe because the flu. Its raining again.

and von is off to school and im going with a hyper and happy mood!! =]]

sweet dream. =]]]

Evon's xD

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 8:37 PM

i went to school!

lols, like i never go school like that. on the way to school, keep coughing and running nose. wells, in school was worse, cough until lung vomitting out.

was in no mood talking to them. peiseh. anyway, mdm saleha ask us copy those questions, why doesn't she photocopy for us?? Mr. tan was funny. nobody kind of nv listen to him den he teach 1 question for almost 1 hour?? Next is recess, wth in priscilia's mind. keep asking the question around. sorrie to shermeen and wei ling. i really really dun feel like eating cus in no mood luh. sorrie.

I hold back my tears, trying not to be seen. i really feel sad and terrible sad.

was physic next, and i try my best to listen but still can't. test is gonna coming and i haven prepare yet. History time. We actually went up to i-hub but it cannot be used so went back to class and our thingy. And here's come a fire alarm. We all thought that it was an announced fire drill. Then 4e5's teacher, Mrs Ramos was shouting, 'Please come out quickly unless you want to die'. Me and weiling was kind of sae-ing we dun wan die and ran back to class. me, chang hui and alan going be billion-air[spell wrong]?? ms ross was talking about the compasion[spelling error] to the war thingy. So cher wrote bound6.6 million = about $3900 + billion. We were like thinking how we were to do with the money. So we sae, buy a house in every country. THen, the school to become casino and arcade. Then donate 1 million to charity. So funny luh. The whole history time was talking about this.
Proceeded with social studies and did really listened to what cher was teaching as i was busy-ing coughing. =[[

Day was ended with miss zaleha. PC lessons. Was discussing about our classroom. I suggest something and gonna put out on walls. woots. can't tell what it is. shhh. =x
duo jie is funny. carry shermeen bag around and sae fashion show?

went to kfc to eat my breakfast + lunch? And shermeen was damn malu. see her blog to know more.

i really really hate you.
holding back my tears whenever see-ing you with ...
maybe we ain't so fated?? i really dunno.
ur image keep flashing through mine mind every time every dae.
when i heard that u have fun with .. i was jealous. it can't be control.
holding back my tears and din want to see u.
its not ur fault, its my feeling that troubles me.
the coldness u gave me. i was damn sad.
maybe i should let off my hands??
maybe u should tell me how am i suppose to do??
i dun wan u to sad just tat its hard to talk to u in sch.

Evon's xD

Tuesday, January 23, 2007 9:03 PM



dar sick too. must take care wors. everytime i sick u sick too. =[[ Got flu yesterdae and big monkey headache and sorethroat and abit fever this morning when going school. I think is cherie pass to me de. she so bad. Wells, got home and tell mum. guess what she sae?? she sick too. =[[ Did i pass to her and dar too?

hui ji cried due to the loo loo luh. She got tack in shirt sia. Then, the cher go pull out and sae she never tack in. you think u what arh, scold until student cried. you not a good cher. todae still got PE luh. Before PE, miss zaleha scold us due to the changing of place. =.- But i still play PE. maybe i want to make me even worse?? =]] do skipping and floorball. injured my hand by kiat wee. =[[ PAIN~~ recess time and never eat anything. kinda miss you.

So went back class, english lesson. And chang hui tio malu. =.- wells, amath next. teng nv come and arnita came and teach. Kanna scolded by her cus we the batch went toilet without permission. 18 of us. my head too pain le, going to faint like that luh.

next is chinese and cher go 3e6 classroom dunno go there for what luh. Then, lunch and went down eat, took tablet from michelle. thanx. =]] somehow, returning to classroom, everyone was looking at the grass pouch there. THen i was curious ma, so see what happen luh. Got beehive.

wells, got this malay so funny. got this guy use the stone and throw it at the bees. He ran up, and this malay guy went up and the bees go find him and his reaction damn funny luh. hahas. Emath next and nobody is listening to him? my group here is sort of showing their talents luh. Do this do that.

went choir although i sick, and i eat the medicine. Begining to feel so drowny, keep closing eyes. And i got sorethroat ma, i try to sing and i OFF PITCH luh. Can't get the high notes can only sing low notes. Something happened. I hate mr chaw, is like he never give zhan jie face de luh. everyones did mistake. And zhan jie's eyes teary teary. omg luh, i scare him cry sia. Do cheer up! =]]

home-ed and i slept till 7+. walked to the living room, was damn cold luh. Then, went down and bought dinner, although im sick i still go down buy. Cuase my stupid dad luh, dun want go and mum sickk. dunno whether going school tml ma. but i want see you and i dunno u coming school anot. got ace learning tml and i dunno i should go school ma. hais.

and i can't get ur love. =[[

Evon's xD

Monday, January 22, 2007 9:09 PM

von is gonna sick. =]]] having flu. keep arh-choo-ing and sneezing. =[[[

Wells, had school todae. went school and got moody, did want to attend ppl's word. maybe want to be a 1 day mute? So, they thought im going cry?? how silly, ain't??

after recess and i got normal back. cher changing our seats due to cher's complaining of the noise pollution. I sit near the window and sit behind the stupid alan. Jia wei's head blocking me, need to shift here and shift there. And she ask me whether she is blocking me, and guess what i sae?? i sae shes not blocking me at all. how silly me.

Chem. sort of the homework that we did. i flunk!! wells, wonder how the next coming test i get. i think i will be fail-ing. emath got 4 periods and we slack like siao luh. Our class keep going to the toilet. Time seems to be fast. Lunch time and im not eating just like others. Instead, i being raped by kai wei, sharon and wei ling!!! THEY ARE EVILL AND PERVENT!!! and i screamed like siao can. *malu*

went to phy lab to have our lens experiment. went to the foyer some to canteen. I went to the foyer. omg luh, the wind is soo soo strong can. It knock down cherie' lens to the group and it kind of lucky. never break. wells, my group doesn't seems that lucky. Got broken. =[[[

saleha seems to be angry. keep sae-ing shi+ shi+ shi+, and scold us luh. hais.

i saw i saw i saw u. =]]]
wells, it kinda sad ba. can't talk to u. =[[[
but see-ing u is my greatest wish.
talking to u is my greatest dream.
palm to palm with u is my heaven. =]]
my wish had become my everydaes need.
of cus, my dream and heaven too.

Evon's xD

Sunday, January 21, 2007 6:21 PM

Tuition in the morning. And i was late again! omg luh. i can't get over my late-ness-cancer.

wells, cher keep sae-ing me pro kia. I hate ppl sae-ing me like that. So, anyway did newspaper writing. cher still own us a treat. [[=

erm. haven touch my hw yet. omg luh. hais. im such a failure.

Chatting with weiying on msn. we were so so alike in each other. [[[= shall we continue be kanna like 'soulmate'?? hahas. now den i noe weiying is so so fierce. But nvm, she won't be fierce to me. [[[= dun ever betray her or not to make her angry if not u diie.

Wells. amos is gonna bring sweets tml. But he sae maybe. =[[ amos is baddy.

jia you dar.
you can do it de.

Evon's xD

Saturday, January 20, 2007 9:26 PM

Being wake up by a call from my kor around 8plus. Help him do thingy. Then cannot sleep back le, so play com till michelle and pamm come. wells, they got here and i was bathing! They waiting for me to open the door. -.= peiseh. Each took one baggy from me to put the flyers. And i had to bei 3 BAGS BACK HOME!!
Before going, off to cheers to buy nachos and ribena. Went 800+ to put the flyers. There was this post-uncle and post-auntie is blocking from our work and we three race against them. -.- Wells, almost all at 856 and 842 thr[the abcde de]. Almost 4/5 of the letter box were locked. cuase they got the brand new letter box. We finished around 3-4 plus and ate at cool house. =]]
And of cuase went home with this stupid weirdo rain. walking till cheers there le, it begin raining and stop when walking to poi ching. And it STARTED again when i was at the side gate. I was like wth?? Then walked to the bus-stop there, wanted to wait for the rain to stop and took pics while waiting.

The droplets of rain.

using the BEST PIC.

In the end, didn't wait for the rain to stop. If not, i won't be home now forever. Mum and dad went Casino ship. and im so lonely at home and bought my dinner.
can we get back to the pass?

Evon's xD

Friday, January 19, 2007 10:18 PM

got this shot as my dad want me to help him take.

Did something to it. =x

weiling's ice cream got a flower![so weird]

At girl's toilet.

It seems unique for me so i took it.

Mum had eaten it before i took. =[[
pictures is more then words. =]

Evon's xD

9:50 PM

wells, just got back from tuition. was waiting for dar to online so i blog to waste time.

todae had a chemistry pop-test. I wondered why is it call a pop-test. Actually, i did flunk the test badly. Got 3/10 actually. But got 5/10 in the end. =] just passed!! I think im gonna jia you le. cannot cannot slack le. JIA YOU!!

I hate the tuition there. it damn damn cold there luh. =[[[ i dun like. Soon, i will be like penguin. =x But penguin is cute!! =]


Evon's xD

5:44 PM


yesterdae saw a lot of ppl luh. saw dar, yc, wy,huiji,michelle, weiling. lols. von crapping again. Wells, while walking home with huiji, I saw my pri sch cher luh, MRS LIM. Omg luh. She still remember me and she taught me in PRi 2 only. At first, i din really saw her. Is she wave at me then saw her. I was so so surprise that she still know me cus was like 7 yrs nv teach me. She and jiang mama is the best cher i ever meet. of cus, still got lots. but so far, they are the best of all.

When i saw mrs lim, she reminds me of my pri sch times. THere's the place with no troubles [ as later i saw my pri sch de one of the stall vendor, she told me too.] And i remember the PSLE i had. I still remember i was the last person who went to submit the choices of school. Then, it reminds me of jonas luh. cause that time there was this guy[jonas] keep going school and sae what thingy[forget le]. And the cher beside him sae that i will be hard to get in junyuan sec. But in the end, i was in.

its firdae, it means still got 7 daes more to shermeen's b'dae.

Homework just like a running tap-water, it will never ends. Duo jie was crazy can. suddenly call me *ahem*. Shall not sae. He is crazy. I told myself this, wherever i change place, got this junquan keep blocking my views to the whiteboard!

was late for choir twice todae. =[ i was late everytime. MUST CHANGE!! wells, crapping with brenda.

Went home and din saw dar. He went to stadium. =x


Evon's xD

5:44 PM


yesterdae saw a lot of ppl luh. saw dar, yc, wy,huiji,michelle, weiling. lols. von crapping again. Wells, while walking home with huiji, I saw my pri sch cher luh, MRS LIM. Omg luh. She still remember me and she taught me in PRi 2 only. At first, i din really saw her. Is she wave at me then saw her. I was so so surprise that she still know me cus was like 7 yrs nv teach me. She and jiang mama is the best cher i ever meet. of cus, still got lots. but so far, they are the best of all.

When i saw mrs lim, she reminds me of my pri sch times. THere's the place with no troubles [ as later i saw my pri sch de one of the stall vendor, she told me too.] And i remember the PSLE i had. I still remember i was the last person who went to submit the choices of school. Then, it reminds me of jonas luh. cause that time there was this guy[jonas] keep going school and sae what thingy[forget le]. And the cher beside him sae that i will be hard to get in junyuan sec. But in the end, i was in.

its firdae, it means still got 7 daes more to shermeen's b'dae.

Homework just like a running tap-water, it will never ends. Duo jie was crazy can. suddenly call me *ahem*. Shall not sae. He is crazy. I told myself this, wherever i change place, got this junquan keep blocking my views to the whiteboard!

was late for choir twice todae. =[ i was late everytime. MUST CHANGE!! wells, crapping with brenda.

Went home and din saw dar. He went to stadium. =x


Evon's xD

Thursday, January 18, 2007 9:37 PM


its 4th month le. =] wells, dar happy 4th month. =]]] Jia you together. Gogogo.

first to sae happiie birthdae to hui ji. old liao. =x oppx. she so ke lian luh. people keep giving her birthdae bash.

chinese did compo. eng next, i love so much. had lots of laughter. Hist is next, omg luh. I dun even understand a single thing. Cherie is feeling unwell, and i volunteer to help her to class. cause i wan slack. ask her to go back home and she keep reject. So stubborn and in the end she went home to get a rest. Take good care of yourself cherie.
amath was alright but cher keep dropping homeworks for us. pass disc to dar. Then had emath then to chem. Wells, jun quan is funny can. He damn like to act girl luh. Duo jie funny too. miss zaleha sae this class keep making me laugh. =]]]

Went off to a1 with huiji, michelle and sharon. Then went buy sweets for tml. =]]]] Have tuition with michelle. [[[= The tuition damn boring can. Cause all we learn le. Then damn cold inside. freezing to death. As miss zaleha sae, liquid to solid. It give out heat energy. But im not liquid.

4th month.
gogogo. i wan improvement. =x

Evon's xD

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 8:39 PM

woot. got a sweet sweet dream yesterdae. its since long when i get sweet dream. =]]] more sweet dream come. i love sweet dream. [[[=

duo jie damn funny can. He can go media club and be actor le. wells, got up to class, having eng. mdm saleha was funny too. i like english de best. emath next, stupid ah tan. Told us a horrible thing. Mondae got 4 periods of his lessons and 3 periods in thurs!! omg. im gonna have maths phobia soon. And soon is teacher phobia and homework phobia and I will get into depression soon.

i haven even touch my amath and emath homework. And now im gonna chiong chiong chiong all the way. Got spot check by mdm fazuiah after the assembly. We were like so afraid luh. Talk alot about girl thingy. wells, mdm fazuiah forget got PA boys. I being caught, my skirt veri long liao luh. Den some the skirt quite short also didn't caught. wells, i got 1 long de skirt. =]]

Went Food Palace. Ate lemon chicken rice. talk about mdm puni. Mr chaw so ke lian seh. Wells, mr chaw, go have your rights from puni. Dun make her bully you. You can't be so soft-hearted sometimes.

Off to return VCD. then home and took a nap. Everydae i need naps. Maybe it helps me to get better awake for tml. Off to do homeworks.

woot. 4th month tml.
how will it be??
did bought anything.

Evon's xD

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 11:55 PM

2nd dae of the 3rd week. I have phobia of homeworks. Chers had keep on dropping homeworks for us. It was tons and tons of monkeys` homeworks. Whats the points of giving lots of monkeys' homeworks?? To stress us? I wondered it for awhile. Maybe they want us to diie of homeworks or rather commit sucide from those.

PE is the first two. Need to run 3 rounds and guess what?? We were walking throughout the thing. Got these stupid guys[melvin and dunno who] walking a straight line blocking the whole road. This van behind them, was so near luh, beep beep them *horn horn*. And guess what?? mr. silva was at the stairs there and shouted at us: what class u all in?? i dunno why. i just shouted 3e4. yup, i shouted. =x Anyway, he din announce it. *phew*

Wells, getting more white hair each dae and dae. I hope i can cope with amath, and won't force to drop any subject. Wonder how they cope with it or they don't care about it?

Burn CD. and stay overnight to finish my homeworks. I guai de. =] Wells, some haven finish yet.

to pris: Cheer up my daddiie. =] Dun think too much. maybe hes fine or hes at a corner of the world. And can't get to be contact. Maybe just wait for some time and he will appear.

can we improve more??
jia you! von, you can do it!

Evon's xD

Monday, January 15, 2007 6:51 PM

i dun like mondae too or rather i sae too much homework given by cher todae. I thought i will be late for school and im NOT! Wells, kanna ask by mr. lee[the 2nd vice-prin] that 2nd vp to buy hairclips to clip my fridge. He go spotcheck us at the bookstore. he damn what luh. he told me to faster clip my fridge den go back class study. Then, is like i never ans back properly ba?

mr. lee: clip your fringe faster and go back class so to study and fun waste time.
somehow i think i never ans back or just reply a ya.
mr. lee: Teacher ask you question must reply in complete sentence rite? you understand?
i was like wth luh. you not cher what.
me: yup.
mr. lee: what yup??
me: YA.
mr lee: ya who??
me: Ya MR LEE.
i want beat him sia. you think we in army arh. Forget it.

Wells, walk back to class. And theres chinese period first, got to do compo?? But in the end never do luh. Next is SS, boring luh. After that is, chemistry then emath then amath. Our class were in Chaos luh. Cuase was like after emath jiu amath. Then cannot digest all the fomulae cher had teaches us. Lucky i got go tuition. =]] if not diie le. Physic next, no test. woot. English is next.

Went up to look for dar and also michelle. They having FnN. And they cooked lasi lemak. dar de rice not well-cooked de. =x me,weiling and hui ji keep stuffing all the foods they cooked in our mouth cuase we too hungry le. Walk under the rain with huiji, michelle, guoqiang and sharon to kfc.

Sharon's laughing damn funny luh. Her whole body will move de. Make me laugh until cannot stop. Had fun with them. =]]

cheerup. =]
u happy and thats when i will be happy. =]

Evon's xD

Sunday, January 14, 2007 11:02 PM

went out with my mum as she wanted to get the scissors from NTUC. Before that, ate kfc at the cpu building. wells, bought a shirt from OP. Went NTUC then to TS to buy VCD. woot~ er zuo ju zi wen. Promised my mum to watch this coming saturdae. So excited, quick quick to sat. But i dun think that i will wait till that dae. =]]]]

anyway, i remembered. This baddy min ning make me fall down at sch stairs. The stairs near the hall. So malu luh. Got this idiot boy who wore the BB[boys` bridges] uniform saw me fall down and laugh at me luh.

tml gonna go sch le. gonna sleep again. =[[

more surprise for me??
hope so. i love surprise.

Evon's xD

Saturday, January 13, 2007 3:16 PM

Went for the CCA FAIR. hohoho. i was late, and being scolded. did warm up in i-hub, den went down to slack before the real thing start. Wells, did a great job?? But it seems that nobody clap for us only our people. =[[[ Time for snatching for people to come for our cca. Wells, i think they will afraid of our choir members. We were rough and terrible. -.- I found 3 males. Keep snatching from BB and track & field.

After some time, got headache, feeling fainting anytime. Maybe because the quarrel or ....?? I dunno what happened to me nowadaes. Get moodless very fast. heart is gonna break or crack?? i dunno.

Went off to tm with chelle, shermeen,kaiwei and ting ting. To buy something. sort of having fun with them. But sometime get moodless. hais.

von~u must cheer up!! jia you jia you!

bu yao wang ji what u sae and ur promise.
if u gonna break it again.
i dunno what will i do.
pls make me happiie.
think alot nowadaes. thought of giving up.
but when i wanna, u appeared and make me not to.
u tell me what to do or rather u teach me how.
i feeling tired and no wish le. just that pls pls don't make me feel lonely anymore.

Evon's xD

Friday, January 12, 2007 10:35 PM


Todae never late. woots. Pass uniform to michelle and ask her to pass to bao. =]] I hate firdae!! Cause got 3 periods of physic and 3 periods of chemistry. I feel so sleepy during chemistry and i dun even understand a single thingy. omg! von~u must study study hard hard hard le. Jia you-you can do it!! Physic still understood-able. emath got quiz and i didn't know how to do the bouns question! I love english cause its the funniest subjects of all. We asked miss zaleha the words that mdm saleha asked us to. And mdm saleha told us that miss zaleha told her. -.-

Wells. morning got bb[boys` bridges] de ceremony at the hall. wow, jc got 12 badges! wonder dar got how many. Got this guy, talk the speech not clear and we don't even know what hes talking about. After school, all cca is preparing all their poster for tml CCA FAIR. It's look grand and exciting?? i hope tml got surprise ba or maybe don't even have. hais.

Went home and straight away go tuition. I was late but not the lastest as there is one more late than me. And guess what?? Im the first to go home. =]] And it was cold in there cause they give me the seat was right under the air-con. And i just bath luh. Bought Spring` O and sotong head. Took bus 72 home. While waiting, saw a familar face in the bus 69 walking back to the bus. It was jun quan luh. I was kinda stare at him and smile luh.

My list to do by the end of this year.
- M2 memory card $128
- Wei xiao pasta 1 & 2 $46.90
- Er zuo ju zi wen [not sure de price, forget to see]
- New wallet [not sure which type to buy]
- New spect [not more than $120]

VCD that i watched and want to watch.
- My Girl. [ watched its a korean show. Nice]
- Magic of Ring. [watched. It was nice!]
- Tian guo de jia yi. [watched. I cried.]
- Xing Ping Guo Le Yuan. [watched. i cried too.]
- Wang zi bian qing wa. [watched. got the vcd. think i cried too.]
- Er mo zai shen bian. [watched. funny]
- Ai Qing mo fa shi. [watched. cried? nice!]
- Zhen ming tian shi. [watched. Got the VCD. nice.]
- Mr. Fighting. [Watched. Got the VCD. cried.]
- Ai Sha 17. [Watched. Mysteries.]
- Wo men jie huan ba. [Watched. lame.]
- Tokyo Juliet. [watching.]
- Zhong ji yi ban. [watching.]
- Wei xiao pasta. [haven watch. going to buy.]
- Er zuo ju zhi wen. [haven watch. buying too.]

Wells, forget some. Will try to update when i remember. =]]]]

ni bian le.
ni bu shi wo chong qian ren shi de ni.
you ke nen wo hui gen ni shuo........
bei hen wo.
i really love you lots.
But u have change, and i dunno who you.
bian de wo bu ren shi ni le.
wo zhen de hen hen ni, ye hen xi huan ni.
wo bu zhi dao what to do.
maybe you teach me how??

Evon's xD

Thursday, January 11, 2007 9:21 PM

I dunno what happened to me nowadays. Maybe because of school or rather sae is about ahem. Going to get more headache if only i can drink the potion that will make ones memories be gone. i REALLY need that potion. Someone please give me! orh, no more craps for me. hais. its better be one to suffer than two. von~ please please stop your thinking!!~ *smelling vinegar.*

todae im LATE! and i went in the bomb shelter as u all know that recovery room had gone or rather to be said its move its leg to the bomb shelter. Wells, im the 2nd to be late. Before that, saw kai wei in the bus waving at me. I thought who is that crazy girl who waved at me, think think think. =x Lucky i got kai wei to pei me late, if not i scare till faint. We both were scare. Lucky its chinese, we not that scare anyway. Do gong han and kai wei was a HUMAN DICTIONARY. Then, English is next. mdm saleha is funny at the end and make me feel like sleeping at the beginning. She was teaching us how to pronounce the word "buttock" and others words end with "tock". Then, mdm saleha asked gerald to pronounce the word "buttock". She heard it as "Butt Talks". =]]] Maybe its sec 3 and i feel sleeping thoughout hist lessons.

i really regret of choosing 3e4. I think i can't cope with amath and two pure sci. Cause i get no balls of it. =[[ But i do like this class, or maybe not. i think i will have to drop amath sooner or later. Too much stress for me.

Chem went to lab. Wells, jia cheng and dunno who de experiment is nice. They got the crystal! It was nice loh.

Heard something. After that, went back to class. Took physic book to read at home. Gather at e6 class. And thats when hui ji and wei ling raped me!! =[[[[ *smelling vinegar*
kaiwei and me din go for choir. And we were like hiding from ying qi they all. Run and hide like siao. Finally. =]] erm. went to fp with hui ji and wei ling to eat. Order french fries,chicken rice and lemon chicken rice. Wei ling do her hw. Act hardworking nia. Saw the new handbook. It was nice. Got amos,sam,honghoon,huili de photo inside. Saw the calender. OMG luh. they put sec 1 camp is on 23,24,25 march. I was like wth luh. And im going to celebrate my b`dae in camp?? But i think that one wrong de. If not, i faint.

Went home and its raining monkeys and elephant. Walked in the rain. Feel like crying. i dun like them. =[[ when they talking to you. i feel so scare. scare.

will we be like last time??
how i wish can.
maybe thinking of giving up.

Evon's xD

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 10:24 PM

omg. nowadaes i keep want to sleep in class. I don't know what happened. Just keep want to sleep and hit myself to stay awake. wells, was BUSY due to watching ZHONG JI YI BAN and TOKYO JULIET. i chiong watching the zhong ji yi ban de disc 1-10 within 2 daes. And now im going to chiong tokyo juliet.

Wells. todae was damn funny. While waiting for miss zaleha to come for PC, i forgot who gave me the thingy. At first, i thought it the handbook. But guess what?? I saw WHISPER. And i think u know it le. So, my first reaction is that i pass the thing to duo jie. Duo jie de reaction damn funny. =]]] The boys were baddy, put the thing in daniel's bag. And Jun Quan is horny! He keep wanting to read the book given inside. Wells. hais.

After school, went to eat at A1 with michelle,kaiwei,shermeen,sharon and ting ting. Then went to Big bookshop as shermeen want to buy pens. We bought some DIY thingy. Went to mac and do. Saw dar and his bb friends. hais. Went home and sleep. tml going late for school. hope tml is a better dae.

hope we can be as last year so chit chat.
miss that time.

Evon's xD

Saturday, January 06, 2007 10:17 PM

Wells. Finally, i had change my blogskin. But i hate pink luh, wanted to change but change le will be weird luh. So din change. Tagboard doesn't seems to be blend with the background colour. Dun care le.


Went out to makan with mum. Then, off to meet min ning at school side gate. On the way, saw huizhuang,elaine and sharon getting into 293. They saw me too. Crapping again with min ning. She was funny. Walk walk walk, saw choon han and ivy so together went to MRT there to meet hui zhuang they all. Only a few of us. Ate at mac. I didn't eat. So went off to pei sharon go buy sushi with min ning. Was complaining that we should buy present at $50/person. It was better to save the money then buy the things for them. Is like altos got 21 people together, everyone was to pay $5, it was like cost 1 person to pay $100 for all. And i can use the money to buy my memory card luh. And its not only altos got birthdae, others close friends leh?? They no need arh. And we ain't rich ppl. Back to mac to look for them. Set off to the wallet shop to buy present for amanda and pearlyn de birthdae. Stupid luh. The bug alarm arh, when the 2nd time i going in, it beep, not only me, the others too.

They bought a bag which cost $36 and guess what. Sharon told me that huizhuang gonna buy somemore to add up to $50!? wtf luh. I dunno isit real luh. Saw duo jie and his friend went into toy'R'us. Play-ed arcade thingy and went to CS to take noeprint with sharon, ivy and min ning. Gonna scan into com. Wells, weiling and michelle gonna find me. Left me,weiling, michelle and min ning. Off to my house, while min ning went home. Play-ed maple and watched them flooding each other blog. -.=

Get no chance. hais. i hate myself for not being brave enough. Maybe i was shy ba. hais. did ask. moodless.

where u can't even reach you.
i really hate this.

Evon's xD

1:24 AM

Evon's xD

Friday, January 05, 2007 11:57 AM

Yup. its firdae and choosen our class chair-meh. Actually, i being choosen by miss zaleha, one of the CMC, hohoho, but im a phy rap le. =) mrs quek has save me from CMC. Alan is our chair-meh. Shyahida is v-chair. Kok Soon is treasurer. Royston is Secretary. Wells, got this guy veri hao lian de loh. Keep asking chim chim Question and talk chim words. omg luh, hes sitting infront of me! miss zaleha has change our place. I sat beside herman and sean, infront of chang hui, behind *him, diagonal is kailin,hassina,izzati,howcher. I was bored to death there! There's super bored, no one to talk to!!!

Chemistry 3periods, can u imaging sitting on the seat for 3 periods?? I was funny, keep staring cher and listened till wan to close eyes. Emath next, mrs kho came in with mr tan. recess. phy 3 period next. i hate firdae. so many 3 periods de. =[[[[ eng next. mdm saleha is funny. keep sae-ing fuck and fcuk. The different between them.

Went choir after that. Before that, went crapping with kai wei, weiying and min ning. sae-ing i gao dar. Then, kaiwei become dar's lawyer, weiying's mine lawyer, min ning de judge. Went up to i-hub, crapping with kaiwei again. [[[= Choir has no cher todae. i was thinking that why ms tan haven change yet all cca de i/c cher had change. Praticing songs for cca fair. CCA FAIR IS ON 13 JAN. Its gonna be fast. orh ya, MIN NING IS PERVERT!! she go pull my skirt up. =[[[[ hais. Saw dar and choon kiat. [[[= damn funny.

Ate fries,nuggets,hashbrowns,passion fruit red tea and honeydew blah blah with kai wei and min ning at cool house. Shermeen coming, talked alot. We were funny.

Mdm fazuia[spell wrong le] paised me and kaiwei are GOOD girls! Jiang mama paised us too. min ning paised us three. =]]]] We are GOOD girls.

to michelle/wy: CHEER UP!! Dun make me worry you two. Happy always. Anything can sae out, dun keep in your heart. see-ing you sad, my heart will pain once. so smile. =]] xiao yi xiao she me dou ke yi tong guo!

maybe maybe maybe. cheer up ba.

Evon's xD

Thursday, January 04, 2007 8:06 PM

maybe its my fault ba, i shouldn't have help at first and things won't get to now. I have a bad feeling that its really really my fault. Maybe if i didn't, things will not be now. Even though, i never hear it from you, i have the kind of feeling that it a bad bad bad news. The feeling no one will ever know. I can't do anything and i had to just hoping you to get back the happiness you want. But i have no comments to you, as you just want to keep in your heart. It hurts when you keep in your heart, maybe saying out will be better for you. hais, i guess i won't ask you again anything, if you want say out, you will say out one day.

Wells, 2nd dae of school start. I really really want to stay at 2e3`06 forever and ever. But somehow we need to go on even if we didn't want it. Its a terrible horrible school daes i ever had todae or maybe this whole year. I feel like quiting school. really. today in class, i was not in my mood and everything get messed up. Chinese is not jiang mama is zhang lao shi. The first time i had a male chinese cher. Not getting use to it, feel like sleeping. Went to check every class with kai wei. No sign of jiang mama. TAKE CARE JIANG MAMA OF YOUR LEG!

Recess was crappy. Want to say thanx to kai wei for helping me! THANX MY DARLING, KAI WEI! Wells, Mdm saleha is funny. History is crazy and mad. Amath was confused and mad, cher is boring. =x Emath no comments. Chemistry was interesting and fun.

im gonna get a screen protector for my baobeiix cellphone*!
*note handphone is call cellphone not handphone.

Mdm saleha wrote NO CELLPHONE IS ALLOWED on the whiteboard.
She: i know now still got headphone, earphone, shoulderphone, handphone, kneephone, toephone.
is this ridiculas[spelling error]??

Headache is coming back. Tears were going to drop if i cannot take it anymore.


Evon's xD

Wednesday, January 03, 2007 10:41 PM

Wells, i hate hate school. Gonna bring a whole big huge monkey of books to school. todae was late to meet michelle and weiling.

first 2 periods were FT periods. Our FT is Miss zaleha. Emath is still Mr tan, ya rite he again. Physic is mrs claudia quek! But i wish shes is my math cher, i lyk her to teach math. And you noe what? She ask me to become her phy's rap! omg, i was lyk staring at her when she walked towards me. Cherie tio too. duo jie is funny, just keep laughing at his jokes. Its history time. Wells, they messed it up. ask us to go down parade square there just to sit there?? And you noe what, some of the 3e1 who studied combine hist come to our class too. So there will be 57 people in hist time. 57 leh. lols. the cher is Mr choo and erm. forget her name le. =x Social studies next, is mdm fara. She can 'cui mian' us, our class damn sleepy after listening her to 1-3mins.

Next is assembly, giving the good progess and eager award. After is Mrs oh giving her speech, i listening till half way, head dropping. Ate at cool house and A1. Saw derick, wells dunno him well. Hope tml will be better. Trying to give, i am a FAILURE and is a BIG BIG BIG FAILURE!

just couldn't make it up

Evon's xD

Tuesday, January 02, 2007 3:17 AM


Actually din want to blog, but it seems that im gonna complaint something about yesterdae. Wells, have a class outing to safra, not alot of ppl [me,michelle,pamm,weiling,choonghan,yichong,alan,weiying,min ning]. Met michelle and pamm at cool house, guess what? im late again!! Min ning brought her sis, i hate her sis, keep touching the white ball after telling her not to touch. Weiling is pro in pool! But i WON her. [= wakaka. Have fun! I think i forgot what happened next.

Went TM after sending pamm home. Played the thingy in the acade. Then went walking around, met cherie and went to KFC to have a drink. ASk min ning help us buy. We gave her $2.50 and buy whatever drink she can buy with the amount. So she bought coke and its damn large one can. Drink a little full liao. End up, I try to finish the whole thing with michelle. Will post the photo up.

Went to NTUC to meet cherie's mum and off to her house. Took taxi there. Reached le, went into her room and played com. Wells, i din noe the 3 guys well, got this guy cook-ed for us. Western foods. Steak, fries, cann-ed beans, salad, potato. I ate the steak, fries, beans and salad. Wells, never eat potato cuase i dunno how to eat and dun eat de. We kept exchanging our food. Singyee ate alot of potato. Michelle ate her steak and me ate singyee's and michelle's salad. Singyee ate michelle's and my potato. [= The salad not nice de, it damn sour, But still manage to eat finish. =]

going to sleep.. mum angry. -.=


Evon's xD

Monday, January 01, 2007 1:56 AM

The first dae of 2007. Wells, didn't have expectations for this year.

what i regret for 2006.
- Not able to bring joys to ppl around me.
- Not having more more money.=x
- wait till i remember.

what expectation for 2007.
- more more .....[shhh.]
- meet more friends
- more more more money!!!
- get those ppl around me to be happy.
- Be brave.
- Not to be jealous anymore. [??? =x]
- NO more stress from family!!



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