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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007 9:00 PM


i forgot something in my last post. Kaiwei is funny luh. As my last post, i did sae we were being pushed ritex?? Got this guy keep pushing kaiwei behind. Then, me and her sis keep going front cus the ppl behind keep pushing in front luh. Instead of pushing in front, kai wei was being pushed behind. We were laughing at her luh. hahas.

erm... todae i was NEARLY late again luh. no choice, dunno why nowadaes keep so late luh. i was being SCARED by hui ji in the morning. Cuase this few daes, i keep hearing got ppl call me ma. But when i turned and looked, no ones. maybe really got "ppl" call me or my ears got problem?? argh. =x

cher told me to tie my hair. wonder is it nice anot. But i dun wan to tie sia, cus i noe not nice-looking de. Wells, NO pe cus cher nv come so change and went up to class do emath assignment. blah blah blah.

english. Do correction. amath next, i wan change cher!!!! i can't take mdm teng teaching le. DID COMPAINT TO MISS ZALEHA BUT SHE CAN'T CUS MDM TENG IS THE HOD MATH. =X was feeling sleepy in class. Proceeded with mt. cher was super angry and showing AP luh. Cherie ask him how to pronounce this word, he sae "wo bu zhi dao, ni men zi ji zuo". And he sae he going change. BUt dunno real anot. Hope sooo.

Ended with emath. and guess what?? i sleep the whole 2 periods. =x lazy pig me. =]] but i was guai and did the ws before she asked us to do. =] hehes. Having headache. =[

went choir. Was LATE. =] lateness me. wells, mr ong let us early todae cus we were guai and fast. wait for kai wei to wait for azleena. So we saw this group of NPCC was running towards the gate. And guess what?? we were laughing after they went in cus we saw something really very funny luh. we were PREVENT. =x Went to take photos and went home.

was feeling cold after returning home.

my dream is improving. =]
gratx me. kekes.
lols. i noe im lame.

Evon's xD