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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Friday, January 26, 2007 6:21 PM

chairs phobia!!

indeed! chairs phobia. yesterdae damn malu sia. stupid chair, spoil by me?? Then, alan's chair drop on my leg. pain luh. argh.

And a happiie birThdaE shErmeeN!!!

wells, morning took shermeen's cake to school meet weiling at the side gate. Then, walk half-way, rain was pouring. was drenched. put at the noodles stall de fridge. THANX UNCLE!! =]] Wells, went back to class. Did the journal thingy, was about technology is a blessing, do u agree? i talk craps sia. Chem, and had test of symbols. I did learn okie. I wrote all 24 elements. =]] I think im the one of the 17 who flunked yesterdae test. Did file-ing. Stupid them, keep sae-ing feilunhai bad words. Baddy them.
Next was emath, nth special. wells, recess can't celebrate cus different recess from mich and min ning so can't. Had to celebrate after school.
wells, phy test which im going to fail for it. Was crapping again. They guess that mrs quek's da yi ma come.

After school, went down to the canteen and took the cake. Waiting shermeen to come down. Duo jie damn funny sia, sae while i cutting the cake to others: "give shuo xin po mei you gei shou xin gong" We all heard it luh. =x hahas. Left 1 big piece for jiang lao shi. =]]

wells, next, we were out from school. We were planning to pour water at shermeen so we help her take all her things and everyone had a bottle of cold water. Almost 7 ppl include me, michelle, wei ling, hui ji, ting ting, jasmine and pris poured her. She was damn wet luh. manage to take pic. =] below.

shermeen was wet due by the rain??

"watch my hair!" by shermeen.

"see how wet i got from them"
say cheese! =]]

Went back to school and was late for choir. Anyway, was before mr ong. =]] wells, i was off pitch again. =x Choir did a surprise birthdae party for amanda, pearlyn and how cher. wells, wish them happiie birthdae again. =]] took pics too. [[=
Amanda. [=
How cher. =x

Pearlyn. *behind is hui zhuang*

woot. quick quick my birthdae come come. =]] keke. went to the NTUC. Nothing much to buy nor see. So saw this packet of sweets. Guess what it is.

saw what im gonna sae if u smart enough. =]]
have a nice dae ba.
gogogo. jia you von!!

Evon's xD