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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, January 29, 2007 10:29 PM

omg luh. i saw WUZUN. Wells, saw him but not that near. he soo shuai can. hahas. dar dun jealous arh. =x

wells, todae i was NEARLY late luh. Cherie too, was behind me. And got one cher late luh, nv go recovery room de. Not good luh. Unfair. wells, i 7.05 then wake out of my house, i did not wake up late but was searching for my socks around the world. just kidding, is my house. wells, wear two different types to school luh.

the dae begins with chinese, erm... did corrections and was crapping. kekes. =]] Social studies is next, the subject that will make me sleep sooooo fast. doing the essay. recess then chemistry, cher return test paper and i fail by half mark. sianx. got 7/15.

emath was next, cher keep telling us changing of periods of amath and emath. made us soooo confused. Proceed with amath, i dun like mdm teng. She very what luh, keep asking us to do those question that we dunno. i like ms arnita than her although she was kind of fierce. Can we request for herrr????

slack outside classroom and chatting. Then, physic. Cher was kind of sad and angry with us cuase we forget what is critical angle. junQuan was funny luh. head up still can sleep de luh. ppl poking him also dunno. eng went library.

After that, went up actually want find michelle de. End up eating dar's chicken pie and peiseh arh, u nv eat. dui bu qi. wells, while walking down, we were talking about pain anott cause before that i cut my tongue while eating piie den i sae pain luh. REALLY very pain. then, stay outside sch gate, saw kai wei, sharon and guo qiang. Was talking about the star diie yesterdae. So ke lian luhh. hais. its fate.

Then, mdm saleha drove out the school and we were distrating[wrong spelling] her. Followed by mr tan, I was scared by him sia. Cuase that time i walk to there ma, then head up, saw him inside a small car. I was like laughing sia. =.- Then take bus to TM. peiseh dar, ps u. Wait for michelle and ruo ning. Saw mrs quek, then talk to her in bus cuase find that she was lonely. Talked alot. wait for kaiwei's sis.

Went up to open plaze. Standing thr waiting for wuzun and ella. wells, ppl were pushing and squeezing luh. Hate that. Dun they understand instruction??? Took some photos but not clear. =]]] Saw WUZUNNN. then went eat at mac with kai wei and her sis. Went home and blogged!!

peiseh. =[[
will make up de.. [[=

Evon's xD