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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 9:50 PM

im sad. terribly sad.

why did you do this.
i almost can't control my tears.
really. its hurt me lots.
and you no need to be so so-called 'no feelings'?
im terribly sad sad. =[
my broken *****.
but if u happy, i will be fine enough, even it hurts me lots.
And i noe it cannot be returned.
i feel going diie. if i can't get over it
wells, had guest over my hse. maybe i did won. =]
hais. headache with slightly fever. i doubt i will go school tml even im sick.
everything about you. i will have headache. =[

smile will brings happiness to me??

Evon's xD

Friday, February 23, 2007 9:53 PM






the heart potato chip

those pictures took by me few days ago. kekes =]

Evon's xD

9:32 PM

omg luh.

wow. Almost all the post got omg de. wells, miss zaleha didn't came to school todae. And we had 3 periods of hers. wakakas. so fun? kiat wee bian tai de. win $27 through in between. But mostly is his money la. hahas. And i lose $2 plus ba. wells, quite fun. Recess and Physic TA next, is harder than emath luh.

I never do Q5 luh. zzz. fail liao. =[ wells, eng next and we did heartland questions. Actually didn't want to go choir de. wan pon de but in the end still go luh. so sian de. teaching the sec ones how to sing. =] and mr ong didn't come. And we should have pon it. =[

thans zhan jie for the chocolates. =] went to the near-by void deck and have a chat. =]] Then went to kiat wee hse for gambling?? lols. i suay dao dunno how to sae.


Evon's xD

Thursday, February 22, 2007 10:29 PM

omg luh.

wells, forget to bring thermometer for two daes. gonna remember it! =] zzz. chinese begins the day. cher never come, and we spent our day listening songs and playing games. kekes.

recess, then english. cher haven return us TA. Followed by history, and i can tell you that i WILL fail the test luh. hahas. Then emath. cher swooped with amath cher. so sian luh. Had 4 periods of his. argh!!! Then lunch spend at class playing songs. Lots of ppl scared me. =[

after lunch which is amath. i GOT listen to what cher was teaching!! *cheers!* Followed by chem, cher returned us the pair work test. wells, got 17/20. that day asked cher need to write legend anot, she say no need. now go minus me half mark of all the questions. argh! Ended with emath TA. It was quite easy ba except for the last question. i think i can pass well. =] But i was angry la. not like angry. like do wrong le?? i dunno la.

went food palace to eat. and went chatting, went to tuition too. =] im guai and that michelle ps me. =[ and she is finally back from malaysia. kekes. [=

i had lots of craps todae. =]


Evon's xD

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 11:26 PM


yea. hahas. =] i love it. its cool. AND I LOVE SOCCER!

took some pictures. hope everyone like it.

the summary of this post is => I LOVE MANGOSTEEN AND SOCCER! lols.

Evon's xD

10:58 PM

wells, change blog. shall not tell anyone until they found it or ask me. =]

IM TIRED OF EVERYTHING! im so so so tired. maybe we shall have a talk ya? nowadaes u like avoiding me. just like u de magnet which is on the south and im another one, will never be attract to each one. Unless there is miracle, will there be?? i wan to noe what is ur hope. but u doesn't want to tell me. Im such a failure, aren't i???!!! maybe im not suitable. You keep tellng different storiies. really. tell sweet things to her, and she told me. On the other hand, you tell him things that make me wanna cry. Why u treat me like this??? i really dunno. I wan to tell you, but i dun dare. I prepare to tell you whats in mine mind, but when i saw you in person, i totally forget what to sae to you. And you pretend not to see me?? Last time when you see me, will smile but now won't. maybe i got fault too?? mind telling me if you saw this?? i really wan to know whats wrong with me. please. I really do care about you. even if we break, i dun think i will get into another relationship. cus i noe i love you, and its hard to believe another guy. Hope you will tell me ya?

hope u all dun mind. =]

hais.thousands of needles were poking in my heart now.

Evon's xD

Friday, February 16, 2007 10:18 PM

wells. just tidy up my room but it still messy, however it better than before. =]

school ended half day as todae got CNY which is Chinese New Year celebration.
omg luh. got this performance by sec 4 guys so-called band. Got this guy who sings japan. Was like omg luh. is damn horrible and we laugh dao siao. his pose were INSANE? lols.

and weiling's xiong[chest] is at her HEAD. and her head is at the chest there. i asked her where is her breast. she told me is her eyes. then i replied, u got wear bra ma?? she answered, here![pointing to her spect]. So gals with no spect means not wearing bra?? =x no offences!

wells, got this song "my heart" is nice!! AND i want the song!! is sort of malay song. ai ya. next i forget liao. But i think the concert so sux. wells, our sch got this contest called the class decoration based on the theme "Chinese New Year". actually i dunno de. then was sae-ing the class level by level de winner. I tot we won't have the chance to win even if have, we will get only 2nd runner up. So, when we heard that 2nd runner up is 3e3. we were like give up liao, saying no chance of winning. Just then, they were anouncing 1st runner up is 3e4. we were all so stunned or dumbfounded.

erm. wells, 1st runner up no gd de. the prize got nth that can be eaten. wells, went to TM to eat. Then went home and sleep. =]]


Evon's xD

Thursday, February 15, 2007 6:33 AM

my back hurts alot!!!


Evon's xD

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 4:59 AM

sigh. sigh. sigh.

Aniwae HAPPY VALENTINES TO ALL!!!! =] and happy birthdae to cherie!

actually going to blog de. But was moody. shall not blog animore.

stay happy ba.
its better.
im not sure * gonna tell me anot.

Evon's xD

Monday, February 12, 2007 8:48 PM

haishaishaishaishaishaishais.................. = endless hais

maybe i shouldn't have curse at first. really. should have shut my big mouth. shall zip forever.

wells, dar nv come sch. take care. and pls dun get sickk anymore. its no gd for health. I just pass my quiz for chem. then cher was upset and was told to have another retest on wed after school. erm, TA is coming and i was afraid luh. hais. followed by amath then emath. i was pro in standard form?! wells, mrs quek didn't come and miss zaleha took over and gave us a pop-test??!! We were surprised and protest, in the end still have the test. My 8 marks just flown away??! cus i never do. =[[

stupid louis. can call him lousy luh. big mouth de him but nvm la. =]

help me please!! seriously i dunno what happening to me. GOD PLEASE HELP ME OR SOMEONE PLEASE.

im got a seriously terribly disease.
u dun bother about me le.
u sure u still like me??
pls pls dun run away from my questions.
i really need those ans to survive.

Evon's xD

Sunday, February 11, 2007 9:40 PM


not included in my wish list the following below. kekes.

3 more daes to valentine dae. =]]]

todae went tuition. was talking about 0-level. cher put all his hopes on me??!!! i was like so stress luh. dun even think i can pass my hist and ss liao. Still talk about 1 yr later de o-level??
wells, went TM to buy memorycard. and buy bag. =]
im so so so so so so so so so so huan yi ni liao.

Evon's xD

Friday, February 09, 2007 5:11 PM

how i hope we can stay at the past.

sian sian sian!

having a chem quiz on mon! and i din not bring notes back. =[ Almost late for school as helping choon kiat to print pictures. wells wells wells, i really can be shorter and shorter. =[ physic went to the com lab. Was suppose to do the thingy but its too lag so went back class for the last period. ended with english, cher came 5 mins before dismissal. And we were release late.

Did something terrible but not that terrible. von talking craps again. =.- erm. then went home and take a nap. BlOGGED. =]]

maybe i will be the first to break the history. =]]
was suspect something luh. i hope its not true. hope hope hope hope. NOT TRUE!!!

really. hope its not true.

Evon's xD

Thursday, February 08, 2007 8:57 PM

i was wondering this question for the past few days but it seems that i got no idea for it.


maybe i was thinking too much le ba. but i just wonder will it?? can anyone tell me??

wells, cher[s] seems to dislike our class more. keep scolding us. Sooner or later, i will have no memories to keep. guess why?? As i got worse STM in the early year, now it become worse. =[[ hope it will get better not worse luh.

But its good, then there will be no more troubles for me. And i can live happily ever after!! If possible, can i 'ma mu' my feelings such as jealousy and angry. So i won't get angry and jealous too. =]

weiling is pervent. =] hais. blah blah blah. why do ppl likes to hit my head?? o.0 wonder why luh. and pls pls dun hit my head or i will hit back. =]]

jealousy me. =x

Evon's xD

6:04 PM


im sort of crazy la. And i will be back soonnn =]] dunn missss meee!!!!!!!!!


Evon's xD

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 10:18 PM

OMG luhh.

dar arh. must take care leh.. dunn sicckk le. =]]]

went school. Got news in class in the hall.
english is next, give back the compo and i get 13/30. i fail! Followed by E-Maths. Was having lesson half-way till the fire alarm went off and the funniest part was that mrs oh was saying ''everyone, please calm down. This is mrs oh speaking.'' And she repeated it quite a number of time luh.. By the time she sae finish, we will be dead by then.
went straight to recess. =]

I got eat. =]
Physic. was boring. Next is history. And i can't get what cher was talking luhh. MUST JIA YOU LE.
The most boring boring subjext - social studies. Can really get to sleep even if u can't sleep at all or u have just take a nap. nearly sleep luhh. but manage to stay awake, the end of the class. AND I WENT SLEEP. =]] kekes

never see dar luh. make me headache. =[[ miss him cus nv saw him ma. hais. PC went ava room for the dunno CIP thingy. Never go listen, was thinking where he go.
FInally! went ask wy. then noe he sickk. And i was sickk, got headache!! maybe cus this two daes late sleep and not enough sleep luh. So never go for tuition. Went home, took a nap and went out.

take care dar.
too shuai until sicckk.

Evon's xD

Tuesday, February 06, 2007 9:17 PM

wells wells wells....

Actually dun feel like waking up in the moring de, but mum keep calling me and she is late for her work. oppx. =.- actually is i call her to wake up de luh, then i went back sleep again. hahas.

went school and i tot i was late cus i saw no one when im on my way to school. Scare me! PE start the school of todae. OMG luh. *wash eyes* wells, actually its nothing de, cus i at home aslo see so many times le. =x saw jq change clothes in class. =x And we had to run 2.8km luh that is equal to 4 rounds around the school. OMG luh. wells, keep running and stopping running and stopping. Anyone own cher 1 round.

recess did not eat anything la. just drink soya bean. Its normal for ppl to have 3 meals a day. And u guess what?? i got 1 meal a day nowadaes and thats my dinner!! i told kai wei about it. Even though i never eat breakfast and lunch, i dun feel hungry luh. REALLY!! she sae im NOT human. =[

eng. did filing. Followed by amath. i wonder cher isit going diie tml anot luh. She teach dao SO FAST luh!! hais. gonna fail. =.- TA coming.
Proceeded with chinese. did filing and watch channel news asia and compre. Lunch and slacking. i tot mr tan never come luh cus got 1 lady walk in and i scream like siao. =.- And its FAKE. tan got come and teach luh. kho ans all wrong de luh.

went choir. was malu luh. cus go in i greet cher ma. then sae "gd morning err. blah blah blah. is gd afternoon." ppl like looking at me luh. aniwae, sec 1s came. i was like why suddenly so many ppl luh.

I WAS CRAZY TODAE LA. knock my head against the table. *ouch* after choir, went to NTUC with kai wei, sharon, hui ji and min ning. song kaiwei to 293. then return to NTUC to look for sharon and min ning. Then saw dar and his BB de ppl. i was so malu and shy. *shy gal* =]]

went home and soo sooo tired. gonna sleep early. =]]


qin ren jie kuai dao le. =]]
wonder got surprise ma. hoppee sooo. [[=

Evon's xD

Monday, February 05, 2007 6:34 PM


yesterdae did surprise my mum!!! wells, i was funny luh. Cus was waiting for my kor to come back and celebrate by eating the cake[i buy de] at nite. So i keep asking my mum "dun sleep leh, mammy." or "when u sleeping??" if not cannot wake her up after she sleep. my mum sae ask me dun ask kor buy cake le. Then, i tell her i never sae he buying cake ma. kor come home and went bath and mum in bed.
So, i go prepare the cake. And bring the cake to her room. She was kind of surprise and sing b`dae song to her. I can sae that my kor sang OUT OF PITCH!! =x wells, mum ask whr kor buy the cake. i was there laughing luh. then kor sae is me buy de. She ask me when did i buy it. hahas. yea!!! =]] and went zzzz...

went sch and i was nearly late again. went up the hall and got this hair check on boys. Lots of guys tio including joshua,gh, hc, duo jie, jia cheng, royston, derick and more.

they were missing the half day luh. so gd. Had chinese, do the informal letter. Followed by ss. and i can sae i will fail the test the next wed, which is valentine day. Recess, didn't eat luh. Went on with chem, did ions.
Was wondering how duo jie look like after he cut his hair. When he walked in, ppl was laughing out loud luh including me. HIS HAIR IS DAMN DAMN FUNNY CAN. the slope sux. And his fridge is weird but it makes him kind of special. IT FUNNY CAN.

Next which is emath. But before that, lots of ppl call me luh. dunno why. so went toilet and see. But they sae never call me so i dun care luh. Then went to class. got another call luh. -.= so ans in class. =x Its for my mum luh. and i remember yesterdae she divert all her call to my phone. =.-

amath lesson. And i think im going good at indices as it is very easy ba. Aniwae, cher return us the TEST PAPER. wells, 2 got full marks who is jia wei and kiat wee. I thought i will fail luh. But whos noe!? I got 19/20 leh. =]]] 1 MORE MARKS TO FULL MARKS LUH. omg luh. But very good le. hahas. the 2nd in class. =]]] got 1 person got 1 mark. *no offence*

lunch and louis came and ask me "u todae got a lot of ppl call u arh?"
me: "yup. why leh? and how you noe??"
he: "then got one 9 something then alot of 3 arh?"
me: "ya. i think got 1."
he: "thats my hp la. chang hui ask me call u de."

i was like duh. like that also fun arh. wei ling and me keep walking around as we dun wan go down with the others as they go eat. And i never eat again. =] So we walk to the toilet the walk one round to our class. Then, i saw lets go down 2nd floor to see. so went down, and walk walk. And walked up to 3rd floor again and back to our class. weiling followed ruwaida[spell correct ba] and to 3e6 thr. OMG luh. i and weiling said if we walk again, will mr silva scold?? Then we didn't care la, went up to 4th floor and back to our class again and saw them. =]

Went to phy lab with bags. Did the vernier calipers and micrometer gauge experiment. Miss zaleha was thr to help. And mrs quek keep calling her as MDM zaleha. =x we were like singing marriage song. =.-

And I forget to add on. todae pharse can sae as "u cut hair arh?" Alot of ppl ask luh. so aniwae, went library to do book review. Was see-ing the world guiness record. was disgusting luh.

aniwae, slack with amanda then went for the last 5 mins of eng. =]]
went up to look for dar. actually is looking forward to the food. JUST JOKING! and i realise that i haven eat from morning till now! and i feel im still full. =x im crazy.

i saw somthing la. *see no evil* [was kind of jealous her] wells, got foods. But i think not nice de. =x the another one quite nice but the cup thingy not nice de. =x went kfc to meet weiling,shermeen and sharon and to have my BREAKFAST+ HIGH TEA + LUNCH. =] shermeen was funny. =]

Went NTUC with huiji, weiling. hohoho. we gonna have our wish list out!!! watch out everyone. =x


Evon's xD

Sunday, February 04, 2007 3:54 PM

just got back from tuition.. =] wells, its the worst tuition i had la. never do anything. And i had no idea why i had no mood doing the work given by cher.

kekes. Went buy cake. Guess why?? cus todae is my MUM B`DAE!! I buy small small de cake for her. cus i no money le.

happie birthdae my mum. =]

later going celebrate. =]]]]]]

big baddy dar.

Evon's xD

Saturday, February 03, 2007 10:47 PM

have fun looking. =]

The front of my classroom [orange]

The back. =]

they put the string in the fan. o.0

The 3e4 door.

Back door. painting done by me[left] and amanda[right].

The human face done by crazy amanda.
La Salle

The nicest of the all. =]

They not using paints but spray!! how ironic.

Do this look like a human being??

"Sorry, but i'm expired"

use paper to do a house?

using wires to make a face.

guo qiang drew.
doesn't it look cute??

not cute le after adding the ears.

The 5 zinger meals.
wells, this all for the pictures taken. =]

Evon's xD

7:59 PM

omg luh. i wake up at 4.30am in the morning just to do eng compre. Then went school, was late meeting cherie. peiseh. saw yc opp. sch.

wells, went over to general office to pass up the eng hw. Then wait for miss zaleha to come out and the paints. So went up to classroom and saw dar. he did come, still sae nv come. BIG BADDY.

Opened the tin and we were like first time painter, cus we dunno need put water. Then, miss zaleha did the first paint. =] So it started with orange! As for me, i never paint before in my life ever. So ask dunno who lent us paint. We were crazy la. were sitting on chair, and jq told me my hair tio paint! lols, i never paint yet got paint on my HAIR liao. me and amanda was thinking of painting the floor with red and orange. But din post the idea up. Instead, we had more ideas! Suggest to paint outside the walls brown with white dots.

So, we went out buying paints. The mixing of colour process is nice luh cus there dun have the colour we one, so they go mix. The thing which shake the mixture damn cute. And bought brushes. got back, and started painting the back of the door the walls. damn nice luh cus i paint de ma.
We sprayed the door windows and the holder. Amanda is crazy luh. Took photos. Duo jie de table so poor thing luh. Go see his table and u will noe. [[=

i noe what dar told jonathan le. wa, u big baddy luh. anyway, yc de hand damn nice. i can sae dar is BIG BADDY. ps me luh. =[
went tm to meet my mum. And i can only sae, u go TM on sat, u will see lots of ppl u noe de. At first, when i get down from bus, was waiting for another bus. Saw joshua, guo han and candy. I hide from them, then joshua saw luh and sae dun hide la and scare me. =[ Then, when i turn back, saw a guy who i dunno there, scare me. Walk to mac there, hui min tapped on me and i got scared. =[ Then saw zhan jie [min ning husband, *ahem =x].

Went over to the middle of TM and CS to meet mummy. Saw joshua they all walking to CS again. =.- then off to mac to eat. Soon, saw they three again! saw richard my pri frend, he change le. went CS to cut hair. =] was nice! down to TM and saw duo jie with his frends. he wear pink again. =.- And went home. watch teevee and blogged.

u ps me. =[
not good.
wan pei u de, but u ps me
and STILL laugh. =[

Evon's xD

Friday, February 02, 2007 10:51 PM

i forget to add on. wells, todae had two chers leaving us who is mdm yang and ms arnita. Omg luh. our amath changing cher no luck le. =[ wells, although ms arnita teach us only two daes. i feel that she is a good cher. she teach damn clear and good. but sad that she leaving. =[

aniwae wish them good lucks. =]


Evon's xD

9:02 PM

went school with sleepy eyes as yesterdae slept around 12am and woke up at 4am to do hw. ya, i noe im siao.

school was still the same. Did chem test and i think i got lots lots of errors. Gonna fail. =[ wells, emath next. then recess never eat, with physic next. I didn't know need to bring $7 for the 10 yrs series book. mrs quek told us to borrow from friends. and i got $2 need another $5, so went borrow. hc lent me $2 and kw lent me $10. so i got $14 in all. As kai wei also no money, so i lent her. my first time own so much money.

ended with eng, and somehow cher was angry luh. Dunno what happen. school finish! and i never go choir as instructor never comes. So me, kaiwei and min ning decide to go the art thingy. Took bus and went there at goodman road. OMG luh, saw so many HUGE and BIG bangalows. Saw quite alot of nice nice de. Somes like shopping malls, 2nd storey with swimming pool. i simply love those houses. =] how i wish i was the one living inside.

saw quite alot of nice photos. Shall post it later. =]

sad me
happy me
lazy me
smart me
stupid me
clever me
blur me
stm me
thats make up ME!

Evon's xD

Thursday, February 01, 2007 9:35 PM

oh my GOD!

what happened to them. i dunno. And i think we were in two different worlds. Can you see that??

todae had chinese spelling and i got almost full marks luh. thanx to vanessa! wells, got history test and guess what? I saw weiling, jade, hc, kailin, min ning wrote almost 1 page luh. And i see my own paper and about half the page!!! Can you imagine a 13 marks question and the ans only half a page??!! And the end of test, miss ross said that she maybe will choose the person who have the highest and last yr de result of history, she will consider bringing him/her to GERMANY. wells, i think i won't be able to go. =[

But nevermind la, dun go only, who cares. next was amath, i never listen throughout the lessons. I guess i will fail the TA. Cher show us some grades of PSLE and the msg for us. And guess what? Im the only girl who got A for PSLE without jia wei cus she nv take PSLE so cannot count although cher put A. the msg for me is 3.

erm... got test on emath. i was confident luh. =] but i never do finish the q2. Ended with miss zaleha, she was kind of angry todae.

Went makan with michelle, min ning, sharon and hui ji. We so bad luh. Give all the coins, which about $5, to the cashier. Ate and went home. Ask min ning to treat us sweets. she bought and was divide to 3 portions. Me, herself and huiji. Homed and use com. Blogger got problem but i still can go in.

tuition with michelle was funny. i keep saying im smart but it is the FACT. can't blame. =] Went to popular and bought stationary. On the way, bought waffles. Took 293 home.

heard something had happened which im not really that sure luh. Gonna find out tml. And i haven do my homeworks. The worst is that tml got chem test luh. omg, i haven study yet. IM SO LAZY. having headache.

we live in different worlds. you had urs, i had mine. I have open mine but u never try or bother to walk in. trying to walk in urs, but it seems that there's someone in urs. Can i walk ever into urs?? you tell me how and u never try to ask me why. maybe we both are shy. will my dreams or hopes be alive?? can you take the first step cus u are ***/****?? i was scared. Really very scare. feeling to cut off my life or rather sleep forever. And troubles won't come find me. *xiao yi xiao zhen de ke yi du guo yi qie ma??*

will i be happy?
i think u suit them not me.
maybe u can tell me what u feeling now?
can we have no secrets between us?
just tell me how u feel please, i really do appeciate.

Evon's xD

6:03 PM

wells, gonna go tuition le. =] shall post what happened in the early part of the day. erm.... be right back around 9 plus. kekes.

im lame rite? wells wells wells... nothing much la. =.-

you look so dao todae.

Evon's xD