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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007 7:59 PM

omg luh. i wake up at 4.30am in the morning just to do eng compre. Then went school, was late meeting cherie. peiseh. saw yc opp. sch.

wells, went over to general office to pass up the eng hw. Then wait for miss zaleha to come out and the paints. So went up to classroom and saw dar. he did come, still sae nv come. BIG BADDY.

Opened the tin and we were like first time painter, cus we dunno need put water. Then, miss zaleha did the first paint. =] So it started with orange! As for me, i never paint before in my life ever. So ask dunno who lent us paint. We were crazy la. were sitting on chair, and jq told me my hair tio paint! lols, i never paint yet got paint on my HAIR liao. me and amanda was thinking of painting the floor with red and orange. But din post the idea up. Instead, we had more ideas! Suggest to paint outside the walls brown with white dots.

So, we went out buying paints. The mixing of colour process is nice luh cus there dun have the colour we one, so they go mix. The thing which shake the mixture damn cute. And bought brushes. got back, and started painting the back of the door the walls. damn nice luh cus i paint de ma.
We sprayed the door windows and the holder. Amanda is crazy luh. Took photos. Duo jie de table so poor thing luh. Go see his table and u will noe. [[=

i noe what dar told jonathan le. wa, u big baddy luh. anyway, yc de hand damn nice. i can sae dar is BIG BADDY. ps me luh. =[
went tm to meet my mum. And i can only sae, u go TM on sat, u will see lots of ppl u noe de. At first, when i get down from bus, was waiting for another bus. Saw joshua, guo han and candy. I hide from them, then joshua saw luh and sae dun hide la and scare me. =[ Then, when i turn back, saw a guy who i dunno there, scare me. Walk to mac there, hui min tapped on me and i got scared. =[ Then saw zhan jie [min ning husband, *ahem =x].

Went over to the middle of TM and CS to meet mummy. Saw joshua they all walking to CS again. =.- then off to mac to eat. Soon, saw they three again! saw richard my pri frend, he change le. went CS to cut hair. =] was nice! down to TM and saw duo jie with his frends. he wear pink again. =.- And went home. watch teevee and blogged.

u ps me. =[
not good.
wan pei u de, but u ps me
and STILL laugh. =[

Evon's xD