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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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No song lyrics. Sorry.


Saturday, March 31, 2007 11:16 PM


just watch a movie with mummiie michelle. =D its mr bean holiday la. And u can see how hot de mr bean is?? 1 week le still the movie is selling fast. actually wanna go gv watch de but there selling so so fast from 5 plus until 9 plus de. Then went to CS to watch luh. Not alot of ppl there.

Then to KFC to eat our dinner. hahas. maybe i pass the laughing virus to michelle. we kept on laughing and laughing and laughing...... kw is so so kok eye luh. can't see the two pretty gals [me and michelle] =x. too bhb le!! hahas. wells, ks found us luh. funny la they two. Then we went separate ways to CS.. And michelle sae if we have fate we will see each other de. Just then at the escalator, we saw them. i can't see them luh is michelle tell me then i noe. funny.

Recently, i can't really hear clearly what ppl are saeing luh. haiss... erm.. saw pamm, and we watching the same movie and time luh!! but sadness not the same row. wells, went in and guess what??? we sit the first row luh!!!!! omg sia. we was like blaming each other. hahas. my first time sitting so front sia.

neck is so so pain. mr bean is funny, and so so sway and keep harming ppl luh. And the most funny is that he ate the whole prawn with the shell luh and he can just walk straight without feeling any danger luh.. hahas.

omg. I FALL DOWN WHILE PULLING KS LUH. sway.. then went CP to slack till 9 plus. wells, then home-d by bus. And gonna sleep soon. =D

i hate ppl lying.
i hate those ppl cut themselves. i think its stupid.

i love laughing and laughing and laughing.. =D

'nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu ai'.
why can' t be 'nu ren bu huai, nan ren bu ai'??

and promise means promise. =]

Evon's xD

Friday, March 30, 2007 8:45 PM

two pooh bears!! by altos [left] and sharon + min ning [right]

DOVE chocolate by yi wei. =]

FAHRENHAIT. by michelle de gang. =x

WUZUN. in the book. =D

the CD handmade and the green thingy by wanny. the umbrella necklace by sweetie lao po chloe. =D

dun really noe what is this luh. is sort of hp de thing. is a pig middle with a word 'love'. by my darling laogong wei ying. =]

yup. tats all i got for my birthdae. wells, still waiting for presents still. =x hehes. i got 2 POOH BEAR!! woots. =D and thanx for those who give me present. =] i love you guys. =D erm... left my blog so pathetic luh. im so so lazy to blog.

wells, yesterdae having napfa and a lot of things happened la. dun wish to sae le. hais.... wells, i didn't jump my standing boardjump. =] my shuttle run sux. =[ i love my sit and reach. =D did much better of the pull up and im happy with it. =] im not really satisfied my sit up luh. =x quite bad ba. its a worse dae [thurdae, which is yesterdae]

i had this eye keep twiching for 3 days le luh. ai ya, i dunno how to explain. something going to happened ba. i told this to jia wei. And i tell her is not i got problem is my frend got problem luh. hais..

todae was a funny day. i keep on laughing and laughing and laughing till no stop. =D at first, it was the survey form. there was this question sae 'overall, how do u find school?' jia wei ask me what this question means. i told her is how do u think of sch. then she told me, she tot that it was asking how u find the sch. i was like laughing out loud luh. keep laughing. oppx. =x i not laughing at jia wei la. im laughing at the question itself.

chem went lab. cher make us walk up and down twice. =[ wells, nth much in lab luh. next was emath, mrs kho keep staring at me cus i was laughing again. =] stupid kok soon la. keep hitting my head and i keep bullying chang hui. =D wells, had fun with them la. aniwae phy is the period where i laugh till cannot stop luh. i lazy to explain. its just so funny till i can't stop luh.

next is eng.. had classmates presenting book review and cher was scolding us again. =[ so sad.. wells, go for choir and had the syf rehearsal. i hate the grown luh. its sux and damn ugly. =[ wells, still wear it. omg luh. i wear the high heel too high liao. so shaky when walking up and down the stairs. so scary. i tot im going to fall.

change back to sch uniform. i love my sch uniform. =D i love chatting and laughing too. Had chat with sharon and chang hui during the break time. =] it was funny and serious. keep scolding derick. =D funny la. =D and he scold me too. bad him. I got my present from the altos!!! its the pooh bear [big de]. hahas. i got 2 le. still got 1 coming up. =D

omg. my post is long. hahas. readers are patient. =D thanx for reading, readers!! =D orh yea. just claim my new spect. =D red colour de. hehes..

i just love to laugh. make me laugh more. =D

to sharon; cheer up ya?? dun sad nor angry le. =D
to kai wei; cheer up too. =D
to shermeen; dun think too much. although i dunno what happen la, i can see that u thinks alot. =D throw away the trouble it will make u happier. =D

i want everyday to be happy. =D
i promise not to ---- -- ---- again.

Evon's xD

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 10:19 PM


Evon's xD

Sunday, March 25, 2007 9:58 PM

i like this bag de pic. so chio. and is my kor bag.

the new walkman phone w880i. the function is gd BUT the keypad not nice. the black is nicer.

the ice milo - kiatwee

the teh ta re - kok soon. [never take michelle de as both is the same.]

the chocolate prata. it seems delicious. =D

the BIG mouth kok soon. =]

the smaller mouth kiatwee. =]

Didn't take michelle cus she keep hiding away from the camera. =[ sadness. erm... wells. hope u all do enjoy looking de pictures. =]
my knee cap getting pain-er... cannot walk too much le.. if not later cannot walk. *choy* erm... wells, heard that my nai nai was hospitalised. hope she is fine there. *pray*
woots. i love taking ppl photos. =D
pictures tells everything. =]

Evon's xD

6:03 PM


woots... yesterdae celebrate my birthday till 1am ba.

wells, morning went out and go buy spect with my mama.. woots, is red colour de. Present by my mama and dad ba..

Then, went meet michelle, weiling and shermeen. Shermeen is the first one to bash me up. Went to gv to see got what show. Don't know why suddenly so much ppl come to watch. I think they watching mr bean holiday ba. So we went to CS and watch TMNT. Wait for tingting. At first was quite sian luh, but at the end was funny. And i almost cry at the where leonardo was caught and the red one blame himself. so touch luh...

thanx michelle for the present. =D love it lotts. its the fahrenhait autograph book? thanx once again. =D

wells, after that... we went to bedok de princess leaving with shermeen to watch haunted school but there wasn't any time slot left 9 plus de nia. So, went to eat mac to slack and talk about ghost stories. hahas..... went back took 39 back to tampines it was so long luh.. Ting went to her mum shop and asked weather she can go watch anot. sadness.. she cannot watch the 9 plus at CS..

So called kok soon and kiat wee. very ma fan luh they.. First wanna watch mr bean then now tell us wan watch haunted school. funny luh they two.. So we watching haunted school. We thought that we didn't have the money luh. Heng arh, is enough to buy if not die die. erm... so slack at TM de arcade till the both guys come. funny luh... one go celebrate ah gong birthdae, one go celebrate ah ma birthdae. hahas.

wells, went in and left the tickets with the guard uncle.. then went in sit and ppl is sitting our place. So malu luh... =.- aniwae watched... So funny luh not really that horror la. i dun understand the last part... I WANT WATCH MR BEAN HOLIDAY AND THE MESSENGERS.

Out and was beginning to rain elephants and monkeys. wow. the lighting was fantantic! =x omg luh. michelle de bash so so pain luh and as well as weiling. i thought they were going to slash me water but never luh. =D only bash. =D

Kiat wee's kor zai wo men back. Thanx. =] weiling home-d and we four went to eat prata. i never eat nor drink la. the guys eat chocolate prata with teh ta re and ice milo. while, michelle drink teh ta re and she wasted it. =x took lotts of photos of they eating. =x kok soon's mouth is BIG. hahas. =D kiat wee mouth is smaller than kok soon. michelle no mouth. oppx. =x von got the smallest mouth in the world. =x hahas.

Went home-d. But before that song michelle, then kok soon then me then kiat wee. and thanx for song-ing me home. Took kok soon phone and hide it. =D played awhile luh. hahas...

home-d around 1 plus le. then went bath and wait for my hair to dry and slept at 2am.. erm... got tuition today luh and guess what?? i slept till 1pm luh and tuition start at 12pm. wakakas. actually woke up at 10.30am de. Then dunno why i slept again till 1 luh. hahas.. but still went to tuition and got a present from yi wei. =] its DOVE CHOCOLATE. thanx!

thanx guys. i love this birthdae.. althought no water slash, but if got it would be fun la. =x But still i love it.

15 liao. is mature not old okie. =D

Evon's xD

Saturday, March 24, 2007 12:38 AM


lols. im so lame. and here come and wanna thanx all those who wish me and give me presents. THANX GUYS. LOVE YA LOTSS. =]] the first present i got is from wanny, my twins sista. =]] its mine birthdae la todae. hahas. =] and i dunno suddenly so excited for it. i have no idea why. kekes. gonna out later to watch movie. hope they can make it luh.

=]] its my birthdae. =]]
and i love it.

Evon's xD

Thursday, March 22, 2007 10:28 PM


actually dun wan post de.
and becus of the 2 more daes. So i come to post. surprise huh?? and and i help my daugther to change her clothes le. And the song too. =]


wells, todae go tuition and hooray for me. =] erm... got this guy so funny luh. cus suddenly his cousin also come tuition and he give tat surprise plus surprise look and sae wanna kill her then go commit sucide. so funny can.

went to buy wanny and guo qiang b'dae present. hahas. =] and also to buy sweets and chocolates for tml. =] wells, dunno what will happen tml. was excited for tml la. =D

And that bad bad bad amanda!!! go pull out my hair!!! evil her. pain luh. =[[

hais. 2 more daes. =] and i was so so excited for it. =]]]

Evon's xD

Saturday, March 17, 2007 4:31 PM



erm... you should noe why this holidae is sux ba. cus i leg kanna hurt and feverish for the past few daes. i tot it will be better le. And noe what?? Now is hao le, but got headache, flu and coughing. This is my first time my nose blocked fully luh. zzz... hai wo cannot breathe. Then, this coughing is worst. Every 5 mins, coughed. If not is cough cough cough untill cannot stop. I was wondering will i be coughing out blood. CHOY! *touch wood*

i dunno why i hate sleeping in the nite. Everytime got different weird dreams de, so scary. Make me always woke up in the middle of the nite. Then went sleep, got headache liao. Hope todae got sweet dreams for me. *GOD BLESS ME*

wells, woke up this morning headache too. then sit awhile okie le. watched 'lavender'. omg luh. i love watching the show!!!! its so touching can. And i love the female lead. She damn pretty can. =]]] Try watching it. I bet u will like it too.

And todae, mother went on ship and brother went BB help. Father go work. Left me at home nth to do. And headache brother finding me too. take medicine and sleep.

i miss my healthy me.
where is the healthy von???!!!!!!!

Evon's xD

Friday, March 16, 2007 10:14 AM


i have been slacking for so so long liao. went choir and was late. wells, because of my leg ma. hais. Seriously, i hate hate choir alot now. dunno why. just hate.

after choir, went slack with michelle till our tuition start. wells, saw weiling halfway. =] called her luh and we were at the cheers there crapping. =.-

bought cap noodles with michelle. So weiling went home and she is deaf de. call her no respond. So go to the minimart there sit and eat. =] the chairs there are so so pathetic luh. the thingy cracked out. And we were there figure out who's butt so powerful! lols. Then, wk came find us luh and did chit chat awhile. he funny la, he sae he going off. Then come back again. sot sia him. =.-

wells, we didn't go tuition luh. pon 2 times le. hais. im slacking too much le. =[ help me!!

then went to find my family. Then realise was treating my kor stead makan. hahas. then finally can sit the car they bought. To my disappointment, the car was small luh. oppx. =x hope kor never sees this post. hahas. But is the fact la, squeeze here squeeze there. erm... went home and com-ing and sleep. =]

later got choir too. hais. try not to be late again luh.

and i remember someone said before in chinese 'wang wang na xie biao mian kan qi lai hen kai xin de, wang wang na xin shi hen bei can de.'

what am i jealous about??
its over...... you know.
stop jealous, von!!!!
just feeling sad tired of everything.
And i just so confused.
maybe keeping in heart is better.
but its hurt lots.
no one can understand or maybe i can never understand them.
its make me so so jealous. why why???
maybe i do or maybe i dun.
Or maybe saeing out is better but how can i sae out from my mouth.
i really wan to give up.
But it dun give me a damn.
I hope the friend tell me is the truth.
i really do believe, but the someone..........
its just can't help it.

Evon's xD

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 8:57 PM

wells. todae went sch with home clothes as we are going to the YMCA thingy. went to find keith but couldn't. erm. then took bus, i hop onto the bus as my leg cannot bend too much luh.

erm. reached le. called our names and went into a room. the trainer so funny sia. told us a story about his past with a girl. THen gerald was funny luh. this story is like tat de... he took a girl to a park and stroll. then they sit down on a bench below a rounded lamp post. He said that the girl has a long hair. Just then got a breeze flow past, her hair was beautiful. [he did the action so so funny] wells, then he was telling us he wanted to ask her something. there was a pause luh. suddenly, gerald said 'are you hungry?' we were there laughing out loud luh. so funny sia. then he sae 'can i kiss u?' the girl no respond. so he said again. 'can i kiss u?' as he tot he speak too soft. Still no respond from the girl. So, he asked again loudly. Still again no respond. Then he was impatient le and said,' are u mute or deaf!' the girl sae 'can't u take action!' We were there laughing luh.

After the course, we went to bugis to eat and also watch movie. And we there finding place to eat. Then, i was like so damn hot luh. aniwae i tink got fever again luh. ate finished and i ate my medicine. still hot hot de. but i still dun care la. there's was no good show de. so we went back to tampines to see got any show to watch anot. Still dun have.

and guess what??!! i saw my so called an lian de ren. omg luh. i was damn surprise. but too bad la, i think he had forgotten me liao. erm... went cs to see got show to watch anot. still dun have. So we decided not to watch le. next time then watch.

went to food court to have a drink. erm... shermeen was hungry again. hungry ghost la she. =x wells. went back to tm and play arcade. Then walk to CP to slack and homed and sleep. =]


Evon's xD

Tuesday, March 13, 2007 6:19 PM


my medicines. =[

the soccer ball that crashed by a dustbin track.

sharon doing ..... hmm...

jing chee. =]

the campfire.

campfire too. =]

so nice ritex.

the process of running.

the fire ball.

the finish job of the sec one campfire.

me and singyee. =]

the big different of the moderm.

this look like ... hmmm.

the son , mama , papa.

my pig got menstruation. =[

my WU GUI also got it. done by kw and ks.

the menstruation of the ceilling in the kfc.

the four guy.

11pm in the night.

the large and the medium coke.

the fireworks. =]

my niece. im so old liao. =[

so haven the fun looking at it??!!! remember to see the previous post. =]

Evon's xD

5:52 PM



wells, todae went to sch for amath lesson. erm. and i can sae that i USE HALF AN HOUR to reach school. omg luh. hais. and suddenly realise why everyone walk so fast.

reach sch saw sher and sharon. went in with them. Back to our classroom. =] we use half de period to play daidee. =] i dunno what happened la. suddenly heart pain and headache after hearing de news. =x [i dunno what happened la. but i believe.]

erm. class finish and slowly went down and sit on the bench wait for shermeen and sharon. wells, went eat at bluesea. kekes. ate noodles and white grape. So, take bus 291 back to school. shermeen went home and sharon me sit opp sch to have a chat. went over to meet kw, ks and daryl. wells, the soccer ball BOOM. and is super loud. crashed by a dustbin track. so funny.

its started to rain. And i went to take 291 and saw kw and ks. I went to meet mummy and on the way to polyclinic. Guess what?? i waited for 1 plus to 4pm. quite long luh. and i scared dao when i heard from the doctor that i need to have xray of my leg. o.0 i tot what happened la. then report out nothing happened. =] But the problem is that i need to eat so big de pills. simply if swallow nvm de. But the nurse tell me that i need to chew before swallow!! i was like wan diie liao.

I JUST HATE TO EAT PILLS LA. hais. sad. nvm went home and realised i got fever [38.56] quite high ba. and i still here to blog. am i sot??

tml still need to report school for the YMCA thingy. hais. so tired. and maybe watching movie ba. but haven confirm yet.


Evon's xD

Monday, March 12, 2007 4:55 PM

yoyoyoyoyoyo. =]


wells, maybe todae post may be wordy. so lets start from the day 1.

erm, had debrief at ava room and put our things in there. mr j telling ur the things about what will happen todae luh. And i can sae that the FOOD SUX la. the 1st game they played is captains ball and human checkers. wells, i incharge of the captains ball. paired up with ron. hes a quite funny guy luh. Then is night trail. =] And i was at the 2nd floor, the 1st station. =] wells, the sec 1s is gonna cross under the tables with their eyes being blind-folded. i met this guy luh called ric. he keep spraying water using the water guns at us. then we were like sae-ing before the sec 1s is wet. we were wet dao like chicken in the rain. We keep pouring each other water luh. And from head to toes, i was wet. But i love it. [=
went bath and had debrief at 12am. i slept around 2 plus and woke up at 4am. 1 min and i sleep again till 5 plus.

wells, todae got initiative games and botanic garden hunt. Half the sec 1s go botanic garden and some stay at sch to play initiative games. erm. i was incharge of the 'crossroad'. it is 2 bench put together and is so-called electric bench and the floor is electirc too. So they had to cross under the bench to get over to the opp side. And the clue is using rubber material. So funny luh These sec 1s is cute and funny but is damn quiet de. Got this group had no cooperation de. i keep telling them and they dun care luh. aiya, next they had
field cooking. And we the CLs were slacking. then next group come back and had their games in the afternoon. Quite fun luh. Stopped at 4 plus. And slack till 8pm, i can sae that is DAMN SIAN DE. i was there sleeping all day. hahas. =] the dinner was great cus of the CREAM PUFF [should be ice cream puff] so nice luh. [[=
its campfire time! take pics of the campfire. HAD 3 FIRE BALLS sia. so nice luh de fire. will post the pic up asap.
the INCREDIBLES win the campfire. Bathed and slacked till the debrief. meet new friends, rachel and the other gal forget le or rather i never asked her for her name. hahas. =x. erm... Took the camp tee. wells, quite nice ba. but i dun really like ba?? And help amos take the tee cus heard that he angry and i lazy to ask why. So help him take.

the last day of the camp. wore the camp tee. Had telematch. i was incharge of the 'human sedan water transport'.. i was sad not angry la. I was told to tell the sec1s who was at the station that they must hold on each other waist to make the sedan and not the elbow thr. cus of the safety. Then got this group. there was these 2 girls gonna carry this small size guy. And they hold on the elbow thr. And i told them must put on the waist if not the hole too big then the guy fall in how?? i told them but someone was telling me is correct. i was caring for his safety leh. and u tink i care anot if its not abt his safety. And he is in MY station and i got the rights to care more. i tell them and u tell them correct and ask them continue and inorge my words?? if he fall and injure how??
wells, ate the breakfast and went to the hall watched the sideshow and video of the campfire. =]
and homed.

singyee dropped her phone in the toilet while waiting for kailin. sad for her.

holidaes is here. =] But i seems to have no holidaes. cus sat to fri i going sch. and left sat and sun only. sad. =[

went sch todae to play games luh. meet kw at blk below. then saw weiling then went together and meet sharon. =] went to the hall and played floorball. the the 2nd round, i injured my leg or should be my knee.. i dunno how la. I think i go save the ball then had the crack from my knee. damn pain luh. now cannot straighten leg le. walk is difficult and run is impossible. =[

tired me

Evon's xD

Friday, March 09, 2007 6:15 AM






Evon's xD

Sunday, March 04, 2007 3:04 AM


its now 3.05am. =] kekes. wells, just come back. =]

wells, should sae yesterdae morning went to school for the sec 1 camp thingy. wow, its look fun!!! and i awaiting for the moment. of cus, im gonna give the campers to have fun!!!

Then went to eat breakfast cum lunch with pris. laugh and chat alot. =] hahas. And maybe we both are jokers. =] then went home by bus, and no one is at home luh.

wait for the time to pass. meet sharon and shermeen to kiat wee hse. sharon act cute la. oppx! =x wells, went in and play er shi yi dian. opps. i dunno how much i win. but i noe i lost quite alot?? They sae i lost $11. but not tat much luh. wells, sher and sharr went home and left me there. well i wait for hui ji la. =] see i so good. =]]] she lost $20 plus. hahas. then played mahjong with no money cus we dunno how to play. erm. had pizza for dinner. thans alot la kiat wee.

And i dunno why my mum now so so good luh. i tot she won't let me go watch midnight movie de. But she let! omg luh. ai si ta le. xD hmm, so slack till 10 plus and went to find weiling. she pei us down and sent us to the mamashop. thans~! then me and hui ji want to walk to TM alone. THen the four guys keep following us even we dump them. oppx. =x Saw shaun actually is he saw me. hahas. then i smart la. walked from the stairs door in and up to GV. =]

wow, quite alot of ppl. wells, ken treated we two popcorn. And we sae we want the cheapest luh. i so guity liao. and thans ken. =] Went in and sit. =] THe show quite nice la called the 'GHOST RIDER'. maybe if u like violent de, you can go have a watch. =] stomach was acting up again during the middle of the show. Its terrible.

walked home. And was at this middle of the interchange. Got this MR BEAN poster. It SCARED ME! and i pointed at it. AND GUESS WHAT??!! KEN AND KIAT WEE TIO SCARED TOO!! they declined. wells, at this end of the interchange, i saw a GAY?? at first i tot is a gal then i closely look. ITS A MALE! wells, then i turned and turn again and tell kw to look at him.

When we turn the curve, i turned back. And i saw he like coming towards us. i was like sae "zhao, ta lai le"[he's coming!] wells, i did saw him come and ran? But they sae didn't. But we still ran asap. he so scary luh. kok soon, alan sae they saw a bicycle nia. And guess what? ITS MY FATHER LA. hahas. so funny luh. then i still walk with hui ji. and its 2.30am like tat. its the lastest i go home luh. hahas. and i sit my dad's bike home and left hui ji with alan, ken and kw. And i think my hand had a sprain. pain~!

homed and take a shower and here am blogged!! omg luh. later still got tuition. how??? going sleep le. =] gd night! oppx, should be gd morning everyone!! =]


Evon's xD

Friday, March 02, 2007 9:51 PM


so so so long never blog le. wells, just finished my TA. now, i got 2 fail which is history [3/13](im so pro rite. got 3) and chinese [23/25]. Those pass is E-math [48/50], physic [28/50], social studies [7/12].

I was happy that i passed my physic. and kind of upset cus i tot i only miss out a few question. Then find out i miss out 5-7 questions. omg luh. sad sad. Still got A-math, english and chem haven take back. I was curious for my amath luh. dunno how much will i get. zzz.

hmm. wells, im sick. yesterdae got a slight fever and terrible stomachache. fever gone this morning and stomachache didn't get better. =[ still went to school la. =] was almost late. =]

pon cca todae and my stomach is acting up again. =[ zzz. hope to get better. =]


Evon's xD