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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007 6:03 PM


woots... yesterdae celebrate my birthday till 1am ba.

wells, morning went out and go buy spect with my mama.. woots, is red colour de. Present by my mama and dad ba..

Then, went meet michelle, weiling and shermeen. Shermeen is the first one to bash me up. Went to gv to see got what show. Don't know why suddenly so much ppl come to watch. I think they watching mr bean holiday ba. So we went to CS and watch TMNT. Wait for tingting. At first was quite sian luh, but at the end was funny. And i almost cry at the where leonardo was caught and the red one blame himself. so touch luh...

thanx michelle for the present. =D love it lotts. its the fahrenhait autograph book? thanx once again. =D

wells, after that... we went to bedok de princess leaving with shermeen to watch haunted school but there wasn't any time slot left 9 plus de nia. So, went to eat mac to slack and talk about ghost stories. hahas..... went back took 39 back to tampines it was so long luh.. Ting went to her mum shop and asked weather she can go watch anot. sadness.. she cannot watch the 9 plus at CS..

So called kok soon and kiat wee. very ma fan luh they.. First wanna watch mr bean then now tell us wan watch haunted school. funny luh they two.. So we watching haunted school. We thought that we didn't have the money luh. Heng arh, is enough to buy if not die die. erm... so slack at TM de arcade till the both guys come. funny luh... one go celebrate ah gong birthdae, one go celebrate ah ma birthdae. hahas.

wells, went in and left the tickets with the guard uncle.. then went in sit and ppl is sitting our place. So malu luh... =.- aniwae watched... So funny luh not really that horror la. i dun understand the last part... I WANT WATCH MR BEAN HOLIDAY AND THE MESSENGERS.

Out and was beginning to rain elephants and monkeys. wow. the lighting was fantantic! =x omg luh. michelle de bash so so pain luh and as well as weiling. i thought they were going to slash me water but never luh. =D only bash. =D

Kiat wee's kor zai wo men back. Thanx. =] weiling home-d and we four went to eat prata. i never eat nor drink la. the guys eat chocolate prata with teh ta re and ice milo. while, michelle drink teh ta re and she wasted it. =x took lotts of photos of they eating. =x kok soon's mouth is BIG. hahas. =D kiat wee mouth is smaller than kok soon. michelle no mouth. oppx. =x von got the smallest mouth in the world. =x hahas.

Went home-d. But before that song michelle, then kok soon then me then kiat wee. and thanx for song-ing me home. Took kok soon phone and hide it. =D played awhile luh. hahas...

home-d around 1 plus le. then went bath and wait for my hair to dry and slept at 2am.. erm... got tuition today luh and guess what?? i slept till 1pm luh and tuition start at 12pm. wakakas. actually woke up at 10.30am de. Then dunno why i slept again till 1 luh. hahas.. but still went to tuition and got a present from yi wei. =] its DOVE CHOCOLATE. thanx!

thanx guys. i love this birthdae.. althought no water slash, but if got it would be fun la. =x But still i love it.

15 liao. is mature not old okie. =D

Evon's xD