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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Friday, March 30, 2007 8:45 PM

two pooh bears!! by altos [left] and sharon + min ning [right]

DOVE chocolate by yi wei. =]

FAHRENHAIT. by michelle de gang. =x

WUZUN. in the book. =D

the CD handmade and the green thingy by wanny. the umbrella necklace by sweetie lao po chloe. =D

dun really noe what is this luh. is sort of hp de thing. is a pig middle with a word 'love'. by my darling laogong wei ying. =]

yup. tats all i got for my birthdae. wells, still waiting for presents still. =x hehes. i got 2 POOH BEAR!! woots. =D and thanx for those who give me present. =] i love you guys. =D erm... left my blog so pathetic luh. im so so lazy to blog.

wells, yesterdae having napfa and a lot of things happened la. dun wish to sae le. hais.... wells, i didn't jump my standing boardjump. =] my shuttle run sux. =[ i love my sit and reach. =D did much better of the pull up and im happy with it. =] im not really satisfied my sit up luh. =x quite bad ba. its a worse dae [thurdae, which is yesterdae]

i had this eye keep twiching for 3 days le luh. ai ya, i dunno how to explain. something going to happened ba. i told this to jia wei. And i tell her is not i got problem is my frend got problem luh. hais..

todae was a funny day. i keep on laughing and laughing and laughing till no stop. =D at first, it was the survey form. there was this question sae 'overall, how do u find school?' jia wei ask me what this question means. i told her is how do u think of sch. then she told me, she tot that it was asking how u find the sch. i was like laughing out loud luh. keep laughing. oppx. =x i not laughing at jia wei la. im laughing at the question itself.

chem went lab. cher make us walk up and down twice. =[ wells, nth much in lab luh. next was emath, mrs kho keep staring at me cus i was laughing again. =] stupid kok soon la. keep hitting my head and i keep bullying chang hui. =D wells, had fun with them la. aniwae phy is the period where i laugh till cannot stop luh. i lazy to explain. its just so funny till i can't stop luh.

next is eng.. had classmates presenting book review and cher was scolding us again. =[ so sad.. wells, go for choir and had the syf rehearsal. i hate the grown luh. its sux and damn ugly. =[ wells, still wear it. omg luh. i wear the high heel too high liao. so shaky when walking up and down the stairs. so scary. i tot im going to fall.

change back to sch uniform. i love my sch uniform. =D i love chatting and laughing too. Had chat with sharon and chang hui during the break time. =] it was funny and serious. keep scolding derick. =D funny la. =D and he scold me too. bad him. I got my present from the altos!!! its the pooh bear [big de]. hahas. i got 2 le. still got 1 coming up. =D

omg. my post is long. hahas. readers are patient. =D thanx for reading, readers!! =D orh yea. just claim my new spect. =D red colour de. hehes..

i just love to laugh. make me laugh more. =D

to sharon; cheer up ya?? dun sad nor angry le. =D
to kai wei; cheer up too. =D
to shermeen; dun think too much. although i dunno what happen la, i can see that u thinks alot. =D throw away the trouble it will make u happier. =D

i want everyday to be happy. =D
i promise not to ---- -- ---- again.

Evon's xD