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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007 8:57 PM

wells. todae went sch with home clothes as we are going to the YMCA thingy. went to find keith but couldn't. erm. then took bus, i hop onto the bus as my leg cannot bend too much luh.

erm. reached le. called our names and went into a room. the trainer so funny sia. told us a story about his past with a girl. THen gerald was funny luh. this story is like tat de... he took a girl to a park and stroll. then they sit down on a bench below a rounded lamp post. He said that the girl has a long hair. Just then got a breeze flow past, her hair was beautiful. [he did the action so so funny] wells, then he was telling us he wanted to ask her something. there was a pause luh. suddenly, gerald said 'are you hungry?' we were there laughing out loud luh. so funny sia. then he sae 'can i kiss u?' the girl no respond. so he said again. 'can i kiss u?' as he tot he speak too soft. Still no respond from the girl. So, he asked again loudly. Still again no respond. Then he was impatient le and said,' are u mute or deaf!' the girl sae 'can't u take action!' We were there laughing luh.

After the course, we went to bugis to eat and also watch movie. And we there finding place to eat. Then, i was like so damn hot luh. aniwae i tink got fever again luh. ate finished and i ate my medicine. still hot hot de. but i still dun care la. there's was no good show de. so we went back to tampines to see got any show to watch anot. Still dun have.

and guess what??!! i saw my so called an lian de ren. omg luh. i was damn surprise. but too bad la, i think he had forgotten me liao. erm... went cs to see got show to watch anot. still dun have. So we decided not to watch le. next time then watch.

went to food court to have a drink. erm... shermeen was hungry again. hungry ghost la she. =x wells. went back to tm and play arcade. Then walk to CP to slack and homed and sleep. =]


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