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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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No song lyrics. Sorry.


Saturday, April 28, 2007 1:52 PM


Never meant to hurt you
But I know I did
Knocking on my door
Baby something gotta give
Chasing all these womens
Thas jus how us rappers live I know
I did a lot of things that you cant forgive
I was so weak when I shoulda been strong
I was on the road and you were home alone
In the back of my mind
I knew that it was all wrong
Its bonnie and clyde
Jus u nd me for now on

I never been faithful before in my life
Didn't understand the words husband and wife
Everytime i cheated on you cut you like a knife
Im so ashamed i could take my own life
Trying to keep my image up
I lied to get you
Had to be a rebel
Couldnt be seen with ya
Use to call me late night cuz you really miss me
I aint even answer cuz I was out tricking
Smelling like perfume, coming home late
Another group of chicks
So many damn mistakes
Everyting i said you knew dat it was fake
So many tears rolling down your precious little face

Never meant to hurt you
But i know i did
Knocking on my door
Baby something gotta give
Chasing all these womens
Thas jus how us rappers live
I know i did a lot of things that you cant forgive
I was so weak when i shoulda been strong
I was on the road and you were home alone
In the back of my mind
I knew it was all wrong
Its bonnie and clyde
Jus u nd me for now on

Where ever you go
Whatever you do I will be right here waiting for you
Whatever it takes
Or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you

So many times i took you for granted
So much pain i know you cant stand it
Embarrased you in front of your whole family
The way i acted i shoulda won a grammy
We're a million pieces
I shatter you apart
You gave me all your trust and i broke your heart
Trying to be a good guy acting all hard
Late night picking up chicks in your car
I do anything if i can take you back
Just you and me in my first cadillac
You were a lil gangster chick wearing my hat
Took it all for granted everyting i had


But i know i did
Knocking on my door
Baby something gotta give
Chasing all these womens
Thas jus how us rappers live
I know i did a lot of things that you cant forgive
I was so weak when i shoulda been strong
I was on the road and you were home alone
In the back of my mind
I knew it was all wrong
Its bonnie and clyde
Jus u nd me for now on

Evon's xD

Friday, April 27, 2007 9:34 PM


so long never blog le. So, since todae is a very interesting day and i shall blog it.

todae was the first mid-year paper we took, which is ENGLISH. Paper one is difficuilt to me, and i think i choose wrong question for compo, as for letter writing, hai okie. Wells, Paper two is much more easier than Paper one.

Next, stay back to pei shermeen for the chemistry thingy. THen, went to KFC to eat and study. It starting to rain heavy. Then went home walking in the rain again, was super wet can. Reached home, mum never scold. =]

wells, played com awhile and went for tuition. Was thinking that it will be another boring tuition, but to my surprise, it turns out to be a funny one.. I reached there, saw a guy, thought i went to the wrong class but i saw those ppl, so can't be ma. So, went in, sat next to melissa.

The male cher was a joker. He was like talking to himself, and this guy [rather cute??!], keep suan-ing him. And majority was laughing out loud!!?? hahas. THen, this guy was funny. Cause got 1 question the cher calculate wrong ma.

Then, we two sae wrong. And he sae correct, sae "wanna bet?? bet $10 and plus my next tuition fee." I never answer him la, then he show us this equation in his calculator;; 68 divides 8 = 9... And the answer should be;; 68 divides 8 = 8.5 .. Then i laugh at him and sae;; 9 X 8 = what?? THen, melissa sae;; dunno leh, 72 ba... me;; no leh, is 68.. hahas.

Keep suan-ing him. HAd a nice time todae in tuition. And met the most GOOD cher in the world. muahahahas. Met lots of new friends too. =D


Evon's xD

Sunday, April 22, 2007 9:41 AM


hohohoho.... yesterdae had lottss of fun with hui ji la.. she was being scared by me and kw. hahas. =D

gonna tuition later. so early luh. I WANT SLEEP!!~~

find alot of songs and put in my blog songs le.. i like the A TASTE OF LOVE by Miriam Yeung. anyone have this song?? if have, can sent me?? and alot la.. i want nice eng songs too!!!~~~ hahas. I was hyper to english songs can.


Evon's xD

Saturday, April 21, 2007 6:48 PM

wells, todae went for the cross country thingy. hehes. im not the 101 anymore. =D Manage to get top 100 luh. =D But the sadness thingy is about i vomited at the end of the race. =[ bad bad.. i try not to vomit out, see what i've done, i swallow it. the TAsTE disGUsTING can.

Was chionging to the milo car. Was queueing so so long and got 1 cup only. Then went sat the assembly place, was desperated for water. hahas...

blah blah blah.. dismissed and took bus to interchange. See they eat, but im not hungry cus i CAN"T SMELL ANYTHING. hahas.

Went meet my mum then to a place to eat. Dunno what that place called, eating at the 'ben se'.

later going out. =D changed my phone plan le. =] yea!

i told myself waiting for you
wasnt going to be of any use if you wont return
why must I spend every minute of my life thinking of you,
waiting for you
If I had known earlier that you dont feel anything for me,
everything i do isnt of any use
you left me waiting and aching for you in the dark,
keeping the painful truth for me...
that you will never be back in my arms again


Evon's xD

Friday, April 20, 2007 9:19 PM

AMATH SUXXX.... espectionally the logaritham.. i can't understand a single thing about it.. And guess what?? went to amath tuition, then was late. Cher give this worksheet, which is about logaritham and ngee ann test paper. And i don't even know how to do a single question in the paper. I was there SLEEPING?? the temperature inside is darn suitable for me to sleep can. =D

hais. was no mood to blog liao..

feeling terible. when will my flu be gone??

Evon's xD

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 9:31 PM

After choir SYF at sch hall.

The ALTOS. rawkz foreva.


darling`brenda- love her lottss. =D

von`sharr-my baobeiix nu er



with my twin sista- WANNY. =]


me with rui yang

with how cher...


All altos except rui yang. =x

with my ai ai- kaiwei [someone pls dun jealous=x]. =D

with jean-the crazy gal foreva.

sharr extra. =x hahas. with hanwei and sharr.

me and sam. *sharr extra again. =x

HAD ALOTTS OF FUN AND SAD DURING THIS 3 YEARS IN CHOIR. there`s so much to cherish about. I miss those days espectionally last year camp. ITS FUN!!
Although we got bronze for this year SYF, but we did enjoy ourselve up there on stage and give our best le. And we DID improve alot from 2 years ago till now. And i do hope mr ong can stay and teach us, as he is WAY BETTER than miss chan. And WE LOVE HIM TOO and even if he dun want to teach us, WE WILL MISS HIM. But i really hope that he still want to teach us ba.
took photos while waiting for the results in school. cheer up ba all the choir peeps. =D

Firstly, wanna sae HAPPY CHANG HUI DAY!!!! =D happy birthdae, xiong bao bao! =]
wells, gave him present. damn cute luh the 'fake' present i gave him.. hahas. its a baby hands glove. then the 'real' present for him..
After school, ate KFC and went to GV to watch Meet The Robinson. I LOVE the dinosaur, darn cute and funny can. And the part where dad and son is best friends. Went home-d.
why everytime i heard the names, i will jealous..
is it mean that im in love?
Am i waiting for ur love??
i just can't bluff myself anymore.

Evon's xD

Monday, April 16, 2007 9:18 PM

At the VCH. =D 'im gonna hit you with this thing!!'


re ben chun. the wet tissue.


The dishes of s


the BILL.




What hui ji doing down there???
'WOOT. I FOUND IT!' by hui ji.

sunday went out buy things. =D and play badminton with michelle. =]]

Mon. That is todae.. Had chinese, ate pocky in class. Then went for canteen performance. =D OMG luh. i think everyone is looking me first as i wearing RED spect ma. hahas... upper sec recess not good. lower sec better in singing. =]
Went back to class for last 5mins of chem. Then, amath got retest. sianx. i remember in the end of how to do luh. hais..

chang hui is funny todae and damn horny todae. stupid kok soon. made my correction tape spoilt. And i hit my head against the window edge. suayness...

After school is funny.. more information see michelle blog. =]



Evon's xD

Saturday, April 14, 2007 11:19 PM


todae went to VCH [victoria concert hall] for SYF rehearsal. =D wells, wear that stupid dress, damn hot and irrating and ITCY AND UGLY can. So did warm up and took bus there. i HATE wearing that dress.

So, went there.. Heard a group of choir inside singing Everyone Sang. OMG. i didn't know its a BOYS CHOIR [ACS] until i went in the hall and see. THEY CAN SING VERY HIGH NOTES. And no shuai ges there. =x

Its our turn to sing. =D and we were making alot of shoe sounds from ours heels. Then, we walk up and down almost 4 times le?? Our choir seems to have lots of ppl feeling unwell. The guys are worse, not in form. So was like so CHAM?

Went back to school. On the way, we were CHANGING OUR DRESS INTO PROPER CLOTHES IN THE BUSS. Can you believe it??? pro huh.. But i din manage to change. Back to school and change in boys toilet. =x

Went to eat at the sushi at CP there. MR chew treating us. THANX MR CHEW. =D i think he spent about $100-$150. lazy to write more.. will post the pictures up. Saw da hui qi. =] was crapping with her.

Went to CP and played. Walk in rain again. =] i think i getting more sick now. flu + headache + coughing. Aniwae, sun gong gong coming out so fast and walk home alone. And home-d to play com, actually want to sleep de, but then suddenly dun want and went out with mum to TM. Saw MRS QUEK WITH HER HUSBAND. She didn't saw me cuase i dun want her to see me. hahas..

I DID A GOOD DEED TODAE. went NTUC ma. Then got this two ladies, were taking their free bread. Then, the cashier sae is at the bread there. So, mum want buy bread too. SAW them, and they seems not to find the bread. And i found it la, ask mum find them back then give them. WOO HOO~~ they thanx me alot of times. i heard this phrase;; WHERE GOT SO KIND DE PEOPLE AROUND LE. i was there so happy cause i help me found it.

hais.. so many ppl bullying me.


Evon's xD

Thursday, April 12, 2007 11:22 PM

The fitness corner was flooded by todae's big heavy rain.


Here Flooded too.

The small size of ice-cream cone.

The big[huiji], medium[michelle], small[von] sizes of ice-cream cone. Which do u prefer??

So CUTE huh. mich draw de.
hope u all like.

Evon's xD

10:33 PM

i really don't know why guys are so so troublesome than girls. I wonder had the time changed? Last time, i was still thinking that we the girls are then the most troublesome. But i changed my mind, GUYS ARE THE MOST TROUBLESOME PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!

school was okie. Todae, my class like in a party like that. So many things to eat de. I got sorethroat luh, nearly no voice then suddenly got voice le. blah blah blah... i DID listen to amath class todae. =D IT WAS LUNCH TIME. And is raining heavily with loud thunder stomp. Me and huiji ran at the 3rd floor there. SO FUN!!

ran back with kai wei. And we were like so wet liao. =D indeed was cold, alot of guys were running under the rain too. =] pris suddenly cried, cheer up daddie!! Went to the mirror there and see. OmG luh.. *cannot see*

Went back to class. Was like so secretive. hahas. Finally, school was over. So, it was raining again. And guess what?? OM tan sae only those who have umbrella then can go off. I was very qi luh. Shall not sae.

So duo jie is funny. He go act as keith. So FUNNY. keep laughing... After that, one by one gone. Left me, sharon, huiji and min ning, went to buy things and play cards. Then all gone, left huiji and me with michelle coming later. So went TM to buy things. =D i bought my MYUK de pencil box le. woohoo~~~ =D

So i was really really really dunno why guys so troublesome. sianx. Plan everything liao luh, suddenly sae dun wan go. =[ yi chang shi wang yi chang kong. maybe its just fated.

shi ni de jiu shi ni de.
bu shi ni de jiu yong yuan bu shi ni de [jiu suan yong zai duo de bei bi de shou duan ye de bu dao.]
i was beginning to understand this.
there is no use of snatching.

Evon's xD

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 10:12 PM


miss ting ting for two daes le. take care ya??

todae PE damn funny. Was playing badminton with wei ling. We were then playing 2 vs 2, *weiling, kaiwei VS shermeen, von* , me and weiling played until so CRAZY luh... =D Then we sat down and played badminton. something happened la. They sae i played till very pervent. =[[ Can ask amanda, shermeen or kaiwei for more information.

lesson were as per normal. erms... went choir after dismissal. At library train, mr ong sae we were terrible todae. Not in 'good condition'. hahas.. Had sectional then DISMISS!! wait for sharon, then for joelle.. After, went to the VCD shop, buy bubble tea at A1.


Evon's xD

Sunday, April 08, 2007 9:00 PM


wore the same shirt as michelle and we didn't tell each other what we wearing. =D wells, my slowpoke bus is damn slow can. hahas....

Then, went to tm walk walk and see see.. Saw some nice toys SUCH AS the big big WU GUI from MINITOONS. how i hope they was mine. =) And while we going up to 3rd floor, saw keith de shuai ge. He kanna scared by michelle. hahas. i was there laughing out loud. =D

And went eat with michelle. Then, went to popular and i ps her there cus my kor driving me to another place. Went home-d to fetch mum and kor. To geylang eat the dunno what so-called claypot. Didn't eat much.


Evon's xD

3:19 PM

Due to the heavy rain, can't play badminton with mummy mich..... But, we decided to go out walk walk. =D


Evon's xD

Saturday, April 07, 2007 10:20 PM

The super different bananas.

evon =]

i hearts them ~ and still got BRENDA.[forget to put]

i miss and hearts 2e3`06.
yesterday morning saw a guy with six fingers. omg luh... the sixth finger is darn cute can, its grow on the thumb. And i was such a 'bai chi' , thought got tuition yesterdae, so went out and saw ARRON! he damn black can. I was there staring at him when walking opposite him, so near him luh. I was so surprise till after seeing him, my heart still beat so fast until i nearly cannot breathe. hahas... nv see him again since pri 6.
and guess what next??!! I went to tuition there, and saw it not open. I WAS SHOCKED again! i was damn bai chi can. =[ so called mum and meet her to get her spect. =]
todae went out with mummy mich to buy sweets for us. And i bought dars chocolate to share. So, we went to COOL HOUSE to drink passion fruit red tea and popCORN. =] Then went CENTRAL PARK to slack. So, we sat on this round table there. We were talking about the bridge and the ah ma. =D And the most funniest part is coming up, we saw this guy, who i think was playing hide-and-seek with his mum.
At first, he was lying under the bench, which is right opposite my direction, i was there asking michelle; what is the boy doing down there?? i was there wondering who on earth will people want to lie under a bench.
michelle sae dunno. Later, the guy came out and sit on the bench. Out of sudden, we turned and saw his head under the handle, which had a space inbetween. Michelle and me was there laughing and sae-ing; he so retarded can. His mum came AND she didn't notice his son. o.O [see the pic below]
So, we were there laughing out loud. I was trying to take this guy picture and finally i caught it. =D

this is how to hides from his mum.
And the end his mum finds him!!~ =D so funny luh the guy. We were thinking if he stuck there forever how. The guy gone to find his mum, and i went to the ................... [see the picture below]

LOLS. i noe im lame. =.= So chat chat chat till 7 plus, during the time, we saw a cute little gal. A gal falling down from bike. A boy learning how to cycle. And that seems to have returned back to own childhood times, we really misses our childhood days. Seeing the kids playing, just as what we once were doing.
The objective of todae is ;; Cherish what you have, or you will really regret it someday.

Evon's xD

Friday, April 06, 2007 12:53 PM


thanx choon kiat for helping me finding the song lollypop. =D thanx. and also alan for senting me de ppt. thanx.

wells, todae gd friday so never go sch. so shuang. hahas. =]]


Evon's xD

Thursday, April 05, 2007 4:10 PM


but the only i like, which i think most of the people likes is that no need go school. =D wells, got all download except for the chemistry powerpoint.

Was chatting with michelle. And we are both busy women. =D next week gonna buy pencil box. then next next week watch movie. Then, 1 may watch movie again.

And guess what?? i think i want see the Nightmare Dectective. i think is quite nice luh.

If u die in your dream, you die for real.


Evon's xD

Wednesday, April 04, 2007 10:43 PM

I call him
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop lollipop
Oh lolli lolli lolli
Lollipop. POP~~

omg! i fall in love with the song LOLLIPOP!! and of cus WO KE YI. =D i love the songs. XD

wells, todae was just simply a normal day. too normal le. i decided not to be crazy todae in class. And i DID that! =D

English. mdm saleha was weird. Called us to turn back then front then to the left side[blk 870]. Stand with right leg then left leg and both leg. Turn to right side[blk B] and sae out the song ABC. stupid rite. cher also told us that there were complaints from blk 870 to the band.

Emath. did matrices. This chapter damn easy luh, i can tell you that. Recess. And miss zaleha came in class and scold us about yesterdae amath. Cause i think we whisper during the test, then the relief cher go tell the V.P luh. =.= zzzz

Physic. We waste her 1 period to eat. =D I hate that ms gan. todae period just copy corrections.
History. Did picture inference, similarity and reliability[SBQ].
Social Studies. feel so sleepy during her class. And im the first one to call by her to answer the question. =.=

Assembly is about the student council thingy. The drums thingy was lame luh. I dun even understand the beat or rather the rythem[spell wrong le]. wells, the slide show is funny. =x

actually got alto sectional todae. And it is cancelled! cuase we can't manage to go her hse todae. =D So sharon, min ning and me went to mac to find tingting, shermeen, kai wei, hui ji and pris. We chatted about ghost stories and sharon was kanna scared by me. =x hahas. **we are just thinking too much. =D The ghost stories is funny. =]

thinking too much??

Evon's xD

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 10:52 PM

just a short post here.

wells, school was just as normal as other days. i bought the skittles to school. And they sae i siao, and indeed im siao de. Next, PE. play badminton. woot, i just love playing badminton. =D

Amath. having amath test todae. i think im gonna fail for it. Junquan is funny luh. Alan is pro de, he like never do anything at all.

Went choir. Sang the three songs and i hate oye la musical alot. Mrs oh came and watched us sang. She was impressed! =D

Home-d and blogged. =]

am i not trustable?? can i be the trustable one in ur eyes??


Evon's xD

Monday, April 02, 2007 10:15 PM



the pig [pink] provided by ch. THANX FOR THE PRESENT! =]

the 3 different sizes of pooh bear. =D BIG MEDIUM SMALL. =]

As what i sae the earlier post, gonna post picture. =D there the SKITTLES. =] OMG. im drooling over it at my hse. =D

Evon's xD

9:17 PM


yoyo. i decided to blog todae as i think i got a wonderful dae todae. wells, it started with chinese in the early morning. cher was going through the test paper. so nth much happened.

next is SS, i can sae i was there keep day-dreaming can. And i keep on listening to the jokes provided by chang hui and alan. Its make me laugh. =]

recess and i ate together with sharon. aniwae, take care sharon and kiat wee la. Next is chemistry, having test about chemical bonding and the structure of solids. OMG luh. i think im gonna fail like hell, as what cher sae this is an EASY paper! zzz. i feel so difficult.

That stupid kok soon, go use his chem file hit my head. i really got nao zhen dang luh. and therefore, i go make his things drop to the ground. =D

Emath. cher give back the test paper. i got 16/20. zzz. im deproving le. =[ Amath. woot. cher never come but she gave us some work to do. wells, i didn't do cus i dunno how to do. wells, some talks with sharon, weiling and kai wei and the guys luh.

lunch didn't eat. and stay at class. cheer up my dear, nuer sharon ya??

Physic time! wells, miss zaleha came in for the 1st period as mrs quek got something on. i hate the 2nd period, as that gan came in. As what chang hui call her chocolate, kok soon sae she is the most no money de cus she nv bath. i was there laughing non stop. After sometimes, the whole class was like damn quite cus was sleeping all the while. hahas. That gan keep diao-ing ppl de luh. i feel like digging out her eyes. =x [am i tat cruel?? of cus not!]

English. did only book review. So there listening. Then SCHOOL DISMISSAL! And know what??!! i got drenched on the top. cus they were playing water ma. Then i was there like pretening to pour. then kiat wee go like want pour me like tat. We two shake to my left to sean direction luh. so funny sia. he wet wet de.

Then went out cause he want pour me back. So, i opened the bottle cap le. Dunno what happen, louis go pour at me luh. i was wet. =[ went to ch hse to take my present. =D hehes. stupid ks sae its look like me. =[

its a pig with wings. hahas. angel leh. =D went back to school to see the debate of our class 3e4 vs 3e3. i was disappointed in gerald la, never talk de. watched finished and home-d. But before that i went NTUC to buy 10 packets of SKITTLES. =D im gonna CRAZY!!

shall post pictures later on. =D

isit so ironic??

Evon's xD

Sunday, April 01, 2007 9:53 AM


change-d song. hope u all like. =D one of my fave. =]]

wells, gonna go tuition later on! kekes. and todae i woke up so so early! 7 plus. woots!~ im sot cause last night i slept 1 plus.

wells, i was surprise that one of my primary sch still noe me luh. i was at mini toon buying things, then suddenly heard someone call my name. i turned and saw its rechard[forget how to spell his name]. i was like omg! =]

promise is not meant to break.

Evon's xD