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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007 11:19 PM


todae went to VCH [victoria concert hall] for SYF rehearsal. =D wells, wear that stupid dress, damn hot and irrating and ITCY AND UGLY can. So did warm up and took bus there. i HATE wearing that dress.

So, went there.. Heard a group of choir inside singing Everyone Sang. OMG. i didn't know its a BOYS CHOIR [ACS] until i went in the hall and see. THEY CAN SING VERY HIGH NOTES. And no shuai ges there. =x

Its our turn to sing. =D and we were making alot of shoe sounds from ours heels. Then, we walk up and down almost 4 times le?? Our choir seems to have lots of ppl feeling unwell. The guys are worse, not in form. So was like so CHAM?

Went back to school. On the way, we were CHANGING OUR DRESS INTO PROPER CLOTHES IN THE BUSS. Can you believe it??? pro huh.. But i din manage to change. Back to school and change in boys toilet. =x

Went to eat at the sushi at CP there. MR chew treating us. THANX MR CHEW. =D i think he spent about $100-$150. lazy to write more.. will post the pictures up. Saw da hui qi. =] was crapping with her.

Went to CP and played. Walk in rain again. =] i think i getting more sick now. flu + headache + coughing. Aniwae, sun gong gong coming out so fast and walk home alone. And home-d to play com, actually want to sleep de, but then suddenly dun want and went out with mum to TM. Saw MRS QUEK WITH HER HUSBAND. She didn't saw me cuase i dun want her to see me. hahas..

I DID A GOOD DEED TODAE. went NTUC ma. Then got this two ladies, were taking their free bread. Then, the cashier sae is at the bread there. So, mum want buy bread too. SAW them, and they seems not to find the bread. And i found it la, ask mum find them back then give them. WOO HOO~~ they thanx me alot of times. i heard this phrase;; WHERE GOT SO KIND DE PEOPLE AROUND LE. i was there so happy cause i help me found it.

hais.. so many ppl bullying me.


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