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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007 10:33 PM

i really don't know why guys are so so troublesome than girls. I wonder had the time changed? Last time, i was still thinking that we the girls are then the most troublesome. But i changed my mind, GUYS ARE THE MOST TROUBLESOME PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!

school was okie. Todae, my class like in a party like that. So many things to eat de. I got sorethroat luh, nearly no voice then suddenly got voice le. blah blah blah... i DID listen to amath class todae. =D IT WAS LUNCH TIME. And is raining heavily with loud thunder stomp. Me and huiji ran at the 3rd floor there. SO FUN!!

ran back with kai wei. And we were like so wet liao. =D indeed was cold, alot of guys were running under the rain too. =] pris suddenly cried, cheer up daddie!! Went to the mirror there and see. OmG luh.. *cannot see*

Went back to class. Was like so secretive. hahas. Finally, school was over. So, it was raining again. And guess what?? OM tan sae only those who have umbrella then can go off. I was very qi luh. Shall not sae.

So duo jie is funny. He go act as keith. So FUNNY. keep laughing... After that, one by one gone. Left me, sharon, huiji and min ning, went to buy things and play cards. Then all gone, left huiji and me with michelle coming later. So went TM to buy things. =D i bought my MYUK de pencil box le. woohoo~~~ =D

So i was really really really dunno why guys so troublesome. sianx. Plan everything liao luh, suddenly sae dun wan go. =[ yi chang shi wang yi chang kong. maybe its just fated.

shi ni de jiu shi ni de.
bu shi ni de jiu yong yuan bu shi ni de [jiu suan yong zai duo de bei bi de shou duan ye de bu dao.]
i was beginning to understand this.
there is no use of snatching.

Evon's xD