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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, April 02, 2007 9:17 PM


yoyo. i decided to blog todae as i think i got a wonderful dae todae. wells, it started with chinese in the early morning. cher was going through the test paper. so nth much happened.

next is SS, i can sae i was there keep day-dreaming can. And i keep on listening to the jokes provided by chang hui and alan. Its make me laugh. =]

recess and i ate together with sharon. aniwae, take care sharon and kiat wee la. Next is chemistry, having test about chemical bonding and the structure of solids. OMG luh. i think im gonna fail like hell, as what cher sae this is an EASY paper! zzz. i feel so difficult.

That stupid kok soon, go use his chem file hit my head. i really got nao zhen dang luh. and therefore, i go make his things drop to the ground. =D

Emath. cher give back the test paper. i got 16/20. zzz. im deproving le. =[ Amath. woot. cher never come but she gave us some work to do. wells, i didn't do cus i dunno how to do. wells, some talks with sharon, weiling and kai wei and the guys luh.

lunch didn't eat. and stay at class. cheer up my dear, nuer sharon ya??

Physic time! wells, miss zaleha came in for the 1st period as mrs quek got something on. i hate the 2nd period, as that gan came in. As what chang hui call her chocolate, kok soon sae she is the most no money de cus she nv bath. i was there laughing non stop. After sometimes, the whole class was like damn quite cus was sleeping all the while. hahas. That gan keep diao-ing ppl de luh. i feel like digging out her eyes. =x [am i tat cruel?? of cus not!]

English. did only book review. So there listening. Then SCHOOL DISMISSAL! And know what??!! i got drenched on the top. cus they were playing water ma. Then i was there like pretening to pour. then kiat wee go like want pour me like tat. We two shake to my left to sean direction luh. so funny sia. he wet wet de.

Then went out cause he want pour me back. So, i opened the bottle cap le. Dunno what happen, louis go pour at me luh. i was wet. =[ went to ch hse to take my present. =D hehes. stupid ks sae its look like me. =[

its a pig with wings. hahas. angel leh. =D went back to school to see the debate of our class 3e4 vs 3e3. i was disappointed in gerald la, never talk de. watched finished and home-d. But before that i went NTUC to buy 10 packets of SKITTLES. =D im gonna CRAZY!!

shall post pictures later on. =D

isit so ironic??

Evon's xD