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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007 10:20 PM

The super different bananas.

evon =]

i hearts them ~ and still got BRENDA.[forget to put]

i miss and hearts 2e3`06.
yesterday morning saw a guy with six fingers. omg luh... the sixth finger is darn cute can, its grow on the thumb. And i was such a 'bai chi' , thought got tuition yesterdae, so went out and saw ARRON! he damn black can. I was there staring at him when walking opposite him, so near him luh. I was so surprise till after seeing him, my heart still beat so fast until i nearly cannot breathe. hahas... nv see him again since pri 6.
and guess what next??!! I went to tuition there, and saw it not open. I WAS SHOCKED again! i was damn bai chi can. =[ so called mum and meet her to get her spect. =]
todae went out with mummy mich to buy sweets for us. And i bought dars chocolate to share. So, we went to COOL HOUSE to drink passion fruit red tea and popCORN. =] Then went CENTRAL PARK to slack. So, we sat on this round table there. We were talking about the bridge and the ah ma. =D And the most funniest part is coming up, we saw this guy, who i think was playing hide-and-seek with his mum.
At first, he was lying under the bench, which is right opposite my direction, i was there asking michelle; what is the boy doing down there?? i was there wondering who on earth will people want to lie under a bench.
michelle sae dunno. Later, the guy came out and sit on the bench. Out of sudden, we turned and saw his head under the handle, which had a space inbetween. Michelle and me was there laughing and sae-ing; he so retarded can. His mum came AND she didn't notice his son. o.O [see the pic below]
So, we were there laughing out loud. I was trying to take this guy picture and finally i caught it. =D

this is how to hides from his mum.
And the end his mum finds him!!~ =D so funny luh the guy. We were thinking if he stuck there forever how. The guy gone to find his mum, and i went to the ................... [see the picture below]

LOLS. i noe im lame. =.= So chat chat chat till 7 plus, during the time, we saw a cute little gal. A gal falling down from bike. A boy learning how to cycle. And that seems to have returned back to own childhood times, we really misses our childhood days. Seeing the kids playing, just as what we once were doing.
The objective of todae is ;; Cherish what you have, or you will really regret it someday.

Evon's xD