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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007 10:40 PM


taking this free chance to blog? if not someone gonna be crazy. =x hahas.

Wells, yesterdae went to science center to attend some chemistry workshop. It was fun uh. Got two workshop in all, which is DESIGNER T-SHIRT and BLUE PRINTING.

When walking towards the lift, there is the protrait of the president, the one can move de. We wait quite a long time but din move, so we walked away, then i looked back and kai wei screamed and shouted "ta zhuan le![he have moved!]" i did see and tio scared by her scream luh.

Designer t-shirt needs creative, but i din have creative can. No ideas how to do. We were given a blank white t-shirt, different colours of markers, a cup, rubber band and ethnol[wrong spelling?]. We were supposed to use the markers to dot on the t-shirt,which covered the top of the cup with the rubber band, then were to drop 20 drops of the ethnol within the circle of the cup. I did terrible la. haha. *no face*

Havin breaks.

Blue printing. I dun really know how to descibe it luh. But was quite fun, love it more than the designer t-shirt. Will upload the pic sooonn

Wells, during the break, explored the science center. It was funny and scary??! hahas. Took alot photos.

Went eat at mac, was kinda fun. And we played zhong ji mi ma, and we mix all the sauce we had. Have curry sauce, chilli sauce, bbq sauce and coke. And who tio, who eat the sauce. We wanted to sabo shermeen can. But she was the last to eat. hahas.

today, went meet mummy at TM. And had this Foot Reflexology, was kinda pain but i bear it. xD wanted to try it very long le.

Then went to the 7 sister gathering at safra. miss them lotss!!! hahas. But in the end only 4 of us plus min ning sis, so is 5 in all. Wells, went safra and played bowling. I remembered the last time i played is around sec 1 with my cousin. And this is my 2nd time playing nia. =]

We played 2 games in all. As i forget how to play, so was kind of anyhow throw and the ball went to the so called drain. And i think i got the second last even though i got 1 strike. xD

The 2nd game is the goody one, the best one. I GOT 3 STRIKE IN ALL. and im the FIRST, got over 100 points. XD pro uh ?? hahas. i think i started to fall in love with pool and bowling. xD or rather i fall in love le. =x hahas.

wells, after that went the arcade play the para para thingy, forget what it is. Then went back to TM as eunice want to eat. Saw guo qiang and duo jie company, and he finally went for cutting. HIS HAIR CUTTING WORTH $30!! hahas.

Went meet michelle after that, catch a movie "surf's up". Quite nice luh, cute, funny. I got sound effect de wor. hahas. As if i was in the movie.

Went home-d. xD

Evon's xD