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Saturday, August 25, 2007 12:56 PM

heyo peeps! Im back from OBS - Outward Bound Singapore. xD

At first i thought it would be fun and exciting. When we reached there by boat, we were divided into groups which they had prepared for us. I was in NILA UTAMA.

I thought it would not be that fun cause we[the family] not in the same group. But to my surprised, I had great fun with the group - NILA UTAMA which consists me, jean, hui ping, ling yu, atiqah, halkel,halkal, suhaimi, sean, gary, gregory, ivan tan, soon jun, ivan chua, jeremy, one more who i dunno how to spell his name. =x

Our group were pros.

First day - 20 Aug 2007.
Got things prepared. Done the introducing, went on with the "Trust and Fall" activity which we fall and team members were to catch us with the mat. xD Then went on with the so-called Rock Climbing. There need 4 members who do the belayer, climber, rope control and the holding behind the belayer. I do the all 4 jobs. xD
It was fun. xD Went on teaching us how to pitch a tent and do the cooking. And we girls did the first ever tent. And i got a CUT - i think minor cut by the can lid. Keep bleeding. But din tell intructor. Did bathing and sleep - couldn't really sleep.

Second day - 21 Aug 2007.
Woke up at around 6 plus to unpitch the tent and changed to long sleeves and eat breakfast. =] Met Instructor Faisal. Combined with MACOPOLO. We did Flying Fox in the morning. It was fun when the moment i fly down. But when climbing up, IT WAS TIRED!!~ And my injuring bleed again. Loads.

Afternoon, went on with kayaking. Wells, it was fun and tiring too. Did capsize, and learn how to kayak - front move, u-turn, left turn and right turn. And its time to go into sea - i parter-ed with jean. At first, we dunno how to kayak. But when going on, we get the technique. xD Followed the intructor. =]

Keep the boat. Was heavy. =.= Went pei shermeen to toilet.
Went hiking to "Machor". Faisal told us it will be a nice place. It turned out to be nice - nice scenery, sea was beautiful too. But there wasn't any toilet and we had to go into a grass place which will so-called our "toilet". We SEPT ON ROCK. =[ AND THERE WILL BE WILDBOAR. hahas. Cooked in the night. Difficult to see.

Before we sleep, Instructor Syed told us a "ghost story". I was scared by his sudden loud voice. It was funny and lame lah. Told us to petrol at night. I woke up twice for the petrol. First is by just the wildboar. =x Second is jean. I was good enough to do again. =] Second time, i heard wildboar "snoring"? We were like see it coming out anot. I WANT SEE luh. AND I WAS SHAKING LIKE JELLIES. =x hahas

Third Day - 22 Aug 2007.
Woke up with raining pouring small. Continued our hiking but this time is navigation, no help from instructors. But they gives us clue of where to go. hahas. Ivan tan did the navigation, he was good. =]

We reached Ubi Village. And went on the musuem to do on our presentation not to demolise Pulau Ubi. We were the first to reach camp 1 as Faisal told us there will be cooked food waiting for us. We were happy and chiong to it. =]

Ate fast and no one talk at all. Feel so weird. The funniest is the supper time, we went and waited for everyone to get ready. So, Suhaimi is funny. He dropped his light bulb of his torchlight in the red bean soup. We were Laughing Out LOUD. And Gary is funny too. He did not laugh through the supper, and we told him to laugh. He sae our joke is not funny at all.

Then he sae "My father died."
I think is Suhaimi asked "Really?"
He replied "No lah, Just joking."

Damn funny luh him. He is shy i think.
Went on with the presentation with Maropolo. We asked Syed if we can borrow Just for the presentation in the canteen. [ joking manner] Cause Just is a brother of the Wildboar. =x Funny luh. He DOES look like one.

I couldn't sleep at all as it was squeezing in the tent of five people.

Fourth Day - 23 Aug 2007.
Un-pitch the tent and went to makan. Prepared long pants for Rock Climbing at IT. We played a game "Recuse Cusualties" with Macopolo, Raffles, Ralegin and Nila Utama. It was fun and i encouraged Jean. =] Our group recuse the most - 27. xD

Next, we were to build raft to sent the cusualties to Singapore. Our group has the strongest raft. =] But alll failed.

Packed up and went back to camp 2 for our JETTY JUMP. =]
It was fun and we get to swim to the shore. While other groups din. Thanx Faisal. =] FUN FUN FUN.
Pitched the tent, cooked and sleep. =]

Slept soundly throughout the night. xD

Fifth Day - 24 Aug 2007.
Which means the last day, I WILL MISS THE DAYS even though we keep saying wanting to go home. These days, happy sad pain fun. Will stored in the memory forever. Washed the tents and keep all the things in place. Payed 70 cents for the lost. Missed vanessa, pris, kw, my parents and loads during these days. Wondered what they doing. Sat the boat back to pungol.

Reached home and reached out my phone. =D Saw message and i got the highest in class for emath - 48/50. Then my computer i think gonna spoilt, and i got big headache for it. Keep shut down and restart. Scared me. =[ Tonight was lucky, din shut down. =]

Had a GREAT sleep. =] I misssed my bed so muchhhhhh!!!! =]

Orh ya.. Been crapping with Gregory these days. "baby". hahas. Splashed him water the last day. =]

Sorrie peeps for this long post. xD Have fun reading!

Evon's xD