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N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007 8:21 PM

Decided to blog. SURSPRISE ??? LOL.

Wells, yesterdae kai wei who is my aiai's birthdae. xD happy birthdae!~ Celebrated her birthdae by smashing her cake, but im not the one who start it first and she SMASHED me!!! awwwww.. Aniwae, the REAL cake come out lah - oreo cheesecake. xD And FALL DOWN while deliving to wa ling and cherie.

Pour water at her, the so-called ceremony. =.= So, gave them the couple ring. Pris damn nagging, michelle tooo! xD Cannot be blame as they were my mummiie and daddie. =X So, took pictures tooo! xD But that day is not my photo day. =[

Wells, today.. It was another normal day but it pop two TA2 paper which were the Physics where i did not do finished - left 2 page, same as wen su. Another is Emath, which i think i can get almost full marks?? And hereby to thanx chang hui. xD THANX!!~

After school, went KFC to have lunch and discuss about the history project. Which included me, sharon, kai wei, vanessa, shermeen, cherie, duo jie and wen su. So, we were talking craps lah. There's come a auntie - the cleaner, who seems like speaking to us but we don't understand what she say, so we ignored her. Then, we finished eating. She came and cleaned some of it cause drinks we haven't finish.

Next round she came and collect and JUST take it AWAY - didn't ask for permission. Kai wei quickly hold on her drink. And we had this left-over Cheese Fries from sharon. We decided to play games and whoever lose will eat the fries that are "well-mixed" by us. So, cherie take the lead as she's not feeling well.

First round, Shermeen lost. xD She ate it. =] So, contiuned.... When this same auntie seems not liking us, the only word we understand is "wan wan wan", in english called "play play play".

Until half the game, THE SAME OLD AUNTIE came here again, and i think she cannot control for no-reason. SHE JUST TAKE THE "FRIES" AWAY AND THREW IT!!~ I wanted to scold her, but didn't cause was too stuned for this behaviour. And pardon me, WE are her CUSTOMERS. Customers are always right which business used to say.

And again, went round to my place there and POINTED at me ??! Stupid right, talked those non-understandable words. The moment we stood up, guess what the auntie did? SHE USED THE WATER SPRAY, which sprays the window to clean it, and SPRAYED AT THE PLACE WHERE WE SAT. Like we have aids, and she scared to have it.

So, we was staring at her, shes like spraying at us when we never look at her. STUPID right?? When we are out, we said go complaint to the manager. So, wen su and duo jie take the lead. But they turned to the toilet way. LOL!~

In the end, we did complaint to the manager. The manager said she will talk to the auntie. And i'm good enough not to call her names.

Went home-d. Blogged. And mum seems to be nagging at me. =.=



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