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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007 3:14 PM

3rd of September.

Wells, actually in the morning. Theres J Leadge[spelt wrong], a soccer match. But theres N-level going on, so we can't go in and play. So its cancelled. =/

Aniwae, went hockey there watched they play soccer. =] After that, went meet jiang mama, and theres go Parkway Parade de giant. xD

Was raining heavily. Everyone was soaked. Buy buy buy. And went east coast park, Pit No. 22. xD Then, we went rent bicycle. $5 for 2 hrs. Wells, just cycle for 1 hr. It WAS FUN. I was screaming while cycle very fast and it was raining. The feeling was right there. =] Saw the surfing thingy, Im gonna try. =]

BBQ tilll 11pm. And home-d. =] It was funnnnn. Thanx jiang mama. =]

Waiting for the 2e3 chalet. xD
And of cause 3e4 chalet.

me and cherie.
wa ling and me.

4th of September.

Went to the concert, A Cappella Concert. Went there was like a marathon? This should thanks Wilbert, the "pro", and Brenda who took us the long way i think. Im not sure whos in wrong or right. Finally we at Victoria Concert Hall. xD

Was hot like mad. Took the ticket and went in. Saw MR JASON ONG, our ex-conductor. Missing him. Was quite boring after Key Elements. But, till the korean group named SJ TONE. I was hot and hyper thats what i told wilbert.

I like the guy whos hair-coloured is gold. And we called him GOLDEN HAIR. =x Aniwae, HE CAN SANG REAL HIGH PITCH. But talk like a guy. OMG. I REALY DO LIKE HIM. =X

And whos noes next. Tried to take pictures of him but failed. Either blur or too small to see his face.

After the concert, was waiting outside for Mr Jason Ong. xD OMG. Really miss him loads. Soon, I din know im that LUCKY. Saw the Golden Hair coming down from the stairs, everyone there was shouting out loud or rather screaming. Of cause, I was screaming. xD
He came down, real near to me. I was hyper uh. And this friend of his pushed him towards us. He nearly fell, but din. He turned to me AND SHAKE HANDS WITH ME. OMG!!!!~~

I can't believed that. Thought i was dreaming. But not.
He used two hands to hold my right hand. His hands are warm. =]
How i wish the time could stop right here.
Hes going Victoria Concert Hall tonight tooo. OMG.
And i think i like him. =/
Wondered what is his name. Any one know??

Everyone seems to scold me, not really, or rather yelled at me cus I WAS THE ONLY ONE HE SHAKE WITH. Im so sorrie.
Aniwae, i dunno what happened that min ning beat my back that i nearly cried. Almost cried. She beat real hard, and my happyness become pain-ness. But once i think that senario again, I was happy. :]]

Isit my lucky day ? omg!

Hes the one with golden-hair.

blur-ed. He smiled. xD

He held this hand. xD

5th of September.
Today went out and watched 881.
It was funny and Real touching. Its recomanded. Rated 9 out of 10.


Evon's xD