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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Friday, November 30, 2007 11:41 AM

Yesterdae was my first day of the work.
I was angry with one malay guy who work with me.
Cause he was making the waffles, then i was selling the drinks.
Then this to guys came and bought the drinks and two waffles..
I told him, he stilll nodded his head and refuse to make two waffles..
Asshole rite him, show ap... ROAR! Then i asked the two guys go queue up.. zzzz

I then walked to the hotdog stall beside it, prefer the uncle than him.
All of the workers, i like another malay guy, cus hes friendly. =] keeep smiling. hahas.

And also i saw quite a couple of shuai gess.. hahahs.
And also one small kid, also malay derh.. SO ADORABLE luh! hahas. =]
I just smile at him, and he like make his small little mouth to form a kiss look. OMG.
So sweet isn't it??!

Gonna go for work le.. bye. =]

Evon's xD

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 9:18 PM

Gonna new job the next 4 days.
It seems that not alot girls free. sad. =[
cus its last minute job.
and cus she sort of choosy choost type derh. =.=
if i din ask you sorrie uh..
din blame them.
Was thinking of boy. But dunno who can. lols.

Will be working at Expo Hall 6 i think. =]
Visit me bah.. Help me buy. xD

Still need to memories the price..
Wonder how tml will i be.. LOL.
Must have thick thick face liao. hahas.

Can repair my com liao! Yiippee!!
And sorriie sharon, ps you.. din go for the another job. =[


Evon's xD

8:57 AM


lols. Wells......

26 Nov.

First thing, Happy birthdae to weiling. =]
Went watch "Enchanted". SUPERB NICE. lols. Is RECOMMAND-ABLE. haas.

The Bee-Movie is funny..

27 Nov.
Bowling with min ning. wei ying. keith. alan. weisian. choonkiat. xD Quite fun actually.. Think we made min ning angry.. haas.

After bowling, wanna go pool-ing in the billards room derh.. But full. hahas.. So went to the nearest kopitiam makan. Not me. is they. hahas.
Keep playing the tennis. hahas. *SOMEONE's phone damn lousy. hahas.. keep shutting down. LOL. =x

Then ws and keith bully me luh.. Took my darling, and made me walked 1 big round back home. ROAR!

P.S. weiling;; i good hoh, never bash you. =]
min ning;; peek-a-boo! LOL.
ws,keith;; BIG BULLY!!

Evon's xD

Sunday, November 25, 2007 3:25 PM

Just got a call from my mum's friend.
i going work..
malu just now.. dun even who is she. LOL

Aniwae, also going botanic garden to work.. =]
work = money = can buy things.
But somehow crash.. think after the work take cab to botanic straight away. =]

Btw, does anyone have movies which is in VCD type? or drama which is nice derh???
gonnna chiong alll my shows before hoildaes end. =]

Evon, Jia You Jia You!! xD
Add Oil Add Oil.

*P.S;; im not childish okie KEITH GOH. =]

Evon's xD

Monday, November 19, 2007 4:46 PM

Just come back from TM.
You noe what i saw?? i saw a mother gonna breast-feeding her baby. LOL. First time seeing.. hahas.

erm.. Gonna go 3e4 BBQ on 21 nov. and it is my baobei xiao mei,gregory big dae. Hope it will be fun ya.
tml have choir! sian..LAst year bettter, still got camp. =]

There is a phrase i saw damn funny which is " Im mummy 'breast' friend." And im thinking, so everyone is everyone 'breast' friends? hahas.

Was chatting on msn. Chang Hui is still as childish as a 3 year old kid. hahas.. And do Keith also. He is a santa claus?? a lousy santa claus. hahahs. keithROARevon tooo. badbadbadbad..
Keith can be real real childish!
[seee the below conversation =)]

- says:
calling keith back please
-- says:
mus zao hun
- says:
where are you??~~~~
come back!!!~~~
-- says:
tian ling ling di ling ling zao keith goh de hun hui lai ba
hui lia ba~
- says:
hui lai le mah ?
-- says:
hui lai le

lols.. childish uh??? hahas

time for jokes!


One school day, cher ask ah boy:"what is ABC?"
Ah boy : dunno
cher: then go home ask your mother,father and your siblings.
Ah boy went home and he ask his mother.
Ah boy : mummy, mummy. What is ABC ??
Mummy : Aiyoh, ABC also dunno. Go check dictionary lah. STUPID!

Next ah boy ask his father who is watching soccer.
ah boy : papa, What is ABC??
Father : GOGOGO. OLe ole ole
Next he ask his brother who is watching porn.
ah boy : kor, what is ABC ??
brother : Sqeeze the nei nei. Sqeeze the nei nei.

Next he ask his ah gong who is watching the millionair.
ah boy : ah gong, what is ABC ??
ah gong : 1 million. 1 million.
Next he ask his ah ma who just finished her business in toilet.
ah boy : ah ma, what is ABC ??
ah ma : shiok ah!

The Next day, teacher ask ah boy what is ABC.
Ah boy replied : ABC also dunno. Go check dictionary lah. STUPID!
Teacher : You want me to sent you to the Principal ??
ah boy : GOGOGO. OLe ole ole
In the Principal Office,
principal : what did you do to the teacher ?
ah boy : Sqeeze the nei nei. Sqeeze the nei nei.
principal : You want get canning isit ???! How many do you want ??
ah boy : 1 million. 1 million.

After the canning,
principal : How do you feel??
ah boy : Shiok ah!

Evon's xD

Saturday, November 17, 2007 3:26 PM


OMG. Watching hua yang shao nian shao nu, i really like wu zun even more. His acting in "Tokoyo Juliet", "Zhong Ji Yi Ban" and his newest show "Gong Zhu Xiao Mei". Plus plus just finished watching the "Zhong Ji Yi Jia" not long ago. And da dong aka xia tian, shuai and HOT can! And YA LUN tooo, cute.. erm. nono is adorable!... Of cause calvin, cool!

I like wu zun, his shuai-looking face which stole every girls' heart and of cus his acting. =] Jiro, Da Dong, his shuai-ness and his drawings. Wanna one of his drawing if possible, nah.. won't derh. If can, all his fans will sure get it too. Ya Lun, his cool-looking face makes every girls' heart melt. Calvin, maybe is his smile. =]

I want take photo with one of them or all of them if possible! lols. Thats will be my wish for next year. =]

well wells, Think im thinking them tooo much.. maybe tonight will even dream of them! hahas. =x

erm......... wannnnaa goo outt!!!! ahhhh

Evon's xD

Thursday, November 15, 2007 11:50 AM

omg. im sick.


Yesterdae night was feeling abit uncomfortable. Having flu and the throat is weird weird.
Keep waking up in the middle of the night. Stupid luh. And now headache is giving me trouble. Head heavy heavy derh.

aniwae, i love the comment given by Miss Zaleha in the report book. if im free, will upload it here. =]

Evon's xD

Monday, November 12, 2007 5:05 PM


finally im back to blog! SOOOO SAADDDDD... my com haven repair yet.. no money.

erm.. Today was the most MOST malu day with sharon! lols.

Morning went emath extra lesson on circles.. Blur liao. hahas. Then took Bus 293, Sharon actually dropped her HP on the road can! When running for the bus.

Stupid da korkor. Made me late meet sharon in the morning. No goood. After emath lesson, went mac with Shermeen, Sharon and Cherie.. Damn funny lahx. It seems that its the first time for Sharon to eat PanCakes. hahas. Keep asking Cherie how to eat. LOLS!

erm.. Went back to school cause Sharon need to do something. Went to Lavender. Was senting sharon the 'yi ren yi ban', then i saw this device in chinese, 如果你,一定雷劈 . In english, it means if you continue to sent, you will strike by lighting. LOL!

Because of this sentence, it almost let us miss the stop. And sharon was like, isit lavender? i saw and ran out without telling her! lols. malu luh!

Then she went toilet before taking the photo as she going to make IC. hahas.. So, the photo din turn out nice. She was there complainting. hahas.

Went vivo after the thingy. Changed the MRT and we were like running. And ppl looking to us. Running against the MRT train too. LOL.

Vivo city is BIG and like a maze. hahas.. Must bring a portable messager. LOL.. Bought donuts for my family. =] The pastic bag is huge! The jelly beans are not nice. Normal ones are better.
Walk walk walk until both our legs are in pain. hahas.. Finally going back tampines and back home! hahas.

Aniwae, its my first time going vivo. =] I want earn money lahx. hahas.. PSP im coming!!! lols.

Evon's xD