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N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, December 31, 2007 7:36 PM

The last day of 2007

So fast 1 year had pass. Tml i will be Secondary 4, thats really fast.

Remembered the first day we din know each other, but now bonding between us is getting stronger. Hope 4e4 will help us get closer to each other. There maybe have misunderstanding between us, but the fun when we are together will never forget. =]

The most foolish thing i did with huiji. lame lame lame luh, hope huiji still remembers. =]

And mine first ever midnight show with the guys and huiji. Its 'Ghost Rider'. And the year i watched so many movies. HAHA. Lets count.... 18 movies all together. =x
And And the most most crazy one is watched 2 movies in one day, hohoho, which is during my birthdae. =.=
And of Cause the VIP seats in CS Cinema with michelle, kw and ks. LOL! =.=

Now hui xiang[recall] in year 2007, its my first time i study SO hard in the 3 years in JYSS and i still fail[during mid-year]. And during End-of-Year Exam, studying nights and nights. And i got Top 10, i so so happy lah. Cause my classmates quite strong in their studies.

And also the year where 8 sisters were created PLUS a mother, the S Family. xD Love them loadssss. <33 Hope that we the 9 girls can hang out together in 2008 and the following years.

Wells, In 2008, i have same wishes. muahahahas. xD Shall not sae until tml. =]

Im here to wish EVERYONES a HAPPY 2008 and a HAPPY NEW YEAR and stay healthy and A GOOD YEAR AHEAD! xD

Evon's xD

Sunday, December 30, 2007 6:52 PM

Last 2nd Dae of 2007
Sorrie for not blogging as i was busy watching naruto. oppx. =D 100 plus espisodes to go! And i will definitely blogging tml as it is the LAST DAY OF 2007. AND FOLLOWED BY 2008. =] Hope its a Good Year for Everyone. xD

Today went watch Im The Legend. I dun like the 'zombi', so disgusting. eeewwww. But overall its nice luh. hahas. And he died, however, HE SAVED THE WORLD OF 2012. So Brave him.

Next im gonna watch my first first NC16. muahahahas.

Evon's xD

Saturday, December 22, 2007 8:31 PM

3 more days to CHRISTMAS.

Just finish watching 千金百分百. Its recommanded by Evon! If you want, tell me. xD Its touching tooo. Started to watch Naruto. Nice nice nice. =]


Evon's xD

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 10:19 PM

Today HAD S's family Christmas Celebration. Guess what?? I'M EXCITED ABOUT IT. hahas..

Met sharon in the bus 27. hahas. Went library and to small mac meet the rest. Weiling is the last. =x Took MRT to CHangi Airport. The machine doesn't like Shermeen. hahas.
Down-ed to Swensen and sit according to our rank. LOL. The service is BAD and not attentive enough for the customers. Priscilia's food came when we gonna finish our food. Chocolate Fondue IS LOVED. :D And so do Lime Strecker[think spelled wrong]. hahas..

Exchanged our present at viewing mall. Sharon IS violent. hahas. Its fun with them. I got my laogong present, a cusion. Thanx. =] Huiji got Pris's ToothBursh Holder. Sharon got min ning's Cake Pouch. Shermeen got Sharon's Piglet. Ting got Weiling's Heart Necklace. Michelle got evon's Christmas Mug. Pris got Ting's Furry-Ball Pen. Min Ning got Michelle's Braclet. Weiling got Shermeen's Biscuits with a Mickey Box.

Saw Mrs Sharon Tan with his son? hahas. His eyes so innocent. xD Toilet TIME! Taking pics in the toilet. HAHAS. =.= Went off to Tampines with michelle, weiling and pris. Before that, took Skytrain to T1 and took back! LOL. lame luh.. =.=
Last minute to watch Alvin And The Chipmunks. Its recommanded! 5 out of 5. The chipmunks are cute Adorable. I wanna watch again! lols. They sings the song so so so cute. OMG. lols..

All the Presents. =]

Mac And Cheese Pasta.

weiling's naughty hands.

Fish And Chip.

Chicken dunno what. LOL

Salman Pasta.

Chicken Baked Rice

HuiJi and Michelle.

Chocolate Fondue. =]

Lime Streker.

Horny Mashmallow.


"Whats that inside??"

"Im Taking it out! haha."

xD s's family.


Sharon and me

ting and me

Christmas Tree!

We three. =]


Mug. =]

Should be "You are welcomed!" not "You are Wecomed!"


Evon's xD

Thursday, December 13, 2007 1:42 PM

Wang zi so funny in this video. hahas..

Evon's xD

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 2:56 PM

9 dec 2007

Its HuiLi and Amos b`dae. Happy birthdae to them! =]

Meet Sean and louis for work, well, im not late is them. muuahahahas.
On the way there, saw Jeremy Zhang. lols.. Im sure I really can't take hot stuff. And i had to exchange shermeen's white rice with red rice[chilli]. hahas..

And we even queue up to take balloon. hahas.. Its Bear-looking balloon.. I took the green one and shermeen took the white one. And its kinda sad, cus my bear burst, and it left with a head while shermeen's still fine. hahas.. Later in the night, one of its ear become small. =.= LOL! And even worst, it being KILLED by the murderer KOK SOON!

The missing part of the green bear. =[

It left with a head and one ear. =[

I never take down the scene where it being murdered. Sad. Wells, it keep raining nowadaes, so we came with no business. And we are not able to work on Monday and Tuesday. So, im the least money to earn. hais.. Kinda sad. Now im available to work, in another word, im JOBLESS. LOL. And im looking for jobs. =]
Aniwae, we came to concluesion that Singaporeans are really kiasu. When they is free gifts, everyone will go and snatch it. =.=
10 dec 2007

Went to take our pay. And im acutally not late can, i wait the bus like hell? And i seriously dunno why nowadaes the bus so slow like snail?? I can wait for 10 mins plus plus while last time only 2-4 mins.
Anyway im not the last, still got shermeen. hahas.. Kok soon can be real suay, cause he sat beside a old man, and he keep talking to him non-stop. hahahas. And shermeen and i keep laughing behind.
Rain quite heavily, and luckily sean and kok soon bought umbrella. Thanx. =] Honestly, with them, even if you sad, they can make you laugh. But sometimes can make you very angry??
MRT-ed down to Expo, as shermeen wants to see whether have BookFair anot. It seems nope. So MRT-ed down Changi Airport. As we need to wait for 10 mins, we decided to waste time. We wanna take the lift, however, it dun let us go up. LOL.
So we escalator-ed up. Left 6mins to go. So went to walk towards the lift see. And i sae, " later we walk back left 1 min to go." and i sae agian, " What if the lift cannot go down, then the people had to tap in and down the escalator and tap out?? "

Walked back and really left 1 min. LOL. Went Terminal 3, nothing special to see. Maybe wait till after 9 Jan 2008, then go see see. Skytrain-ed to Terminal 2, thought of visiting michelle's workplace. But din see her. And went to CoffeeBean and had a drink. Home-d. =]
And Shermeen have a new name, Jimmy. Thats what the person who heard her name wrong, wrote on the cover cup.

11 dec 2007

Actually today going HortPark with Shermeen to buy rose plant. But then, her sis is having fever so cannot go. Do take care, cherie. =] So never buy, but im gonna buy before CNY. Went TM. Tried some clothes, nice nice. =]
Gonna rent some shows to watch.

Just watched finish Gong Zhu Xiao Mei. XD
Not a good ending.

Don't leave your POO POO behind!

The Entrance of HortPark.

The blue "balloon" can't float up. LOL.

The man.


The place where toad croaking. LOL. Shermeen croaking there tooo!


Green. xD

Shermeen. =]

Baby cart. OH NO! the baby is a PLANT POT.

Time for milking!~

With diapper.
Changi Aiport. *skytrain towards T2.*

Evon's xD

Saturday, December 08, 2007 7:58 PM

Plant Lovers.

Wells, start work yesterday. Im late again. Sorrie ks and sean! =[ Aniwae not my fault cus waitin for my junoir.
Then bought Old Chang Kee,went take MRT. LOLS! So malu! =.= So, we went there 2 hours earlier than the work time. Saw Shermeen and louis, laugh at them. LOL.

Super funny with them, when sean keep singing and KEEP off pitch. hahas.. Then they keep suan-ing me as before. =.= But actually i miss the suan-ing. lols. oppx. =x. Hope they din see this sentence if NOT they gonna suan me more.
We SELL Organic A1 Compost, if you are a plant lover, you can have a stop at HortPark @ Alexandra Road and have a look. =]
Loads of People loved to plant. XD

The uncle sent us home-d. Thanx aload! =]

Today went with louis and sean. Peiseh, im late again. =x They bought Macdonald makan. Went to Blk 245 to wait the Auntie Susan. While waiting, sean and louis ate their Burger. lols. Shall not continue. Suan-ing me again! =[
Taxi-ed there. Sat till wanna sleep. hahas. And louis sae i stole his burger. =.=

Set up the things and begin to work! No time to sit. hahas.. But sometimes no one. Sad.. And im the only one to go back home this afternoon. Hais.. they dunno how to make the time more good??!!! ROAR!
Talked with sharon. Thanx for the conversation! Even though was cut off during the tunnel. =]

Tomorrow work afternoon. =]


Evon's xD

Monday, December 03, 2007 7:48 PM

Yesterdae got the pay le. $200 plus plus.. muahahahahas...
But i got to spend $60 only..

Today went briefing for another job. Meet shermeen, cherie, kok soon and louis, sean was sick so din go.. Took 67 there..
We dunno how to go! LOL!

Aniwae, reached on the dot. =]
Funny luh.. they call ks his name so so weird and funny.. hahas..
And shermeen too.. they call as shameen. HAHAHAHAS.

Still need to memories the thingy.. AHHHH!! And im not together with shermeen.. =[
sad sad sad.. And i had to go with ks and sean the first dae! ROAR!
Think im not going to survive.

And again feel like not doing the job.. cus its pay is $165. zzzz.. bluff my feeling.. thought 300 dollars. hais...
And its not at Botanic Garden.. its at dunno what northpark...

When we going back to tampines, shermeen wanted to go pasir ris buy donut, so we went pasir ris..
And ks, louis went back to tampines..
ks malu himselves.. Damn funny luh his expression!
Will not forget his expression.. hhahahas..
We three were there laughing so loud that everyone is watching at us.. LOL!

Any Jobs to recommand mee???

Evon's xD

Saturday, December 01, 2007 10:58 AM

Forget to sae in the last post..
i either outside hall 6 or hall 4. =]
And i remembered that there was this uncle sae he like my smile.. hahahs

Aniwae, was tranferred to hall 6 yesterdae. Damn loads of people.
And burnt my left hand.. awwwwww
This girl think call michelle, keep bullying me luh.. She so bossy.
Then i told her;; "Excuse me, i'hv got only 2 hands."
Dun like her lahx.. Help her count money also kanna scold.
And todae no need SEE her.. muahahahahas.
Hall 4 better. =]

But before that, laogong and min ning went hall 4 find me. =] Thanx.. Will visit you twoo next time. =] Not bad uh.. that uncle i dun like, treat you two bandung.. hahahs.

And and i saw a celebrity.. But forget his name.. ANd i just went to search..
his name is ALAN TERN, 唐育书.
gonna go work le.. see ya!
1 more dae. =]

Evon's xD