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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008 11:20 PM

Happy birthday to SHERMEEN - laomu darling. xD

Hope you liked the mickey i drew derh.. To me, it looks weird lah.. =D

Went celebrate shermeen's birthdae at KBOX. Its fun lah. xD Alan is lame - the world most joker. Found out that, alan and ting can really sing - hardly off pitch i think. =x Sang alot of songs. Addicted to 'na nu hai dui wo shuo' by huang yi da. Shall be my blog song next. xD

Damn high at the part where we sang 'Lian Ai ing'. And and i think almost the Suntec City can hear us. Sang the song twice. hahas. I want BUILD MY OWN BEAR LAH. ROAR!! but no money. sad sad sad!!

Bought donuts home-d and went back with sharon. xD And and did replant mine rose, it looks pathetic can. Hais.. im bad at gardening. =x

Evon's xD

Saturday, January 19, 2008 7:41 PM


Anyway, im here to blog about thursday, 17 Jan. Its a Funny funny funny day. It was during Physic lesson. Gerald was told by Amos to pass me back the money. Funny lah.. As i dun want to take it, gerald use alot of stupid yet funny methods. First putting in my bag, of cus i saw it. Then, putting in the mentos wrapper!! =.= Was there laughin out loud with cherie le lah, and ms neo is watching us here and there.

And and he asked me for water to drink, so pass him my water bottle luh, And i CAN read his mind. He put IN the water bottle. I laughed till tears came out, and cherie of cus, as before that i told her scarely gerald put the note in it. LOL.
And of cause ms neo was angry with us, and she came beside gerald. Gerald was like pointing JUST UNDER her armpit, i saw it lah. And cannot stop laughing. =.=

Wells, yesterdae is huijiLAOGONG derh birthdae. HAPPY BIRTHDAE!! Was doing her present till crazy. =[ But overall its nice lah. hahas. xD Hope you like it, laogong! And im good, din bash nor scare you. xD

Today went ikea with mom. Bought two pots of ROSE - Red and Bright Orange. Chio lah.. So nice luh. Was planning to pluck and give ppl after it bloom. xD Scroll down and you will see the picture of it.

Our shadows.

While walking to KFC from TP.


Does it looks like it flipped ?

Class notice board with our names.

Floating 5 dollars.

5 dollars in the water. xD [the water is milky - the result of this is that the notes are dirty]

happy birthdae huijiLAOGONG.


Chio rite?? Its huijiLAOGONG derh present.

Its wrapped!

I drew for laogong derh.
The branches are thick~

Chio uh chio uh??
I dunno how to spell the name. =x

Evon's xD

Saturday, January 12, 2008 12:18 AM


Nowadaes keep watching Naruto. Its a good show.. Simply loves it can!! The Ombu damn damn CUTE can.. And and shino keep laughing that part. haha.... If you haven watch yet, gogo watch it. haha.. 70`s more to go... xD

Evon's xD

Monday, January 07, 2008 7:42 PM

Cca Fair

Its Cca Fair on saturday. Din manage to post that day since im busy with dunno what. LOL. Wells, to my expectation, BB boys were snatching our sec 1s again. Evil uh! Keep snatching derh.. Band too, and ncc. Get to see lots of new faces uh. Saw a guy from ncc, sec 3, quite shuai or not really. Funny lah him. =.= HAHAS.. And two from the BBs suan me, kaiwei and huiqi. Managed to get hold of their names. Quite funny lah.. Overall, its FUN! hahas....

Its the Last Cca Fair for me. So sad. Decide to come back after i graduate too. xD

Lesson today is not really that good. Somehow, got this little bird's leg outside our back door. They keep screaming. hahas..

Evon's xD

Friday, January 04, 2008 7:55 PM

Angry Angry Angry

Today was a bad day. Stupid Choir, was told to wear jeans with choir tee. And asked us whether want jeans or school skirt. And majority wants school skirt, and guess what?? Give so so many excuses, what will 'zao geng', and more comfortable. But who the hell will go and look up our skirt. Cute uh?? And is like we always wear skirt up stage what, how to 'zao geng'? Lame shit. =.=

But Nvm then. Was looking forward for tml's CCA fair. Cause i CAN SNATCH BOYS' BRIGADE CUSTOMERS. LOLS! Still remember last year's CCA fair. The choir wants boys, then had to go BBs' there and snatch.. MUAHAHAHA. xD

Today's lesson was fine. xD Had Class Family Time. I seriously dun like ms neo's talking. Its weird. Mother Tougue was fun, was playing Zhong Ji Mi Ma, the one who got jackpot will have to do tougue twister. HAHAs. And of cause one did play cheat. lols.

SS went AVA.. Gerald pluck my hair again!!! ROAR! And Emath, din listen to what mr tan had teach. LOLS! hahas.

Evon's xD