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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 6:24 PM

bChanging my blogskin soon.

Im going to change my blogskin soon! Still waiting for Michelle to make one for me. =D Thanks alot!=]]

Yesterday School-ing.

Orh wells, It was not the day for me. Chinese lesson is the first lesson of the day. Ms Cheong showed us a video about Japanese people taking trains. And there's lots of people and everyone at the back was squeezing in. Even the people working in the station also help push the people in, every single one of them. Like stuffing soft toys into a bloated box. There's nothing to do in Japan??

English Period. Was being called out during English Lesson for writing the answer out on the whiteboard by "E". But im PROUD being starting name with 'E'. Cause we were playing 'Name' game? I dunno the tittle for the game. But it IS fun! =]] After that game, we play story-telling game. Oh my tian uh, was like damn horny lah mine group. Keep thinking those thingy, like giggolo, positude[think spelled wrong], condom, Hotel 81. Funny lah. The story was like so 'ahem'.

Chemistry Period. Miss Zaleha returned the Speed of Reaction back to us. I was deproving. I really kinda sad. But Nevermind, i CAN master this chapter. =D Then, Organic Chemistry Test was tested. So, i was like lucky can. Last minute saw NEED draw out. Then quickly drew. I was like having heart attack. Hope i can get full marks. =D And left 1 period. Going through the notes and all because of a question. I was told to do Jumping-Jack. Was malu lah. =[[

Went to CS. As Shermeen and Sharon went to have their lunch there. Saw Weiling, SingYee and HuiRong, asked them to come over to sit together. =D Cam-whore.=]]

Schooling today.

School-ing was fine todayy. Except for those suaning-ness. I hate Chemistry because of the jumping-jack. Nah, just jokking. =D I still love Chemistry as well as E & A Math. Still not liking to Physic. Im suck at that. ROAR.

Wells, Emath today was not as fun as the other days. As Stupid Irfan and Danial didn't join the tables. So, ya. hahas. Learnt the Probability.

Physic Period. I really really swear i hate her face. Feel like chopping her head down and chopped like those butcher chopping the meats. =x=x Just Jokking! Ms Neo today was pissed off by us. =x opps.

English Period. Mdm Saleha divided us into groups to do the work. Im with Shyahida, JiaWei, Alan and How Cher. Alan really loves to CRAP. So crapping can and love to sing songs too. I took down a video of him singing School Song. =D But its like not full, like 1/4 of the song. =]] Took many videos. xD opps.

And and im planning not to eat for recess and lunch this few weeks. But today i ate bento which were shared between kaiwei, sharon and me. hahas. Pathetic right before emath extra lesson. =x=x

WeiLing and me manage to do even more faster than KokSoon and ChangHui. And is like we were late and do last. =x=x Im not hao-lianing. I just want to prove that even late-comers can do even faster. =D

And how bad is Sean and the COMPANIES. I know they are joking. But really lah, still infront of a teacher Benny Tan say. =.= Is like he there laughing. EVIL!!

And and home sweet home. xD

P.S. I want watch Superhero Movie. Hottie and Nottie. Iron Man? Get Smart.

Evon's xD

Saturday, April 26, 2008 1:05 AM

i came across Weiling's blog and saw this birthDate thingy. So, i took a try on it. =D

Your Birthdate: March 24
For you, love is a natural progression from friendship. You are almost always friends first.
In love, you are loyal, steady, and honest. You are not a cheater or even much of a flirt.
You are likely to stay friends with your ex... and open to rekindling something in the future.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 1

You are most compatible with people born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th of the month.

What Does Your Birth Date Mean For Your Love Life?

hahas. In love, i am loyal, steady, and honest ? Why got 4 true love??? =.=

Evon's xD

Monday, April 21, 2008 7:01 PM

190408 is a bad bad day.. Im reallly really sorry for the waiting. Shall not say anything more. Bake Oreo CheeseCake. Shall i say it IS a success ? Although, the base was like burnt? =x=x But overall IT TASTE GREAT. =D Went watch The Forbidden KingDom. xD It is nice and recommanded.

Wells, today was quite a bored day. Chinese was like a tiger just ran pass. Amath next. Intergration [ ? should be spelled like this] was taught today. Should be an easy topic to me? Next History. I really really cannot understand this cold war topic. Was like cannot even memories lah unlike others topic.
English then Chemistry. I loved going to Chemistry lab. Its COOL. Today's experiment was GREAT. Despite the PUNGENT smell, it was FUN! But really really i hate that smell man. Made me want to vomit till tears rolling down. =[[

Have our lunch at Kfc before going to TM to buy something. And and met HuiJiLaogong and tingtingDaJie on the way there. So was very very pekchey lah.. Arghhhh. I hate to board sqeezing bus. =[

And home sweet home. xD

Evon's xD

Friday, April 18, 2008 6:08 PM

Evon's xD

5:45 PM


Go watch NC16 together! xD Hope you like the Kalm's Teddy Panda from us! And and the letter! LOLs! PikaCHU.

=D Was late today and walked with darrick and bryantay. So, while walking, I SAW RAINBOW!! I think its my first time see-ing it as in in naked eyes. Not in Television nor in picture. So beautiful man! I am high. I am high!

Wells wells, din go recovery room. =x=x=x. =D Anyway, hanwei so kelian. And he so daring too. LOLs.
Okie okie. Chinese was kind of boring and the time had flew so fast. Chemistry. Nothing goes in my brain. So sad. And sang birthday song for ChangHui. =]] Social Studies. Do the Gobalisation effects thingy. Recesss! No eat. =D
Emath. Was kind of fun. JunQuan was inmused in everyone's bag. Actually not everyone, some only. So he was like acting out something to do with the bags he carried. So funny can. I wanted to video it up, and he stopped and changed another bag. So sad can.

He* came in our class again every friday. He seems to dislike our class as he keep finding problems for us. Roar! Like as if other classes very neat. Why can't you say your bias! Shit you man. =x=x=x
Anyway, went for chinese lesson. Time flew very fast, not like others time. So slow and sleepy. Went Macdonald after that, saw Dumbasss and SingYee. Eat until very disgusting can. =.=

I shall upload the photos in the next post! =]

Evon's xD

Thursday, April 17, 2008 7:03 PM


PE today. Ran 2.4km with accompany of Vanessa and KaiLin. I can only say that im really really very lousy. But lucky i have this two DAMEINU to cheer me on and encourage me. Thanks aload! Really have help me alot.
And and im happy to get gold. =D

Yesterday WenSu and JianXin went on stage to perform for International Friendship Day and sing the 'Long de Chuan Ren'. We were like their supportors, keep shouting and screaming to them. Overall it is awesome, except some off pitching and some wrong words?

Wells, went to have lunch over at sushi shop, the newly opened shop at 800 plus. Ate the Salmon Bento. 'YiChiBang' means thumbs up. Then went up to tuition after that. =D


Today is 1704. Means 1 more day to ChangHui's big dayy. Nonono.. Should be about 5 hrs more. =D okie then.. Today was a normal normal day. NOthing special.
Went to TM. Really bankrupt le. =[

Evon's xD

Monday, April 14, 2008 7:25 PM

Lols lols. Jia Cheng remind something about the joke. Wells, During English lesson, told this Mas Selamat joke to Mdm Saleha. And JiaCheng seems to understand, but after that, he asked cause he dun understand. LOLS! Then was like he's even slower than Shermeen lah. =X=X=X

Done JiaCheng. =D


Evon's xD

6:42 PM

Its Monday. Wells, Kinda love today? the joke made my day. And and im gonna share it with my readers.

Why is Mas Selamat a 2/3 woman??
Because he's a 'wanted' man.

If you guys doesn't understand, chat with me in msn. I will explain it to you. =D Okies, lets continue. I simply loved Maths. xD Next next, Chemistry was fun as we were doing SPA[Science Practical Assignments]. Both KokSoon and Louis made a hole below the boiling tube. Pro right?? And and the smell is disgusting. *puke*

Changed plan and went TM. So, was walking around shop shop. Made a fool in the Toyrus[spelled wrong, whateva it is]. Overall, it was loved.

yeah yeah yeah.. xD

Evon's xD

Tuesday, April 08, 2008 7:08 PM

Wells, Lets talked about Saturday, 5 april. Its Jonas birthday. Happy birthday! =D
Had two floorball match with SGS and HIHS girls team. Lose and draw. Kind of sad. Was having fun. And and Min Ning win a prize from the lucky draw. Congrats.

Monday which is yesterday. Had fun after school where we, i Sharon MinNing and Huiji, went to Tampines Mall to shop. So, we went makan after the shopping at Macdonald. And we were like startin playing with the sauces and drinks and foods. Mix till nice, and to even worse. The sauces[curry,BBQ,chilli,pepper,salt] plus Milo McFlurry and coke. Does it sound disguting? =x=x Then we were like tomorrow no need go school. hahahs..

Wells, today is not really fun. =x Was funny during Emath lessons. Benny Tan derh nose. =x muahhaha

Evon's xD