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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 6:24 PM

bChanging my blogskin soon.

Im going to change my blogskin soon! Still waiting for Michelle to make one for me. =D Thanks alot!=]]

Yesterday School-ing.

Orh wells, It was not the day for me. Chinese lesson is the first lesson of the day. Ms Cheong showed us a video about Japanese people taking trains. And there's lots of people and everyone at the back was squeezing in. Even the people working in the station also help push the people in, every single one of them. Like stuffing soft toys into a bloated box. There's nothing to do in Japan??

English Period. Was being called out during English Lesson for writing the answer out on the whiteboard by "E". But im PROUD being starting name with 'E'. Cause we were playing 'Name' game? I dunno the tittle for the game. But it IS fun! =]] After that game, we play story-telling game. Oh my tian uh, was like damn horny lah mine group. Keep thinking those thingy, like giggolo, positude[think spelled wrong], condom, Hotel 81. Funny lah. The story was like so 'ahem'.

Chemistry Period. Miss Zaleha returned the Speed of Reaction back to us. I was deproving. I really kinda sad. But Nevermind, i CAN master this chapter. =D Then, Organic Chemistry Test was tested. So, i was like lucky can. Last minute saw NEED draw out. Then quickly drew. I was like having heart attack. Hope i can get full marks. =D And left 1 period. Going through the notes and all because of a question. I was told to do Jumping-Jack. Was malu lah. =[[

Went to CS. As Shermeen and Sharon went to have their lunch there. Saw Weiling, SingYee and HuiRong, asked them to come over to sit together. =D Cam-whore.=]]

Schooling today.

School-ing was fine todayy. Except for those suaning-ness. I hate Chemistry because of the jumping-jack. Nah, just jokking. =D I still love Chemistry as well as E & A Math. Still not liking to Physic. Im suck at that. ROAR.

Wells, Emath today was not as fun as the other days. As Stupid Irfan and Danial didn't join the tables. So, ya. hahas. Learnt the Probability.

Physic Period. I really really swear i hate her face. Feel like chopping her head down and chopped like those butcher chopping the meats. =x=x Just Jokking! Ms Neo today was pissed off by us. =x opps.

English Period. Mdm Saleha divided us into groups to do the work. Im with Shyahida, JiaWei, Alan and How Cher. Alan really loves to CRAP. So crapping can and love to sing songs too. I took down a video of him singing School Song. =D But its like not full, like 1/4 of the song. =]] Took many videos. xD opps.

And and im planning not to eat for recess and lunch this few weeks. But today i ate bento which were shared between kaiwei, sharon and me. hahas. Pathetic right before emath extra lesson. =x=x

WeiLing and me manage to do even more faster than KokSoon and ChangHui. And is like we were late and do last. =x=x Im not hao-lianing. I just want to prove that even late-comers can do even faster. =D

And how bad is Sean and the COMPANIES. I know they are joking. But really lah, still infront of a teacher Benny Tan say. =.= Is like he there laughing. EVIL!!

And and home sweet home. xD

P.S. I want watch Superhero Movie. Hottie and Nottie. Iron Man? Get Smart.

Evon's xD