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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, July 28, 2008 4:14 PM

Im sorry for the emo-ing in class today. Cause my neck pain again and and abit fever i think. Then never go recess, talked alot in class with JiaWei. It reminds me when im in Secondary 2, when JiaWei first come to 2e3 ? or not 1st time. Im not sure. So i was talking to her during recess in class too. =D missssss 2e3.

Ohhh. i miss midnight movie tooo. Cause Alan remind me of that while waiting for oral. I was being scared by Mr.Bean. LOLS. =.= And the gay too. LOL. "run faster run, he/she coming!!" LOL.

Im suck at oral. And i was confident about my reading and when i started reading, i knew my reading suck. =[[ I like conversation and i spoke not in sentence. =X That produce my low marks but at least i passed. =D

My kor is in hospital. I guess he will be alright soon, and he is going back to NS when Medical Certfiticate is finished. ohya, he is botak now! and looks like a kid!! Thats what my mum and i say when first saw him. hahas.. Suddenly, i can't recongnize him. =X

Evon's xD

Friday, July 25, 2008 11:29 PM

Ohman. Today is such a slacking day.. Didn't do much today. Mother Tongue, watched a movie/show. Quite interesting, it seems like mine class is interested in it.

Physic, did not really listen attentively to what Ms Neo had said. I have no confident in Physic test but the test was alright. =X Emath, I forget to bring calculator! Went to lent from Amos. Thanks alot! =D I don't think i will get full marks for it. =[[ So yah.

Went AVA for Chemistry Remedial. I am slacking with JiaWei. hahas. Watched her play game. Cool eh the game.. After that, went down for a small break. Ohmytian, i was kinda scared by Freak and i know they were there to scare me. And i screamed very sharp lahhh. Ohmy, so embrassed. =X

Went Physic and i really really very tired until i closed my eyes and staring at the whiteboard and finally head on the table. LOL. Very sleepy lahh. Im too slacking.

How can i find my study mood????!!!
COme back please!

Evon's xD

Thursday, July 24, 2008 11:14 PM

Went study with KiatWee and JunQuan while waiting for the girls from their oral. They did great. Im weak in oral. =[

Its fun studying with them. lallaahs. And JiaCheng can be that stupid. hahhaas! Then, went hall for Badminton. =D Its fun and tiring. And the matches between the guys are cool! HowCher act pro. =X Nah.. he's pro.

Saw the teachers playing soccer against HIHS. Its exciting as this is my first time see-ing teachers playing against teachers.. Finally, i saw our school teachers SCORED! And i actually JUMPED UP as excitement. =D Even though they lost, they are a cool batch of teachers. Its a great job!

Went makan at FoodPalace and home sweet home! =D its raining.

sometimes, some attitude could be a bad thing.

Evon's xD

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 10:48 PM


Didn't played rugby this morning due to the lighting risk and drizzling. Super sad and dissappointed. Nevermind! Next week can play provided no rain no lighting risk. =D Rugby rugby rugby!!

Okie, i seriously dun like PHYSIC more!! Cause of Ms Neo!!! ahhhh. I guess i will get F9 for Prelims.
Amath, i guess im slacking lotss. Quite alot of things forgotten. Stupid Evon. Must remember all the steps. Im counting on Mathematics. JiaYous..

JunQuan so so pervent luh! ahhh. Guess this is a long chit chat with him today. cool. Went Macdonald after School hours. Assembly was fun ?

Tuition-ed. =D I was freezing there lahh, teeth shaking? hahas. The guy beside me keep rubbing his hands together. LOLs. Making me more cold. Idk why.

Went home-d. lalalahs. COol!

Evon's xD

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 10:02 PM

Went up to stage to get my GOLD award in NAPFA test. So cool lahh. Ms Neo not around. LiNan lao shi not around. No one to give prize to us. Then, Mr alsagoff ask Mr Jamie Ng to give us. Cool uh! hahas.

And i keep laughing at hippopa. Cause he cannot hide! LOL. =X hahas.

lalalahs. idk what to write le.

How i wish i can go church.

Evon's xD

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 9:46 PM


Have fun chatting with Louis. =]

Today was not a good day, rather a sad day i think. Morning, No one will predict what happen next. And who knows a tragic is going to happen during PE. KiatWee and JianXin bumped to each other and Jian Xin bleed, while Kiatwee screaming in pain. And i was going cry when i see KiatWee in pain. Really really, this scared me. =[

And guess what? we girls still playing there happily! =.= And i was being scratched by Julia. Now, after the bath is damn pain. =[[ Its alright, i WON'T die. =D

Went to visit KiatWee after tuition with Shermeen and Cherie. So, yah. Went there awhile as my mum hurried me home. We keep saying want buy something for him anot. And thought of buying an apple for him. hahas. =D But in the end, didn't buy anything. So cool. Take care my pa!

Im so so tired! ahhhhh.

being scratched by Julia. Cool? haha.

Lols! Just now, while msn-ing, there was this guy who add me a long time ago, talked to me. =.= He keep asking me questions like a prisoner. And i answered them. LOLs! And he intro himself to me. I was like cool cause i never heard of the school he is from. And he said this sentence which made me laugh! He said 'I PASS U MY NUMBER CALL ME IF U WAN TO GO OUT YEAH.' And sounded like i was interested in him! =.= hahas. lols


Evon's xD

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 8:40 PM


Finally, i can watch my L change the world and Step up 2 and The leap years. So cool!! =D

And im so happy lahh. hahas.

Today is the last paper of Chinese Olevel - Listening Comprehension. I think i got 1 wrong, the rest im not sure about it. SO yah. haha.. I sat infront of the radio ? Super loud lahh. And the songs can make us feel sleepy. And i was scared by the sound. =.= so loud. I think im not into the LC. In my lalaland! hahas.

Chinese is over. Now its English - Oral. Im super scared. =.= Hope i can pass. Pray!

Shermeen claimed that i bullied her! but she bullied me too okie! Drew on my hands and beat me. Nevermind, i revenge by slapping her butt! hahas.

Next, idk what should i say eh. I remember i got lots lots of things to say. Old lee. But NOT as old as Shermeen! muahahaha! =D

Evon's xD

Saturday, July 12, 2008 7:24 PM

WOW~!! Just saw a Spider hanging in the air when i switched on the light. Cool uh! Ask Dad to get rid of it. hahas. Wonder the spider web is there hanging too anot.

lalalahs. Doing my amath worksheet. Left 1 more paper to go. =D JiaYous! Im scared of the olevel. ahhhhhh.

And does anyone knows any outlet who help to print Class-Tee? Please tagg if you know. Thanks! Your help will greatly appreciated. =D

Went TM, helped louis and ks to buy their Physic TYS. Im KIND okie! hahas. And saw min ning plus Siyu and chatted for a while. Its cool. MinNing sot derh, go TM alone. =.= Fun to go alone? hahas.

i have nothing to say. =x=x

Let me crap for awhile bah.. Im biantai E. =D lols. You will be surprise why am i calling myself Pervent in Chinese. That mine BasketBall team name. Cool uh. We still have our theme songs and cheers. hahas. Come and join us! =D If interested, please contact BianTai M or any BianTai members. =D

Ha ha ! i know im lame! ohya, went to lots of blogshop. They're cool! How smart they are and some are only Secondary students.

Evon's xD

Thursday, July 10, 2008 7:12 PM

And i finally went to Kbox. This time with Priscilia and Shermeen. My voice was bad that day[070708], keep off pitch. And they two teasing me lahh. Nevermind, i agreed that bad cause my voice was weird okie. Sang ALOT of songs. It is cold in there, so whoever wants to go KBox, bring along a jacket maybe two if you want. It was fun cause i keep di siao-ing Priscilia when she wanted to take her emo picture at the beach. You can go her blog. Its at the Link colume. =D

wells, Yesterday PE was coool! Its my first time taking off my shoes and play rugby in the field after the morning rain. Its cool okie! lalalahs. Piggy-back Shermeen into the field. She's heavy! lols. no lahhh. The malay girls were fierce, as they push and pull people to the ground. But i played. =D yeahs. Its fun!! lalalahs. And i ran back to class barefooted and keep laughing cause it looks idiot when you wear 1 shoe and ran. LOLs. Wonder anyone saw that. =X
And i hate amath tutor, made mine mood turn emo. I hate him bodoh!!!

So, today was another sleepy day. Keep yawning and yawning. hahas. And Amos and gang come find me, like some sort wanna fight. hahas. I really dunno eh. But i want see what type of party is that. =]
And i have no eaten anything since 12am except an apple. So, its 19.5 hours. =D Im going to have another 28.5hours without eating. Hopefully i can resist the foods. xD JiaYous. Apple rocks. LOLS!

I can't go to the page of imeen - I can't get songs! hahas. so No songs now. =[[[

Evon's xD

Saturday, July 05, 2008 10:44 PM

LOL! Mas Selamat bombed our school!

No lahhs. Idk who is the person did it. Heard the sound comes from the plastic bottle, they put dry ices inside the fruity. Thats Stupid. Cause the bombs sounded very loud for twice. The first time i was kinda scared, the 2nd time i thought someone died and nearly cried out. Stupid righttt???? LOL.

Morning, i was late. =.= Im so so gong. The moment i woke up, i know im going to school. After going wash up, I looked at the clock, i was thinking why im so early woke up[its about 6.30am]. Then i went blogged. =.= My mum woke up and asked me why you wake up early to use computer?? I then asked her today what day? And i remembered its Friday. LOLS! And its 7.15 school starting. I looked at the time in the monitor. Ohmy, its 7.15. I was oh-ho.

And i was late for school for my blur-ness. And for your info, shermeen, im not everyday blur okie, only that day! Not like you. hahas.

Mrs oh treated us[the whole school] with ice-cream celebrating our Youth's Day. Cool right. hahas. Ms Neo gave us a mini mentos and a chocolate. Cool! =D

Went Night study with Cherie and Vanessa yesterday. And offf to Central Park for a mini BasketBall match with Priscilia, Vanessa, Cherie, Weisian, LeongWei and Javen. WeiSian and LeongWei bullied me lahhhh. Awwwwww.

Today, went play basketball with Vanessa, Cherie, Sharon, Weisian, LeongWei, Pearcesley and Matthew. llalahs. Was Fun!!!! BianTai!!!

Went TM, and off i homed. =D

Evon's xD

Friday, July 04, 2008 6:59 AM

Super Duper sad about my O'level Chinese. Stupid luhhh. So unfair, we cannot take the paper into the hall while before us, can. awwwwwwww!!

Nevermind. Went down the hall, saw jiangmama. I walked another way, and shee calll me. Then stop at there, and the first word she says. my tears drop. I knew that luhh. Thanks Jiangmama for comforting me and the words. =D I really appreciate that.

After thinking, i shouldn't cry, but the tears cannot stop dropping. Think i sat and chit-chat with jiangmama for about an hour. Idk. hahas.. Then i went KFC to find Shermeen they all. Went toilet to see my eyes isit red. Nope.

When shermeen hugged me, I nearly cry out again. But i forced myself to smile in order not to cry. Smart uh. =.=

Homed. things happened again. I cried because of cleaning house. But i know myself, wanna cry to let out all the vent and stress. I felt so alone that time.

Hope today went to school have a different mood. Not emo. Cheers Evon!!! smile. =D

hope i can.

Evon's xD

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 7:57 PM

Ahhhhhhh. my headache come back again. =[[[ how bad it is. Today while tuition-ing, cannot think luhh. Think jiu headache. Baddddd...

hope tomorrow will be fine. And and tomorrow is MY ORAL DAY. ohmytian... =[[[[[ im so SCARED lahhh. Wish me good luck tomorrow bah! =D

Today derick patted on my head. The 2nd person who patted. It feels so nice. I like it. And Shermeen is the 1st to tap. Thanks!! xD

lallalaahs. headache go go away!!~~~ headache go go away!!~~

Evon's xD

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 6:16 PM

woots! This is my 500 posts. =D Cool uh! lalalahs.

FIrst, Happy Birthday VanessaHan!

Today was kind of bad mood after Recess. Stupid GERALD!! I KNOW he was making my chair behind me. And i was like okie, let him play.. Idk what on earth happened, i fell from my chair, kinda hit my left side of the neck. Its alright then.

Went Chemistry - Physic Lab. We four kind of seprated but back again. And i hate Alan. The words he said really hurt me can. Went JiaWei's group to share the thingy. Was quite alone, feel like crying. Then back to with Vanessa and the rest. Ms Zaleha asked me why am so sad. I was going to cry lahhh and when i saw the Fatin's group turn back and see me. I looked away. =[[

Maybe is cause by the falling down from the chair. Its hurt there. Making me sleepy and sad. Idk.

And i remembered Vanessa.
To Vanessa - Cheer up okie?? BeiBei i think, will blessed you derh. And she knows you loves her lottttssss. Still got us. =D Find a female for BaoBao. =D JiaYous.

Emath Remedial was fun. And i finally know the explanation for the question. I was lazy to type out. =X It is about 3 boy went to a hotel, then the money for the room is $30. something like this. hahas. If you want to know more, msn me or find me in school. =D lallaahs.

homed! lots lots of homework waiting for me!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

isit all my fault? it look like im a bad person. but im not.

Evon's xD