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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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Friday, August 29, 2008 11:37 PM

FIRSTLY, HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY TO EVERY TEACHERS ON EARTH! [especially Mr. KennethChaw, i miss you so muchh!]

And of cause, Celebrating JunQuan and Ruwaida's Birthday in advance! =D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And and im so happy in the end cause i took alot of photos! hahha. And got GuangSheng as i mentioned he's my new friend. =D He's shuai! =X

Went around the school with JiangMama's bearbear! =D I miss the huggings!!! ahhhh. And i wonder what will JiangMama do to him? hahas. Must take good care of him okie, JiangMama! [if you are reading this post!] hahas.

And yah, Games with all the teachers which includes soccer, basketball and Captain's ball! All is about balll! =X hahas. And i didn't involve in any of them. So, slacked around and BigBreakfast arrived! Have cake and foods plus drinks! =D Cool uh! Presents tooo! That's so many.

Wells, Took alot of photos including Class Photos before the Concert. Finally uh. =D I love today can. Concert time. So high!!~~ And 4e4`08 will misss Li MAMA derh. =D At first, i didn't cry first, then the moment i saw Li mama cried, my tears burst out. =[[ I WILL MISS YOU DERH!
Ohya, Royston damn bad lahh. Anyhow beat me!!

Anyway, took photos also. =D And JiangMama turn! HOHOHO. Amos and Me damn evil lahhh. Amos took Jiangmama's umbrella, which i have borrowed from her a few days ago, to wrap many and many newspapers! LOL. She uses 6 mins plus plus to unwrapp. And congrats! Beaten Jervyn's time! ahahahas! And there's come the REAL present - the bearbear. =D
Photos tooo. =D

And i think i will miss them alot when i graduate! Ohmy..

And you know what!? We took pictures with many many people! Plus Mrs Oh - the Principal! hahas. Coool uh! =D CamWhore again while going to Macdonald and after tooo. =D Went to Play basketball and saw Mathew and Pearcesley- the San ba[38 in chinese]. PLayed together and matched! So cool and we won - Sharon, Evon, Pearcesley and DeGarld? lols.

And home sweet home! =D

Pictures in the next Post!

Evon's xD

11:20 PM

Li MA!

Mr RyanTan!




Guang Sheng. Shuai ge eh. =]

Mdm Fara!

Mdm Saleha! China! lols.

looks retard. =X

The four of us. =D

JiangMama with the bearbear. =D

Mrs Oh! cool uh!

Miss Zaleha.

Mr. Chaw!

Priscilia and kailin.


JunQuan. And stupid Louis with the hand. ROAR.

Diana and me! =D

Not all photos are in here. Ask me and i will give you. =D LOL! =D

Evon's xD

Monday, August 25, 2008 8:52 PM

Well, yesterday was FUN. And i meant it! It IS fun!! =D Bowling with lots lots of people - some im not sure about it. Wells, my group is HD4. There's HD1 to HD5. Cool uh!! And i get to know more people and of cause get to know more about my current friends. hhaa! My group consists of Amos, Jonas, Sam, Jervyn, HuiJi, Pamela, ChinSiang, Jasmine, YunQian[aka Shermaine], JieNi, Junior, JingChee, Weide, Dan, chorhiang?, YiLing, YiTing, SiMin, Daryl?, CY, YiSheng, Dorkeles?, Kristine, Joleen?, Roger, Ken, GuoYan, the cell group leader - ?? , Samson. Im sorry if i forgotten your name. =X

It is raining and had ran a short distance without shelter. So, me and huiji was VERY wet. Found a place with shelter. Wells, had some interaction between them. Played Concentration, Chakee? and the googles. Its fun and it seems that Jonas is kind of suay. Keep having punishment. haha. Then CY and Jonas had to take each other as a pole and dance pole-dancing!!! FUNNY luh! hahas.

After some refreshments, we strolled under the rain again to the Mount Faber Safra. And Jeremy was infront of me and huiji, and he was like walked another way to the basement stairs. I was like where is he going while others is walking another way. And before i asked, Amos shouted to him! He was like what happened? hahas. And he has a quick reaction, din fall badly. And the guy is inside eating saw it and was stunned! LOL. I was laughing at his expression. Okie, im so bad lahh. =X

Next, 6pm. Got our shirts and went into the bowling centre. Cool, it was DAMN cold! I got 2 strike and Spare in the 1st game. =D And idk what happened, i need to have a four feet because the score 80. But din in the end. XD
2nd set, I was not in good condition? No Strike, but have Spare. hahas. Keep getting low marks. Im so sorry. Ohya, my team consists of HuiJi, Me, Sam and Jonas. And i can say Jonas is hiong one. Can spin the bowling ball until hand bleed. Scarely lah! But it is fun.

Amos really reallly very lols! He showed us how he bowled last time using that method. hahas. Gave Jervyn his belated birthday present! And he actually used 5 minutes plus to umwrap the present! And Amos used 4 hrs to wrap it! Ohmy, how sweet. The present is a Men's undergarment! hahas! I had the whole process of the thing. But last part is being cut off as my phone can't take more videos. =X hahas.

Then had presentation, went homed. Took 131 to a certain bus-stop and Huiji went to take MRT alone with the rest of the people and we took 10 back to Tampines. Its A LONG LONG JOURNEY. And thanks SamSon for the Jacket! If not i will be freeze to death. =X Alighted the bus and my jaws keep ... erm.. how to say. Like shaking? hahas. It is cold.

Amos cabbed taxi with Jervyn, GuoYan and me. And i was sitting in between the two boys. And really thanks to Amos for the ride, and dun waste money again. I owe you this time round.

Jervyn and two other persons' cake. =D

KaiWei's present. =D Chip And Dale is loved!

Today, after school went TM for class-tee thingy. Finally, it has been finalised. =D Cool. And Teacher's day is next and Prelims! Ohmy..... ahhhh... JiaYou Evon. XD

I LOVE MONEY!!! =D Money is LOVED!!! XD

Evon's xD

Saturday, August 23, 2008 12:20 AM

Evon is not that great afterall. And evon is the lousiest. Evon is a weak one. No use.

I think i can't. Maybe is because of the stress thats why i cried again. The feeling is back of hugging Jiang.=[[ Nevermind, i can hug her on friday altogther. I hope i won't cry. =D Cheers evon. [I can sqeeze 1 drop for you now.] =D
I think im stress up, i didn't have this type of feeling before eh. Something i dun likes. =[ GO AWAY!! SHOO!~~ DON'T COME BACK TO EVON.
i still can't say out. I have so many things to say yet idk where to start and how. I wondered being alone would be a nicer thing? or being with friends.

Nevermind! And Two Prelim Papers are down.. Which means left both sciences, both mathamatics and History. JiaYous everyone! =D


Evon's xD

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 9:54 PM


Wells, PLayed volleyball during PE lessons. Cool uh, but we were slacking! hahas..

I scared three person in a day! How cool can it be. First, was Cherie in the toilet. I had no intention to scare her at first. But due to my sian-ness. hahas.. thats cool! Next is Sharon and Vanessa. And i really really didn't know i will scare them lahh. At first, i saw a cat at the staircase then i 'ahhh'.. But both of them saw the coffin, how inconsiderate are the people by putting the coffin on the void deck table. So, they were scared and walk off quickly.

Walked under the tree, i saw a nut? dropped down followed by a branch. I was stunned, therefore, i stopped. Sharon and Vanessa screamed! Lols. i dunno why they screamed at first. ohhh. Sharon thought i saw a ghost there at the bench. Then Vanessa's imaginery very good, she thought there was a dead body or dead ghost hanging up the tree and going to fall down! LOL! i was LAUGHING out loud lahh..

Next is Vanessa. The toilet again but this time round is at Macdonald there. hahas.. I was bored then i decided to scare her. Then stood near the door there and prepared to scare. Lols! when she opened the door, i thought she will be there, so i 'BOO'. I thought she saw me, so i was like sadd, BUT my head went to find her and she got scared by my head popping out from nowwhere!! LOLS. Her expression damn FUNNY. =X SOrry!

Had alot of fun? After tuition, went Mac. GO vanessa's blog andd see what happpen! And after that, while waiting for bus 293, we joked alot. Go Vanessa's blogg toooo! =D

I saw a guy who i found him very very familar! And i think he found me familar too! hahas. When walked past, i keep staring at him with a dunno what face[hahas], and he do a action that makes me think he found me familar too! lols. While he was talking on the phone and keep turning back and see me! The actions damn LOL. He really do looks familar but i can't remember! =[

time is running out for me! and im racing with time now!! ahhh

Evon's xD

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 9:58 PM

ohmy.. i forget today is 今天是紫色情人节. But im not sure isit today. LOL. Some say is on 080808 or 290708. So, im not sure. hahas.

-- 紫色情人节是根据紫阳花的盛开时间来说的,紫阳花又称绣球花,盛开在梅雨季节(夏天开放),因花从盛开到凋零会变很多颜色:有红蓝绿青等好几中颜色,代表多姿多彩的幸福生活,而紫色是浓到淡的紫色也象征多变所以用紫色象征紫阳花,不是因为它善变,是为了在梅雨季中也能使我们快乐,才如此殷勤的变化著自己的色彩。


--> 曰记情人节(Diary Day):1月14曰在这一天,情侣们会互赠足够纪录一整年恋爱情事的曰记本,以此象征两人将携手走过未来一年,并留下更多美好回忆。

--> 华仑亭情人节(Valentine‘s Day):2月14曰公元3世纪时,罗马皇帝为避免已婚男子不愿离家当兵,发布了一道禁止结婚的法令,但华仑亭主教依旧违背皇帝旨意,秘密为青年人举行婚礼。他因此遭到监禁,并于公元273年2月14曰死在狱中。后人为了纪念他,将他殉难这天订为「华仑亭曰」,后来便成为世人耳熟能详的情人节。




--> 白色情人节(White Day):3月14曰西方并没有所谓「白色情人节」的传统,在东方,2月14曰女孩送男孩礼物表达情意之后,如果对方也有同样的好感或情意,就会在3月14曰回送女孩一份情人礼物,表示彼此心心相印;如果男孩对女孩没感觉,只要刻意忽略这个曰子,便算是委婉的拒绝。


--> 黑色情人节(Black Day):4月14曰虽然并非天下有情人都能天长地久、甚至曾经拥有,但谁说孤家寡人或旷男怨女就不能过情人节?「黑色情人节」就是属于单身贵族们的情人曰。在前两个月他们或许既没收到甜蜜小礼物,也没人可以送巧克力,但4月14曰这天,大家共聚一堂,彼此鼓励、加油打气,化悲愤为力量,倒也热热闹闹十分开怀,藉此消除形单影只的落寞感。


--> 黄色与玫瑰情人节(Yellow and Rose Day):5月14曰如果已经到了5月,你的情事还是没有任何进展,在这一天穿着黄色衬衫或黄色套装,吃黄色咖哩饭,就是告诉大家「I am still available」的最好暗示。春曰融融,将黄色穿在身上,也相当符合季节气氛。



--> 亲吻情人节(Kiss Day):6月14曰这是一个属于成双成对恋人的重要节曰,在这一天,情侣们不必再害羞,可以大大方方地用亲吻表达对对方的爱意。当然,花前月下、烛光晚餐等浪漫气氛,对一吻定情可是很有帮助的喔!

--> 银色情人节(Silver Day):7月14曰银色情人节,是把你的意中人带回家给老爸老妈认识,或介绍给其它你所尊敬的长辈的好机会。当然,这一天的全部开销,都由这些「可爱的长者」买单〈为「安全」起见,你最好先确定长辈对这个节曰很熟悉〉。银色情人节也是爱侣互赠银制礼品、饰物的曰子。

--> 绿色情人节(Green Day):8月14曰名为绿色情人节,当然和蓊郁的森林脱不了关系。酷热难耐的夏曰午后,不妨和你的另一半作一趟凉爽而清新的森林之旅,尽情享受户外大自然,度过健康而愉悦的一天。还在寻觅爱侣的人,可以参加Soju〈韩国绿牌薯酒〉派对,度过喧闹的室内绿色情人节。

--> 音乐情人节与相片情人节(Music Day & Photo Day):9月14曰音乐情人节这一天是举办大型社交活动、轻歌漫舞的曰子,也是将你的心上人介绍给朋友、同事认识的好机会。而单身一族,更可以藉此机会看看活动现场有没有自己中意的对象。


--> 葡萄酒情人节(Wine Day):10月14曰 10月14曰这一天恋人们轻啜葡萄美酒,庆祝充满诗意的秋天。通常小两口会选择在浪漫且别致的餐厅里共进晚餐,然后聊聊彼此对未来的规画,以及共同的目标等话题。

--> 橙色情人节与电影情人节(Orange Day Movie day):11月14曰电影情人节这一天情侣们可以连赶两场电影,或许先看一部紧张刺激的动作发泄压力,然后再来一部感人肺腑的浪漫爱情片互拭泪水。看完两人也该补充水分了,来杯健康的百分百柳橙汁吧!单身的人这一天也要喝杯柳橙汁,当然,想喝两杯才痛快也没人管得着。

--> 拥抱情人节(Hug Day):12月14曰 12月14曰,想和你的情人抱多久都可以,在公开的场合拥抱,向世人宣告你俩的爱意,也让寒冷的冬天变得格外温馨。尤其是那些甜甜蜜蜜庆祝过2月14曰华仑亭情人节的情侣,到了年底依然能热情相拥,也见证了两人情意如昔。

LOLs! I din know there are so so many 情人节[Valentine's Day] cann. Cool. And i accidently found out the number of roses represent.. hahas. Cool soh.. =D lalalahs.

Evon's xD

9:18 PM

Wells, went to watch with my mum "Money Not Enough 2". YOu know what?? my mum watched it at only $5.50 IN TM GV!! Cool uh. hahas. I watched it at a price of $6, actually i also can $5.50 derh but i choose Student Price. Awwww. kind of stupid. hahas. Nevermind..

I think i cried alot this year. ANd of cause i cried during the show, and i heard sounds of sneezing like someone had cried. hahas. Thats cool uh! =D And it is recommanded!!!! Go watch go watch. =]]

lalalahs. cool cool. i have not even start on my SS mugging. awwwwwww. die le lahhh. JiaYou Evon!!! GOGO JiayouS! hahas

i want to hugg Jiangmama so badly since that day. I think she can help me.

Evon's xD

Monday, August 18, 2008 10:01 PM

Firstly, wanna say

Woots!! No more Oral = means no more nervous-ness! Actually not really uh. Still got Prelims and O`level Papers to go. Awwww. Means im gonnna start muggging now! i think im slacking the most luh! Evon, JiaYous! You can do it, remember what you said to yourself during the oral time??! Jia yOu!

Oh wells, im so so terrible nervous lahhh until my both legs kept shaking! LOL. Im not horny! hahas.. Just that im too nervous. Wells, the two examiners were so so bad! Didn't ask me any questions, so is that a bad thing or a good thing?! I just just hope i can get a M or D and i will be happpy enough.

Wells, i dun know why are there people doing such a childish acts by using other people's name to spam. They don't feel honour any of their names? i wonder why, to me, i feel that is the fate to let you have this name and it do suit you and why don't you jolly well accept it and use it wisely?? And why on earth does you want to use other people's name?? You liked to be that person's shadow uh! And if you have the brave-ness to type it out, then you should have the brave-ness to own up. Shouldn't have hide in a corner. Whoever did that, please to apologise to that person and the people who is affected. Don't you dare go break up people's friendship. I have no offence to anyone.

Im so aggitated! ahhhhh. I was being so so friendly today! hahas. See any teachers and greet them! And Mr Ryan Tan's part is the most funny! CHEER UP LAH CHER! and his reply damn funny and expression tooo! haha.

today is a cool day.

Evon's xD

Saturday, August 16, 2008 10:31 PM


Kor just came back from Paris. Isn't that coool??And and he bought nothing for me! But a girlfriend back. LOL! hahas.. He bought a branded wallet for my mum. cool uh! So envious. ahhhhh.

anyway, idk what to blog le uh... I was so so lazy to study... =[[ I want to study lahhh. but the olympics attract me. LOL. so so so ahhhhh. lols! nothing to post leee. byeeeee.

Evon's xD

Monday, August 11, 2008 1:50 AM


ohmy.. i nearly nearly forget my shuai ge which i support him 2-3years ago. And now his own ablum have pulished!! JIAYOUS OKIE??! You can do it! And i want his songs lahhhh. Anyone have, please sent them to space_evon@hotmail.com Thanks!!! LOVES YA. =D

Its 1.55am and im bloggging. How cool. Its been so so long i have ton so late. Nah. its not late now. I can ton till 4-5 am last time just to play computer. =X oppss! hahas. Now cannot sleep that late cause i need to have more more sleep time. =D lol!

JiaYous. Tomorrow gonna take back Chinese O`level. =X Im excited yet scared.

Evon's xD

Saturday, August 09, 2008 11:20 PM


i love the date 080808. Sounds like the date is going to "FA"[be rich]. lols! okie, Yesterday was our school 10th anniversary + school celebration for National. Cool uh. But too us, its not! We had to go recycling campaign. For more information, visit Shermeen's or Weiling's blog. =D See i so good, help you two to advertise. hahas.

Today, went 866A for the party? hahas. Quite boring. Not fun. =[ Anyway, went to bai my grandpa and went home to sleep. =D I slept till my hands numb, how dumb. Then went to ahma's house since every year we have been doing so. And yah, think i very long never see my cousins thats why abit laggy in talking. Maybe should ask them for outing or whateva. I think something happened between them uh. We are cousins! =D I found out a secret! Thats fun and i want to seee!!!! Julius, You die le lahhh! hahas. XD

And and Olympics began! Hope Singapore wins medal?? Im not sure are they participating in this Olympics. Anyway, JiaYous!!!!

Evon's xD

Wednesday, August 06, 2008 9:02 PM

Lols lols! guess what?? JUNQUAN KISSED SEAN!!!! Can't believe uh!! Lols lols. i just want to laugh can.. Okie, at that time, i was drinking my water and the moment i looked up, i saw that lahh. ohmy.. =X

Thats cool. lol!

And and just receive a call from Shermeen Chua. Oppps! i almost forget i put a alarm saying that .. wells.. i shouldn't say. =X Lols! thats cool too uh!

lalalahs. I am officially sick! Flu + abit fever. Ahhh.. i think our class is passing flu to each other! =.= First is Cherie, then Weiling, Sharon, Kaiwei. Next, Vanessa then me, SangWei then Izzati. LOLs. And now, i think Jia Cheng, KaiLin and Xiongbaobao is going to be the next few.

Erm.. I really dun understand.. Im alright of being ps cause im not always lonely. So yah, dun always say the person pangseh me. Im just saying out my thoughts, and not blaming anyone. If you think it is, then im sorry.

lalalahs. i am weird. i know i have lots to say but when i blogged, i forget everything i wanted to blog. Stupid uh.

Ohya.. Stupid School. Why can't we watch the concert??! And asking us to collect Newspaper instead of celebrating National Day. Isit that funny? thats really really.. ohmy... ahhhhhhhh.. Forget it. And school is very =.= .. Just a National Celebration + 10 years Anniversary + the very special guest of honour, we had to go out to blocks to collect Newspaper and go for a Marathon. Just a thought of mine. =X

Evon's xD

Sunday, August 03, 2008 7:13 PM

oppps. Almost 1 week din post cause my kor was staying at home and playing and playing, and i let him play okie! haha. No lah, im not that good. That is his laptop and i just using it. =D

Thursday 310708

Accapella is GREAT and FUN. Even though, came home at midnight. Its cool, okie. And and i SUPER DUPER happy. Cause MR ONG remembers me! I was like super nervous lahhh when went to backstage to look for him. All keep pushing me in the room, saying im the oldest so must take the lead. Nevermind. We had a small small conversation with him..

HuiQi: "Mr Ong, you remember us??!"
Mr Ong: "of cause! I remember, you all from JunYuan right. All seating at the 3rd row there."
Me: "Yeah! You know our names?"
Mr Ong: [he was thinking and pointed at me] "You are Evon right?"
me: "ohmy, you remember my name."
HuiQi: "Wah, why you remember her name only?"

I din expect Mr Ong said and the action. Unexpected. =D
Mr Ong : "Cause she the 'troublemaker'. " [i think he said something like this]
And And he came beside me and hugged me! I was damn happy lahhh. =D Thanks Mr Ong for remembering me!!! =D Its coool.

Ohya, he say HuiZhuang is a 'troublemaker' too. =X

And i felt so so fortunate. xD He

Then got this Special Guest from Indonesia[i think] - Jamia[idk how to spell] Cafe. They are cool okie. Made me Laugh and making me think they are cool. Nah, they are REALLY cool. Lols!

And And most funny thing was We scare Miss Tan when she came out from toilet. =X She is slow. =X

I dun think i have much to post. =D

Evon's xD