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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008 9:54 PM


Wells, PLayed volleyball during PE lessons. Cool uh, but we were slacking! hahas..

I scared three person in a day! How cool can it be. First, was Cherie in the toilet. I had no intention to scare her at first. But due to my sian-ness. hahas.. thats cool! Next is Sharon and Vanessa. And i really really didn't know i will scare them lahh. At first, i saw a cat at the staircase then i 'ahhh'.. But both of them saw the coffin, how inconsiderate are the people by putting the coffin on the void deck table. So, they were scared and walk off quickly.

Walked under the tree, i saw a nut? dropped down followed by a branch. I was stunned, therefore, i stopped. Sharon and Vanessa screamed! Lols. i dunno why they screamed at first. ohhh. Sharon thought i saw a ghost there at the bench. Then Vanessa's imaginery very good, she thought there was a dead body or dead ghost hanging up the tree and going to fall down! LOL! i was LAUGHING out loud lahh..

Next is Vanessa. The toilet again but this time round is at Macdonald there. hahas.. I was bored then i decided to scare her. Then stood near the door there and prepared to scare. Lols! when she opened the door, i thought she will be there, so i 'BOO'. I thought she saw me, so i was like sadd, BUT my head went to find her and she got scared by my head popping out from nowwhere!! LOLS. Her expression damn FUNNY. =X SOrry!

Had alot of fun? After tuition, went Mac. GO vanessa's blog andd see what happpen! And after that, while waiting for bus 293, we joked alot. Go Vanessa's blogg toooo! =D

I saw a guy who i found him very very familar! And i think he found me familar too! hahas. When walked past, i keep staring at him with a dunno what face[hahas], and he do a action that makes me think he found me familar too! lols. While he was talking on the phone and keep turning back and see me! The actions damn LOL. He really do looks familar but i can't remember! =[

time is running out for me! and im racing with time now!! ahhh

Evon's xD