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N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008 8:14 PM

Firstly, i blogged because of someone's birthday AND it is HanLin's. =D
Happy Birthday, HanLin! xD

Well, Next is we celebrated his birthday at the basketball court. Yes! It is! At CentralPark. Isn't it cool??! Well, he's BianTai-H. Yeah. The first Biantai to celebrate birthday. Next, shall be Pearcesley Also Known as 38. =D Yeah. His 13.

We were very dumb. Lighting the candles behind a tree which is somewhere near him. He didn't know that when Sharon made the plastic sound. hahas.

And it's pictures time!! Took with the BianTais except Shermeen. Its not full one. So yeah. Next time yeah? Shermeen, you must go the next time round, have no rights to reject!! =D
With Pearcesley - his expression damn FUNNY can, and of cause my pa - KiatWee. But his face looks ugly. =X

lalalahs. Had fun today.

Well, i got a A1 for my amath but im not satisfied with it. Im so going to aim high for both of my maths. JiaYou, Evon!! I didn't meant to be evil or what, i not being proud or what. To my friends, do JiaYous okie? There's still time to Olevel!

And im so going to push up mine Chemistry, Combined Humanities and Physic. I really wonder can i pass my Physic where i DID study for it but still flunked till so ... I wonder should i drop to Combined Science. Or should i just continue? And i MUST push up mine History and SocialStudies. Im deproving. And when i saw people get higher marks, i felt so useless. Well, i'm just feeling super duper sad. But no one to turn to. I'm not those who can confide to others well.

Tomorrow is the Emath test for paper 2. Which means need to draw graph. Well, i hope to score well for this test. JiaYou. And i dun feel like studying for it. =X To see whether even if i dun study, can i get high marks? LOLS. i know im crazy.

Well, a fun event to end tonight. =D

Evon's xD