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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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No song lyrics. Sorry.


Saturday, November 29, 2008 10:37 AM

I love this song. =D


Meteor Garden II Theme (Main Title) - F4

言︰沒有你 我會是誰
拿今天擦掉昨天 空白一片

周︰哪一天在哪一天 可以繼續未完情節
在這交叉點 誰陪在你身邊




MY BABY BABY 我絕不能失去你
你手心 你聲音 還佔領我的心
怎能忘記 想你就像是呼吸

MY BABY BABY 我絕不能失去你
不管你在哪裡 我一定會找到你

言︰有一天 會有一天




重唱 *,#,*,#

合︰不管你 在哪裡 我一定會


Enjoy! =D

Evon's xD

Friday, November 28, 2008 11:57 PM


Went to find Job at Changi Airport. Awwww. How i wish i can work inside the waiting area. ITS LIKE SO COOL CAN!! Hopefully can uh.. =D

Well, huiqi and me went Terminal 1 first. Gone viewing mall and look at the Airplanes. Ohmy.. It's seems so long since i last step inside a airplane, about after Kindergarden? or Pri2? hahaha. miss the feeling. =[

Asked me to fill in the application form and ask me wait for the call. LOLs! I was like so stupid uh.. Give my house number, its like they never stated properly lahh. haha. =X

We went terminal 3. Went inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel. WahPiang.. i like the hotel can! Those who likes to doll up herself/himself, you can go to the hotel. Damn lots of mirror lah!! The lifts there is like made up of mirrors. Then when you walked to other side of the hotel, there were also like mirrors. hahaha.. Dun worry of losing mirrors or in need of mirrors. hahaha. Even the girl's toilets are full of big mirror!! Even in the cubical[i think spelt wrong right?] can!!!

HuiQi and me was like; "WAH!" when we entered the toilet. We took alot of candid shots. =D I love the photos cannn. =D

We wanted to like go up the Level 3 as there were swimming pool. So, we walked in the lift and pressed the button 3. There were no lights there as normally there will be. We thought the lift spoilt and realise that it need the room card to make the lift move up. It's like so cool..

Then we found a way up. =X and took some pictures before the guard told us to go down. hahaha.. We do look like we are staying there?? hahahaha. Im not that rich uh. =D

Overall, the Hotel is cool! And our Prom should have organised there. Better than... =X

Today went play basketball! There's alot of ppl in the end. And i din manage to go gym. That's quite sadden-ing.. Vanessa; It's alright! =D Next time yah??! Hmms.. Think biantai getting more and more i dunno what to say.. But i hope we can stay as a team yeah?

There's Vanessa, Pearcesley, LeongWei, WeiSian, Ronney and Hanlin there. But Ronney and HanLin played awhile and leave. And HanLin came back again to play. hahaha.

I realise people from China are good in basketball! *claps!* Well, but im pro-er! hahaha. JKJK. Today's skill is not good. Keep air-balling. =[[ Should train more!!

After some matches, went TP with biantai + KaSing to find SOMEONE. LOL. So dua pai. =X JKJK. Hmms.. did i scared KaSing... Im so sorry KaSing. I really dunno there's Lizard there. =[[ I wanted to scare Ronney. So yeah. He did. LOL. And realise there is one! hahaha. Im so sorry KaSing!!

Hmms.. It was very wulu[deserted] inside there during the night. =X Took pictures. I didn't look nice in any of them. =X Because of my fringe. =[[

Below is the Pictures of todays and yesterdays. =D
have fun see-ing!! xD

well,idunnohowtolikestopyouguysfromangryingwitheachother. Butihopethiswillsoonbesolve.
Andanditsover! VanessaandKaiLinissafe,thatsthemostimportantright?? andiduncareisthereaIF. imeanlikeitsovermeansitover. AnditalsomeansthatthereisnoIFanymore.
Soihopeyouguyscanlikeforgiveandforget. andlearnfromthemistakesandnottodoitagain. Pleasebefriendsagain. Ibelieveyouguyscanright? causeweareateam!


Evon's xD

11:42 PM

Evon's xD

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 11:21 PM

Firstly, wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to HengWeiLing!
And Happy Belated Birthday to Irfan!

im lazy to sing~

Well, yesterday went bbq. Its tired yet fun and wet! hahaha. Anyway, it's a bad weather to start our bbq. So, the boys were like protecting the hot charcoal away from the rain. And girls were like relaxing under the rain. hahaa.. Its been so long i stood under the rain like this..

I realise i have a good health. Has been drenched alot of times recently and i have not sick yet.. =D

Back to topic. Had a small celebration for Irfan and WeiLing. Happy Birthday once again! =D Smashed WeiLing with cake. And thanks Julia for smashing me tooo. Wells, KiatWee help me to smash Irfan. THanks! xD

We have been going to the toilet for washing up. And we still smelled like cake can!

Somethings i shall not elaborate. Anyway, i seriously dun like our guys can.. How can they like walk off like that without helping to clear up?? Leaving like 5 of us? And is all girls. Dun push my limit uh.. And calling some which is there to help us to carry to the pit, and they still can play soccer there. Really..... What can i say. Like what i said in the past; 'xi guan jiu hao.'

Reached home about 11 plus. Thanks pris's dad!

Today went out to celebrate WeiLing's birthday. Went safra played bowling and pool-ing. We were like super shy uh. And i got the first. =D lols. I treated WeiLing to play bowling eh. =D Then went to TM arcade..
Pei Shermeen to buy her things for her trip to taiwan. I want to go also lahhh! =[ Was super tired that time. Im so good to treat Shermeen 'paikia' since she accompany me to walk to 800plus. =D THanks!

I want to train! =D gym more and running more. xD very random hor! hahaha...

im so bored. and i need a job fast!!


Evon's xD

Saturday, November 22, 2008 1:58 PM

loves them lotsss and and vanessa and weiling as they are not in the picture.

[top]Shermeen,Priscilia, [bottom] Me, Weiling

Haeqal. My OBS friend. =D

Kaiwei! loves her lotsss. =D

ShaoHui - the thick skin one. =X JKJK

AhPong. =D

HowCher. *twist* I like his hair! =]]

JiaCheng! =] Another ShuaiGe. =D Crapping friend!

ZhanJie. =]]

Evon, SamChua and ZhanJie.

Mr Alsagoff - the emcee of the day.

TingTing! =D *daJieda*

Kamil! he's a great dancer! xD

Alan! He's a great joker! =]]

The 3 MeiNu! =D

WenSu!!! =D

KeithGoh. =D

I was forced to rape her! =X

Alexander. =]] Same Bday as me. =D

My Laopo! guess what??? i dun want tell you. =D

JianXin! He's a good crapper. =D

Royston. With a 'pop-out' face - Priscilia. haha

JULIAAAAAAAAA! That's what i always call her.

Shyahida! 4 years of friendship! =D

MeiNu again! =D

Brenda and me!! hahahaa. =D

KaiLin. She's a great friend. =D

Chloe! 4 years of friendship!! =D

DuoJie! almost 9 years of friendship. [long-lost friend] ohmy...

Priscilia!! She's mine! OHMY. =D *blinkblink*

WeiLing! My laopo for 3 years!! =D

HuiRong! She's the sotong!

Another blur queen - SingYeee. =D

My RETARD - Shermeen! =D

JonathanPong again!!!

Diana! =D cheers.

CherieChingChengChang. =D The Pig!

Kiatweee! One of the ShuaiGes. He's my PA!

Besttt friendsss! xD

Sean is SUPER shuai during the Night! Except his extension. xD

XiaoMei!! =D

Sharon! 9 years of friendship! =D

Benjamin. =]]

AhPong again! =D

1st shot. NG! Cause he didn't smile. ahah.

should be the 3rd NG! ahaha.

4th take. NG again.

Finally. He damn tired after 4th shot. So, i peihe him not to smile.

LouisNg! My SHuaiGe!!! hahaha. =D

Changhui. My xiongbaobao! =D

KokSoon. My hippopa!! xD

I've got the 18th prize. LOL. i was stun luhhh..

The 2 couples. =D

4e4`08. Guess our class is the most people who went. =D

ME! =D

On the way to Royal Plaza, as me, Shermeen, MinNing and Howcher took cab there. So, on the way, Louis called HowCher. We were at the same place can - ToaPayoh. Then, the driver told us that there were this car behind us who were teenagers tooo, asking us isit our friend. Then, we turned back. I was JiaCheng and his gang. hahaha. The world is so small.

Well, the Night was quite fun yet tiring.. Took alot of Pictures.. hahaa. Took most with Brenda and ChengWei as Keep NG-ing. hahaha. =D Still got JonathanPong. Say seriously, he's shuai in that clothes can. =D Took with him 9 photos can!!! hahahahaa.

oppsy... Im so sorrry, Priscilia. =X Guess you know what im saying.

wellll, i dunno what to blog le.. =D

Evon's xD