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N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 11:21 PM

Firstly, wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to HengWeiLing!
And Happy Belated Birthday to Irfan!

im lazy to sing~

Well, yesterday went bbq. Its tired yet fun and wet! hahaha. Anyway, it's a bad weather to start our bbq. So, the boys were like protecting the hot charcoal away from the rain. And girls were like relaxing under the rain. hahaa.. Its been so long i stood under the rain like this..

I realise i have a good health. Has been drenched alot of times recently and i have not sick yet.. =D

Back to topic. Had a small celebration for Irfan and WeiLing. Happy Birthday once again! =D Smashed WeiLing with cake. And thanks Julia for smashing me tooo. Wells, KiatWee help me to smash Irfan. THanks! xD

We have been going to the toilet for washing up. And we still smelled like cake can!

Somethings i shall not elaborate. Anyway, i seriously dun like our guys can.. How can they like walk off like that without helping to clear up?? Leaving like 5 of us? And is all girls. Dun push my limit uh.. And calling some which is there to help us to carry to the pit, and they still can play soccer there. Really..... What can i say. Like what i said in the past; 'xi guan jiu hao.'

Reached home about 11 plus. Thanks pris's dad!

Today went out to celebrate WeiLing's birthday. Went safra played bowling and pool-ing. We were like super shy uh. And i got the first. =D lols. I treated WeiLing to play bowling eh. =D Then went to TM arcade..
Pei Shermeen to buy her things for her trip to taiwan. I want to go also lahhh! =[ Was super tired that time. Im so good to treat Shermeen 'paikia' since she accompany me to walk to 800plus. =D THanks!

I want to train! =D gym more and running more. xD very random hor! hahaha...

im so bored. and i need a job fast!!


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