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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Friday, November 28, 2008 11:57 PM


Went to find Job at Changi Airport. Awwww. How i wish i can work inside the waiting area. ITS LIKE SO COOL CAN!! Hopefully can uh.. =D

Well, huiqi and me went Terminal 1 first. Gone viewing mall and look at the Airplanes. Ohmy.. It's seems so long since i last step inside a airplane, about after Kindergarden? or Pri2? hahaha. miss the feeling. =[

Asked me to fill in the application form and ask me wait for the call. LOLs! I was like so stupid uh.. Give my house number, its like they never stated properly lahh. haha. =X

We went terminal 3. Went inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel. WahPiang.. i like the hotel can! Those who likes to doll up herself/himself, you can go to the hotel. Damn lots of mirror lah!! The lifts there is like made up of mirrors. Then when you walked to other side of the hotel, there were also like mirrors. hahaha.. Dun worry of losing mirrors or in need of mirrors. hahaha. Even the girl's toilets are full of big mirror!! Even in the cubical[i think spelt wrong right?] can!!!

HuiQi and me was like; "WAH!" when we entered the toilet. We took alot of candid shots. =D I love the photos cannn. =D

We wanted to like go up the Level 3 as there were swimming pool. So, we walked in the lift and pressed the button 3. There were no lights there as normally there will be. We thought the lift spoilt and realise that it need the room card to make the lift move up. It's like so cool..

Then we found a way up. =X and took some pictures before the guard told us to go down. hahaha.. We do look like we are staying there?? hahahaha. Im not that rich uh. =D

Overall, the Hotel is cool! And our Prom should have organised there. Better than... =X

Today went play basketball! There's alot of ppl in the end. And i din manage to go gym. That's quite sadden-ing.. Vanessa; It's alright! =D Next time yah??! Hmms.. Think biantai getting more and more i dunno what to say.. But i hope we can stay as a team yeah?

There's Vanessa, Pearcesley, LeongWei, WeiSian, Ronney and Hanlin there. But Ronney and HanLin played awhile and leave. And HanLin came back again to play. hahaha.

I realise people from China are good in basketball! *claps!* Well, but im pro-er! hahaha. JKJK. Today's skill is not good. Keep air-balling. =[[ Should train more!!

After some matches, went TP with biantai + KaSing to find SOMEONE. LOL. So dua pai. =X JKJK. Hmms.. did i scared KaSing... Im so sorry KaSing. I really dunno there's Lizard there. =[[ I wanted to scare Ronney. So yeah. He did. LOL. And realise there is one! hahaha. Im so sorry KaSing!!

Hmms.. It was very wulu[deserted] inside there during the night. =X Took pictures. I didn't look nice in any of them. =X Because of my fringe. =[[

Below is the Pictures of todays and yesterdays. =D
have fun see-ing!! xD

well,idunnohowtolikestopyouguysfromangryingwitheachother. Butihopethiswillsoonbesolve.
Andanditsover! VanessaandKaiLinissafe,thatsthemostimportantright?? andiduncareisthereaIF. imeanlikeitsovermeansitover. AnditalsomeansthatthereisnoIFanymore.
Soihopeyouguyscanlikeforgiveandforget. andlearnfromthemistakesandnottodoitagain. Pleasebefriendsagain. Ibelieveyouguyscanright? causeweareateam!


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