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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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Saturday, November 22, 2008 1:58 PM

loves them lotsss and and vanessa and weiling as they are not in the picture.

[top]Shermeen,Priscilia, [bottom] Me, Weiling

Haeqal. My OBS friend. =D

Kaiwei! loves her lotsss. =D

ShaoHui - the thick skin one. =X JKJK

AhPong. =D

HowCher. *twist* I like his hair! =]]

JiaCheng! =] Another ShuaiGe. =D Crapping friend!

ZhanJie. =]]

Evon, SamChua and ZhanJie.

Mr Alsagoff - the emcee of the day.

TingTing! =D *daJieda*

Kamil! he's a great dancer! xD

Alan! He's a great joker! =]]

The 3 MeiNu! =D

WenSu!!! =D

KeithGoh. =D

I was forced to rape her! =X

Alexander. =]] Same Bday as me. =D

My Laopo! guess what??? i dun want tell you. =D

JianXin! He's a good crapper. =D

Royston. With a 'pop-out' face - Priscilia. haha

JULIAAAAAAAAA! That's what i always call her.

Shyahida! 4 years of friendship! =D

MeiNu again! =D

Brenda and me!! hahahaa. =D

KaiLin. She's a great friend. =D

Chloe! 4 years of friendship!! =D

DuoJie! almost 9 years of friendship. [long-lost friend] ohmy...

Priscilia!! She's mine! OHMY. =D *blinkblink*

WeiLing! My laopo for 3 years!! =D

HuiRong! She's the sotong!

Another blur queen - SingYeee. =D

My RETARD - Shermeen! =D

JonathanPong again!!!

Diana! =D cheers.

CherieChingChengChang. =D The Pig!

Kiatweee! One of the ShuaiGes. He's my PA!

Besttt friendsss! xD

Sean is SUPER shuai during the Night! Except his extension. xD

XiaoMei!! =D

Sharon! 9 years of friendship! =D

Benjamin. =]]

AhPong again! =D

1st shot. NG! Cause he didn't smile. ahah.

should be the 3rd NG! ahaha.

4th take. NG again.

Finally. He damn tired after 4th shot. So, i peihe him not to smile.

LouisNg! My SHuaiGe!!! hahaha. =D

Changhui. My xiongbaobao! =D

KokSoon. My hippopa!! xD

I've got the 18th prize. LOL. i was stun luhhh..

The 2 couples. =D

4e4`08. Guess our class is the most people who went. =D

ME! =D

On the way to Royal Plaza, as me, Shermeen, MinNing and Howcher took cab there. So, on the way, Louis called HowCher. We were at the same place can - ToaPayoh. Then, the driver told us that there were this car behind us who were teenagers tooo, asking us isit our friend. Then, we turned back. I was JiaCheng and his gang. hahaha. The world is so small.

Well, the Night was quite fun yet tiring.. Took alot of Pictures.. hahaa. Took most with Brenda and ChengWei as Keep NG-ing. hahaha. =D Still got JonathanPong. Say seriously, he's shuai in that clothes can. =D Took with him 9 photos can!!! hahahahaa.

oppsy... Im so sorrry, Priscilia. =X Guess you know what im saying.

wellll, i dunno what to blog le.. =D

Evon's xD