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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 9:37 AM

oppps! Last day of 2008.

okie. i know im cheating. LOLS. cause i want a last post on the last day in 2008.

ohwell.. Happy New Year guys! =D

Evon's xD

Sunday, December 28, 2008 12:12 AM


opps! i think im super late to wish everyone uh? ahhaas. anyway, im kind of busy nowadays. So, i won't be able to blog every single day. (appearancely, im not blogging everyday. hahas.) Yups.

Yesterday went out with Priscilia and HanLin. Actually was a Biantai Christmas gathering. But everyone seems cannot make it, left we 3. So, we went to Ehub to makan at BBQ Chicken. The food quite nice.

Then we ended going to Safra to play bowling and pool. But to our dissappointment, the booking for both are full! Sian diao. hahas. So, we waited for awhile. While waiting, we played the dunno-what-thing. Me Vs Priscilia. It's a tie. =D Quite fun~

Lols! We super dun want to wait, so went to HanLin's place. hahas.. His baby photo damn cute and his eyes damn big can.. =D OhWell. Im kind of 'zi bei' cause HanLin's place was like damn clean lah. Cleaner than mine. (Even his room is cleaner than mine!! i feel like im kind of lazy and lols.)

Played games with the Poker. Played 'Cheat'. I think the both of us is super lousy lah.. Lose to HanLin. LOLS! Then play 'Stress'. Ohmy... i see they play very funny especially when Priscilia is very 'qi' (angry, not really angry.) More details? Go HanLin's blogg. =]] (HanLin, Seee! Im advertising your blog!) Went homed! =D

Well, today... Got a baby smiled at me can! She very cute lah! OhMyTian ah... She keep see-ing me and smile and farekiss me. =D Super sweet of her. =] Another Small Girl. Keep playing with my hands and looking at me. =D And another Baby Boy(i think so). He keep wants to give me the undergarment which he is holding on. So cute. =D

More Pictures will be up in the next post or next next. =D

Evon's xD

Monday, December 22, 2008 7:44 PM


Watched twilight today with two lao da; Priscilia and Vanessa. WooHoo! damn nice lah that show~ Im gonna watch it again. MUAHAHAHa. Edward damn shuai and his father too. I like eric tooo. Ohmy.. All so pretty and handsome.. hahhaas. And Edward damn sweet to bella. Ohmytian. =X

I shall talk about the S's Family gathering on 20 Dec. Ohwell, only 5 turn up who are Shermeen, WeiLing, HuiJi, MinNing and I. Kinda dissappointed. But nevermind, had lots of fun with them! =D

MinNing went over to meet me. And we off to MRT to meet the rest. Saw MrIvanTan at the MRT. Suddenly, School times came into my mind. So miss them can. =[
Saw Alan and we trained to Bugis. Of cause, Alan didn't came with us. Sat inside the Sakae Teppanyaki. We didn't ordered first as HuiJi haven came yet. While waiting, we chatted and saw the Cook is preparing for others. Damn tempting. hahas.

We four ate Sakae Set while HuiJi ate Seafood Set. =D Overall, its nice except the Mushroom thingy. After lunch-ing, went to exchange the present. I got MinNing's, MinNing got mine, HuiJi got Shermeen's, WeiLing got HuiJi's and Shermeen got WeiLing's. hahahas.
Well, i got eeyore. =D

Shermeen had to go off first as she meeting SOMEONE. =X opps.. LOLS. Well, then the four of us went arcade. The SilentHill damn funny and scary. WeiLing and i being cheated luh.. haha.

As HuiJi and MinNing had to go first, so WeiLing and i continue to shop. We went into a shop which sells MacBook and stuffs about computer. hahas. Well, this guy took a photo of us and helped us develop one each. And in return, we helped him to do a survey. haha! =D

Evon's xD

Saturday, December 20, 2008 1:07 AM

Donkey didn't know i took this.. =D

Well, She saw that.

BirthdayBoy. That time, he suspect i taking pictures le.

I forget why Vanessa did that action. =X

So Far.. I like this photo most. =D

All are CandidShots. And of cause some do not know i took it. =D My Photography Skills very good uh? XD

Anyone wants watch twilight??
Anyone wants go Sentosa??


Evon's xD

12:25 AM

As you saw the pictures above.. Had a outing with most biantais? OhWell...

Happy Birthday Ronney! =]]
Hope you enjoy your day, 17Dec2008, with us. xD

Celebrating Ronney's bday at Escape. This is the first celebration that BianTai had celebrated in other place. The previous always in CP Bball Court. Well, there's LeongWei, WeiSian, Priscilia, Vanessa and Shermeen.

Maybe sometimes i can read people's mind. lols. So random. OhWell, the first ride was the Flipper. I thought it would be fun, but not. Kinda dissapointed. GoKart is next. I can say its my first time sitting it cause everytime i came, is damn lots of people queueing up. So i gave up queue-ing. Yah, im the last. Kind of embarrass uh. =X Viking is next. I think we sat this most bah.. 5 times? according to Vanessa.

Next, Wet&Wild. I think im the first person, who sat at the front, is the most wet bah. As compared to others. Have the feeling that the boat will overturn because of someone.. Viking again i think.
Suddenly missed Panasonic. I think its the most fun part in Escape bah. Still remember that time my friend say he saw me nearly fly out. hahas.. Damn Fun can. Ohmytian.. Should reopen cause no matter what. I will play. =D

Back to topic. Went out for Lunch at EHub and off to beach to disgest. Played Truth or Dare. I was like so suay can? Kanna 4 times? I din know i tell the person that loud can.. =X They dare me to tell him 'Your Boxer very cute!' Lols! *he's wearing boxer, kind of transparent.*
Strolled back to Escape. Play viking again i think?? I wanted to go HauntedHouse, but seems like nobody wants. Played GoKart. Overall, its dangerous and scary!~ But it's fun lah!
End the rides with Flipper.

Bus-ed home. I have a lost of direction that day. Funny.. OhWell, something interesting when Vanessa and i took bus 293 from interchange. We jumped out of the queue for 2 times. LOL!
At night, this stupid ChangHui some sort of PrankCall me. I really being tricked by him lah. aiyah. Stupid~

Lunch with my Super Unnatural Mummy - Khairudin. His got alot of Personality. =X Well, he got his N level results on that day. Congrats. =D And Congrats JieNi for being the top student. She's damn pro. =]]
Asked MinNing out to TM walk walk as i dun want so early go home. hahas.. Chatted alot. How i wish i could ask individuals out everyday.

Actually din plan going out today. But well, WeiLing date me out~ hahahas. Super long never see her lehh... =D Before going out to meet her, i cleaned the fridge this morning. The whole fridge i mean! Pro right~ xD
Well, got this teenagers from YHope i think. Asked us to do a survey. We got it 3 times including yesterday. LOLS!

Tomorrow going out with most Ss Family. Christmas gathering~ And im gonna see HuiJi, Michelle.. Super long no see them le~ Miss them like hell. =X


Evon's xD

Friday, December 19, 2008 11:59 PM

Sometimes i do feel that things aren't fair to me.. But well, i let it be. There's always things aren't fair to everyone, right? I seriously hate my family. But what to do, they still my family. Forgive and Forget. I will remember. Maybe i've think too much after knowing the truth. Crying doesn't solve anything. Yet, im crying now.. Maybe i will feel better.

I feel so bad and unease. Thinking its my fault and felt im like a murderer.. I dun want things to happen like this.. Maybe i should listen to my six sense in the first place. And its hurt. I can hear my heartbeat more clearly every minute. I don't like the feeling, its scary - like heart can pop out anytime.

Scenes keep flashing across my mind every seconds. Making me could not sleep night after night. I know this can't be going every night. And i force myself thinking positive, well, failed.
I helped you not because of anything, cause you're my friend. And i never ever thought of getting any returns from you.

Maybe i've accept the fact.
Or maybe not.
My heart has gone haywire.
And i don't want anything to change because of my problem. Dun worry, my dear friends. I will get better. I promise this will be the last ever ugly post i ever blog.. And and i promise my dear friends, i will smile more. No more sadness. =D


Evon's xD

Sunday, December 14, 2008 12:08 AM

I FINALLY ate MunchyDonut le. OhWell, finally lah. And and it is free de can. =D

Remember i said that i working today in the last post? Yah. I can eat it free as im one of the workers. Cool right? hahas. I ate 3 different flavour which are Cheese O-Dome, Tiramisu and Cinnamon Special. It's nice. =D And i got 4 more to bring home which are M&N something, Peanut something, and two Oreo de. Can't remember whats the name.

And and you know what? From BreakFast to Lunch to Dinner, i ate only bread and hotdog. hahas. Bread as in donut. Pathetic right? But at least there is packet of noodle for everyone. Well, i dun eat chilli. So i ate half the noodle. lols..

It's a slacking work luh. hahas.. Only keep standing there, ask the customers and serve them.
Im tired. And tml early morning need go DownTownEast. LOLS. Anyone want morning call me? hahahs.

I going die first. lols.


Evon's xD

Friday, December 12, 2008 6:42 PM

hahahas. Congrats to TP students for completing their tests. =D

Suddenly feel like playing basketball this morning. So asked Vanessa to play after i done lunching with my cousins. Sorry Vanessa for being late~
Maybe its been so long since i last chatted with my cousins. Feels weird~ hahas. And i do have WEIRD and UNGLAM cousins. hahaha!

And saw Ric on the way to Central Park. I was stun to see him uh. hahaha.

OhWell, Was damn surprise to see Priscilia on the opposite road. We were like doing handsign with each other. =D Hugged and Chatted all the way to Basketball court. =D We played ABC and a match. 1 VS 2. And i lost. =[ They bully lah! hahahas. No lah.. Its unfair. hahhaaha.

Off to 840. Wanted to buy drinks. Then think of the last time incident. We decided not to buy from there. =X Walked to another MaMaShop. Guess what? Closed! hahaha. Then walked to 860 plus there derh MAMASHOP. Picnic at a nearby Playgound. Chat chat chat. =D

im going work tml? Feel like i ps-ing Vanessa and Sharon. Im so sorry. But i will help you guys ask uh.. Like so many can.. i scare the person won't one. =X I doesn't mean anything uh and i will help to ask if possible. =] Wait for my good news. =D i hope can. Anyway, i think i won't work there too long if the other job i want need me. And this job is tiring.


Evon's xD

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 9:35 AM

I fall down again. But this time round, some stretches[?,somehow i forget how to spell it. lols.] on my right knee. When i returned home, it became more painful. =[ Like thousands of needle poking and sometimes feel like the skin is tearing apart. Bathing is more worse, the wound is more painful.
That time, i feel like chopping off my leg. lols. JKJK. I felt hot on my face and the wound. Got sunburn i think. Of cause not my wound got sunburn! I dunno why. There's a red patch on the wound. lols.

Thanks everyone for the concern. ^.^

And of cause, played basketball yesterday!
And and i can snatched more basketball from Pearcesley. =D I think im too hiong until i fall down.. =X Ohwell.

Today going to find job. Hopefully can get.

我不停的想着你, 关心你

Evon's xD

Monday, December 08, 2008 11:43 PM

Jennifer's food got worm~

This guy very funny. I think he can't stand our group cause he keep laughing. haha.

Gary. =]

This is the guy who i stunned at him. hahaha

The mummy~ I din know its WeiLoong until he told us. hahaha.


I found my Birthday~ LOL.

RonneyPoh. Retarded face. =X

Our crazy group. hahaha. =D

Retard guy. =X

Evon's xD

2:02 PM

OhWell.. Im just lazy to blog. =X And mum ask me to buy a cap for myself. How cool!! hahaha. Anyone want pei me go buy??

Let me summarise these days. =D Start from Thursday hao le, it's 4th Dec.

Thusday, 4th Dec.

Friday, 5th Dec.

Meet HuiQi and JiaHui for lunch. Later, Jennifer came to join us and we left for TP. Walked to Audi 2 and slacked. Inside the Auditorium, while waiting for the games to be ready. Cam-whore again. hahaha

Played some games - total 5 stations. Didn't really wet until one of the stations. The PingPong i guess. Got 1 station where everyone needed to be blind-folded. I didn't being blind-folded. hahaha! So cool uh.. And i had to give the directions to my team. =D Another station is needed to blow out all the mentos from the flour. HanLin blowed 1 out. Lastly, JiaHui and me have great team work, blowed all out. =D

Went back to Audi 2 and changed our clothes. Buffet-ing for dinner. Later was the concert. They were so hyper can. I wonder what will happen to me when im in Poly. O.O

I like their performances. So cool. =D And and very coordinate. Really..

Next is the Spooky Trail. Well, 1st group to start the trail. Seprated from HanLin and Priscilia. Saded. The trail starting jiu got NG le. LOL! We didn't know what to do inside. Keep trying to open every door. =X I think the 1st one is the most scary one.

I was looking up and was stunned when i opened the stairs door. Saw a head with mask standing at the stair and threw a pingpong ball. Very funny. When going up the stairs, i was preparing to take the sudden BOO. LoL!! But didn't and the last-time scene keep refreshing. (Insideterror)

A red-district place is next i think. Hahaha! i found my birthday there lahhh. =D You will know when you see the place/photo. They should have put some oldie songs to suit the place. The next place was more FUNNY can. Got this guy opened the door and GUESS WHAT? HE GO AND SWITCHED ON THE LIGHTS LAH!! Stupid yet funny! The Ghost told us to restart and go in 1 by 1 and DON'T switch on the lights again when coming in. hahaha. But they changed the rule later.

Finished the whole trail. And we wanted to scare the last team. But din success. hahaha. How stupid can. Instead, we chatted with WeiLoong.

And home-sweet-home i guess?

More details? You can go Priscilia, HuiQi or JiaHui 's blog. =D

Lets skip to Today - 8 Dec

Morning went to gym with Vanessa. Hope tml won't muscle pain bah. =D As it was raining, chatted with Vanessa at a small hut? hahaha. Later saw Ronney and HanLin. =D And i went home-d.

Finally~ tomorrow going play basketball. =D

Evon's xD

Tuesday, December 02, 2008 10:31 PM

Im looking forward Choir BBQ..
Im looking forward biantai christmas gathering.
Im looking forward Ss family gathering?.
Im looking forward to work.. [hopefully can get it]
Im looking forward to everything.
Im looking forward ... hahaha.

BUT Im not loooking forward to one thing. Shall not say it~

I want to learn piano.
I want to learn druming. =D

Well, nothing much to blog uh.. Im feeling bored now~~

Dating with Priscilia and Vanessa today. hahaha! Ate and went played plus stalk someone! =X
We three were addicted to basketball!! Wasted $13. =X Hmms. Nope. Is not wasted! hahaha. It's fun. Shall play it again..

Chat at Starbucks. I dunno should i? I really very scare lah. awwww.. How i wish i cann too but can't find the courage mah.. OhWell.

hahaha! I know im childish. LOL. Found something out of my drawer today. Guess what? It's a digimon digivice. hahaha! And i decided to play since i have the battery. hahahaha! Kind of miss the time i played with my brother. =D hahah.


Evon's xD

Monday, December 01, 2008 1:45 PM

OhWell, this is my 3rd attempt to post this post. Im so patient you see. hhaha.

Saturday - 29 Nov 2008

Went out with my parents to makan for dinner. I didn't realise ShaoHui was cycling behind me until he overtakes me. LOL! And he didn't saw me as well.. OhWell.

While my parents are buying 4d, this uncle came to me and talked. This is the conversation between us;
[its in chinese]
Uncle: ' XiaoMei, ni yao bu yao qu kan jin tian de ShengSiong?' (Girl, You want go watch ShengSiong today?)

*i din realise that day is saturday. hahas.. tio stun.
Me: ' err.. bu yao. ' (err.. No thanks) [i smiled back.]

Uncle: ' Wo you 4 zhang biao, ke shi wo mei you kong. Wo gei ni huo gei ni peng you qu kan. ' (I've 4 tickets but i dun have the time to go. I give you or you can give your friends.) [he took out an envelope from his pocket and passed it to me]

Me: ' Bu yong uh. xie xie. ' (Don't need. Thanks) [he keep pushing it to me, and i took it and walked away.]

Was like the time he gave me the tickets was like about going to 5pm? LOL. And the show started at 6.45pm. I was like so last-minute, how to gather people. In the end, still never go. hahaha. I put the ticket on a table after i ate finish. =D

Im so bored now~~~

Evon's xD