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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Monday, December 08, 2008 2:02 PM

OhWell.. Im just lazy to blog. =X And mum ask me to buy a cap for myself. How cool!! hahaha. Anyone want pei me go buy??

Let me summarise these days. =D Start from Thursday hao le, it's 4th Dec.

Thusday, 4th Dec.

Friday, 5th Dec.

Meet HuiQi and JiaHui for lunch. Later, Jennifer came to join us and we left for TP. Walked to Audi 2 and slacked. Inside the Auditorium, while waiting for the games to be ready. Cam-whore again. hahaha

Played some games - total 5 stations. Didn't really wet until one of the stations. The PingPong i guess. Got 1 station where everyone needed to be blind-folded. I didn't being blind-folded. hahaha! So cool uh.. And i had to give the directions to my team. =D Another station is needed to blow out all the mentos from the flour. HanLin blowed 1 out. Lastly, JiaHui and me have great team work, blowed all out. =D

Went back to Audi 2 and changed our clothes. Buffet-ing for dinner. Later was the concert. They were so hyper can. I wonder what will happen to me when im in Poly. O.O

I like their performances. So cool. =D And and very coordinate. Really..

Next is the Spooky Trail. Well, 1st group to start the trail. Seprated from HanLin and Priscilia. Saded. The trail starting jiu got NG le. LOL! We didn't know what to do inside. Keep trying to open every door. =X I think the 1st one is the most scary one.

I was looking up and was stunned when i opened the stairs door. Saw a head with mask standing at the stair and threw a pingpong ball. Very funny. When going up the stairs, i was preparing to take the sudden BOO. LoL!! But didn't and the last-time scene keep refreshing. (Insideterror)

A red-district place is next i think. Hahaha! i found my birthday there lahhh. =D You will know when you see the place/photo. They should have put some oldie songs to suit the place. The next place was more FUNNY can. Got this guy opened the door and GUESS WHAT? HE GO AND SWITCHED ON THE LIGHTS LAH!! Stupid yet funny! The Ghost told us to restart and go in 1 by 1 and DON'T switch on the lights again when coming in. hahaha. But they changed the rule later.

Finished the whole trail. And we wanted to scare the last team. But din success. hahaha. How stupid can. Instead, we chatted with WeiLoong.

And home-sweet-home i guess?

More details? You can go Priscilia, HuiQi or JiaHui 's blog. =D

Lets skip to Today - 8 Dec

Morning went to gym with Vanessa. Hope tml won't muscle pain bah. =D As it was raining, chatted with Vanessa at a small hut? hahaha. Later saw Ronney and HanLin. =D And i went home-d.

Finally~ tomorrow going play basketball. =D

Evon's xD