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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

click click click! =D



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No song lyrics. Sorry.


Friday, January 30, 2009 7:56 PM

hahahs! I totally forget that today is the result of JAE. Well.. i was sleeping soundly until my phone alarm rang which made me wake up. And was stunned to see 6 msg waiting. LOLS! Then i realised my result is out. Ohmy.. But thats good. Then i won't like so nervous for it. =D

Got msg from MOE at 6.14am. So far, im the earliest to receive bah? hahas.. Hmms. I got into my first choice. =D muahahahas. i was surprise lah and i thought i see wrong. hahahas.

Anyway, today went Ronney's house. Played daidee and mahjong. So long never play le lahh. And i didn't win any. =[[ sad sad sad... And im excited for tml! =D Jiangmama's hse... lalalalas. xD

and and am i okie with contact lens?(for those who seen it le)

Evon's xD

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 4:53 PM

Ohwell.. its a sudden miss for 2008. Its a year. Good Year even thought lots of sad things happened uh.

Well, 2008.. I guess its kind of late to say these things uh.. =X But i said earlier, its a sudden miss. hahahas. Let me do a summarise.

2008. It's the year i get more closer to Shermeen, Priscilia, WeiLing, Sharon, Vanessa, KaiWei, KaiLin, Jade, Cherie, ChangHui, KokSoon, KiatWee, Louis, JiaCheng, Khai.. There's more but not that closer uh.. But still very close. =D hahahas. That's consist of Michelle, HuiJi, TingTing, Amos, MinNing.

More Friends are made who are Benjamin, Jervyn, Junior, Jonas[some sort], Ronney, HanLin, ShiJie, JianWei, Pearcesley, GuoHarn, KaSing, Wilburn, Nicholas, ShengNan, DesmondTan, DanielKok, Tania, Karen, Candy[some sort], AlvinLeong, Milissa, Charlton, PuayNing?, LiXuan, Kelly,

It's the year where Biantai, ExtraOrdinaryFamily are created..
It's the year where my Olevel took place. =.=
It's the year where i cried most. =X

Still remember the times i quarrelled with my cliques and my parents. But of cause, more Fun than quarrel. Its great having fun with them. =D

And and of cause getting to play more basketball and thats why BianTai is discovered. =D And because of that, ahem ahem ahem.. =X I LOVE BASKETBALL TO THE MAX.
My First time getting to sit GO-KART. And im the last. =[ Nevermind.. Next time shall beat them and get FIRST. hahahaha! =x And of cause, the most scary ride.

On my birthday watched 2 movies. LOLS. kinda crazy uh.. hahahas. [btw, was thinking how to celebrate my birthday even thought its like 2 months away. hahas.. any ideas?]

It's the year where i organised things more.

wellwellwell.. guessed i've forgotten what i wanna say. hahahas. =x

Anyway, today went out with Shermeen and Priscilia for a movie - The Wedding Game. It's a great show! =D Well, i dun dare sit with Shermeen in the cinema especially where it's a comedy show. You will know when you get to sit with her. So embarressing. =X oppps!
Have fun with them! =D

Evon's xD

Monday, January 26, 2009 11:36 PM

May this year be a better one than 2008. And And work hard for your dreams! =D
This is my first time having eye on a pair of sandals which is from Charles & Keith. And the sad thing is that my shoe size out of stock le. =[ Anyway, i shall get it by all means. =D


Evon's xD

Saturday, January 24, 2009 5:05 PM

Well, was told to do this thingy by Pris and the retard! hahahas. i know its super late to do this uh. hahas..

1. What's his/her name?
-Priscilia Liew Rui Xi
-Shermeen Chua Shi Min

2. Does he or she have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
- Yupyup. She is attached with Evon! =]]
- Yah. Happily attached with HONG. =x

3. Do you know a secret about him/her.
- Well, i dunno? cannot recall. hahas.
- Retard! do i know any? o.o

4. Is this person older than you?
Currently nope for both. But Shermeen gonna older than me in two days time. haha. =D

5. Has he/she ever cooked for you?
- Well.. Think she got bake something?
- She bakes muffins and cookies. But but still edible. =]]

6. When was the last time you thought of him/her?
Now! and instead i miss them every second.[this applies to everyone too!=D]

7. Do you have a nickname for each other?
- hahaha! Of cause. My Dear! =D
- She's got alot of nickname that i could call like Retard, bulldog and etc..

8. How many times do you talk to this person in a week?
Depends? hahhahas. At least once a week. =D

9. Why is this person your first featured?
Cause they forced me. LOL! no lahh.. Cause they are PRISCILIALIEW and SHERMEENCHUA! =D

10. Have you seen this person cry?
YupYup. That's applied for both. =D

11. How long have you known this person?
- hmms.. for 3 years? but but we are from the same pri. sch.. Longlost friend. So im not sure will i know this person if i never transfered school.
- 3 years too. =D

12. Have you ever been to the mall with this person?

13. Have you ever watched movies at his or her place?
-Nope. But i know where she's live.
-Nah. But i did go to her house to SEE HER PHOTO. =X oppps!

14. If you ever moved away would you miss this person?
That's for sure. But even if i never move, i will miss THEM tooo. =D

15. Have you ever given this person something?
hmmms. did i, Pris and Shermeen??

16. Have you ever done something really stupid with this person?
I think with Shermeen. That's possible. But i couldn't recall if we did[for Pris and Shermeen]?

17. What is it that you love doing with this person?
Crapping and sharing and playing with them! And of cause everytime with them.

18. Have you cried because of her?
Hmms.. im not sure?

19. Do you know everything about this person?
Not everything i guesss. hahahas.

20. Do you know this person's shoe size?
- Well, should be size6. But i know bowling shoe is 6.
- Size 6 will do if im not wrong?

21. Have you ever worn this person's clothes?
DUn think so for both.

22. Have you ever heard this person sing?
YUPYUP. [= We keep going Kbox and sing during class. =D

23. Have you and this person ever had a fight that lasted more than 2 days?

24. Have you ever slapped this person in public?
Of course nope! But for Shermeen, is smacking butt counted?

25. Do you know how to make this person feel happy?
- Say 'hey, mickey!' or go Ehub find Mr. hi. Or do something stupid infront of her. =D
- Buy her something related to Mickey Mouse or JayChou. =]]

26. Do you and this person talk a lot?
Depends on the environment.. hahahhas.

27. Have you kicked this person?
Nope. =D im kind one. =]]

28. Do you love this person?
OF CAUSE LAHH. Even my heart is with them.

29. Do you want to be with him/her forever?
Yes. Definitely. [=

30. Why?
-Cause she's PRISCILIA LIEW RUIXI, my dear! =D
-Cause she's SHERMEEN CHUA SHIMIN, my STUPID retard! =D

Evon's xD

Thursday, January 22, 2009 11:08 AM


Well I wonder could it be
When I was dreaming about you baby
You were dreaming of me
Call me crazy
Call me blind
To still be suffering is stupid after all of this time

Did I lose my love to someone better
And does she love you like I do
I do, you know I really really do

Well hey
So much I need to say
Been lonely since the day
The day you went away

So sad but true
For me there's only you
Been crying since the day
the day you went away

I remember date and time
September twenty second
Sunday twenty five after nine
In the doorway with your case
No longer shouting at each other
There were tears on our faces

And we were letting go of something special
Something we'll never have again
I know, I guess I really really know

Well hey
So much I need to say
Been lonely since the day
The day you went away

So sad but true
For me there's only you
Been crying since the day
the day you went away [x3]

Did I lose my love to someone better
And does she love you like I do
I do, you know I really really do

Well hey
So much I need to say
Been lonely since the day
The day you went away

So sad but true
For me there's only you
Been crying since the day
the day you went away

Why do we never know what we've got till it's gone
How could I carry on the day you went away
Cause I've been missing you so much I have to say
Been crying since the day
the day you went away [x3]

My favourite song of the day. =D
Enjoy. =]]

Evon's xD

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 10:23 AM

guess im the last one to blog about the kbox trip. Well, went with Priscilia, Shermeen, Jonathan, ChangHui and HowCher on Monday which is 19Jan2009. =D

Overall its Fun! hahahas. ChangHui did SING WELL cann. =D hahahs. And HowCher damn funny lahh. Jonathan's voice is deep. hahas. Priscilia's cannot sing high. hahaha!
Celebrated Shermeen's and HowCher's birthday in advance as their birthday will be during the CNY. So yah. hahahas. =D
Went Arcade to play. So fun cannn. xD The Spongebob game so funny lah. Won 112 tickets. hahahas.

After that, went bowling without ChangHui and HowCher. I won the both games. HAHAH. I finally did a strike can. =D hahahs.
Michelle came to join for the 2nd game. But she didn't play. =[ Went TM with Shermeen and i off to meet my mum to collect my phone from repair. Its been 10 days and and there's no scratches on my phone! Cause they help me change the cover. So happy can. =D

Went Night Movie with HuiJi, Keith and Jonathan to celebrate HuiJi's birthday. =D So long din catch night movie with HuiJi le. hahahas.
I bought a pizza to replace cake for her. =D

Should i get a contact lens for myself?? hmms.
and and should i stop working or continue? =X

Evon's xD

Friday, January 16, 2009 10:15 PM

im going crazy anytime! hahahas. =D
prepare to call 995!

ohwell.. Im so so looking forward to Monday.. =D And of cause Sunday toooo! =]]

I remembered i wanna blog out something.. But forget what is it... =X
Ohwell, i do hope i can get in the First Chioce i made. *pray and twist fingers*

And Sunday is the last day i can work with my colleagues as Some of them going to others department. Kinda sad. =[ And tml night maybe out for dinner or rather supper with them! WOOTS.
And and today that stupid Wilburn[he got a super old face can! Still dare say me] come find me. LoLS! Then again, expected, he keep suaning me plus his friend, Alvin, also. LOls! Why everybody likes to suan me uhhh! hahahs.. They so guo fan luhh.
Anyway, kinda miss Hippopa's suaning. =X So long din chat with him le.. Ohwell.

Before i last my sentence, i wanna post this sentence out to Someone special!

You are in this world to let me love.
Dun you dare saying you those stupid things like your birth is a mistake again!
I believe everyone came to this world to make a difference in each other life.
I dun denied that you make a different in my life.
And its a special one. xD
like anyones else.
[seee, i confessed to you in the public! im so crazy cannn.]

Evon's xD

Thursday, January 15, 2009 12:08 AM

Finally done with the choosing of courses.. Ohwell, i do hope to get in FDM.

Well, hmms... Today was alright. =D Din really out with the girls.. SO yah. =]]

Do jio me out if you guys want. =D But still need to see whether im free. muahahahas. but i wanna go out to play!~

when is mine next time playing bball?? hais...

guess only work can stop me from thinking.

Evon's xD

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 11:31 PM

today's work is terrible de boring! But lots of funny things happen. lols.

hmms. this post is meant for someone.. hmms.. i really swear im okie.. And i did mention saying im not angry. Im really really okie. Im sorry to let you misunderstood and make you worried or sad. I cried not solely on the incident and results. There's too many things happened nowadays. And i know you are sad tooo. i said out because i want to say out cause im not good in words, so i rather type out to fa xie. And and I know you scared of darkness. I didn't said that in the last post to you.. And everything i said in last post is mixed people not only to you.. Don't blame all the things on you. I did know you have curfew. That's understooded. And i know you wanted to go but due to some reasons.. But i still not sure why you guys still at Tampines after so long. Thats the part im confused. And i dun want my relationships between you guys to be worsen. hais..

Stupid negative feelings. Stop coming back to me can.. Am i a bad friend to you guys? i realise now im always the last to know whats the details about the girls outing or whateva outing. isit a kind of left out? hais..

Evon's xD

11:44 AM


i have no comments on my results.. Kinda disappointed. I've flunked my english BUT got a B4 for PHYSIC. You know.. i always get my Physic fail, like getting E8 or F9 everytime. Kinda surprise about it uh.. Even better than my Chemistry.

Ohwell.. i rather dissappointed in both of my maths. Haiss... But surprised for my Combined Humans. First time getting a B can.. LOL!! And is a B3. Ohmytian lahh.

Hais.. but overall, i still sad about it.. Anyway, Thanks everyone who concerned and care for me. thanks.

Went Chalet.. Din overnight there. So i hope the guys is having fun there.. Something happened uh. But LouWei came. And and sorry plus thanks alot!

i dunno what really happen there.. but i just can't understand. okie.. fine. You all go and meet the guys at tp. I was like wth, you all already at CP. And you all still made your way to TP. okie. I forgive this.. You all already promised to come for the chalet. So i give in. Then, around 7 plus.. You all still haven come yet. I was wondering what happened. And you all still in tampines??! Heard you all went to find MrTok. I was like wth.. Knowing that you all have curfew, and yet you all still went to chat with him. Wth can??! The moment you all told me that you guys not coming. I was sad.. And thats why i pass the phone to weiling and kailin to talk to you. Please lahh.. Even if its dark.. You all can like ask us to go out fetch you right?? Okie.. If you really scared, i know.. Cause i know its really very wulu to come the chalet. If Jade can come alone.. Why not you two? I still dun believe you got curfew can.. im not angry nor sad. just that.... hais. maybe you think that i choose the date wrong.. but not i choose one can.. is the guys.. And i also think this is the only date as most of them is working. So yah.. i know this is my fault. But the problem is that you said you three plus the guys are coming.. And the problem is that you all go and find someone to chat and still not leaving Tampines knowing that you guys got curfew. I dunno what should i do.. And im sorry if there's any false info..

i couldn't sleep the whole night.. thinking im such a failure. did so badly in Os. Suck bodoh. and the chalet made me even worse. Cried the whole night.. do you think im a good person? hais... lousy me.

Evon's xD

Monday, January 12, 2009 11:11 AM

2 hours and 49 more mins to go.. =[[ I wish i can pass English.. thats what i most worried about.. =[[

Anyway, awwwww.. Later going KFC with my dearsss. Ohman.. SO long din eeat together since we graduated.

And at night, have class chalet. =D I hope everyone will be happpy after getting result including me. =]] *prayPray*

take 1~ =]]
from top left; Nicholas, Henry, Desmond, Candy, Valentia, Tiania and ShengNan
from bottom left; Jonathan, Danial, Evon, Milissa and Karen.

take 2~
my colleagues. =DD They are super fun can. =]]
*missing in pictures; Alexander, Eilleen Jie, Vincent, Wilburn, Alvin, the 3-4 girls. i forget their names..=X*

half an hour more to go for lunchie.. =DDD
2 and a half hour more to take result.. =[[

Evon's xD

Sunday, January 11, 2009 11:03 PM

Ohman.. my flu is getting better but but coughing is getting worser.. i remember last time when im young, my coughing will last about 1 month.. thats cool uh? hahas

Welll! 15 hours more to goo... thats when i going to have my result. O LEVEL RESULT. Was like so ohmytian can... hahas..



Yesterday work was like the worse can.. hahas. Anyway, before that went back school for CCA Fair. Din reallly help Choir luh.. Im so so sorry HanLin and Ronney. Guess i really really need change my spect degree. Ohwell. Went Prata makan.. Then went TP. Was late for work.. hais..

Anyway, i dunno which stupid customer brought in that super awful smell in the AIRCON room.. And i was like the smell damn strong. Like those after exercise then sweat alot and haven bath like 3 days.. ~.~ Then it made mine coughing more worse!! suck man.. Then Vincent very funny lahh.. hahahas. Shall not say.. Want to know, ask me! =]

Had bet with ahpong and karen.. Was like LOL. Karen said i have a smart face! hahahhas! lols..

Im kind of scared of the Os. =[ i hope i can get what i want. PLEASE!


Evon's xD

Thursday, January 08, 2009 11:02 PM

ohmytian uh... my flu is getting more worse. Think because im too afraid of getting the result. =[ My feeling now is like excited to know the result yet afraid knowing the result.. I think everyone who is waiting have this feeling bah? Are you?

im feel so sickkk.. My voice going to faint soon. Then you will seee me not talking on Monday.

tml im going to play bballl.. its like finally lah??! hahahas. =D And and my phone spoilt luhhh. damn saddd. =[

Evon's xD

12:28 AM

To my readers and friends. My apologise.. Im not working in MunchyDonut le... Now working for Crocodile. =D

Btw, today's work is bored plus funny lahhh.. Guess today is the most slacking day. =X

Ohwell.. Din expect TingTing and Shermeen to visit me. Thanks alot! =D Was really surprise dao. haha. ShermeenChua, the retard! Must take care of yourself okie??! xD

Anyway, went Bugis without Shermeen. Guess it's the first time went out with ting. hahahas. Saw HuiJi and dinner-ed with Tingting and YiWei. hahahs.
YiWei went back to work. And we both went Shopping for shoes. =D chatted alot. =]]

Well.. i will be very busy tml onwards.. =D until 12Jan2009!!
Ohmytian lahhh!
Results for Olevel is coming out on 12Jan2009!!!! =[[

Evon is scared. =[ Hopefully i can get the points i want. *pray* (i know praying doesn't help, but at least solve some of my nervousness and scare-ness.)
Im imagining the scenario in the hall le. =X haissss... And and i wonder who is going to give my class's result. Cause MsNeo is at Prison School and MsWong is at NIE. Ohmy lahh. My class damn pathetic. =X


Evon's xD

Tuesday, January 06, 2009 11:44 AM

Yesterday, my finger was bleeding cause of a stapler bullet. Eilleen Jie told me to open this customer's bag.. We will staple every bag after they purchase something. So this customer was buying belt i think after he bought something. Then i was like taking out the staple, the staple just poke through my index finger's skin.
The most funniest thing is that i was like why the bullet cannot fall from my finger. Suddenly the finger felt pain, realised and i pull it out. Super pain lah. The customer keep saying sorry and i keep saying its alright cause haven bleed mah..

Then he left. I quickly looked at it. And i queezed. Blood is gushing out. =.= Put plaster and continue work.

I admit i miss Wilburn. Actually is miss his suan-ing towards me. So yah.. Sad that he still need back to study. Ohwell.
Desmond's voice sounds like Melvin (his laughing more like him can).. Even his face but hes more rounder than Melvin. lols.

Next, I getting closer towards ShengNan (Ahpong.. muahahaha. xD go woo her fast uh..). She keep bully me. lols.. The more funniest thing is that when we were two alone in the store while i helping her to put plaster also. My stomach goaned. LOL! super malu lah.. =X *Note; i only eat dinner yesterday...*

Later going for work. =D

Ohya.. MsNeo went Prison School to teach. LOLS!! Shes not in JunYuan Secondary le. LOL LOL!!

i dun want get back result.. =[ Feeling scared but i know the day is nearer and nearer..
realise that i didn't stop myself from falling in love with you. and im loving you more and more.. maybe im sensative. I have a feeling that you are avoiding me. i dunno.. hope thats not the case.. when i think of the past which consists of you, i have difficulties to breathe. is that means im still likes you?

Evon's xD

Monday, January 05, 2009 9:39 AM

Last week is a spending bomb to me. LOLS.. Kind of crazy luhh. Ohwell. Im regret not going out with my colleagues on last NewYear Eve. But but its nice to go out with ChangHui, Louis, JiaCheng and KokSoon. Its been so so long since i last sees them. And im not regret. =D

okie okie.. Let me start from NewYear Eve? hahas.

31dec2008 - 1Jan2009.

Went to meet the guys at Suntec. I think its my first time walking through the malls or rather Towers. hahas.. Almost lost my way to meet them cann. =X

Then went eat in SakaeSushi. I guess i will have a forbia towards sushi. =X Some fun things happened during the dinner. LOL. Shall not elaborate. =D Want to know, ask me.
I only know that day we keep walking and walking while waiting for KokSoon and Alan. Alan kinda cute in his uniform with the mask. LOLS.

It kinda of sad that Alan cannot join in with us for the countdown.. Saw WenSu when in the FoodCourt. And we went up to the rooftop to see FireWorks. Ohman.. the Fireworks was nice especially the combo one.. =D And and i saw alot of Feries.
I dun like to walk with them especially got KokSoon around. Made me walked damn fast. =.=

HappyNewYear!! LOL!


Went kbox with Priscilia, Shermeen and Vanessa. =D Think its my first time singing so many songs?? haha! i remember when i first time to Kbox, i dare not sing cause its all boys. LOLS.
Anyway, have fun with them!! =D Thanks girls!!
Went Bowling without Shermeen cause she had to go back before 4pm. I kinda deproving. =[ Ohman..

* i want go wildwildwet! *


Morning went meet the girls plus HanLin.. Wanted to eat KFC derh breakfast. And who knows didn't open. LOLS.
Went FDM's talk. Din expect so less people to attend. The room is cold can.. After the talk, some refreshment waiting for us.. LOLS..

I was playing with the Ebi while the who came to ask me; "Is this all your friends?" I was like why you ask me this question..
ohwell.. He thought im one of the students there. HAHAHA. Just because i wear their shirt. haha. Cute luh him...
Then HanLin told me not to shake the Ebi. =X Then i ate it.

Went Mac to eat.. And i took Taxi off with AhPong to work.


Something i know today.. After i know, i sian diao can. And sorry sorry sorry. Im not angry because you said out. You told me that i should be angry, if not weird. But i really not angry.. Is just that i can't find a reason for asking me the question. Ohwell.. im not angry.. So dun take it to heart. =D We are still friends. =]]] Just hope that he won't spread anymore.

Evon's xD