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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009 11:44 AM


i have no comments on my results.. Kinda disappointed. I've flunked my english BUT got a B4 for PHYSIC. You know.. i always get my Physic fail, like getting E8 or F9 everytime. Kinda surprise about it uh.. Even better than my Chemistry.

Ohwell.. i rather dissappointed in both of my maths. Haiss... But surprised for my Combined Humans. First time getting a B can.. LOL!! And is a B3. Ohmytian lahh.

Hais.. but overall, i still sad about it.. Anyway, Thanks everyone who concerned and care for me. thanks.

Went Chalet.. Din overnight there. So i hope the guys is having fun there.. Something happened uh. But LouWei came. And and sorry plus thanks alot!

i dunno what really happen there.. but i just can't understand. okie.. fine. You all go and meet the guys at tp. I was like wth, you all already at CP. And you all still made your way to TP. okie. I forgive this.. You all already promised to come for the chalet. So i give in. Then, around 7 plus.. You all still haven come yet. I was wondering what happened. And you all still in tampines??! Heard you all went to find MrTok. I was like wth.. Knowing that you all have curfew, and yet you all still went to chat with him. Wth can??! The moment you all told me that you guys not coming. I was sad.. And thats why i pass the phone to weiling and kailin to talk to you. Please lahh.. Even if its dark.. You all can like ask us to go out fetch you right?? Okie.. If you really scared, i know.. Cause i know its really very wulu to come the chalet. If Jade can come alone.. Why not you two? I still dun believe you got curfew can.. im not angry nor sad. just that.... hais. maybe you think that i choose the date wrong.. but not i choose one can.. is the guys.. And i also think this is the only date as most of them is working. So yah.. i know this is my fault. But the problem is that you said you three plus the guys are coming.. And the problem is that you all go and find someone to chat and still not leaving Tampines knowing that you guys got curfew. I dunno what should i do.. And im sorry if there's any false info..

i couldn't sleep the whole night.. thinking im such a failure. did so badly in Os. Suck bodoh. and the chalet made me even worse. Cried the whole night.. do you think im a good person? hais... lousy me.

Evon's xD