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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009 11:07 PM

*Edited. =D

Happy Birthday, JiaCheng! =D

Anyway, i think im the last to talk about yesterday's shopping trip bah? hahas. But at least im blogging now! hahas.

As you're know from some of the blogs, the girls including Priscilia, Shermeen, Vanessa, WeiLing and of cause me! went shopping at bugis. =D
Ate LongJohnSilver and we occupied two small tables. hahas. Pathetic uh?

Then our shopping then begins! =D I want buy the suspender plus the shirt and the shirt with the music note. Nevertheless, i bought 2 tops. =D Actually im lazy to blog about what happened, well, you can go over to the other girls' blog and read about it! Sorrry for the inconvenience. hahahas

Ohya, aren't the guys' job to fetch a girl from the car when it's raining??! And i actually did the opposite way! Can you imagine a lady went over to the other side of the car to fetch a guy when it's raining heavily??
im so weird~

Okay!~ What did i do today?? Hmmms... Went out to meet Vanessa at Central Park. And we waited for Cherie and HuiRong at the opposite the bus-stop where we supposed to meet like for almost 1hrs. hahas. Counted 9 bus 293 went pass. I actually saw Donkey on one of the bus can?! But not lah. =X oppps.

Went to bedok and began our work. Ohwell, very tiring. I was going to sleep when we are done and was on the way back to the centre. Waited for the rain to become drizzle. Took 10 back and walked home againn.

*I needa to go TP before 24March. Anyone?

I realised something about me. When im really really tired or did not have enough sleep, my head will have terrible headache especially when im thinking things. And now, im feeling unwell.

All of the sudden, I have no mood for the coming chalet. reallly.

should i really trust the guys especially love qns cause i've been betrayed before.

Evon's xD