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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009 7:23 PM

I dunno i should updates about the orientation camp anot. Well, i will try to summarise uhs. hahas. =D

First Day, 15April09.

Its the first day of the camp. I got to know which class[N902] im in before the orientation, same class with Vanessa and Sharon~ woots.. Meet HuiJi on the way. =D

They teached us cheers and play some-sort-of-icebreaker games. I still confused about some of the guys' name. Opps..

Ohya! Im the FIRST to introduce myself. Jackpot!
I remembered we learned mass dance and the Xi shua shua dance. Damn funny lah. I nearly fall down because of someone! hpmh.
I dunno what we did later. So skip to 2nd day..

Ohya. My 3 Mentors are WenChieh, Rebecca and JasmineChye. =D 3 pretty ladies. =]]

2nd Day, 16April09.

Meet the class at 9am. And we did some cheers again. I like the 'check-go-fietfa' cheer. I think we did some PK and Combination with our course which is FDM! FDM rockss! Especially N902! N902 OEI!!!

Anyway, did mass dance again and off to TCC i think. Its huge. I remember i said the seats are taller than me. LOL! Listen the talk by the Principal, course managers and library manager until i fall asleep. hahahas. =X

Went back to classroom and played some games. The most funniest game is 'Ding Dong Bell'. Reid damn funny. Made me laugh till stomach cramps. Ahhhhh..
Dinner-ed with Vanessa, HuiJi, Sharon, WeiLing, HanLin, WeiSian, LeongWei and lastly, Ronney at westmac. Ohwell, chat alot. =D

3rd Day, 17April09.

Last day of the 3days camp. Having Regatta at around 3-4plus. CHeer and cheer and Cheer. Heard is Business won the overall Champion. Congratulations. I went home during the mid-of-Regatta cause im going genting.

Okie. I tio spam by my mum. There were all the old peoples travelling with us exclude 4 kids[includes me]. So i was sianed all the way.. And this is my first time after 4 years going malaysia. LOL!! And i realised i did go HongKong during 1999. LOL!!!

I sat with my cousin. =]] Din talk much and i think im disturbing her sleeping. Keep coughing throughout the whole trip. My sorethroat worser. I regret not taking care of myself. =[ Im scared to drink alot of water due to the inconvenient of finding toilet.

HAHA! i took a nice sunset picture. =D

2nd day of Genting, 18April09.

Happy Birthday, ChangHui! =]]

Reached genting at around 3-4am. Is very cold there. =[ Can't sleep at all. The Adults went Casino to gamble. And the kids playing at the reception there. Genting did change alott.

Finally drag till 9am when the arcade is opened. But found out it opened at 10am. So, wait and wait~ Played the StreetBasketball game. =D muahahas..

Meet the rest at 1pm and back to KL to buy more stuffs. =D And back to Singapore. I think i saw SiKai[FDM de] at the Singapore arrival.
Bus-ed home.

Sunday, 19April 09.

Went to watch Shinjuku Incident with my mum and aunt. 2nd time watching le. =D

Evon's xD