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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 2:50 PM

Monday, 20April09

My favourite phrase of the day is 'My voice sexy mah??' LOL!

Well.. Today is the first day of Poly. Class start at 9am. And end at 4pm. N902 planned to meet 8.45am at the Mushroom so to go class together. =D
I love this class. =]]

Anyway, class today is rather bored. And i kept coughing again. Become worser.
Lunched today with classsmate at Mensa 2. Ate half of the Hokkien Mee. =[

Went over to the library to meet Pris and AhPong. Followed by KaiLin, LeongWei, Ronney and YuYao and HanLin.
Off to TampinesMall de kopitiam to have dinner. I din ate anything cause no appetite.
Proceeded to Swensen and surprises waiting for Pris, she cried. =]

Bus-ed home with Vanessa, WeiSian and Leongwei. Saw YiRong.

Tuesday 21April09.

2nd day of school. N902 was not really that bonded already.
Lab begins the day. And ended with tutorial. Made a super malu mistake.

Met the JunYuans' after 4pm who are HuiJi, WeiLing, Shermeen, Priscilia. Off to library while waiting for the time to pass.
Huiji is hungry so we went KFC to makan. Only HuiJi and WeiLing ate. hahas.

Louis, Sean and JianXin came to join us and Ronney, HanLin too.

Walked homed alone. I miss walking with WeiSian and LeongWei. =[

Wednesday 22April09

Happy Birthday KiatWee and Alan!! =D

Today didn't attend any lessons. Due to my sickness. =[
Went to Singhealth Polyclinic to see doctor. Waited for almost 1hr and 30mins just to see a doctor and get MC. I have MC till tomorrow. =D But depending.
I have throat infection said by the doctor.
Need to eat medicine eh. =[

I miss my friends... ahhhh.

Did not have the same appetite as before. Like last time, i can eat the whole plate of food. And now, i can't. And i've not been eating food at night as im afraid that i will vomit the food out. Its been years since i last vomit. Since K1 or k2? the feeling is just suckie.
Last week is the toughest week. This week gonna be too. This few nights, its like nightmares to me. i remember 1 night, i dreamt that i have a coughin competition. That was the starting night of the nightmare. =[ And the following days, i have fever,only at night, and my mum help me to change the towel and forced me to eat panadol in the middle of the night.
i've never had this nights before. =[

i've this feeling long ago. And recently, the feeling is getting stronger. Am i getting further away from you all? I dunno. I only hope my feeling is wrong. Hopefully...
I have this intention. i want to quit biantai For some reason.. hais.. A good example is that night. I felt so negative. shit.

Evon's xD