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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009 11:07 PM

Was fed up this afternoon. Very ROAR!!~ Damn angry with the lady.

Well.. Its about 2 umbrellas. As today was drizzling, my mum bought out this green umbrella with me. We went to rent disc after having our lunch. When i was about to walk in into this shop, the lady stopped me and said in chinese: "wo bang ni ba yu shan fang zai na li"
Me:"Oh okie, xie xie"

After we rent, the moment i looked at the umbrella. I was like my umbrella isn't in green?[there was only black one there.] The same lady then returned the no-ours-umbrella to me. I looked at my mum and said: " bu shi qing sei de meh?"

The lady then replied: "huh?! Gai cai na ge ren na zuo le." I was like wth.
She said again: "Wo wen ta, qing zei de hai shi hei sei de? Ta jiu na na ge qing sei de."

Please lah, if you took the umbrella from someone. You should take the initiative to recongnise WHOSE is whos one right?! Not like asking him which one is his?! I was going to boil up le can. And she said another line which made me more mad. "Aiya. Na zei ge lah. mei ge yu shan hai bu shi yi yang."

Where got every umbrella is the same?? Let's say, for example the black umbrella, it's like more heavier than ours[the green]. And the inner design of the black umbrella is Leopard design, i can say is damn disgusting. And the feeling for the umbrella isn't the same anymore.

And She's the one in FAULT! Still dare to smile at us and asked us to take that umbrella. FISH HER LAH.

Don't mention her already if not im gonna have high blood pressure.

I have 2 more nephews. Its twins can! AND AND THEY CAME TO THIS WORLD ON 23rd MARCH2009. I mean 23rd march! ahhhhh.. But i want see them!:)

I remember i want to post something but forgotten already. =[ Sorry. Will post up once i remember! =D

Ohya.. My cousin has this blogshop. Do support her! They have the newest fashion clothes. =D And DO HELP ME VOTE EXELLENT FOR HER! THANKS. [Don't worry, its not a virus.]

Evon's xD