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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009 12:02 PM

yoyo! I’m back. I have forgotten what i did the last few days. hmms.. Yesterday was a REBUS day~ From 8.30am to 5pm.

Raymond Wong scared me can. Cause i was eating my topica and he use a hand signal. I was thinking what did i do?? And my first instinct was to stretch out my hand with the packet of topica to him and he took and eat it. LOL! He caught me eating twice in the day. Oh well.

Going TP library to study Math. Hopefully Facom too. Cause i dun get what it mean.

Ohya, N902 wears formal on wednesday! =D So cool right?! And we took alot of Photos. =]]] I love them but somehow … Next week, term test already and hoilday is coming. WOOTS!!~

This is what i drew during Rebus’s lecture. OPPS.

Took this while Vanessa is inside for interview. =D

Evon's xD

12:50 AM


Im finally can rest awhile before i chiong for my study for Term test. =D Passed up my Rebus Assignment 1 today. =D After days of midnight burnoil. And im like zombie already. hahas..

Ohya.. Creating a Blog for N902. Hope they will like it. =D And guys, can sent me alll the photos to me so i can put in the blog for you guys to grab..

lalallalah.. Shall elaborate more later in the morning. Shall grab my sleep tonight. =D Bye!!~

Evon's xD

Friday, May 22, 2009 11:54 PM


Okiess.. Kinda busy nowadays.. Working hard for my Rebus and Wrtoral.. Wish me good luck in both assignments! Hope i won't be shy during the presentation!! If not, im gonna touch my hair again. shagg...

Anyway, kinda sad nowadays too due to something. Shall elaborate later. Ohmy.. im like so emo now~~ Cannot cannot.. Cheeseeee.

Well, today im kind of crazy, high-ing in the morning. I dunno why also, maybe because of that weird guy and Terence. There was this weird guy when we were eating Macdonald's breakfast. He took a big big pile of tissues can. I told Joey, Terence and GuoWei. And straws for drinking hot tea??! And the most weird thingy he did was cutting the Egg Mcmuffin to eat! First, the egg then the bread. I keep laughing lah. =X oppsy~ But that's really very funny..

Strolled back to TP and meet up with Kent they all before going in the lecture room. We studied only 2 hours and off we go. =D Went to take our forms and off to CADS. YueMing is my student of the day. And i must try to be gentle in teaching~ =D

WOOTS. Finally played basketball. Thats a decade years since i last played. LOL. Just kidding. And I CAN STILL SHOT IN! And we tried what Kent taught. Cannot score lehh..

And If you want stalk me, go TP library tml afternoon. =D cheese.

Can i say this here?
anyway, this is what i think. Its rude, really very rude, to say secrets infront of friends especially those very close friends. And do you know how it feels when your friend told another friend yet you saw it but the friend didn't tell you the secret he/she shared between them?? Even if you need to say to him/her, can't you get to another place to talk about it? sucks..
bytheway, i felt left out. thats why i cried in the rebus lecture that time.. i just cant talk about it..

Evon's xD

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 1:37 AM


Im helping nuffnang. And also to earn some money uhs, but the problem is i still can't understand how it works. Still figuring it out. And hope everyone do visit my blog often!! =D Muahahaha.

Anyway, have fun yesterday~ Having CADS to begin my morning. Im falling in love with it~ So yah. Next week having lab test, looking forward to it. =D

Not forgetting that i've ate lunch with the girls, HanLin and GuoHarn at Mensa 2. =D Went for classes after that. And off to Library to meet Priscilia and HanLin.

Im so good to help Kent configure his lapppy. I like his lappy but the only not satisfic is the weight. Heavy~~ Having a hard time to do it BUT BUT we manage to configure! Cool sia.. Ohya.. i did something very MALU can!! Which is when i stood up and was talking to kent saying: "Whoever voice is loud, he/she is the winner"[in chinese] and i tripped over the stairs. Piang!!~ So many people looking lah. sianned~

Went home. The couple uhss. aiyo.... hahas

Later is the first batch having their presentation. JIAYOU 02!!!!! =D

Evon's xD

Monday, May 18, 2009 11:10 PM

Backk from a 2 days 2 nights camp - FDM! Im in gnolrous[i dunno how to spell, so paiseh]. And im in SPONGIE!! Under Alvin and Mogan. Din really bond with Alvin. So kinda of sad.. But anyway, Spongie rocks man! From last to first during amazing race with taggers - HuiLing and Wintern[spelled wrong]. =D Ohya. Nobody from 02 same group as me, and im super sad.

First night, had ice-breaker game. Ohman.. Sabo-ed by Mogan cause i sabo her by saying 'you also wearing black ehs.' during the game 'blow wind blow'. So she blowed those who is waering orange and im the only one who wore orange. LOL.
Did Mary Moon and xi shua shua, chicky dance and temasek song. Having fun with Terence, GuoWei and Kelene. =]

Then Spooky trial is next. I can say its way more better than 3rd anniversary one. Good Job! =D I did scared by Si kai and the dunno-who scream. I only know its a guy and say to WenChieh; 'whos the person beside you? She kanna scared by me.' So far, i only like the tunnel one. Its cool.

Had Mac for supper with Terence, Kent, Vanessa, Sharon and Rebecca. Din really sleep much..

Next morning, have bread and Orange Juice for breakfast. =] And biefing for Amazing Race. Waste money~~ hahas. But overall its funn cause my group from last to first! COOL right!?! The games... Ohman.. some is like totally failure - like the giant one.. Keep running and running. xD

Had mac again for dinner, was given own time own target until 10pm. Lastly, variety show by Kelvin. He damn cool. =D Kent very funny. Reid and Samantha! Xi shua shua. =]] And we dance the same dance again. Partner with terence this time. He super cute and we walked throughout the dance cause his leg is in pain. Bathed and slept early this time. But din manage to have a nice sleep as having nightmare. =[

3rd day! Bread and Milo to begin the day. Have final crash next. Mine group damn pathetic. But nevermind, have fun mah. xD After the camp, off to KFC with 02 and Hanlin..
i dun like the feeling lah. sorry that i gave the attitude.
And home sweet home!! Slept all the way from 6pm to 9pm plus. And dinner-ed and slept at 1plus again.

Today was a good day. Facom~ i dun really like this subject. But i like cads. =D Din manage to finish it but left only the two pathetic small door frame. hmms. Anyway, cheer up sharon! JiaYou for lab test!! Don't worry. =]]
Priscilia too! Don't think too muchh and give yourself goosebusters. CHEERSS EVERYONE!

aiyayaya.. i go do my rebus le. =D
i feel like doing a blog for 02. should i? but im lazy. hahahas


Evon's xD

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 7:50 PM

Im super duper busy nowadays. aiyoyoyo!!!
Hopefully i wont be free after 24 may. =D HOPEFULLY!!!!!!

Well, has been sleeping at around 2.30 to 3am this few days and wake up at 7-8am. Super tired lah.. My eyes are getting smaller and smallerrr~~

I dunno what to blog about le.. Yesterday is the funny day. During Math quiz.. Kent~ lols! And today tooo. I totally mess up my presentation. I found out that when im shy, i will touch my hairr. Thats what i do during the presentation lah! aiyaa! malu~

And i seriously dunno what is the main points for my presentation! =[[[[ And im confuseeee. AHHHH!!!!!!!!!

imreallylostandwhattodo. findingtherightwayback. imsosadtoo.=[

Evon's xD

Saturday, May 09, 2009 9:28 PM

Im pissed out~

but i still need to put something interesting happened..

Firsty, my piglet's nose is kanna damaged by Christina. She damn joker that day.. Then everyone followed.. Especially HanLin, keep wanting to poke it.
Even my kor did that once to it. aiyohh... poor piglet~

Seee! Evidence.. hahhas

Next, yesterday was an interesting day of the week. Super L-O-L!!

Morning around 10plus.. A sound like something come into our house.. My kor was sitting on the sofa and heard it and shouted[i wanted to use scream.]: " Whats that?"

Just then i looked at the direction[the moment i heard the noise.], i saw something dropped in. My kor said its a bat. And i agreed tooo.

So the bat was on the floor like a few minutes before it took its flight to scare us. Both of us like running like hell cause it looks big when it fly..
It then hook its wing? on the curtain. See the picture.. Doesn't it look like frog?? LOL. And i can say that THE FACE DAMN DAMN SUPER UGLYY!!!!

My mum then went out. So, my kor went into his room and me went into my mum's room to watch tv and do homework[with the door closed]. My phone rang!!~ And its near the bat area there. I was like Ohmytian, who call me??! I was praying that he/she would call my house no. Chey~ it was my mum.

I took my braveness and went to take my phone. I remember got 1 scene i think the bat is going to make his move. I quickly ran to the kitchen and hide. LOL! He only move one of his leg/wing? I was laughing at myself on the spot. =.=

Anyway, my mum and dad came back. And Dad is di siao-ing the bat by throwing things to the curtain. But the bat didn't move lor. My another kor wake up and asked to call the what service to get rid of it. Still need money de lah. So i think we all give up on that idea.

Thanks to my father. He get rid of it by fighting. LOL. The scene is damn funny.. The bat keep flying across the living room. My dad was like: " ta you fei qu na li."[The bat flys back again.]

My house like having war lah. And finally i heard the victory. =D But then, my father prank me by saying the bat stuck in the curtain. =.=!! And i actually believed him. Whatever..

im totally lost~ =[

Evon's xD

Wednesday, May 06, 2009 12:26 AM

hello hello!

I've got my photos from WenChieh already. Thanks thanks!!~ =D Not free to upload now.. Shall do it in the next post.
Yes. I brought my baby Pooh to school today. My Classmates are hugging it but not as much as to tigger. Tigger is sick due to his soft hand. Bringing eeor tml.

Today, Vanessa is crazy of AutoCads. hahas. I really DO like this subject of alll. =D Cause it's really funn. Lunched at 824 with class againn. =D IM FALLING IN LOVE WITH N902.

End the day with EMaths. Kinda moody by that. Im like slacking all the way. Still not confident with the Guassian Elimination. =[[
I realise i becoming more GONG each day. What is happening to Evon??!

im wondering if anyone would ever notice that im gone.. Will they?? Sometimes things aren't so real at all. It's like a dream to me. Like Rebecca said; im the most abnormal between the 3 of us. But i think this only applies to N902 not to Biantai. Maybe they won't see me like that before. Whatever.. My feeling to Biantai is gone. gone~ I was thinking.. they kept saying Biantai. Do they really care about it?? Don't you think Biantai is getting further away from each other?? we have not been bonding since school started or rather right after biantai chalet. aww, i hate this feeling.. Someone told me just now.. Biantai might be getting silence break. I dunno is there anyone out there realise this feeling in biantai. Maybe not..... moody~ im out of all the channels.

Evon's xD

Monday, May 04, 2009 10:42 PM

Yo Peeps! Sorry for not being updated for you guys.. =D

Anyways, friday which is Labour's Day, mine class - N902 went Sentosa. It's a memorable trip. =D Im falling in love with my class already cann.
Took alot of photos! Waiting for WenChieh, Samantha and YueMing to send me and i will upload here~~ Played Volleyball and Captian's Ball and Frisbee.

Ohwelll.. This is my first time going Sentosa and taking Monotrain[?]. So suagu cann.

To my surprise, i saw Henry and ZhiZheng. Ohmytian lahh, its been long since i last seen them. Really bring back the old memories. Sweet of them to call me when they saw me. =D

Went to Carl's Junior to have our dinner. Meet new friends - William and JieKun[?]. They are funny. Its a great day to me even though i've become blacker. =[
Went back with the Biantais and the two guys.
Home sweet home~~

Shall skip to today.
I brought my tigger to school today. =D Tomorrow shall be Pooh!
The CADS today made Sharon and me crazy but its funny. The scene is cute. The whole class is in a mess also i think.
After class, we went Swensen to celebrate the May babies who are Christina, Hidayah and Kent. =D I think i gave more of my stupidness and crazyness to N902 more can. Ohmytian..
And they always say me saying the words that sounded wrong. Not my problem can. I swear!! Anyway, that stupid Kent beat me like no other business when i took photo of Terence. He made me so retard lah! ROAR!!

Ohya! Kent is damn shy lah.. Red cheek~~ hahas. Isit the first time i saw a guy shy? I forgotten already. opps.
Rebecca say im not normal between Vanessa, Sharon and me. Tianuhs!

Waiting for Samantha and YueMing to send me photos too! I'm waiting~~


Evon's xD