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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009 1:01 AM

did i mention something weird during the past few days? Think i din mention ah.

Anyway, my parents are backkk from China. =] Miss them alot. hehehe. And i clarify with my mum. I ask her; "mummy, you know how many bamboo stick[for hanging the clothes] are there in the house?" [related to the weird thing]

She then reply; "six ah. why?"

So just now, i went check how many bamboo are there. there were only 5!

Let's rewind back to friday i think. I helped my kors to wash their clothes. then i hang the first bamboo. There were empty bamboo hanging from the ceiling. So i think i accidently hit the next bamboo when hanging up. The next moment i know is the empty bamboo dropped and hit my hand.

I SWEAR I HEARD IT DROP TO THE FLOOR! But the very next moment i look at the floor, NO BAMBOO APPEAR! So, i think it went rolling down from the hole. LOL!
And I CRIED OKIE~! plus it's seven month[now then i realise that day is the 2nd day]
Still thinking whether is there any people tio hit. =X
Then my kor say; "if someone tio hit, then now already got ambulance le."

Long story uh? hahhhas. But is true okie. Really left 5 bamboo lah.


nianngg. I will support you if you reallly want it that way! =D JiaYou!

Just now, went watch Orphan with HuiJi and TingTing. Actually have YiWei too. But she cant made it at the last minute. So, went spam call everyone. hahas.
Nice show man! I like it! BUT VERY DISGUSTING CAN! wah piang. Very tenseee.
And i like the last sentence. =D
Go seee if you haven watch yetttt.
Feel like watching it again. =X

And its beeen so long since i last saw TINGTING! =D

Evon's xD

Saturday, August 22, 2009 1:16 AM


And i dunno what to study for Facom! =[
Hope i can memorise all the things. =D
And not forgetting it!

i hope there's ghosts helping me during the exam!
since its welll..

Evon's xD

Thursday, August 20, 2009 10:30 AM

Yesterday is the first night without mummy. =[ Felt so alone. The whole day i was alone at home. So, huiji came visit me. =D Thanksss. And she left like 5 mins later. Oppps.

And just now, i suppose to wake up at 8.30am but i dragg dragg until 10pm. Cause was not feeling well. But i think i make it even more worse. Vomit plus headache. Now, still abit giddy lor. =[ Exam is coming le. I dun want falll sick! Hope the panadol faster take effect.

Going study later. =[ Seeeee! im so hardworking. hahahhas

Evon's xD

Monday, August 17, 2009 11:47 PM

Today i made a very very blur mistake!!!

I thought i lost my ezlink when i wanted to go out today. Cause i search my house like siao. Keep recall where i last put it. So i checked tables, chairs, the short i wore on Saturday. Nothing came out. So i took my dad's ezlink out.

On the way to meet mummy, i was thinking. My brain juice finish le lah. So, i remember i putting it on the tp library table while i studying that saturday. And im NOT sure whether did i took it home. So i ask Pris if she's in TP and help me check whether the Ranger found EVON's Ezlink anot. And NOPE, no good news. Thanks for the help, dear. =D

Super sian! I THOUGHT IM GOING TO REMAKE ANOTHER ONE. I dun want mah. So, KEEP KEEP THINKING WHERE DID I GO AFTER LIBRARY. Nothing came in mind. And i still BU FU ah! Stupid brain.

Reached home and mummy ask me again. And SUDDENLY, a picture flashes through my mind. It's in my mummy's room when i went over to sleep and accidentally dropp something from the bed. It was my Ezlink~ and i put it on the small trolley. OPPS! And i quickly ran and search. TADAAAAA~ It was there underneath all the bags. MUAHAHAHHAHHAS.


Its just the smallest thing in the world. But my heart was telling my brain, 'but it touches me more than anything in the world, even if it just a tiny small little thing.'

And i really being touched by him. Thanks for telling me. =] And you're most welcome. I hope things will be bettter for you in the future. =D Cheer up! Even though, i think he wont read my blog. Just wanna say, thanks alot. =] and Anything need help, just tell me. xD

And i want to say somethingg. My parents going off in a few hours time. I dunno whether i will miss them anot. Hopefully things will come good. =]

Evon's xD

Saturday, August 15, 2009 2:10 AM

Changed my blog song to 'One Way' by lollipop. =] followed by 'the reason'. Enjoy!


我們毅然決定出發 傑:就算路障一再阻擋(卡關的不像話)  
No matter where you go I will you go way You wanna be with you




No matter where you go 轉載來自
I will you go way You wanna be with you  


下個夢 (下個夢)


誰也不退縮 一起衝 


Yeah Yeah (只有你懂我 Yeah Yeah)
No matter where you go I will you go way You wanna be with you

我就什麼都不怕 (什麼都不怕)
No matter where you go I will you go way You wanna be with you

Evon's xD

12:20 AM


Presentation finish le. think i mess the whole thing up. Awwwww. BUT nevertheless, PRESENTATION IS OVER! FINALLLY AFTER SO MANY MANY WEEKSSS~!! *!**@!($)@$&^%'>*!**@!($)@$&^%">*!**@!($)@$&^%

lalalla. can sleep soundly le. =D sounds like im going to die ah? Ohya! i've survived!!
this project let me get to know more things and more bonded to classmates. thats a good thing. And im looking forward to holidays!~ hahahaha!

heeee.. and next week is study week and my parents will not be in singapore. And it means i can go wild ah? Nah. dun want. Im a good girl. And im still so regret that i cant gooo. =[[ And ChangHui so goood. Can go overseas at the end of the year. aiyah. I want also cannot.

And and today i ate dinner only~ but actually can counted as supper lor. 10 plus then eat. cause i fall asleep while waiting for mum back with my so-call dinner.

Anyone want jio me go study??! =D

Evon's xD

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 12:50 AM


Monday went out with the BianTais to celebrate WeiSian's Birthday. And i realised i never tell WeiSian anything about the lunch, like what purpose and who going.

Anyway, before that, went shopping with the girls to find Vanessa and mine shoe for Presentation. BUT din found any. And now left like 1 day. =[ HOW??! HOW??!

Okies, the guys came and we went to choose where to eat. And end up at E!Hub NewYorkNewYork. The last time there was to celebrate my birthday. Kinda feel weird there.
The 3 guys without HanLin ate GIANT YANKEE BURGER! LOL! We like so excited to see how big is the burger. And its like burger so-so. BUT the fries damn ALOT!!! The moment i saw, i want faint even though im not the one who is eating.
And so sad! Donkey de meat drop to the floor~ hahahha!

Sang Birthday Song with the Burger as the cake. =] Happy Belated Birthday, WeiSian!

Went off to Central Park. And cant find any powerpoint that works. So off to Macdonald. Saw XiaoMei - Gregory!! =]] Damn miss him.
Went up the CC and found one on the stage! Finaally~ And realise almost half the powerpoint slide cannot make it. HAIS!

OHYA! the guys bullied me by calling me Stranger. =[ I dun want be Stranger. Not goood! hmph.

Went homed and stay until 2am like that. hahha! I hope i wont die after Rebus Presentation!

Yesterday.. Well Well. Cads test was alright. Just cannot memorise where is the Section Plane command. And I USE HELP to find it! SMART AH! hahahhas. =D Nearly do alot mistakes.

Then off to KFC. As we heard some news saying Pornsak is at there. So, we brisked walk there and saw him! I dun like his current hair. Not nice. =[

Anyway, saw Louis, Sean, JianXin, Herman and IvanTan. hahas.. 'chalet'

Went back for Rebus revision Lecture. Raymond Wong damn cute! i like his expression! so cute lar! =X

Please bless that i will be alive after this FRIDAY! HA HA HA

Evon's xD

Sunday, August 09, 2009 11:57 AM

Its my country's bday!!!!

bleahx. lets start from the 6 String on friday. It was a success! I hope there's 2nd season. =D And im really like it! Its real fun. But saddening, not much audience ah. And i hope there next time, it will full of people! =]

Yesterday went TP to do rebus! and i really hope we can do finish! as the presentation is gonna be on this coming friday. Hello~ Its like this coming friday~ imagine the lecture room full of people O.O!!!

back to today, went ahma's house this evening. And it becoming lesser and lesser people. =[ And Julius told me hes not coming also cause his mei doesn't want to. =[ So we chatted over sms. hahas. Guess i really misss him. And hes the one i always cant see much.
Played with the twins newphew. Nikki and Oscar. But i din play much with Oscar. Nikki is cute! Hes the older brother.. If you call his name, he will smile back to you! Cute cute~
But i still cant get the control to make him laugh. =[ so sadddd.. but he still got smile at me hor!

tomorrow going out with the biantais. =D muahahahhas

Evon's xD

Friday, August 07, 2009 12:28 AM

I sing nice? LOL! jkjk

today class was alright. Was late for Facom tutorial cause of someone! O.o Got hint for Facom Exam during lecture. O.O!! on 25 Aug which is the start of holidays tooo! WOOT.

And come to think of it. i need a job! any one intro?

Next, went to find Raymond Wong. Then went help out with the FDM 6 Strings. later gonna be an exciting time! WenChieh join in toooo. Hope her group win! hahas.

And i hurt my OPPS. Should i say? Very embarrass one. Wanna know ask me bah. And is really damn pain lah! and another is my right little toe~ Niang kanna the hips there. hahas.
I hope its fun later on at night!

Then went to TPCliquers, invited by HanLin. Support him. And we got a shirt and a box of biscuits. =D hahas. I dun like the bom thingy. Actually should say i never like it. =[ Cause im scared of it. hahas.

And i guess i will say it up here. Sorry for any inconvinence occure. im weak again cause i cried again. And this time round, is the words they said. I dunno how to differenciate between joking and truth one. Maybe bacause recently i dun have the confident. =[ think everyone like avoiding me. Come to think of it again, once again eyes full of tears. Sorry for crying. Even if i cried, nobody knows. how come? i shall reflect.....

lalalalla. anyway,

Evon's xD

Thursday, August 06, 2009 12:00 AM

AHHHH!! im super duper stresss now~~!!!! think i can really really die man.

Can you imagine you now doesnt have lappy but you got desktop at home. And the desktop doesnt have any microsoft word and powerpoint. im facing this situation plus this desktop i cant use long cause its mine kor one. =[

And i dunno what should i do. Feel like a burden man. cant help much cause i still dun understand the calculations.

no mood no mooddd
im still coughing like mad. i dun like the taste when coughing that thing out. Eyyerr! =[

Evon's xD

Tuesday, August 04, 2009 2:05 AM

Wanted to bloggg~ BUT LAZY~~~~!!!!!


Evon's xD

Sunday, August 02, 2009 7:18 PM


Friday went Sentosa after school. Its a rush rush one with niang. hahas. And we shouldn't need to be so rush cause they haven ready yet. So yah. We chatted while waiting for the bus to come. I knew a few friends - GuoTing, Emily and Bob. Then on the bus, saw the cute guy, kanna stun! =X

Reached Sentosa about half an hour. Took photos and they get us into groups. Was with niang, GuoTing, Wendy and Den[i dunno isit this spelling]. Took group photo. And they give us the GPS. And i forget to take a picture of it. Teach us and brief us.
Went off and i think we all walk the wrong way. Stupid. Shouldn't follow the group infront. hahas. The GPS took us to the wulu wulu route. Very scary can, and i think with the gps is even worse.. Found the first station for like half an hourr to 1 hour. o.o!!

I like their games. Very nice and fun! Especially the bury game. hahas! The game is like there's 16 grids - 4 by 4. Then a person was suppose to lay[i dunno how to spell] on the sand[they help us to dig a so-call coffin]. So, if we four walk the wrong grid. His 1 leg will be buried, then if we cant do the game station sucessfully, his another leg will be buried. And so on until we can only see his head. =X And the next person will need to go to the next "coffin". Took group photos again. haha! And every game station we went, need to take photo. hahaha!

We didnt manage to finish the whole 8 stations. Cause was getting so dark that we hardly can see anything. So they give us the envelop and off to the BBQ. Niang and me was discussing ask N902 whether they want BBQ/Chalet during the holidays.
Ate and off to take shuttle bus to Harbour Front interchange and to MRT.
Lucky, got people going to Tampines with me if not im going home alone. New friends i know - Joses, Jasline[she told us can call her Jazz] and what yi or what xiong[i dunno his name le.] And now i realise quite many know where's JunYuan Sec is. Cause in the past, people ask me what's my secondary school, they will goes 'where is it?'.

Went Tampines Interchange, and saw another group. And they are faster than us cause i think we are the first to go off. Took bus and off i homeee. Ohya! i like the Sentosa when it is at night. =D Very nice. And IM THE YOUNGEST IN MY GROUP. opps!

Yesterday, went TP library to study. =] After studying, went over to Downtown - jusAsia[i dunno the name.] Free flow of ice and drinks. We like so hungry. hahas!

Tomorrow have CADS test at 8.30am. =[ But is open note test.

Evon's xD