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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009 12:16 AM

Yesterday, i cycled to 800plus to get the left pedal done. Cause the left pedal dropped out which means i cycled only with ONE pedal. Look so so retard lah! And when i get down from the bike, i got a cut from the left pedal[which left a metal thingy which i could step on it]. That’s add on another blueblack on my list. =[

Today off to play Tennis, Squash and Table Tennis with Vanessa, Sharon, HanLin and Ahpong. Then Ronney came during the TT time. I dun like squash cause i threw my racket off twice. And AhPong is the most pro one lor, hit the squash ball up to the ceiling and tadah! It stuck there. Tennis was alright, best is Table Tennis. =D Thanks to HanLin and AhPong who taught me last tuesday. =] And i still very bad with it. And the main thing is I SWEAT ALOT! Maybe thats the good thing about it uhs.

Went to Business Park to have our lunch, more likely is brunch than lunch. =] Then off to HanLin’s house to bath. Thanks ah! =] Off with AhPong to meet TingTing, Keith and JiaCheng at Bedok. Didn’t manage to sing at there, so we went Katong to sing. hahaha! I think there is cheaper than the bedok one? It’s my first time there. I mean to sing there.

Nice nice. First time to hear JiaCheng and Keith’s singing. Like so weird la! Should i say here? hahahas. Nah, I don’t want. Want know ask me bah. hahahhas. Went back to Bedok Inter for dinner. I ordered dessert to eat. =] [I always have this habit of saying desert instead of dessert! =.=!]

And home:)

Tomorrow going K again. hahahs. I want sing TIAMO. =D

Evon's xD

Monday, September 28, 2009 4:59 PM

I've locked up my blog for a few days. Dont ask me why cause i also don't know. Just felt my blog is die-ing. And i've change my blogskin again. Seriously, i don't know isit consider nice. I still think its weird somewhere around. But not sure about the source. Aiyo!

Anyway, stayed at home for the past 2 days plus today, is the 3rd day le. But i did do things - like cleaning up my room. =D Throw alot of clothes. Gonna give the dunno what association. *clapss for me!*

Saw this little microphone. Think its for computer one. And i took it up and start talking to it, like walkie talkie. HAHAHHA! Retard uhs. I still find it cuteee.

Tomorrrow's sport day. =]
Hopefully no that feeling again. CHEESEs

Evon's xD

Thursday, September 24, 2009 9:43 PM

Yes. The ugly truth. I've watched it with khai today. It sounds weird uhs. hahas. Anyway, the show is AWESOME and HILARIOUS. =]] Rate it 5/5. The whole show i was like OhMyGod and WhatTheHell lor.

before that, went out to passs things to WeiLing~ hahas.

Walked home after the movie plus i forget to bring my ezlink card. =[ And i saw the guys at Street Soccer Court. And i went back cause of LouisNg! He wasted my time lor! In the end, i watched them play soccer. Just then i realise, its been long since i saw them play soccer. I like the feeling. Just like how i watched biantai play basketball too. =]

By the way, my left leg little toe is hurt. And it looked like it has nail polish on it lor. It's blue in colour now instead of purple.
The picture is below. =[

Evon's xD

Monday, September 21, 2009 12:37 AM

Ohdear.. i sprained my neck. I think due to my sleeping posture last night.

Now i cant tile to the left. =[[[ Feel like i have a robot neck.



Evon's xD

Friday, September 18, 2009 12:26 AM

Just went through my smses and wanna delete it away. And i realise many things happen within this year. Is not in order ah.

- planning of 1st Biantai Chalet.
- my treat to Biantai.
- Shermeen treat WeiLing to Swensen but not me. hahas. [i went also ah.]
- Ahpong ahh. i din force you eat peanut hor, is you weak. if you still remember. =D And he keep calling my chinese name! And the time when we working. And the most funniest thing is that he thought i got bf. LOL!
- Priss treat me eat Jack's place. =D
- when i beg my kor to fetch me home from chalet.

hahahas. then im not sure if i still got read other msg anot. And i miss msging alot of ppl can. =[ Shall get back my msging spree.

Din saw anyone today. Quite saddening.

Evon's xD

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 12:32 AM


Still find it angry, very stupid. If not, things wont get until like that. hais… its fated. Fated not to have the 3 days and wasted tomorrow. Shit.


Anyway, i still asking myself why why am i so stupid. Stupid until i go hide and the most most embarrassing thing is he saw me hiding! Like what the hell?! hahas. think im too lame le. Did i say i got kissed by so many many mosquitoes a few days back? Small red dots on my legs and hands. Like thousand of Singapore on my body.

Now, its my brother turn. HAHAHA! Revenge. =D Nah. i din call the mosquitoes to kiss him.

Went out to meet my mum in the morning. And bought shirts and pants. =D And im super lazy to post pictures.

think im going to change my blogskin format again. Dun quite like it.

Evon's xD

Saturday, September 12, 2009 1:37 AM


Morning went over to CGH. And i can say they really prepare very good. And i have this feeling again, when i see CGH, the image of OCH came into my mind. Thinking if after a decent years, will CGH turn into OCH? or maybe every hospital will do? =X


I think i saw Zhang Lao Shi today. But im not sure is it him anot. So din went up to acknowledge him but i kinda regret. =[ I miss him alot.

And my two battery with red bar last me till 11plus. Okie lah. not really cause i got switch off for 2hours. And immediately i switched on, people call me. =]

And i dun feel like going to Jurong tml. =[ Think i give up on it bah. hais…


I think i change topic very fast lor.


Feel like drifting apart from them…

Evon's xD

Thursday, September 10, 2009 1:06 AM



Ohwell. Just wanna update my this going-die-blog. hahahas.. Helpp me taggg my tagboard bahh. =D Anyway, i saw quite a no. of people the past two days. 080909. i saw Miss Yuen, Cherie and her mum. That’s very coincidence.

Then next day which is 090909. Nice nice. And somemore is ZiYun’s Birthday lor! hahas. Saw my kor’s girlfriend, ArronFoo [ he got gf le lor. =X], my aunty and Nicholas. Nicholas is really zhen de xiang bu dao will see him. The reaction from we two is damn funny. So yah.

And hor! i hate the shoeee. The thing at the bottom drop out and i kept walking with that hanging. LOL! damn xi ku. I know i stupid lah. Didn’t take off. But seriously, i wore like 9 and a half hour. siao right?! Evon is stupid. Haiss

Hehehe. And i missing Biantai, 4e4 and classs N902. Awwwwww:(

Evon's xD

Monday, September 07, 2009 11:30 PM

Stayed at home for like 4 days including today. I’m a good girl okay. =D But seriously nothing to do. Started to miss everyone already. It’s like only dunno how many days haven see them, but to me, its like thousands of years… =[


Rotting in process already. Why aren’t no one hiring me? Lalalalalala. Its a short post today. hahahas. Anyway, have been watching Lu Guang Shen Lin again. =D Nice nice nice. And now then i realised Owen is 阮经天. =X I know is kinda slow ah. Dun blame me. He looks different in that show can. Looks more younger in that hairstyle. hahahas.

Evon's xD

Saturday, September 05, 2009 12:26 AM

hehehe. MISS ME MAH?!

Almost a week since i last blog. Oh well. Kinda busy this week.

Friday, 28 August.

- Went have lunch with Niang, Vanessa, Sharon, AhPong, Ronney and HanLin at JustAsia.

- Having Camwhore there.

- Then went Pasir Ris Park and slack.

- Discuss about the Chalet thingy.

- Went to meet Kent and co. at the another side of the Park for Class Chalet.

- Saw a dead snake when sending off Sharon and Vanessa.

- Cycled and back for cooking maggie for the guys.

- Back home. =D

Saturday, 29 August.

- Went out in the morning to exchange my lappy to a new one with JiaCheng. Thanks! If not, need to run to Jurong.

- Lucky they have stock if not had to run to Toa Payoh. Siao hor.

- Counted lucky to have a new lappy. =D

- Went home and out to meet HuiJi for swimming. =D Tanned abit.

Sunday, 30 August.

I think i still at homed. =D

Monday, 31 August.

- Went JYSS for the Celebration of Teacher’s day in the morning with Biantai.

- Thought i wont be able to get in but can. Credits for Mr. Ng.

- The whole concert, i almost stay at the canteen can. Cause the Hall is too hot!

- Saw alot our batch de. They changed alot. hahas

- After the concert, off to KFC.

- Didn’t ate anything cause not enough money.

- Then went to HanLin’s house to slack.

- Homed after that i think.

Tuesday, 1 September.

- Meet Biantai at HanLin’s house. Saw Ahpong at the bus. So qiao

- All came. And off to Prime to buy stuffs.

- Back to HanLin’s house and off to Pasir ris.

- Raining heavily. So, we went to White Sands and bought our lunch and off to PR Inter.

- Off to Aranda Country Club. Settle down and 6 of us – Vanessa, AhPong, Ronney, Pearcesley, LeongWei and me went to NTUC for the rest of the stuffs while the couple stay and look after things.

- Also bought Kinder Joy. Over budget. =X

- Back to place where we first came. Then took pictures. Haven get from Ronney yet.

- Waited for Pris’s mum to come. Then to the chalet.

- Settle everything. they guys played mahjong with Pris’s mum. And we, the girls plus LeongWei and Pearcesley went to tabao Pizza back.

- Makan and played Don’t forget the lyrics (Biantai version)

- The four of us – Vanessa, AhPong and YuYao played mahjong the whole day to morning 6am. Very high lah. Especially Ahpong that round. LOL!

- The couples occupied the whole master room lor. Then we didn’t have the proper bed to sleep on.

Wednesday, 2 Sept.

- Played ‘Are you smarter than a Fifth Grader'?’ (Biantai version also. Is not NC16 hor) by Ahpong. Rather i think is watched the whole slides. hahaha. Super lame i tell you. But is nice. =]

- Off to Barbeque. Wasted alot of time for setting up the fire. Cause the charcoal damn MINI!

- Settle everything and home sweet home.

- Saw BoYun on the bus while going home. Chatted alot. And i think he changed alot!

- Bathed and sleep on the bed and dozed off within a minute.

Thursday, 3 Sept.

- Meet the guys at Aranda at 9am.

- Played bowling and yah. i got strike for like so long. And emo for the 2nd game. Ohwell…

- Ate Mr. Chicken Rice. Actually i dun like to eat Chicken Rice. But nevermind. Shui jiao wo du zi er.

- Took bus 3 with ahpong. And accompany him to do his things.

- Then off to CP to wait for my mummy.

- Saw LeongWei. And he can be REAL lame! I was saying; ‘if leongwei dun be SO childish, he can be real attractive.” hahas.

Friday, 4 Sept.

Hehe. Slept the whole day till almost 1pm. =X Off to meet mummy at TM. And back home, im sleeping again. LOL! going to be like sleeping pig le.


Oh yah. I've changed my blogskin. But i still find it weirdd lehh. Maybe will try again and see how. hahahhas.

Evon's xD