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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009 12:43 AM

Having CCN on friday, the thirteen. Its a bad day for me. =[ Firstly, i dropped my phone. Actually drop the phone is alright for me, but i lost the pen thingy and my touch screen cannot work after that. I cried:( Secondly, hard to sell coconut. =[ and something happen later on. It a sequence of bad things come out. Didn’t have the mood after my phone dropped.

Had a long day.

Saturday. Went out for project. Nice:) I like the view!

Sunday. Went out with WeiLing to service my phone at simei. Walked at pet safari, i like Japanese spilt[wrong spelling i think?] And i dun like to service my phone cause warranty just over 2months only. I WANT AINO! Need to pay 120dollars just for the screen sia! =[ Its the 2nd time. And in return, i accompany her to eat Chicken Rice and hunt for her Lime Leaf. And she found it at the ColdStorage! =D went homed after that! Then went out to help my kor to pass something to her friend. lmao!

Then you know what?! I ate prawn in the middle of the night because of my kor. Recently, he keep prawn-ing. So he suggested want to eat when he come back[it was like 2plus?]. Still alive la! I got frightened when the prawn is jumping! *phew* im still alive. hahaha! Kor did the cooking and i did the washing. lol!

Monday. Guess we had addicted to Old Maid and poker! LOL LOL! okay. tomorrow going help out in TPrawks and need to get to school at 8.30am! Yet im still here awake. =X My eyebag getting woah~

FYI; my phone is ready for collection! So fast~

FYI; I SAW ELVIN NG AND OU XUAN! And i think i saw Dai Yang Tian also! =D At my house there de coffeeshop! Cool right!? I was eating halfway when i actually saw Elvin first. And i turn and ask my mum; 'mi, is he the mediacorp one? the shuai shuai one!' My mum say; ' ehh... ya lor! is him!' I was damn high liao! Because he damn shuai la! I manage to take his side and backview only. =[

don’t miss me!

Ou Xuan!

Elvin's backview~!


Dai Yang Tian i guess?

Evon's xD