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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010 1:10 AM

Im going to have a serious breakdown very soon if things aren't going good.

No matter how much i wanted, things always dont go the way i want. I guess this is a test from the God to me. I'm not doing a good job so far. Projects are due-ing soon. Like Hcde, sociol essay and group presentation. Even thought is like only 3. The stress can be compare to 5-6 projects stress.

How i wanted to complaint about them! But what can i do? Complaint doesnt make things go well. But i know in this way i can relax abit. I SERIOUSLY SWEAR I DON'T LIKE HER FROM THE START! I SO WANTED TO SCOLD VUGARITIES AT HER!

I just cant control myself again. The feelings are back again. More negative thinkings are flashing through my mind. This make me more emo. Im not giving any attitude but i just cant control! Maybe next time i will just walked off instead. I just feeling so alone.

Plus im still sick. The feeling of wanting to vomit but cant is pathetic! The stomach will feel weird. Had been like this for a week already. Plus i think i can faint anytime!
Had been sleeping late for the past few days. Thats why i cant remember how did i slept when i was watching tv in the living soon and the next moment i found myself lying on bed! Its a long nap for me, from 8 plus to 12am.

Can God bless me? How i wish i can survive through this period of time!
Im so wanted to go Korea, Seoul. Can i? =D

Evon's xD

Monday, January 18, 2010 7:37 AM


Its been long since i blogged out. Have been very very busy nowadays. Rushing out for projects and working in the weekends.

Lucky Intht was over! And not forgetting psps too! Now left with HCDE, Sociology. Going to rush out the essay but simply i dun have the concept yet. Still at the context. =[ MY ENGLISH F9 liao wor. =[

And group project for sociology. I did a baseline for them le. All they need is find out the movie line:) JiaYou bah! And is like finally got their no. le.
HCDE. Gonna discuss sooon:)

Has been thinking alot nowadays. =[

OH! And i've been sick for a week! Real wow. Headache + severe flu + sorethroat + some part of the body is stiff like dunno what lor especially the neck and shoulder area. =[ + acne between nose and mouth there. FIRST TIME! FIRST TIME AT THERE! Like so kang kong. + late sleep wor. Almost 2am slept everyday.
Cant blame. Was kinda tricked by JunYan. Thought submitting the PPT that wednesday. But not lar! hahas.

I got to go prepare! Going JunYuan Sec. now! =D

Evon's xD

Sunday, January 03, 2010 1:03 AM

Okie. I know im slow ah. But i still so WANTED to blog this out! Xiaxue's bf, Mike, propose to her! Its like so sweet! :)

And i cant believe her BF is like so wow! Came all the way from USA to Singapore just to see XiaXue after 5 months of chatting on internet without anyone knows.

Read this!
The Love Story
and the proposal video!

So sweet can!

Evon's xD