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♥ EVON ♥

N902 - TP FDM, is her class in 2009. Loves Basketball.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 11:59 PM

Hello!!! ITS MY EIGHTEEN BIRTHDAY TODAY! :DD sounds so weird saying here. hahas. Acutally wanted to put my pic here, but i scared i frighten you guys. hahhas.

Happy Birthday to Wanny, ShiBin, Alexander, Jeremy(vanessa's brother), haikal!! who shared the same birthday as me! :DD

Anyway, this year is a special year for me. Yes, i got chicken poxes to accompany me for the entire day plus my lappy:DD I love her alot!

And of cause i recieve my first present for the day! Didn't really thought they will come can! And i thought it was a joke when tingting called me and ask me to go outside and have a look at the left side. And they SANG birthday song for me! I sweared i really thought it was a JOKE. But when tingting asked me did i see the cake outside there. She scared the candle will blow off.

And there goes my omg! i forget to take a picture outside there. And i realised they were standing at the 13th floor! Weiling's leg suddenly shaked when she talking to me! guess they really frighten does it worked! BUT THEY REALLY DID IT:DD and no wondered michelle called me and asked. But i didnt find anything wrong with it. So ya lor.

And yups. Guess what they bought for me? hahas. A big card, a cheesecake(i cant eat that! so i gave it to my mum), apples, tomatoes?(i saw that, and i asked how to eat it? hahhas), kiwi and two other mixture of fruits, 3 small box of cereal! (i was craving for it a few days ago!), coconut(was damn surprise to see that, reminds me of the CNN), Nata de coco, sweetss and kinder joy!(ohman, i saw this in the advertisement and wanted that tooo), sushi, a apple drink i think? and OHYA! THE CARROTS! i was like why you all buy carrots? think im rabbit ar? hahas, and last but not least. a packet of mushroom soup. Think the three of them was interested in that! cause the whole conversation was about it. hahhas

Ohya. did i mentioned who came? ITs MICHELLE, TINGTING AND WEILING! A weird combination i will never thought of! hahas. THANKS ANYWAY! MADE MY DAY! :DDD Succeeded! Congratulation! :DD

and we talked like for 10minutes plus plus! hahas. im sorrry tingting:D

these are the things they gave! and left outside my house! :D

And yah! I NEED TO THANKS EVERYONE WHO WISHED ME regardness of using which technology! :DDD

through net working(msn/facebook);
weisian, desiree, wanyi, jiaqi, herman, wenfeng, wanny, ken, gregory, junyan, bobo, melvin, ahpong, winnie, Jiacheng, diana, royston, alan, weeting, cherie, samteo, alvinbek, huiqi(nuer), en ni, yiwei, christina, jiawei, seankam, amandalee, joshua, haziq, jianhong, weijie, genevieve, min ning, hanlin, shaohui, shujun, eugene, deborah, huili, baoling, choonkiat, jianxin, jacqueline, huiqi, samliu, chye, yingqi, amos, ivy, robin, darren

kokpern, izzati, lynn, howcher, terenceng, jonathantoh, amandalim, kenelm, rafidah, shermeen, shihui, karen, adelene, chingyan, zachary, kailin, limjiahui, leejiahui, pamelayap, michelletan, liling, chloe, xuanle, ethel, annie, leongwei, leongbin, azleena, hafiz, vanessa, vanessa's brother, weiling, weiloong, joey, jocelyn, guowei, chijun, hanjun, ruwaida, irfan, duojie, puayning, hanwei, kent.

through phone;
keith, ahpong, chloe, huiji(was the first), weiling, en ni, vanessa, jiacheng, shermeen, reid, huiqi(nuer), yueming, sharon, tingting, shengfu, priscilia, ronney, terencekoh, desmond.

ohya! last but no least! THANKS THOSE WHO POST ME ON THEIR BLOGS!! :D im like being feature. hahha! (for now i knew were shermeen, prisdear, vanessa and weiling)

if i miss out anyone, tell me:) cause im not sure about the msn. so yups. THANKS FOR THE WISHES AND I WILL GET WELL SOON! :DD cause most of the msged was get well soon. hahhas.

And yups. I thought i will receive some msg from them but didn't. and for those who know and didn't wish me! ALL THE BEST TO YOU UH! =X


And lastly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MYSELF! :DDD lalallala

Evon's xD